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Friday, 05 March 2010 14:19


   Now, I will play the role of a medical doctor ... without to be a medical doctor, but because my Blood Pressure is normally High, and I can move down my BP (Blood Pressure) with this exercise based on Meditation, I want to share with you. No money is involved.

   This exercise comes from the words of Lord Meru. You can read him speeches at "Canalizaciones". I know very well what is the exact speech, but I prefer you learn Spanish, and also generate transcriptions and statistics on that words.

    The first step is to purchase a Medical apparatus, like the one I shown in the figure.

    You can also order at Amazon.com

    The second step is measure your BP (Blood Pressure).

    As I comment some days ago, the normal range for BP is 140-80 and Pulse 60. What this means?

    The Heart (your Heart and my Heart) is a muscle and it contracts and expand. It contracts to "suck" the Blood from the body and it expand to send the Blood to the entire Body, up to the Brain as well the toes in our foots.

   When the Heart contracts through the myocardium its generates a pressure like a water pomp. The pressure exerted to the veins is measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).

   Therefore there are two pressure:

  • when the Heart contract ... systolic and
  • when the Heart expand ... diastolic

At each pulse the Heart do this job. Pumb, Pumb, Pumb ... from the very day when we start to live in our mother's womb.

The normal measure is 60 pulsations per minute, or 1 pulsation per second. Not more, neither less.

Come on. Measure your Blood Pressure! and back to me.

Suppose you got the following data:

  • Sys:    159 mmHg
  • Dia:    103 mmHg
  • Pulse: 100/min

Like you see, something is going wrong.

Normally, the difference between Max-Min must be close to the normal difference, and therefore 140-80=60.

The last measure offers a difference of 79 mmHg. This means 19 mmHg more than normal.

The Pulse is 100/min and therefore 40 more pulsations per minute than normal.

Oops ...

Now, I will do the exercise to move the BP down. Of course without to take any Blood Pressure pill.

(This may create a High Blood Pressure to Pharmaceutical companies)

Our exercise is 19 minutes long and please keep in mind the word: "AUM".

  • Now, please remain on the chair, and close your eyes.
  • Don't move your body unnecessarily. However if you feel to open your arms do it.
  • You can cross your arms on your breast to remain erect. (Kings and Queen sit under their chairs and remain in erect position. They also walk in erect position.)
  • Take the first two minutes to make an intent about what you want for your life.
  • Then repeat the words "AUM", but mentally.
  • Wait until the time from the moment you start to relax, is 19 minutes.

Now, please take your time to awake completely. Take 5 minutes or more.

I know you feel better, because your Blood Pressure is now better than before.

If you want you can measure it again, but please remember that each time you measure your blood, it is a little stress.

However, you can do it.

I take the pressure two consecutive times and consider the last, because the Heart is a good machine, but not a car or a motor.

So, I got:

  • Sys:    152 mmHg
  • Dia:    106 mmHg
  • Pulse: 95/min
  • Sys:    147 mmHg
  • Dia:    103 mmHg
  • Pulse: 96/min

Please note the second SYS is almost normal, while the DIA, the pressure when the Heart expand remains high. The pulse also decrease 4 and 5 times per min.

I hope you had appreciated this exercise.

Now, I want to leave you with some advices about your food and fitness.

  • My fitness advice is please "Walk", "Walk" and "Walk", if its sunny and warm. Otherwise use the stairs.
  • Don't drink to much coffee. If you cannot avoid it, please don't more than two times/day.
  • Eat marmalade, better if German or Italian.
  • Eat Butter. This is good. I advice French butter.
  • Drink Wine ... around one bottle per week.
  • Avoid Sugar or Reduce. This is a devil in your blood.
  • Avoid Salt or reduce drastically.
  • If you like Chocolate no more than two Tables for week.
  • Give preference to your Health and remain up.
  • Eat Milk and Cheese in abundance.
  • Remove Red Meat in your diet. Eat only White Meat like Chicken or Turkey.
  • Use "Boldo" Tea to clean your liver, each week or two times per week.
  • Eat eggs but not beacon.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables in abundance and eat more Orange and Lemons than the rest. Eat Oranges up to 1/3 of your diet, in any form, including marmalade.
  • Prefer toasted bread than normal bread.
  • Eat fish at least one time per month. Better each week.

These are no times to go to Party, drink and suppose everything is normal. Please remain quiet and listen Classic Music. Avoid Rock, Heavy Rock.

You can make a blood examination each four months and a Heart control two times per year.

I hope you stay well.


Giovanni A. Orlando.



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