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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 17:48

A detail of the 'Sacred Fire in Man' ... from 'The Path to Immortality' ... by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet.


Greetings in the Mercury-day, the Odin day ...

    And yes ... we are walking toward the Garden ... we hope don't walk alone Cool ...

    Irony is the Fresh Air of the Soul ... You need to be funny ... and have fun ... Wink ...


    I begin this small introduction ... with friendly fun ... because we shall speak about serious matter.

    And 'matter' is the point ... How Lord Jesus ... or Sai Baba ... materialize ... ring ... food ... Beverage? ...

    What is the Sacred Fire? ... What is an Angel? ... What is the real meaning of the Cadecus? ...

    Please understand that what I call 'The Garden ...' is the Highest Consciousness ... Ancient India ... which the city of Rama, or Atlantis close to the Mediterranean Area ... or Lemuria in 'Aloha' places ... or 'El Dorado' ... in South America ... all these places where and can be defined like 'The Garden'.

    Before to continue I want to explain better what is 'The Garden'. The Garden is a place ... 'transformed' ... by Enlightened people. Because they are enlightened ... they can transform their environment in a Garden. Without Light in their Mind, they will continue to live in a Darkness in a Dark Place.

    Concepts like ... 'Ida, Sushumna and Pingala' ... where very popular in Rama (the Indian Garden).

       Our Beloved Mary Magdalene ... explains how she did Sex with her husband, Lord Jesus ...

       From my book, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' (Now available only in Italian ...) ...


     We can read ...


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Very quickly Yeshua and I achieved the state—what is known as the Four Serpents. This occurs when both have mastered the internal Alchemies of Horus to the extent that they can activate both the Solar and the Lunar Serpents within their spines.

Clairvoyantly there is a central channel that runs up through the spine, and to the left there is a Lunar Circuit and to the right a Solar Circuit, called the Ida and Pingala by the yogis and yoginis.

In the Alchemies of Horus one causes these two circuits to be activated by magnetic fields that are snakelike.

The Lunar Snake on the left side is pitch black, the color of the Void; so indeed, it is the embodiment of the Void itself and holds the potential as the Creatrix for all things.

The Solar Serpent is gold.

An Initiate causes these Two Serpents to rise upward. As they rise upward they pierce the chakras and cross over each other. In the Alchemy of Horus these Two Serpents cross each other through the fifth seal, or throat, and all seals beneath.

They then face each other, at an area approximately where the pineal gland is, or the center of the head. Here a chalice is envisioned with the pineal gland at the very bottom of the chalice itself.

These Two Serpents are living—in that they are not static but vibrate and scintillate and ripple with energy—and the writhing of their bodies within the Ka activates an increase of magnetic potential.

There are specific practices, which I will share at a later time, but what I wish to address in this moment is the practice of the Four Serpents.


   Now the point, and the point comes from the bridge between Spirit and Matter ...

   At page 144 ... in the Book, 'The Path to Immortality' ... by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet.

   We got the following image ...

     This image explains ... in great lines ... how the Energy of the Lord enter in the Body. In fact, the Body is like a sponge which interact with many dimensions ... To-morrow by the way ... planet Jupiter send an impulse into our index fingers ... with a Royal strength to become a King and to become a Queen.

     To-day, O-din day ... Mercury day is the day of the Balance.

      Therefore from the Medulla ... the flow go to the 'Pituitary' and 'Pineal' Glands.


      There are specific points in the Column ... which can produce happiness ... and blisss.

      Therefore an awakened person ... like Sai Baba, can create Matter because him Chakras are open to move the Energy ... to such purpose.

      Lord Jesus ... multiply the fishes ... because he was an awakened person ...

     As soon we walk toward the Garden ... these concepts will become ... more and more clear ...



Giovanni A. Orlando.


Shakespeare will underline on my funny points ... as follows ...

Madam, I am most apt to embrace your offer.

Your master quits you; and for your service done him,
So much against the mettle of your sex,
So far beneath your soft and tender breeding,
And since you call'd me master for so long,
Here is my hand: you shall from this time be
Your master's mistress.

 -- Twelfth Night, or What You Will.


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