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[TXT]4)09_The Plight of Astral Entities and How to Be Free from Their Influence.html26-Dec-2010 16:30 7.5K 
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[TXT]4)11_The Creation of Mass Entities and Their Vampire Activities.html26-Dec-2010 17:39 46K 
[TXT]4)12_Freedom from Psychedelic Drugs.html26-Dec-2010 18:02 24K 
[TXT]4)13_The Astral Trap.html26-Dec-2010 18:14 24K 
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[TXT]4)17_Practical Steps.html28-Dec-2010 17:19 23K 
[TXT]4)18_The Use of Color.html28-Dec-2010 18:12 28K 
[TXT]4)19_Maintaining a Forcefield of Light.html28-Dec-2010 18:18 22K 
[TXT]4)20_Floating Grids and Forcefields.html28-Dec-2010 18:27 23K 
[TXT]4)21_The Creation of Riptides.html28-Dec-2010 18:33 21K 
[TXT]4)22_The Circle and Sword of Blue Flame.html28-Dec-2010 18:50 23K 
[TXT]4)23_Invoking the Legions of Astrea.html28-Dec-2010 19:19 30K 
[TXT]4)24_Exorcism.html28-Dec-2010 19:40 30K 
[TXT]4)25_Assistance from the Realms of Heaven.html28-Dec-2010 19:58 27K 
[TXT]4)26_Jesus and His Apostles Cast Out Entities.html28-Dec-2010 20:09 30K 
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