Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 7  No. 7  -  From Beloved Saint Germain  -  February 14, 1964


Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life


Wisdom is derived from the words “wise dominion” and it is to God’s Own Flame of Holy Illumination that We dedicate this portion of the Trilogy. The age-old admonishment—“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding” (Prov. 4:7), relates to the acquisition of Divine Wisdom.

Let Me here make a distinction between Wisdom and knowledge. There are men and women who can easily retain the lines of whole series of plays, and they can speak those lines before a sizable audience with great accuracy and dramatic involvement. These same individuals would be at a loss if they were called upon to write the play or to assemble the words and ideas embodied in its continuity. Thus it is not sufficient to possess mere knowledge based on the power of the memory to retain experience. Memory alone does not assure man the proper use or release of stored knowledge at the precise moment when it is needed, nor does it assure mankind the exercise of proper judgment or “Wisdom” once the facts are made available.

Now, it would be most beneficial if the human monad could refrain from prejudgment in matters of Cosmic Doctrine and could universally accept the Reality of re-embodiment; for it is in the acceptance of this Doctrine that the true Wisdom of the Ages is more easily discerned. It is most difficult for mankind in any age, perceiving in the span of a few short years a series of events relative to the personal self, to be able to judge the world in which they live and the entire society from which they have derived both bane and blessing and then to be able to perceive Cosmic matters and assess them properly. By accepting and rightly understanding re-embodiment a new Cosmic sense is developed in the individual who is then better equipped to see behind the surface effect underlying personal causes stretching back across the dust of centuries.

Simply because men lack conscious memory of a previous existence does not validly deny this truth. Many have already experienced the feeling of having performed a given deed before, many have noted with interest the manifestation of genius in art, music, science or other aptitudes at a most early age, indicating the resumption of the broken thread of identity. Modern physicians take note of the distinct personality of babies on the very day of their birth. All over the world fascinating and authoritative stories are related concerning someone who does “recall” some scene from a past life.

Man has been justifiably skeptical of some of this, but truth reveals itself not as a pseudo science but as the very science of Being without end. How glorious, how full of hope to all who see then no death but only benign change in action; a new chance whereby the slow learners and rebellious recover in new dignity from error’ s stains, all rising at last from the sea of identity, the personal morass of mortality, to the morning of eternal Hope and the Crown of Victorious Life!

A world which is fabricated to be the platform for billions of lifestreams, all of whom are created to exist as mere moths circling the flame, destined eventually to fall therein and be consumed; a world that is the kaleidoscope of changing scenes and ideas united to no stability but drifting in a cosmic sea of spinning nebulae and gases, holds no promise for mankind other than to eat and to drink, to be merry and to die.

It is a marvel then that men have accepted any religion at all when the factor of re-embodiment is denied by religions and many of their leaders, for it was by removing this teaching from the so-called mysteries of the early Church that the very grave distortion of Life’s purposes, facing society in the present day, came into existence.

When the Wisdom of God is imparted to Man it makes him aware of the fact that the sum-total of all that He is—whether he likes it or not—is the result of his own doings. He sees on the instant the need to change his own ways and to draw himself into alignment with Cosmic Law. Faith in God mounts up then, for Hope joins hands with Faith and the personal mistakes of the past appear possible of present rectification. Understanding of current failures reveals them to be the result of wrong acts rather than resistance to Life. Men are then enabled to once again enter life’s mainstream and to participate in a Cosmic Drama wherein Divine Wisdom eventuates in a union of such celestial dimension as to stagger the imagination.

The greatest rockets have a launching platform or pad and it is from this platform that they rise into the heavens. So it is with mankind in their search for Cosmic Truth. They must find, from the platform of their own present existence, the threads of Cosmic Light that will lead them to the Golden Door behind which blazes Illumination’s Flame. Men must see God in action in themselves and summon Him to command their affairs.

How great is the suffering that mankind have endured through eliminating just this one point of spiritual Truth. By denying re-embodiment they have denied for themselves a keystone in the “Arch of Being.” There are some fine points of Cosmic Law that in a relative sense are not as important as this one. Man can deny some specifics without suffering too much damage; but to deny the Truth of the continuity of their own Being, its span of previous existence and its future glorious destiny, is to cut themselves off from a very basic premise of Life.

The eternal NOW is more important than either the past or the future. It is the Doorway into the future, even as it is memory’ s link between all that passes through the Heart of Man’ s experience. Beloved Ones, Eternal Life is Divine Wisdom. For by the acquisition of many fragments of Eternal Life Man has stored up for himself treasures in the Heaven of Being. The guidelines of the Ascended Masters are firmly fixed, based on the great Law of experience—not only the life events of one individual but the combined experiences of all.

One of the magnificent features of the universities of the world today is that they become repositories for the many doings of mankind and, by their texts and faculty, possess the means of communicating this treasury of codified knowledge in such a manner as to become a part of the mental wealth of those students so fortunate as to be enrolled therein. Now, the entire Universe is a depository of Cosmic Law and the greatest and most wonderful factor about this blessed Cosmic University is that all may come who will, and drink of the storehouse of Cosmic Knowledge.

If death or illness were to be permanent; if discord, inharmony and confusion were to remain as an unremovable stain, the master of Man’ s destiny, and their influences could not be broken, individual Man would never be able to assimilate the wondrous blessings held in store for all by the Mind of God. The first and greatest contribution of God to Man, then, is the Gift of Life Itself. The densities and opacities spread over the human mind as a mask of imperfection have for untold generations robbed mankind of his birthright of spiritual Wisdom and experience.

Let Me take you now into the realm of certain facts that are yet little known by Man. Many have thought about the existence of other worlds and other civilizations. Some have speculated concerning the penetration of other forcefields occupying the same space as this blessed Earth. When the laws of frequencies and emanations are better understood by the scientists of the world, that this is a Reality, will be revealed. At this writing it is My intent to speak briefly of the Etheric Realm.

Upon departing from the physical world and drawing their last allotted breath, men are often taken into the Etheric Realm, which then has the solid appearance of the physical realm. Constructed there are buildings, scenes, earth and sky in complete similitude to that to which men are accustomed. The Etheric Realm has many strata or levels of consciousness. Some individuals reaching there could be said to live on “split levels” of consciousness, for they move from one sphere to another; whereas others become anchored to one specific sector.

I do not deny that in the lower etheric realm some negative forces have created focuses which are responsible to a large degree for much of man’ s current and past distress. From these loci discordant tentacles reach out to control mankind, including Children of the Light, with elements of human discord and viciousness. Unhappy situations, then, and deleterious conditions are ever so often the result of contact with this memory “etheric” level where old, untransmuted evils remain to be consumed. Bear well in mind that Man is responsible for this, his own creation.

You may wonder why I bring these things to your attention. It is because only by the acceptance of Truth and Holy Wisdom can you find your Freedom. If the etheric levels were all manifesting absolute Perfection, do you not think, Blessed Ones, that this Perfection, being as close as your own memory and the memory of the Planetary Body, would not long ago have changed the world of effect, so much so that only Perfection could manifest on Earth! Therefore, there is a need to make continuous corrections, and it is the part of Holy Wisdom that I reveal it here. Let this hold no terror for any, for one moment before I spoke to you or before you read these facts, they were still in existence and have been for centuries. Our concern is that they shall not remain as a controlling or dominant force in the world of form, but that the chains of all such human creation shall be broken and replaced by divine direction from God in the Highest.

Just as there are focuses of human discord—and this fact must keep you on guard—so of course there are radiant Celestial Focuses, one could say almost without number, available to mankind in the high etheric levels. Wondrous temples of music exist, where celestial tones unknown today upon the entire planet issue forth from cosmic instruments, possessing the capacity for almost infinite Harmony. There are temples of beauty presided over by Paul the Venetian and by other Ascended Masters, some from other systems of worlds; paintings, tapestries, statuary, artistic forms and planetary records from other systems of worlds—including art exhibits from these systems—are stored in these great temples of art in the etheric levels of this planet. I think by now some of you have guessed that there are also depositories of great Wisdom in these Temples and Universities. But let us now face the facts of Man’s Being.

The mere acquisition of knowledge alone, without the Wisdom to discriminate in its use, is not productive of the right kind of fruit, but often becomes wholly ego-centered. When the Flame of Wisdom is utilized by a lifestream and the dross of wrong, human, emotional thinking is burned out, then the way is cleared for a flow of great Cosmic Wisdom into Man’ s hands and use. To tap the resources of the Cosmic Universities, men need “pure hearts.

We do not deny that the violent, as has been said, have taken Heaven by storm (Matt. 11:12), piercing by psychic means beyond the strata of the ordinary, sometimes employing various types of drugs, herbs and human pharmacopoeia in order to escape the realm of the present self, yet finding small reward for their stealing of forbidden fruit. Let Me point out that the way to Paradise, the way to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life, can be found by legitimate and wholesome means whereby Mastery is achieved each step of the way. This is a part of Holy Wisdom. To merely acquire Power, as I have long stressed, without understanding the meaning of Justice and Mercy is an error for which the lifestream is fully accountable.

Inasmuch as mankind’ s karma holds them accountable for so much already, I see no reason why they should further complicate matters by acquiring Power without acquiring the Wisdom to properly apply It. And, therefore, I choose to make certain suggestions here and now that I feel will afford mankind an entree into a higher Spiritual Realm and their proper use of God’ s Energy.

“Some of you are aware of the fact that the Threefold Flame, which is being interpreted in part in this Trilogy, is only one-sixteenth of an inch high within the average human heart. It is made up of a blue plume, a yellow plume and a pink plume of radiant God-charged electronic Light. Each plume is a manifest focus of God Qualities. The plume of spiritual Power (blue) relates to Faith, Good Will and the Divine Intent. The plume of Divine Wisdom (yellow) relates to Illumination and to the right use of Knowledge, the expansion of the Intelligence of the Godhead into the chaliced Heart and Mind of the earnest aspirant to Godliness. The plume of divine Love (pink) is the crown of Life which provides a permeation of the Qualities of Mercy, Compassion, Justice, and Creativity. Divine Love as radiant Light is also the crown of God’ s Happiness which He sheds forth by His Mighty Light Rays throughout the Universe whether the Universe is aware of it or not.

Let Me point out that the Sunshine yellow plume or Sunburst of Divine Illumination that is within everyone is the secret key by which Man can unfold his own Wisdom Flame. This plume must be consciously expanded and passed through each man’ s forcefield many times daily to burn out the accretion of negation and purify the mind with the electronic power of vital Truth, the animating factor of God’s own mind given for the use of all; for the dross of human wrong ideas previously gathered and assembled in the human mind is the enemy of every man seeking God Illumination. Jesus said, “And a man’ s foes shall be they of his own household” (Matt. 10:36), and no more motley household has ever been assembled than a man’ s own wrong thoughts. It is not necessary to pull up the weeds of these wrong thoughts all at once, for men may easily remove the wheat along with the tares. It is necessary, however, to recognize that some degree of reappraisal and self-examination is constantly necessary.

Simply because a number of black magicians were removed from the planet in the past, some individuals think that the world is now completely free of the emanation of all evil. When Cosmic Unity and Harmony exist everywhere, when criticism, condemnation and judgment have ceased, when Celestial Happiness penetrates the world and strife is ended, I may agree. “By their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt. 7:16) is a criterion to be applied to the world scene as well as to the individual. An individual may seem to hide for awhile behind a mask of perfection but the Great Unfailing Light of God penetrates behind all masks and brings each one to judgment. There is no escape from evil karma except to turn from it and do well.

Let every man be aware, then, that it is his duty and responsibility to nurture self-concern, for by concern for himself as to what he shall admit to his own mind he is able to purify that mental world in such a manner as to be of greater benefit and service to others. Indeed, how can a blind man lead the blind ? As has been well said, “.  .  . will not both fall into the ditch?” (Luke 6:39) Remove, then, all barriers in your Being and Consciousness that are known to you to impede the flow of the God Flame of Illumination. Use the Violet-Purple Flame of Freedom. Ask your God Presence each day for greater Wisdom and for an increase of the Flame of Illumination and its right use. Demand of your own Great God Self a balanced flow of Power and Wisdom.

“Imbalance, where giantism occurs in one aspect of the Threefold Flame, making it out of proportion to the others, never results in the achievement of the proper goal. The tangible, balanced Flame of Illumination, expanding from your Consciousness, will gradually enfold your Being until God is enthroned upon the altar of your Heart as Holy Wisdom. With each getting of Power, then, will come the attaining of Wisdom, and you will ultimately recognize that you cannot know for yourself that which has not been within the realm of either your outer or inner experience. This accounts for the differences expressed in men’s employment of the faculties of Mind and Being. Some have denied for themselves the Graces of Heaven. The so-called ignorant or uneducated are not always denied the Blessings of Holy Wisdom, neither do the learned always manifest them; for Holy Wisdom is imparted not only through study in an outer sense, but through attunement in an inner sense with the Great Spiritual Powers of Light in the Higher Octaves. That men need not wait until they have passed from the screen of Life to obtain Greater Divine Wisdom should be a source of great happiness to all who read these words.

It is true in fact that for those who do not successfully attain the goal of the Ascension at the close of this embodiment, their succeeding incarnation will be enriched through present diligence to precepts herein imparted; and for those who do, let Me assure you, that which is done in God’ s Name today is the achievement of Eternity.

Nothing Divine is ephemeral nor can it be taken from anyone. All Divine Blessings are permanent, and this is their wondrous inherent Quality. With all thy getting, let it not be the mere fretting away of the hours. With so many waiting at the portals of birth, yearning to breathe the planetary air and to bask in the sunlight here, let those who have this opportunity to right all wrong, to obtain entrance into the Eternal Kingdom, to overcome error, to enthrone the Rightful Deity and to challenge every false opinion, accept from the Godhead the Sceptre of their own Wisdom’ s Dominion. None can obtain who will not try; none can obtain who lack Faith. All can summon the Holy Energies who will and glorify God in that feeling of Infinite Happiness that comes to all who cherish the outpouring of Light’ s Radiance in its balanced, Threefold aspect of Power, of Wisdom, and of Love, which abideth forever.

Most graciously I AM,



This instruction comes to you through the loving courtesy of the Ascended Masters’ Darjeeling, India, Council of God’s Will, of which All the Ascended Host are Members.