Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 7  No. 6  - Beloved Saint Germain  -  February 7, 1964


Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life


Gracious Men and Women, Persistency is recognized as a quality which eventuates in the manifestation of some aspect of Perfection. The courage which men externalize by holding fast to a specific momentum, in the face of every attempt to prevent its manifestation, is a thing of beauty, a joy to every heart, and most wondrous to behold.

A. Power Defined

The very thought of Power in Itself brings delight to the hearts of men. The Power of the Universe, as depicted in the very Heavens themselves, tells men of that seemingly far-off aspect of God for which their souls hunger but unto which it seems impossible to draw nigh. Hope, together with the element of Faith, has enabled men to release some degree of Power into their worlds and subject It to their control. Now Power has taken many forms: abuses have marred its use, whereas Virtue has enhanced it. Tyrants have exploited it and politics and religion have been molded around the Star of Power, blazing in the firmament of society.

The primary types of Power are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Energy; electrical, chemical, elemental and cosmic Power; temporal Power, consisting of social influences and mass pressures, political, spiritual Energy; electrical, chemical, elemental and cosmic Power; temporal power, consisting of social influences and mass pressures, political, religious and official authority; and-karmic Power which affects status, attainment, and progress. All Power is interrelated: some is stored, some is static, some is dynamic and subject to a rate of rapid decay or deterioration. All power is subject to two primary qualifications under the classification of relativity: Divine and human or Cosmic Universal and material-transitory.

The Maltese Cross, which is symbolical of My Dedication to the Cause of Freedom, is a balanced Cross whereby one may illustrate certain aspects of Power. As many realize, a cross symbolizes the meeting of two planes of consciousness. The horizontal member of the cross symbolizes the human plane of consciousness, or the plane of the ego; the vertical segments are symbolical of the Energies of God descending into the plane of matter. The center where the two lines cross is the point (orifice) where the Energies of Heaven are released to the earth, and in very Truth it is at this point—which is the point of the Power of qualification—that requires great alertness on the part of all who use Power in its many aspects, including the many nonorganic manifestations.

The Power of speech itself, the Power in the spoken word, and the Power of the “Word”—whether released by pen or edict of sword—changes the course of history and alters the life of those affected by Its release. The t.angled threads of Power have always flowed from the orifice, indicated by the center of the Cross. The Maltese Cross is intended to be a symbol of Perfect Balance. The drawing forth of Energy from On High and Its manifestation in the world of form is that perfect Energy beamed forth both to the right and to the left in a Perfect Balance of Power.

Blessed Ones, it is easy to complicate that which is simple, but it is often most difficult to simplify that which is really complicated. This, I shall attempt to do for you in this study. When a child first begins the study of mathematics he is dealing with very simple things; he can then little conceive of the intricate threads of logarithms and abstract equations.

Man should then realize that the Perfection of God must take into account the training of the child-Man; that so-called cradles of negation (e.g. the world of form) have been created as the place or testing school where transmutation and noble changes can be effected that will result in an expansion of the Flame of Freedom, raising Man into his total Identity and Divine Manhood. In simplifying the understanding concerning the release of Power it will be shown that the bodies of Man are receptacles of that Power.

The four lower bodies of Man, the physical, mental, emotional and etheric, all are recipients of a charge of Power. It is best—for the purposes of this study—that We consider the dawn or the beginning of each day as the arbitrary point of origin for Power’s release. When self-conscious awareness once again floods the altar of individuality, men begin to think and to perceive. This is an employment of Power, but one which is often abused by neglect.

Few today are aware of the degree of Power which God has conferred upon Man through his Consciousness. Few are aware that they possess the Power of localization and intensification in the proper exercise of the attention through individual Consciousness, whereby the interpretive action of the God-Self can enable them to more firmly take hold of the reins of Power and be less distracted by the social and karmic responsibilities which are daily thrust upon them.

B. Self-Cohesion, Your Reins of Power

The statement made of old, “He that keepeth his own household in order is greater than he that keepeth a city,” is little understood. Were it so, more adepts and masters should arise in every generation to take the reins of dominion over themselves. It is an act of utter compassion for Universal Law and for Universal Love to obtain dominion over the finite self. You cannot be novices and yet be masters. You live in the plane of human consciousness, but you must not be subject to its depredations.

Inasmuch as the world is filled with idle minds and inasmuch as “idling minds” are often tools of the sinister force, even when housed in a dedicated consciousness, it behooves the student of deeper Truth to recognize that he alone can and must govern his own world.  We do not deny that in this sphere of co-existence there is daily a great release of Power from the Godhead and also a great release of abused power by mankind. Some men first watch the action and antics of others and then respond to these actions by gearing their power train directly to the releases of society. This is not action, but reaction. Others deliberately or thoughtlessly, through false momentums and habits, are prone to generate many forms of discordant emanations from their Beings. I would like to list some of these in order that you may perceive how mankind are used by subtle qualities of negation, and how they then release this noxious substance into the planetary atmosphere:

There is the quality—if you can rightly call it that—of boredom, a disinterested state where all seems quite profitless to the individual, and in this disenfranchising state (which is akin to a vacuum) men denude themselves of vitality! There is the state of dissatisfaction in which men assess their own progress or lack of it and, by dishonesty in self or self-deceit, are unwilling to admit to their own role in fashioning their weaknesses. Therefore, they strive to effectuate a transfer of responsibility and assign blame to others as the causes of their own failures or lack of progress. This is the prime cause of personal stagnation.

There are numerous thoughts or qualifications of fear. One of the chief of these which I desire to call to your attention is that in which men who are often deeply sincere attribute to the Godhead a whimsical nature. From this premise they conclude, for dark and unclear reasons unknown even to themselves, that their lifestreams are not in favor with the Universe. This state of consciousness may manifest as an active form of rebellion. Then again it may result in a very servile attitude in which there is a tendency to lethargy and a feeling of hopelessness on the part of the victim.

There is the quality of doubt which We would also touch upon. Doubt stems primarily from a lack of knowledge, although some seem to feel that they possess a great deal more knowledge than they do and will not, therefore, accept this statement which I am making. Nevertheless, I shall affirm its Truth and when, in the Light of greater understanding, men have dispelled their own ignorance, their doubts too will fly out the window. Men must allow themselves time enough to achieve this: “In your patience possess ye your souls” (Luke 21:19).

Now, there are many other negative qualities which We could touch upon here but I do not choose to continue the long list of negations to which mankind are hosts. Rather would I point out, through analysis of those which I have listed, that mankind’s abuses of Power are primarily created as a result of ignorance and misunderstanding. Inasmuch as the important action of karma in fashioning daily circumstances is yet little understood by the masses of this planet, it is somewhat difficult to reveal clearly that Power abused always returns for redemption to the one who has misused it. The horror with which some men of professed religion view any doctrine which is not approved by the religion of their fathers is a millstone about their necks and is most unfortunate. Yet, if they are to be Free, they must open wide the doors of their minds.

As all Life is one, an abuse of Power on the part of any member of the world’s body has its affect upon all. But by a like token, any correct use of Power by anyone upon the planetary body brings its Blessing to all.

Power in itself is Energy. Energy in the physical body is actually related to the Energy content of the sum total of all of the body cells. To renew the Energy of the body, then, it is necessary in some way to infuse the cells themselves with Energy. To infuse the body cells with Energy when those same cells are clogged with accumulations of negative substance, residual deposits of the wrong use of Power through thought and feeling, is to partially negate the flow of Energy. This is the cause of fatigue, loss of Power, and eventually results in so-called death. Consider the value of flushing these accumulations out by Spiritual electronics!

The mental body interpenetrates the physical body as water interpenetrates the sponge: it has its own reservoir of Power which is not at all dependent upon the physical body. The four lower bodies of Man are so inter-related that if the mental body of Man is to operate at an optimum level the other three bodies must be in perfect alignment with it and with each other. Were it to encounter density in the physical body through impediments in the brain cells themselves, this would effectively impede the manifest free flow of thought processes in the mental world of Man.

The power of the emotional body seems the most violent and therefore the most prone to lead men astray in their thinking and consequently in their actions. Now, the Power of the mental body is subject to a great extent also to the Power of the etheric or memory body. In memory’s storehouse all the results of past actions from the individual’ s present embodiment and all previous embodiments stands as an electronic record. This Power is a subtle pressure which necessarily must affect the present moment for good or for ill, unless brought under the control of the balancing action of the Great God Flame within Man, the Immortal Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power.

C. The Maltese Cross, Symbol of God-Controlled Power

The Maltese Cross, as a symbol of perfect balance, provides a thought and Energy matrix whereby ill effects can be brought under control, and the Power of Virtue can be released in order that mankind’s use of Power will no longer corrupt Life on Earth. It has been said that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Power can be used as the bow of the Infinite Archer to release an arrow of Perfection to the Heart of Man’ s goal of happiness. As the pursuit of happiness is an acknowledged treasure, let all who would permanently enjoy it ponder upon the Maltese Cross as a simple symbol in which great Truths may be revealed.

Looking at the Maltese Cross as an upright symbol placed on the wall before you, the upper or north arm is somewhat triangular in shape, descending to the center. It denotes the upper part of an hour glass or a funnel through which the great Energies of God—the Power of God—are descending into the cup of Being . The wide arm denotes an infinite capacity and; therefore, you must not accept limitation in any form. There is a fan action across the entire span of this upper arm as is true of all of the arms of the Maltese Cross in Perfect Balance.

The point of qualification at the center indicates that you must always consciously, within your God Flame, determine to qualify all Energy and Power given to you with the Purity of its divine intent and by divine characteristics of the Christ Identity. You need not be weak or without firmness in so doing, for in handling discordant human energy you must be firm—whether it is your own or another’s. This does not mean that it is necessary for you to use rudeness or viciousness in your statements or conduct, but only a firm unyielding consciousness that recognizes evil as misqualification of God’ s pure Energy, and determines to strip it of the thorns of abuse while inbreathing the Essence of the Sacred Fire, “Flower of Power.”

As the Fire action working from the upper arm indicates a wide or infinite action at the top, narrowing into the crucible of Being at the point of the cross, so in the lower figure, beneath the point of qualification where the descending energies fan out into three triangles to manifest as Power, Wisdom, and Love in the world of form, it must be recognized that the infinite Energies of God do take the shape of Man’ s active qualifications made at the orifice of attention and action; and thus, Power becomes congealed in the world of form, its dimension and potential being dependent upon the thoughts and feelings of individuals. The balance of the upper arm and the lower arms indicates that if qualification were to be made in Purity of the entire quotient of Energy released from the Godhead, all that is below in the microcosmic world would reflect the Perfection of the God Power Itself at the time It enters the crucible of Man’s Being.

The side arms—left and right—fanning out as another balanced action of the Maltese Cross, indicate a left and right action of the descending Energies from the plane of pure Being. Together with the descending arm below the Cross, they indicate a form phase of the qualification of the Three-Fold Flame in action. Power alone is negative unless it be qualified with the positive action of Divine Love. Ponder well this statement! Therefore, the left arm of the Cross denotes the negative use or minus charge of spiritual Energy qualified by the Blue Flame of Power, whereas the right arm denotes the positive use or plus charge of this spiritual Energy, indicative of the positive Power of the Pink Flame of Love, just as the descending arm in the center relates to the Wisdom aspect of the Golden Flame of Illumination which imbues the positive and negative poles with God Direction and Purpose. Therefore, all that which is below is intended to be a threefold manifestation of the Sacred Fire which descends from above.

For all Energy, released from the Godhead or Daystar from on High, upon entering the lower octaves is immediately qualified as the night side or negative pole of Being. This is the minus-side where the plus fling of potential garners its power and prepares to release into manifestation the qualified substance which, when charged with right thought and faith in right action, becomes, by Love’ s cohesion and attraction, through the “right” side of the Cross, the impetus of God Virtue. A simple illustration of this is the use of the slingshot which withdraws from the “y” or sling in a negative pull in order to secure the necessary impetus of power to drive home the shot through a positive release.

You recall that in the early scriptures it is declared in the Pentateuch that the Lord God made the greater Light to rule the day and the lesser Light to rule the night. The left arm of the Maltese Cross then is symbolical of the negative and denotes the physical nature of Man as a cradle or a crucible into which Power is poured in the hope that Man will rise above that crucible and above the world of experience and out of his density into the Purity of the Great God Flame of his Being.

It must, then, be understood that the Maltese Cross has another significance here: From the point of the Cross, when the perfect action is completed, there is a sunburst effect; so that at the dot symbolical of individuality there within the Cosmic Circle of Allness, there is a complete balance and Oneness of all planes. Thus God is in Truth all-in-all; and this God that is all and in all is the all-in-all within the individual Man. Thereby the fulness of God’ s Kingdom is conferred upon Man. This completes the idea of “Thine is the Power.” God’ s Power, then, is entrusted to every Man and it is in his right use of God’s Energy in thought and feeling that he is able to understand more of the Universe and obtain the Victory of Life.

My writings on Alchemy, I realize, were a disappointment to many students because they became obsessed with the idea that I would give them some form of thaumaturgical formula where, by making certain kabalistic signs in the air and reciting certain words, precious stones and even money would come into manifestation directly into their hands.

I doubt not that if this were to be conferred upon all, it would be the greatest abuse of Power conceivable, both on My part and on the part of the Universe Itself; for if men think that they have karmic responsibilities in the use of that Power which they already have, let them consider for a moment what responsibilities they should have if their power were increased. Call not then so much for an increase of Power as for a better understanding of how to use that Power which you already have, and then observe how the Universe, in all of its great Wisdom, bursting with desire to give you the vital freshness of Being, will confer upon you those alchemical secrets by direct apprehension which will assure you, not a continuing abuse, but a correct and glorious use of the Power of God unto salvation for all!

May His Peace be with you as I join you next week in the release of greater understanding concerning Illumination’s Flame.

Your obedient Friend of Freedom, SAINT GERMAIN

This instruction comes to you through the loving courtesy of the Ascended Masters’ Darjeeling, India, Council of God’s Will, of which All the Ascended Host are Members.