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Why Einstein relativity theory is wrong? (Hardcover)


"Why Einstein relativity theory is wrong?" explains why you have an incomplete Science To-day, including a Physics with many 'Paradoxes'.

The book has been recently completely updated and is under design to includes concepts and answer questions like:

* Have been there many Big Bangs and are Many Universes?
* How we can travel in Time and Space?
* Are there more components in the Atom? ... Who invent the Atom? ...
* It offers a Solution to Blend World's Religions and Science understanding East and West Schools of Philosophy.
* Offer a new perspective of Matter.
* Introduce the 'Science of Consciousness' and the 'Real' Cosmos.

The Book has been designed with the efforts of 28 Scientists, Philosophers and Healers from Professor Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marco Todeschini, Walter Russell and John Keely between others with two Nobel Prize in Physics and Modern Healers like Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Madam Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Theosophists Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Charles Leadbeater.

It offers with security explanations to the High Physics including Heaven, The Lord, and the Hierarchy.

It is a unique book.

Hardcover Edition includes different and additional content than Paperback Edition.

Hardcover Edition includes Appendix: How Man can Manipulate Weather in the 21th Century.

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