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Thursday, 13 November 2008 15:49

Can we produce body parts components? or when?



What is the state of body part production in medical technology?


This is more an invitation to think about, that an information. In the movie Face Off, a Medical Doctor was capable to produce a ear from scratch to be applied to the original man, after him ear was removed.

The ear was produced in a Laboratory by lasers. See the Movie Face Off, if you don't get the idea.

This remember me when Master Jesus, take and apply the ear to a Roman soldier when in the battle to capture him, was cuted.

I see that inside our DNA, there are the codes to re-produce these body parts.

Will be interesting, to re-apply the leg to a person that after an accident have just one leg. He can do to any special Laboratory and re-have him leg.

I see that close United States of America, will have Free Medical Assistance, like Madam Hillary Clinton try to consolidate. Then, they the US Doctors will have better material and finance to work for and to work to.

The price that Americans need to pay to save their lifes and few don't have the money to pay will be a great benefit. Again, neither the US government need to kill their citizens and Again Latin people don't need to pay to move from South or Central America, if they want to live in the United States.

I sorry if I move from Medicine to Politics, but was impossible to avoid, speaking about the US.


Giovanni A. Orlando. 


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