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Tuesday, 12 January 2010 18:21

The Human Aura represented by the Four Bodies and their relative length

This is a very important lesson about the Vibrational Anatomy of the Human Body, and how to avoid accidents.

It has been said that there are a past and a future, but when is the Present.

The Present is "The Now".

If you lose your time speaking "When I was", "When I ...", "When I" ... you are not living in the present, but in the past, because you suppose that your past was glorious, and unfortunately you are living there.

This is a problem, because keep you far from your present. You neither need to dedicate efforts for your future, because may be never arrives.

Live today! ... Live in the present.

To live in the Present you need to Ground.

The "Pleiadian Agenda" channeled by Barbara Hand Clow, explains that you need to feel comfortable. You need to "Make Home".

To do that, you need to "Ground Yourself". You need to "Ground your Spirit".

In my personal experience I am grounding myself when I pray each morning, very soon in the morning.

The first thought must be dedicated to God, and you need, you really must give to God, a little drop of Love, that it is giving to you, century after century. So, it is a good habit to pray everyday.

Praying I ground myself. My spirit create a connection with the Land, and I become more aware about who I AM.

I am offering you some concepts here, from the BodyMath.com Website.

I collect and clean these pages for you.

Click the image and read it.

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Giovanni A. Orlando.

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