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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 17:56

The Yellow Emperor was a Master in Internal Medicine ... as well a Great Ruler in China.


Greetings ... in the Mercury day of Healing ... the day of the Truth ... Truth Heals ... The day of the Abundance ...

      For the New Age the meaning of the colors are changed ... now Yellow means Healing, and while 'El Moria' is the Yellow Healer, the Yellow Emperor who is Lord Lanto works with him.

       While Saint Germain ... explains in its 'Republic' ... that the Philosopher King must rule the city ... The Yellow Tradition in china based on the Daoist principles, remember the 'Healing' of the People, not only the Training and the Wisdom.

        How great is the ignorance of Humanity in his/her own body? ...

        I, Giovanni am using the Human Body like the Laboratory to study High Dimensions and Physics ... the result is a great understanding of Einstein (not exactly) explained Dimensions ... Healing and Love.

         There are 12 Main Chakra ... like 12 Planets in the Solar System. But let us speak ... only on the Human Body.

          The comments I am dressing now will be published in the book,

       Where the word 'machine' regards an Electro-magnetic machine ... like the Brain, by example is an Electric machine and the Heart is a Multidimensional pulsating machine ... where each beat comes from the Heart of our 'I AM' Presence which is Our God Presence ... this book resume and explains ... the secrets of Human Body as well establish bridges between Western and Eastern Medicine ... on the Vibrational Medicine, which is the 'New' Medicine for the New Age ... of course to live longer.

         The Yellow Emperor in his days ... over than 5,000 years ago ... wrote about Chakra and Healing.

(The Yellow Emperor who is Lord Lanto ascend to the Lord, around 500 BC)

          Today we have images from Software ... using a Gas Device ... which is a more precise Kirlian Machine ... invented by Dr. Korotkov.


(Click here or the image to read the article, ¿Porque yo no uso el telefono celular?)

  (Well ... I am planning to purchase an iPhone ... You know ... the girls, the family, the business ... :))


    But ... let us speak about Serious facts ... in a Multi-dimensional Medicine ... where Professor Einstein ... do not enter ... and Entanglement remain a Myth.

    Let us recall some words of Lord Maitreya, Lord Jesus Twin,

       Lord Maitreya say ...

Questions and doubts concerning one's fellow-men rising in a mad turbulence create a vibratory action which does not promote clear thinking. It is God's plan to dispel fear and to give men greater spiritual clarity, confidence, and power through the vision of the Christ as the true identity of all men. The Holy Spirit stands at the gate of every man's heart, preparing to initiate him into greater and more lasting joy—the joy of the Eternal One.

Now most of you are familiar with the construction of a simple electromagnet. You know that an iron core is wrapped with coils of wire through which a current is passed, enabling the magnetic field to be extended in concentrated lines of flux and to draw objects into close proximity to the coil. In a like manner, the vibration of fear held, sus­tained, or prolonged by an individual draws to him the fear of others.

It must be recognized that each time man's consciousness revolves the idea of apprehension, fear as an unknown quantity is thereby strength­ened. For the magnetism, of fear is directly related to the number of times that the idea feared is wrapped around the coil of being, just as each winding of the coil around the electromagnet increases the number of turns through which the current then passes, thus strengthening the power of the magnet.

       I speak about this ... to figure the bodies of man ...

      I can comment also the 'original' man called Adam Kadmon ... which have nothing to do with a person that adopt this name and appear on TV and magazines ... but is the original Man ... created by the Elohim at the beginning ... is the Perfect man ... and is Electronic. Man is an Electronic Invention which has Magnetics and the Healing in the future will be completely magnetics ... using Electro-Magnetic devices.

      I wish you a great day ... a remember ... Truth Heals ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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