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Saturday, 13 December 2008 09:54

Do you know what is your blood type?


I discover my Blood type, after a friend I have in Rome, told me that he regularly donate him blood. I follow him advice some time later, but not in Rome, but in Rimini, in one (and probably) the most beautiful regions of Italy.


I discover that my type is "O".

Some months, ago from August 2007, a woman friend comment about the Book "Eat Right for your type", by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo.

Dr. Peter D'Adamo and his father before him start a great study about the human blood.

Why is important to know your blood type?

There are several answers, in my modest opinion. At first, we know better about our human history, our story.

According to Dr. D'Adamo the blood type start around 50,000 years ago. Honestly was around 100,000 years ago.

And for a great period of time, around 20,000 years all the people (the Lemurians) live in the same place, eat the same diet, a this because live in the same place. Any change was unnecessary.

 Dr D'Adamo said also that: "We have many cultural differences, but when you look at blood type, you see how superficial they are".

I also get the same answer from the italian book: "Geni, Popoli e Lingue" by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza.

He comment that all the races are the same. (This is a bad news for racist people).

And so, chinese, black, caucausian or white, indian and all the variants are a simple and mere consequence of the environment, like the change that happens when Type O, the predominant and older, become Type A, and then Type B and AB.

Dr. D'Adamo, also comment some important facts, (and why US need to remove the word "Alien" in their request for the Social Security Card. I am kidding, of course).

He said that blood type offers a better classification than the races. In fact, he comment that an African and a Caucasian of Type A, can exchange blood, or organs and have many of the same aptitudes, digestive functions, and immunological structures - characteristics that they would not share with a member of their own race who was Blood Type B.

He comment, that "Racial distinctions based on skin colors, ethnic practices, geographical homelands, or cultural roots are not valid way to distinguish people.

He said a great true: "We are all potentially brothers and sisters. In Blood".

I am close to end including here a final extert.


Today, as we look back on this remarkable evolutionary revolu­tion, it is clear that our ancestors had unique biological blueprints that complemented their environments. It is this lesson we bring with us into our current understanding of blood types, for the ge­netic characteristics of our ancestors live in our blood today.

  • Type O: The oldest and most basic blood type, the sur­vivor at the top of the food chain, with a strong and ornery immune system willing to and capable of destroying anyone, friend or foe.
  • Type A: The first immigrants, forced by the necessity of migration to adapt to a more agrarian diet and lifestyle . . . with a more cooperative personality to get along in crowded communities.
  • Type B: The assimilator, adapting to new climates and the mingling of populations; representing nature's quest for a more balanced force between the tensions of the mind and the demands of the immune system.
  • Type AB: The delicate offspring of a rare merger be­tween the tolerant Type A and the formerly barbaric but more balanced Type B.

Our ancestors left each of us a special legacy, imprinted in our blood types. This legacy exists permanently in the nucleus of each cell. It is here that the anthropology and science of our blood meet.

You can read the entire Chapter 1 looking at: Medicine Section in FTHumanEvolutionCourse, and hear the entire book, looking in the Audio section.

Take care,

Dr Giovanni A. Orlando. 




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