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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 08:00


Greetings in the Pink day of Love of the Holy Spirit,

      When I balance my Electromagnetic Field ... balancing my DNA ... in Caracas, Venezuela in 2007 ... before my visit to Google Headquarters in Mountain View, for KDE 4 announcement ... I got the great surprise that after two degree of Mathematics and several years of Operating System design and Development ... I will be able to do better.

     At the moment of my visit to Google I have not a respectable Laptop. Neither when I was invited to attend Vortex meeting, in Laguna Niguel, CA.In those days my Laptop was very obsolete.

     Before Google, I stop at MacWorld in San Francisco and meet (in the distance) Steve Jobs in the days I present the MacBook Air.

     In those days, Hans Reiser process, the ReiserFS inventor and designer ... go for review and appears on San Francisco Chronicle.

    The Development and release of Reiser4 ... was stopped and while ReiserFS (3.x) was included into the Linux Kernel, Reiser 4, was always rejected.

    I to-day got the news that Hans seems to be really "guilty" for the assassination of him wife, and therefore is time to ahead on this matter.

   ReiserFS was Just one characteristic of FTOSX.

  Just me, design and Built the entire Operating System, and I did three times releasing FTOSX 2001, 2002/3 and FTOSX 2004.

  I resume my four years effort in the book, "The Art of Build your Personal Operating System".


    There are also other persons that had "alone" released a Complete Operating System, based on the Linux Kernel. However, I don't know no one that release a book or dedicate so much effort on this like me.

    I define FTOSX like ...

FTOSX is the natural next generation UNIX/Linux-based operating System. Based on GNU/Linux, but following its UNIX inheritance, FTOSX offers a fresh, innovative and simple approach because is designed specially for the masses. FTOSX is a RPM-based operating system (based on Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core) and therefore similar to popular Linux distributions. FTOSX offers more than 1,000 software packages redesigned in an harmonically form in its graphical interface, FTGUIX.

  Let me say, You have no idea ... what means to produce and develop an Operating System in Italy, or Europe, specially if you was not born in that country, specially if the Internet connection was so expensive like was for me. (About the Internet connection I receive invoices for the Phone company for about 18,000 euro in about one year! ...)

  SuSE did it ... but they was at home. Mandrake mix with Conectiva and they call the new company, Mandr-iva.

  Brazil has 190 million people and France invent the Concorde with England ... Italy has Silvio Berlusconi from 1974, not too much like Egyptian Mubarak ...

  Well ...

  The original plan for FTOSX was to offer a Linux-based Operating System ... to challenge MacOSX ... this is because the name, FTOSX so close to MacOSX.

  This plan realized by ONE person ... is not easy ... but I did three times! ... and my clients in Italy appreciate my effort ... then I was forced first to leave the original city where I setup my company and then I was "invited" to offer support to the Venezuelan Government.

  The Venezuelan Government discover I dislike them as well to be Communist or the drama they offer to Venezuela, my country ... therefore ... I was without office from 2004 until 2010 ... Have you an idea about this? ... Yes, you have.

  The most successful man in Computer Industry (I belong to Software and Operating System Industry) ... is Steve Jobs, and you know the drama behind Apple-NeXT-Apple ... Of course also Mr. Bill Gates ... but he was born in United States, the same country that invent the Processor and the Personal Computer ... No Italy, No Venezuela did that ... but I realize my goals ... I was only walking on a carpet ... and the carpet was removed ...


  Honestly ... I go and go, study and study the reason why I was removed from the carpet ... The main reason is because me.

  One reason was in my intention to choose Daniel Dunley to be one of my programmers to realize a New Graphical Interface based on X and KDE ... but I fail and he too ... this was in the days of September 2001, 9/11.

  Now, I have an office and is of my property. (Some people will not expect it) and I have still a Laptop.

  Speaking seriously ... A New Edition of FTOSX Desktop will be released from 2011 ... to 2012 ...

  I will maintain my words.

  Still all past Products like FTLinuxCourse will be released in New Editions ...

  It is interesting because like for Mathematics ... my degrees are in Mathematics ... I always keep informed and also in these years I got fresh and original ideas to be implemented on the New FTOSX ... not implemented yet.


(Click to visit Reiser 4 depository with files dated 2011)


  I am actually using MS Windows ... Can you believe it? ... Jajaja ...

Stay tuned,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. New Age books and announced books has precedence, on this project. Thanks!

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