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What is the Acupunture point in the Middle of the face? ... What is the Meridian it belong to? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando. PDF Print E-mail
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Greetings ... in the Green-day of Healing and Abundance.

    And the New Medicine that is connected with Energy, and so called Vibrational or Energetic Medicine is more close to the Chinese Medicine than the Western Medicine.

   Please open a door to abandon the mechanic in your mind and to suppose that all is Mechanic. Is not.

   If is still something mechanics ... shortly no more than 40 years ... in some case neither 10 years will be no more mechanics.

   I advice you the Falun Dafa Exercises ...

   and while I need to do everyday ... while I restart to do exercises ... I feel an electric tick ... in the acupuncture point in the middle of my face ... both sides ... Right and the Left.

   But I does not know what Meridian it belong to ...

   and looking on Manuals I find that it belong to the Angelic Meridian ... In fact, Angels have no Wings. Nay!

   Archangel are different from us but not too much. In fact Archangels has more Chakra ... The figure above is Angel Metatron who was Enoch and he ascend in real ... like a Cloud of Pure White Energy ... exactly like Prophet Elijah, in front of his disciple Elisa.

   In the article,

Do you really believe Angels have Wings? ... Can they back to Heaven? ...

   I explain that Meridian Triple Heater" (HD) ... when activated ...

   enable you to "FEEL" the Flow of Energy ... but

   The Acupuncture Point, SI 18, belong to the Other Angelic Meridian, Small Intestine, SI

   In fact while the Triple Heater is connected with the Ringer finger,

    the Small Intestine Meridian is connected with the Little Finger, "pinkie" finger,

    These two fingers ... because the shorten ones is where ENERGY IS STRONGER ...

    The Dr. Motoyama device called, 'AMI' measure the Energy passing trough these ... but all fingers ... AT BOTH SIDES ... in FINGERS AND TOES!

     I, Giovanni will gift a Free Book to increase your Understanding and Knowledge ...



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Giovanni A. Orlando.

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