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Tuesday, 12 January 2010 13:23

Jesus healing people ...

Everyone needs Healing ... someone from Drugs, other from Alcohol, others from sex, others from no-sex, as well Homosexual people. Most have diseases, some mental, or physical, as well spiritual.

Why or How Master Jesus, was able to heal people? ... The answer is not simple. At first he conquer the seven flames, know like the seven seals. One of these flames, is the flame of Healing. He also awake its twelve DNA Layers, and still more.

And Master Jesus, also was ONE with its Higher Self, as well ONE with its Magic Presence, also called God. Like the same Apostle Paul comment, he resume the three phases within himself. Jesus comment this when he said: "I AM the Father, and the Father is Me", or "I and the Father are ONE".

One of the fundamental messages of Master Jesus was lost. While some people in the Churches say that only Jesus was capable to heal, the Jesus message is exactly the inverse. Jesus said "Master is inside. I AM a Son of God. You are a Son of God, and you are like me".

I AM not telling you, that you will walk the street to offer healing. I AM saying you, that you, like me can heal yourself.

This lesson is a Three-parts lesson about the Ray of Healing.

Adama said that:

Your healing can be very much compared to the peeling of a huge onion with hundreds of layers, which you will heal one by one until completion. You will then become a pure mirror of divinity, and all things will open to you, beyond your wildest dreams.


In this lesson, I AM offering you, the Chapter Thirteen from Telos, Vol 1.



Chapter Thirteen

The Great Jade Lemurian Temple of Telos and

The Flame of Healing, A Fifth Ray Activity

Adama speaks to us about healing and Lemuria. A profound meditation takes us to the Great Jade Temple of Telos, where what we experience is incredibly healing and refreshing.


Greetings, my friends, this is Adama of Telos. Whenever we are invited for contact and to give our teachings, it is always a moment of great joy and fulfillment for us all in Telos. Today, we would like to discuss a new approach to healing, and also bring to you an awareness of a wonderful healing temple that we have in Telos, called the Great Jade Temple. The access to this awesome temple has been closed to sur­face dwellers since the demise of our continent.

Recently, however, the doors of this great temple of healing have been reopened to all who wish to visit. You are invited to come here in your etheric bodies to recharge, to purify and to learn about healing with a new level of understand­ing. This new dispensation is indeed a privilege that all of you on the surface can take advantage of during this great time of change and healing for humanity and for the planet.

The Great Jade Temple was physical in the time of Lemuria, and its main focus has been "healing" in its true sense of the word. This temple was first erected in the glorious time of Lemuria, and for hundreds of thousands of years its energies blessed the lives of the people. Inside the temple burned the immortal, unfed flame of healing for the planet. The immortal flame was nurtured by the angelic kingdom, by the Holy Spirit and also by the love of the people of Lemuria. The energies of this temple held the balance of true healing for the planet it­self, for her inhabitants and for your Earth Mother as well.

When we realized that our continent was in danger and would eventually be destroyed, we also knew that this great temple would be lost in its physical expression. We endeav­ored to build its physical replica in Telos. Although the rep­lica is a bit smaller than the original temple, all the records of the energies of the "Immortal Flame of Healing" since the time of its creation were transferred here to Telos. It is still gathering momentum to this day. This awesome healing energy was never lost to this planet; even with the destruc­tion of our continent. All of its energies and treasures were moved prior to Lemuria's demise.

The planning for the building of the replica of this temple and the moving of its energies took place a couple of thou­sand years before Lemuria went down. Many other replicas of important temples were also built in Telos at that time in the same manner. In order to save our culture, and as many of our people as possible, we had to plan our strategy 5,000 years ahead of the actual time of the foreseen cataclysms.

Healing is so greatly needed at this time for all of you,

and this is why we have opened the doors of the Great Jade Temple

to assist humanity now.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to come here in your etheric body at night, and to receive a much greater under­standing of true healing than the one you presently hold. When you come here, we have as guides a great number of our people who are always willing to take you "under their wings" spiritually, and assist you with your healing of the deep traumas and sorrows of the past and the present. As you heal your inner pain and traumas, you will also heal the difficult conditions in your lives and your physical bodies.

External pains and difficulties are always the mirrors of in­ner pains and fears. They mirror to you what needs to be healed and transformed in your consciousness. We can as­sign three counselors for each of you who come here; they can assist you with whatever is most needed for your return to wholeness. One counselor focuses with you on your emo­tional body, another focuses with you on your mental body and a third one focuses on the healing of your physical body, all in total harmony and synchronicity. In this way, your healing becomes a more balanced project than if you just focus on one aspect of yourself, without understanding and transforming your internal programming. You know, when one aspect of yourself is not in perfect balance, it affects all other aspects of your being.

And how does one get to the Great Jade Temple

in his or her etheric body?

By intention, my friend! What you need to do is to set your intention to come to this temple in your meditation or be­fore you go to sleep at night. As an example, you may say to your GodSelf and your guides and masters the following prayer. "From the Lord God of my Being, I request to be tak­en to the Great Jade Temple in Telos this night. I now ask my guides, masters and angels to take me there as my body rests from the activities of the day." You may also formulate your own prayer requests. Set your intentions that you want to come here for recharging, for purification, for heal­ing, for counseling, or simply to have communion and inter­action with us under the energies of the flame of healing.

We know how to take care of you once you get here. Basically, in your higher soul body you know how to get here yourself; simply trust that it is happening, even if you do not have any conscious recollection of your experience when you wake up. It is not yet meant to be. Your etheric body looks almost identical to your physical body except it is more per­fected. It also feels as physical to you when you are here in your etheric body. This is what you are moving into in your future. Your transformed body will also feel very physical to you, although it will be relieved of much density and the frequency will be vibrating at a much higher level.

In the process of transforming your consciousness and your physical body, you are not losing anything. You are integrat­ing higher, more subtle vibrations and higher light. All you will be losing is much unwanted density. Your body will become much more refined, much more beautiful, limit­less, immortal and it will feel just as physical as it does now except you won't have to experience limitation of any kind. You will travel with the speed of thought and it's going to be a lot of fun, I promise!

What would be some of the requests that one would

bring to the temple for healing

that are most appropriate?

Basically on this planet most people have physical prob­lems of some sort, and a lot of hidden fears which trigger many challenges in your daily life. You also have emotions that are trapped in your subconscious and unconscious mind that were imprinted in your soul from many past experiences that were not simply painful, but often very traumatic. These experiences were the lessons that were needed for your evolutionary pathway. Everyone has an accumulation of emotional trauma in their feeling body from many thousands of embodiments. What is needed now is resolution for final clearing, healing and for the acquisition of the greater wisdom for which these experiences were cre­ated. Any experience that was not cleared in a given lifetime keeps replaying the same programming again and again in all subsequent lifetimes until the true healing, wisdom and understanding take place in the depth of the soul.

The sadness, the sorrow, the grief, every emotional trauma, and anything that you experience that doesn't reflect the natu­ral pure joy, bliss and ecstasy of your being, are indications of what needs healing within yourself. Conscious and subcon­scious fears hold you back and they need to be cleared in ev­eryone's consciousness. Mental toxins coming from lifetimes of embracing erroneous belief systems and distorted program­ming are now showing themselves to your awareness in one way or the other to be cleared and healed. Be aware and at­tentive to the promptings of your soul. A person may choose the most important issues for them in the moment and come to the temple with them in mind to bring resolution.

Our guides will discuss with you the lessons and wisdom that needs to be understood in your consciousness, and what steps you need to take in order to assist your mani­festation of permanent and true healing. Your healing can be very much compared to the peeling of a huge onion with hundreds of layers, which you will heal one by one until completion. You will then become a pure mirror of divinity, and all things will open to you, beyond your wildest dreams.

Much of this work, but not all, can be done at night while your body sleeps and can later be integrated in your daily life. You don't need to know what every fear and all past experiences are about. All you need to do is consciously release these energies, whatever they are named, and how­ever they are felt, as they come up in your consciousness. This is the kind of work our counselors can do with you as they have access to your akashic records. They can give you much insight for your healing. In turn, you bring back this new wisdom within your subconscious, and in your wak­ing state can start applying it. Your meditations with your Divine Presence will resurrect a greater awareness in your consciousness.


Your inner work is the most important step you may want

to take at this time to accelerate your evolution and to open

the way for your homecoming.

Our counselors at the temple will give you, at the soul level, a very broadened perspective of why you are experiencing certain health problems. They will show you why a certain difficulty is persisting in your life and how you have created it, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. With the as­sistance of our counselors, you will learn to heal yourself and all the pains and distortions imprinted in your soul. Before any complete and permanent physical healing can take place, the emotional causes or distortions in your belief system have to be addressed and released. I'm not referring to band-aid solutions, but a permanent healing.

Know that all physical problems, even if they appear to be accidents, always have their roots in the emotional and mental bodies. Mental stress and mental illnesses also have their roots in the emotions. The emotional body is the most important area to begin with for your healing. The traumas of the destruction of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, when people were separated from their loved ones and their families overnight, have given birth to a lot of fear, sadness, sorrow and despair in the souls of humanity, and you have carried these traumas forward lifetime after lifetime.

It is now time to completely heal the past and embrace a brand new paradigm of love, limitlessness and unprecedent­ed grace for your life and for the planet. In Telos, we are your brothers and sisters, close friends of the past who love you all so very much. It is our joy to extend to you all the as­sistance we are allowed at this time for the purpose of your complete transformation, resurrection and ascension into the realms of Love and Light.

We are aware that the level of pain on the surface has been so great that most of you have closed your hearts as a means of protection from the pain you could no longer  endure. You have chosen to live in survival mode instead of embracing the joy of living.


We have also disconnected from so many wondrous

aspects of ourselves in order to survive here in this third dimension.

How can we heal this trauma now in a few short years and

prepare for the great planetary shift?

You can accomplish this through a deep surrender to the in­ner process required to heal all. The "I AM" of your being knows exactly how to assist you in your total healing and take you back all the way home in the least painful manner. Healing all the pain of the past is a gradual process, and the greatest adventure of all your many incarnations here. It is leading you, step by step, to reconnect consciously with all the wondrous aspects of your Greater Self. In the process, your hearts will be open approximately 1,000 times more than they are now. As your hearts open, you will begin to see and under­stand all that has happened with the eyes of the soul.

You know, your heart is the great intelligence of your soul and is one with the mind of God. It knows everything, holds all memories of all aspects of you since the beginning, and it will never mislead you. Your heart is the part of your beingness that you can really learn to know and trust again. You have closed your hearts, beloved ones, because your pain and fears have been so great. Closure has been a form of protection for you in the past. It has served your evolution in wondrous ways that you will come to understand some day, but at this time, it no longer serves you. It is time for all of you to finally come "home" to the light and love of your divinity.

Many of you are clinging to your old pain and fears simply because it has become fearful for you to open your hearts to unconditional love and let go of your old outmoded erroneous beliefs. You have a fear that if you open your hearts to life unconditionally, you will be inflicted with more pain. Your old fears and pain have become so familiar to you that you have found a level of security and comfort in them.


How do we actually open our hearts

and allow our emotional bodies

to begin the healing process?

There is no recipe that will work for everyone. Each one is unique and has different issues to heal. Each one of you has a different emotional make-up and your own distinct healing process. Basically, you will start the process moving in the right direction through choice, sustained intention, conscious and active meditation, and diligent communica­tion with your higher self each day. Ask the part of you that remains in divine wholeness to reveal to you what needs healing in the now moment, and to bring it forth to your conscious awareness.

Start signaling to your I AM Presence with serious inten­tion that you want to be whole again, and that you want to integrate all parts of yourself in unity and oneness. Submit yourself willingly to whatever process is necessary to receive that healing in full trust, faith, love and surrender. Be assured that you will receive the full cooperation of your higher self and the whole of the light realm. Your healing process will then begin to take place at every level.

Your higher self has been waiting for your return to grace for a very long time. Be assured of its full cooperation. Never al­low yourself to judge the process and, someday, you will find yourself on the other side of the tunnel, in this wondrous world you have been longing and dreaming about for so very long. Your higher self communicates with you through your emotions. This means that you need to be very attentive to what you are feeling at all times. If it is not happy, simply re­lease it through the fires of the heart and keep on moving to the next healing, and the next, until you are whole again.

Your higher self will draw to you the right books to read, the right people to meet with, to events and opportunities that will come your way. If you open your mind and heart to your healing with sustained intention and diligence, the process can move on with grace and ease.

Your healing process will continue to progress as you remain focused in your intention. It may appear to be a lot of work at first, and without any doubt, it is. See it as a journey back to the "sun" of your being and know that this process is loaded with rewards and fulfillments all along the way. You are not alone in this journey. All your angels, guides, masters, as well as all of us in the New Lemuria, are accompanying you at every step. The entire spiritual hierarchy of this planet, your Earth Mother and the whole of the light realm are at your beck and call to assist your healing.

As you progress in your healing, your energy will come back. Your physical body will start letting go of the pains and traumas of the past and you will start rejuvenating. You will begin to feel yourself becoming more alive and vibrant. Humanity has been working with 5 to 10% of their full potential as divine beings. The rest of your being has been there all along in a state of slumber. Wake-up and heal yourselves. As you open your hearts and let go of your pain, you will become more and more alive. The joy that you will feel will be amplified many times. Your mental faculties will open more and you will think "oh well, we're all becoming geniuses now and life is so joyous!" Open yourself to grace in a very conscious manner and allow yourself to receive those energies in your body on a daily basis.


Do we actually ever reach a point

where the mirrors stop?

Yes, my friend. Every time you work these things out within yourself, you go deeper and deeper. You are peeling layers, and some of them are very deep. Everyone has their own unique type of layers to peel off, but generally speaking there are many of them to deal with. When you think you have worked things out and you start feeling better and you think this is finished, it comes back again to be healed on a much deeper level. This is why now, in this particular time of the last incarnation for many of you, it seems more end­less than ever before. In this lifetime, everything comes to­gether not only from one or two or six incarnations, but also from the totality of all of your incarnations on the Earth. It all manifests now in your lives to be healed; every little thing. It may appear worse now than before, but actually it is much less. You are now consciously looking at it, as before you never did.

Does the toxicity we encounter

in our daily lives impact the speed of our healing process?

Well yes, it adds to your burdens. Let me explain this. You have many types of bodies, what you call various subtle bodies. You also have four main body systems; the physi­cal vehicle, the emotional body, the mental body and the etheric body. Each of these have a great number of sublevel bodies as well. That is why we talk about 9 subtle bodies or 12 subtle bodies or more. We are not going to explore all of this now as it is too complex for this discussion. We're just going to go into the main four bodies that each represent 25% of your totality. They work together; when you sup­press one you suppress the others. When you heal one, you bring relief to the others as well. When you ingest or inhale toxic chemical substances into your body, be aware that there are certain types of substances that are fairly easy to eliminate from the body, and others for which the body has no mechanism of elimination.

Twenty-first century chemicals and pollution have been so thoroughly incorporated into your food, water, and air supplies that the body has great difficulty eliminating them. The toxic levels within your body continue to build up. When the body was designed, these man-made toxin substances did not exist. They have a tendency to lodge themselves in the cells, and only the right application of homeopathic and vibrational remedies is able to eliminate those undesirable vibrations. It can get quite complicated. Do what you can to ingest into your bodies only the purest type of water, the purest types of liquids and foods. Do whatever you can to purify your physical body. When you don't feel well physically, your emotions rise up and your mental faculties are not as sharp. When you don't feel emo­tionally balanced, your physical body doesn't feel well either, because it is all connected. You cannot separate any part of yourself without affecting the whole.


What triggers me is realizing that we can

never be whole until we awaken, and until

we heal each one of those bodies.

You can't become whole if you avoid healing any part of your energetic make-up. The true and permanent healing takes place when you create a balanced healing at all levels. There are people who are physically ill, let's say with cancer. They are going to spend, if they have a lot of money, all their fortune in trying to obtain physical healing by the cut, burn and poison treatments from the medical establishment. The emotional part that caused the cancer in the first place is never addressed. In fact, much more stress and traumatic emotions are added to the already overburdened emotional body. What kind of permanent healing can be expected from such a denial of a basic aspect of Self?

Billions of dollars are being spent each year in the applica­tion of band-aid solutions. Some people may experience temporary remissions at times, yes, but what occurs is not a true and permanent healing. Even if a temporary or short-term relief is gained, if the soul has not learned the new wisdom from the illness, the true healing has not taken place. If the person ends up dying from the cut, burn and poison methodology, the healing and the lessons weren't obtained because the roots of the problems seated in the emotional body were ignored. Whatever the emotions were that caused cancer to be created in the first place, if it is not addressed in one lifetime, if the lesson wasn't learned and healed at the emotional level, the illness will be repeated again and again in subsequent incarnations until the deeper understanding and wisdom are reached.

Your "I AM Presence" requires that you learn all of your lessons of wisdom and truth before you can access your total spiritual freedom and your return to wholeness. This is why you have had so many incarnations.

Angels, and many other beings from the light realm working with humanity, also come here regularly for purification and recharging. They don't need any counseling from us. The Great Jade Temple serves as a means of decontamination for them, a setting in which to unload the discordant energies picked up from their contact with surface humanity.

Your GodSelf works from the level of creation. It works very closely with angels and ascended masters, with the star brothers, and us in cooperation for your healing. We are never permitted to perform healings for you without the per­mission of your GodSelf. In all your efforts and steps to heal yourself, you must always include and reconnect with your "I AM Presence" and state your intentions for whatever it is that you want to accomplish or heal. If we did it for you, how could you ever become a master of divine expression?

Sometimes, there are people who get angry with the as­cended masters or angelic presences because they feel their prayer requests have not been answered the way they ex­pected. They go on denying the very source of their desires, closing their hearts to further assistance.

Perhaps you asked a certain ascended master to receive the money to go on a trip, and the trip didn't materialize. Or you wanted to manifest a relationship with a specific person, and it did not happen either. Instead of surrendering the is­sue to divine grace and the greater wisdom of your Divinity, who knows what is best for your chosen pathway for this life, you become angry at God or that ascended master. You decide that you won't have anything to do with that master anymore or with any of them either; and you close the door.

This kind of attitude, beloved ones, is common among hu­manity. Those engaging in such mind-sets deprive them­selves of much assistance, grace and blessings for that given incarnation. What you don't realize is that no ascended master or angelic presence can go beyond the pathway of your soul. Your "I AM" knows exactly what you need to learn and accomplish to meet your set goals for this lifetime. Any angel or ascended master will always work in full coop­eration with your Divine Self to assist your "greater plan" and ultimate destiny. While you are in the third dimension, you are veiled and do not see the full perspective of your in­carnation.

Your "I AM" is your governor, and your soul represents the sum total of all your experiences. Ascension is the process of unifying all of this into oneness; you become totally whole again. You become the personification of your Divine Self, manifesting the fullness of your divinity. The final stage of ascension is the most wonderful event that could ever hap­pen to anyone's evolution. For so many lifetimes you have worked toward that one goal, and in this lifetime you can achieve it fully. You can become all that you ever wanted to be, because the doors of ascension are now wide open, like never before in millions of years.

This is your chance to say yes to this great opportunity and do it. All the help and assistance you need will be provided. Be wise and take advantage of this rare window of opportu­nity. Ascension doors close and open, according to various cycles of evolution. It may take a very long time for it to open as wide again as it is now. I would say to all of you, if you want to gain your spiritual freedom in this life, to become totally unlimited, and to experience the alchemical marriage of your soul with your GodSelf through the pro­cess of the ascension, there is no better time than now to do it. You must consciously and intentionally choose it and want it more than anything else. You are not going to be forced into it.

You are being offered at this time the greatest of all oppor­tunities. "Will you take our hands and accept our assistance, so that we can assist your homecoming? We are already home. Will you come and join us?"

Conscious Meditation to the Great Jade Temple

The Great Jade Temple is a wondrous and sacred place where beings from all dimensions on this planet and beyond come for healing. Those of the light realms who are directly assisting humanity also come to this temple to cleanse and recharge their energies. It is used by galactic beings as well. This "famous" temple is very well visited and is constructed mainly of the purest concentration of jade.

I ask now that you center yourself in your heart; sit com­fortably and relax; and begin to integrate and receive the healing energies. You are now invited to come with me on a journey in consciousness to Telos to experience the Great Jade Temple beneath Mount Shasta. You are travel­ing here in your etheric body. As you continue to center in your heart, state your intention to your higher self and your guides to take you along for this experience. There are many of us there, waiting to receive you. Invite your guides to take you to Telos in consciousness to the portal of the Great Jade Temple and they will. All your guides are familiar with this place, and they know exactly how to take you there.

Bring your body into total relaxation and breathe very deeply as you focus your intention to be taken to the Great Jade Temple. Now see yourself there in your consciousness. See yourself arriving at the portal of this huge temple, a four-sided pyramid made of the purest and highest quality of jade stones. The head priest, also guardian of this temple, greets you. The floor is tiled with jade and pure gold. Fountains of golden green luminescent lights are shooting their essence about 30 feet in the air from several areas, creating a very mystical effect. Feel yourself there and look at whatever is shown to you. Feel the air that you are now breathing in the temple and feel the invigorating energy created by all the fountains of pure healing energy permeating the air every­where. How refreshing and rejuvenating it is for your whole body! Though you are there in your etheric body, you will bring back some of that vibration to your physical body when you return. That is why it is so important that you breathe in deeply, taking in as much as you can of that healing energy.

Flowers of all shapes, shades and colors, along with a large variety of emerald green plants, are growing in large jade boxes creating a most magical environment. As you gaze upon this most unique beauty, you feel the sacredness of the place. Allow yourself to feel the energies of that environment, and keep taking in as much as you can.

The Head Priest introduces each one of you to a member of our community of Telos who will be your specific guide and assistant for your journey here. As you enter the temple with your guide, you see a very large stone made of pure jade, oval shaped, about 10 feet in diameter and 6 feet high. This stone is of the purest and highest healing vibration. On the top of the stone, you see a round gold and jade chalice. It has a flat base and sides about ten inches high. It is host­ing the emerald green unfed Flame of Healing that has been burning perpetually to assist humanity for millions of years.

Now feel this huge flame deeply in your soul, in your heart and in your emotional body. Yes, you can also take your emotional body there. This awesome flame burns perpetu­ally and maintains a major healing energy matrix for the planet. This flame has consciousness, my friends. It is fed eternally by the love of the Holy Spirit, the angelic king­dom and our love as well. As you approach the Jade stone, you are invited by the Guardian of the Healing Flame to sit on a chair made of pure jade, and to meditate and contemplate what it is in your life that needs the most healing. What are the changes in your consciousness that you are willing to make to bring about that healing?

While in meditation, you are receiving telepathic guid­ance and assistance from your guides, and this guidance is imprinted in your heart and soul. Now, we will pause for a moment and allow you to have this interaction with your guides and with your higher self for your healing. (Pause) See and feel the jewels, the crystals and healing energies of the temple and breathe them in. Breathe in this healing energy very deeply, as deep as you can; you are going to take this energy back into your physical body. Keep breathing it in. You are on the most sacred healing vibration site of this planet. Take as long as you need, there is no hurry.

When you are done, get up from your chair and walk around the temple with the guide that has been assigned to you. Look at and take in all the beauty and the healing energies. Feel free to communicate to him/her the burdens of your heart and ask for further assistance for your healing. Be open to whatever is going to be revealed to you. If you don't remember your journey consciously, don't be concerned. For most of you, it is not yet meant to be, and you are getting the information at some other level.

When you feel complete, come back to consciousness in your body and take many deep breaths. Know that you can re­turn there consciously any time you want. Each time, you will be assisted in the same manner. The more often you return, the more of a rapport you are creating with us. We are reaching out to you the best that we can. We're asking you now to respond and reach out to us as well. It can only work both ways.

We now conclude this meditation by sending you love, peace and healing. We are holding our hands out to you in as­sistance, love and guidance. We are only as far away as a thought and a whisper, or a request from your heart. And so be it!

I am Adama.

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