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Why Einstein relativity theory is wrong? (Paperback)


"Why Einstein relativity theory is wrong?" explains why you have an incomplete Science To-day. Professor Albert Einstein was consider the illuminated "Jesus" of past century while most really Enlighten persons like Nikola Tesla, Marco Todeschini, Walter Russell and John Keely as well others don't get the appropriate credits. Jesus was illuminated and he walk on the Sea. Professor Einstein instead force with Violence a Science offering a 'Theory' that is honestly well-wrong from several points of view: The exclusion of the XXI century Aether, establish the speed of Light like a constant as well adopt the Lorentz Transformation are the top of the Iceberg of a wrong 'Theory'. Like generally happens at the beginning of a New century ... Science Shift ... This book explains the necessary step to be create a Multi-dimensional Theory of Cosmos where time is not the last variable ... but just the Fourth. However, let us explain and applaud Professor Einstein ... for its effort but now is time to figure out the "Correct Physics" including God and "The High Physics".

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