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Friday, 08 October 2010 03:54

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Greetings in this very Pure-White-Crystal Venus-day of Ascension and Immortality tailored by Seraphis Bay ...

     What introduction ... really cool. Don't you? ...

     Those who are happy are happy and those who are not. Well, say Good-Bye to them.

      I am using Facebook only recently ... and honestly I use to prevent wars ... Yes. If you say something dramatic will happens ... people will love to work against you ... looking to draw you like someone that does not match prediction ... and they will be happy ... and you will happy too because the war evaporate. Honestly there are people preparing for a war ... but their plans will fail, I Giovanni promise ... that.

     We at Future Technologies work in the past on Free Software ... and Seesmic is Free Software.

     The Web has evolved (well ? ... may be) ... and so today we has several Electronic books readers, like iPad for example but also Facebook and Twitter.

      Friends, please understand that both Twitter and Facebook offers free access to their API for development.

      Because the information published in these sites is copyright free or public (like the API) ... You can visualize your Facebook friends also inside your Amazon.com account ... because these API are free ... everyone can write their own applications to get Facebook (or Twitter, or Linkelnd content).

       This is the image proposed ...



Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. We at FT has also a special section about foods. May be we offer soon a recipe for a new Salad. Thanks!

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