The Twelve DNA Layer ... the DNA of the Gods inside us
El Shadai

Time ago, I start to write these words to give a first lesson of Hebrew. I honestly feel the presence of Master Jesus when I interact with these words and a full inspirational interaction with God. Unexpected I stop to write the article when I enter in the Four DNA Layer. This happens May 14, 2009.

Today in the preparation of a new article, I found the God of the Hebrew ... And this is a another face of God.
Now, when I am writing these words, I can feel the presence of God in me, exactly when I meditate a pray each morning.
I feel the Ka flowing in me.
Blessed you are and blessed is the Name of God. Halelu. Halelu. Halelu.

Would you learn Hebrew to pronounce the names of God? I will! and I will teach you a little about this.

Before to start this travel in the name of God, I need to absolutely clarify you what is the origin of the name "Hebrew". It was the name given by the Egyptian to them. They call them Hebrew, "Iḇrîm," Ibrim. And this is because the planet Iburu or Niburu, the planet of the Annunaki.

How you will call an old father in your family tree? An ancestor? I prefer to call him, father. We need to honor each one of them. Absolutely.

We need to honor the Elohim that were the Cyclops as well the Anunnaki, as well the Pleiadians, or the Sirians, the Masters from Sirius, as well any other member of the family, because we are a Family, and we are a Family because we have the same DNA. Don't you?

Master Kryon teach us that the twelve DNA Layers have a different name of God, in Hebrew. We will cover this immediately, but before I want to star with the 22 characters that compound the Hebrew alphabet. Please note that the word "alphabet" are simply the juxtaposition of the first two letters, aleph and bet, that are close also to the Greek alphabet.

I arrange the 22 characters according to the Gematria, that is the old science assigning a number to each letter. And so, we have:

The Hebrew Alphabet

Decimal Hebrew Glyph
1 Aleph א
2 Bet ב
3 Gimel ג
4 Dalet ד
5 He ה
6 vav ו
7 Zayin ז
8 Het ח
9 Tet ט
10 Yod י
20 or 500 Kaph כ, ך
30 Lamed ל
40 or 600 Mem מ, ם
50 or 700 Nun נ, ן
60 Samech ס
70 Ayin ע
80 or 800 Pe פ, ף
90 or 900 Tsadik צ, ץ
100 kuf ק
200 Resh ר
300 Shin ש
400 Tav ת
From here we can said that Jhvh, or Jahveh or Jehovah will be written as:יהוה.(=He+vav+He+Yod).
In Hebrew we read from right to left, like in Chinese. And so the pronunciation is: Yod+He+Vav+He

So, we have YHWH in English. The Sum of these letters is: 10+5+6+5=26. Numerologically, we need to sum twice, and so: 2+6=8.

Again, from Master Kryon and Kyrael, we get the 8 means: Masterness, Master.

We can get a verification from Google Translation:

Google translates ...

This particular name may be arranged like a Tetragrammaton from which we can get the others names of God. (See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Patricia Spadaro, Murray L. Steinman - Kabbalah, Key to Your Inner Power).


But let us slowly to get the other names. From here, changing the pronunciation we got, several names of God, like Elohim or Adonay.

Now, we will go ahead with ...

The First DNA Layer is: Keter Etz Chayim, The Three of Life:

Keter Etz Chayim

This layer represents the biological Double Helix. It is the Master biological record of this life time. It is a "one" in numerology and therefore has an energy meaning of "New Beginnings." It is the 4-D and also multiple-D instruction set for the other 11 layers. Three percent of the instructions in this "Human Genome" are for the protein encoding layers. The rest is a massive interaction with the remaining interdimensional layers of DNA.

Kryon said that this Layer have the God name: Keter Etz Chayim. I see a perfect relation with the representation of the I AM presence chart, and logically, the DNA Layer looks like a Tree, like a flower to remember us the Presence of God in anything ...

I AM Presence
... But what is the "Three of Life"? ... The Tree of Life appears in the Bible in the Genesis. It also an important symbol in the Kabbalah, this is a discipline and school of thought discussing the mystical aspect of Judaism.

Kabbalah teaches that God is neither matter nor spirit. Rather God is the creator of both.

The Sefirot

The Sephirot are an enumeration of God attributes, and God is Light without limit.

So,through a careful study of the Tenakh, Jewish sages such as Solomon ibn Gabirol and the present day Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi identified ten Sephirot. At their fundamental level, the ten Sephirot are a step-by-step process illuminating the Divine plan as it unfolds itself in our world. They are known by the following names/characteristics from highest to lowest:
  1. Keter - Crown - Divine Plan/ Creator/ infinite light/ Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh - I AM THAT I AM (Supreme/ Total Consciousness)
  2. Chokmah - Divine Reality/ revelation/ Yesh me-ayin - being from nothingness (Power of Wisdom)
  3. Binah - Understanding/ repentance/ reason (Power of Love)
  4. Chesed - Mercy/ Grace/ Love of (intention to emulate) God (Power of Vision)
  5. Gevurah - Judgment/ strength/ determination (Power of Intention)
  6. Tipheret - Symmetry/ balance/ compassion (Creative Power)
  7. Netzach - Contemplation/ Initiative/ persistence (Power of the Eternal Now)
  8. Hod - Surrender/ sincerity/ steadfastness (Intellectual/ Observational Power)
  9. Yesod - Foundation/ wholly remembering/ coherent knowledge (Power of Manifesting)
  10. Malkuth - Lower Crown - Kingdom/ physical presence/ vision and illusion (Power of Healing/ Accomplishment/ Level of Realization of Divine Plan)
In one word,
I beleive that the Sephirot are twelve, like the DNA Layers. In fact is we consider "Da'at" at the same time of Tiferet and the entire Diagram like a great Serifot, we will get the number Twelve.
The Tree of Life
The Ten Sephirot

Three figures for the Tree of Life.

Now, I will present three different views of the tree of Life.

Keter Etz Chayim I AM Presence I AM with the Sefirot

I want to explain now the meaning of the colors and its connections with the Sefirot.

Sefirot and Causal Bodies
So, each level of the causal body have a direct connection with the sefirot. Please note that there are twelve while the sefirot are ten.

This is the same and full equivalent when Ein Sof, the infinite contracted himself to its centermost point and then withdrew to the sides surronding that point in order to leave a vacuum in which its creation could exist.

Sefirot and Causal Bodies

Please note that the main colors are seven likes the days of the week, likes the seven notes, the seven archangels, the seven elohims, the seven sacred flames and the seven seals. And see that they can be subdivided in twelve sections, equivalent to the twelve hours:

The Twelve Houses.
There are a direct connection between the first nine dimensions with the primary Chakra system and the nine universes that envolve us. Archangel Michael, explains that they (the angels) travel accross these universes to help people like us, and that each universe is controlled by an Archons. (Mensajes de Saint Germain y Los Siete Arcangeles by Elizabeth Clare Prophet).
Backing now to the word we have that,  כתר עץ חיים   means "crown Tree of life", or clearely "The Tree of Life star in the Crown".
The words עץ חיים means "Tree of life".
Please don't confuse the כ with ב.
Here we have three words, each one logically separated by a space. And so, we have from Right to Left כתר will be (Kaph++Tav+Resh)=Keter.

Keter numerologically means, 20+400+200=620=8 ... Again 8, Again Masterness.

Including Etz Chayim, the entire number will be 40+10+10+8 + 90+70 + 620 = 68+90+620 = 778=22. What means 22 ... numerologically? 22 are the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and 22 means Master Builder, numerologically speaking.

Now, is important to said that each word is a name for God!

And so until now we have: Jehovah (also Jhvh), and "The Tree of Life" in English and Keter and  Etz Chayim in Hebrew. For this reason Jesus does not use one name, but he said "Father, hallowed be Your name".

Now we will back to the name "Jehovah".

Because the name was no longer pronounced and its own vowels were not written, its pronunciation was forgotten. When Christians, unaware of the Jewish tradition, started to read the Hebrew Bible, they read יְהֹוָה as written with YHWH's consonants with Adonai's vowels, and thus said or transcribed Iehovah. Today this transcription is generally recognized as mistaken; however many religious groups continue to use the form Jehovah because it is familiar.

Again, in kabbalah, Etz Chaim is a mystical symbol used to understand the nature of God and the manner in which He created the world.

The Ten attributes of God

Now we will list the names of God, or God qualities from the Sephirot!

Sefirah (Sefirot)
Name of God
Name means

1 Keter (Crown)
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
I will reveal myself in the outworking of the events.
Absolute mercy and compassion. Fills the world with rejoicing friendship and peace.
2 Binah (Understading)
Spoken Elohim
Redemption, freedom, salvation.
Act as a supernal Mother. Connects and blesses all the sephirot. Gives freedom and many kinds of salvation.
3 Hokhmah (Wisdom) YAH (The Eternal)
Eternal Existence.
Alludes to the realms of mercy, where there is no sadness or misery. Compassionately forgives and compensates for inadequancy. Source of miracles, wonders limitless supply. Fascilitate ascent redemption and the return to the original divine blueprint.
4 Gevurah (Justice/Jugment)
The Strong One. Mighty One. Foremost One. God over all other gods. Ruler over the affairs of men and nature.
Dispense justice and judgement. Brings death or life, anhilitates or sustains wounds or heals. Wages war against foes.
5 Hessed (Love/Mercy) El
Mighty, authority, trascendence.
Absolute mercy, compassion, forgivenesss. Mitigates punishment. Can save even the unworthy.
Hod (Splendor/Majesty)
Elohim Tzevaot
(God of Hosts)
Supreme commander over heavenly and earthly forces.
Source of prophesies, visions , wonders and miracles. Wages and wins the Lord's wars. Save the lovers of God. Consoles mourners and those in pain. Rescind jugdments and grants favors to guilty depending of their repentance. Receives petitions of those who ask for children.
Netzah (Victory)
Yhvh Tzevaot
spoken Adonai Tzevaot
(Lord of Hosts)

Supreme commander over heavenly and earthly forces. Source of prophesies, visions , wonders and miracles. Wages and wins the Lord's wars. Save the lovers of God. Consoles mourners and those in pain. Rescind jugdments and grants favors to guilty depending of their repentance. Receives petitions of those who ask for children.
Tiferet (Beauty/Compassion)
spoken Adonai
The Passionate, He who speaks, I cause to be.
The essence of God.
The greatest and holiest name. Embodies all God's name in the Torah. Teaches the essence of the Creator. Sustain and enriches all that exists. Protect from evil. Gives happiness, strengh, joy and vitality.
Yesod (Foundation)
  • El Hai *
  • Shaddai
  • The Living God
  • Power, Strenght, Stability
Source of eternal life. Gives mercy to those who intend to mend their ways. Here the penitent repents of misdeeds and is consoled.

Sustain all creatures, prevents tribulation in the world.
Malkuth (Kingdom) Adonai *
  • Absolute Lordship
The great provider. Gives life and death and heals. Through this name one enters the presence of God.
The Ten Sephirot

* Used frequently by Master Jesus.

Why the Sefirot are 10? ... They are ten, the base we choose to represent the numbers and this is because we have ten fingers.
(Source: Why 10?  )

The Second DNA Layer is: Torah E'ser Sphirot

Torah E'ser Sphirot

Torah E'ser Sphirot   תורה עשר   םפירות
This means Torah Ten Sephirot, or "The Torah has ten Sephirot"

The Torah -- The 5 books of Moshe

Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy


Torah תורה 5+200+6+400=611
E'ser עשר 200+300+70=570
םפירות 400+6+200+10+800+40=1456

Now, 611+570+1456=2637=2+6+3+7=18=> 1+8=9, Conclusion!
The Hebrew word for "life" is חי (chai), which has a numerical value of 18. Consequently, the custom has arisen in Jewish circles to give donations and monetary gifts in multiples of 18 as an expression of blessing for long life.

Do you beleive Life will means God? ... Of course!

From a practically point of view, we can comment that in Judaism, in the Talmud; Pirkei Avot (5:25), Rabbi Yehudah ben Teime gives the age of 18 as the appropriate age to get married ("Ben shmonah esra lechupah", at eighteen years old to the Chupah (marriage canopy)). (See Coming of age, Age of majority).

The Third DNA Layer is: Netzach Merkava Eliyahu.

Netzach Merkava Eliyahu
Netzach Merkava Eliyahu נצח מרככה אליהו 
Now, we will explain this and then we will offer the numerological mean:
אליהו is Eliyahu or Elias (or) El+is+Yahweh (or) Yahweh is God. יהוהis אל
Both "YHWH" and "El" are names for God.
Elijah's name is invoked at the weekly Havdalah ritual that marks the end of Shabbat
מרככה Merkava means travel.

The third word is Netzach נצח the seventh Sephirot and means "Victory".

So, the complete phrase means ... "Yhwh is God and he travels for victory".


Netzach נצח 8+900+700=1608
Merkava מרככה 5+500+500+200+600=1805
Eliyahu   אליהו 6+5+10+300+1=322

Now, 1608+1805+322=3735, which leads us to 18 again.

The Fourth DNA Layer is: Urim Ve Tumim.

Unim Ve Tumin

Urim Ve Tumim אורים ותומים

"Urim Ve Tumim" is the equivalent phrase from the Hebrew Bible that in modern Hebrew is written: "haʾUrim vəhaTummim" and means "Lights of Perfection" and is woven by the Hoshen (High Priest's breastplate), divination in general, and cleromancy in particular.

So, Urim Ve Tumim means "Lights and Perfection of the High Divination Priest".

(Ve stand for and or &)

Ve Tumin ותומים 40+10+600+50+400+50=7
אורים 40+10+200+50+1=301

Therefore this Layer numerologically means: 7+4=11.(Master). You can add 1+1, or keep 11 as is. In this case we keep as 11, representing Master.

The Family of Light, the Family of Masters.

"As above, so Below".

The Fifth DNA Layer is: Aleph Etz Adonai

Unim Ve Tumin

Aleph Etz Adonai אלף צץ ארוני
Aleph is the first number of the Hebrew Alphabet, as well the number 1.

So, Aleph Etz Adonai means "Adonai is the One". (Adonai is the first)

(Etz stand for and or &)

Aleph אלף
ארוני אֲדֹנָי 10+700+6+200+1=917=17=8

Now, we have, 111+990+721=1822=> 4 (Earth), again! (Full equivalent to 3+9+1=13=4)

And this means "Adonai is the first on Earth".

Adonai, also means "A-D-N", which means "lord", "master", or "patron", and please remember that nothing is causal.

Adonai, also means Adonis, that is equivalent to a perfect man.

The Sixth DNA Layer is: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh in Hebrew is: אהיה אשר אהיה

Ehyeh אהיה 5+10+5+1=21=3
אשר 200+300+1=501=6
אהיה 5+10+5+1=21=3

Therefore, I AM THAT I AM, leads to: 3+6+3=12=3 ... 3 means God ... in the Old Gematria, and 3 leads to Change, Catalyst.

And if we now add the number we will have "I AM THAT I AM which is God".

The Seventh DNA Layer is: Kadumah Elohim

Kadumah Elohim in Hebrew is: קרוםה  אלוהים

Elohim אלוהים 40+10+5+6+30+1=92=11
קרוםה 5+40+6+200+100=351=9

Kadumah Elohim, means Primordial Elohim. "Primordial God"

11 is equivalent to a Superior God. A Final God, like Hercules, Artcuturs, Lord Meru etc. The Elohim.

Adding the meaning of number we have, Elohim is God and that's all.

The Eighth DNA Layer is: Rochev Baaravot

Rochev Baaravot in Hebrew is: רובב בערבוח

Rochev רובב 2+2+6+200=210=3
Baaravot בערבוח 8+6+2+200+70+2=288=18

3+9=12=> 3, Catalyst ...

So, Rochev Baaravot means Fast Riders of the Light.

The Ninth DNA Layer is: Shechinah-Esh

My relation with Saint Germain is very long and very sacred. Esh (like Ash) means Fire or Flame.

Shekhinah (alternative transliterations Shekinah, Shechinah, Shekina, Shechina, Schechinah, שכינה) is the English spelling of a grammatically feminine Hebrew language word that means the dwelling or settling, and is used to denote the dwelling or settling presence of God (cf. divine presence), especially in the Temple in Jerusalem.

Therefore, Shechinah Esh means the Flame of Dwelling. When you can the Violet Flame you will be seated and create a connection between Father-Spirit and Mother-Earth. Your foots will feel heavy and become "earthed" or "dwelled".

Shechinah-Esh in Hebrew is:שבינה ש    

Schechinah שבינה 5+700+10+2+300=1017=1+1+7=9
אש 300+1=301=4

9 means Conclusion and 4 means Earth. In plain English the entire phrase means "The Dwelling Flame that Complete the Earth".

All Flames offers Healing, in particular the Green Healing Flame of Truth.Only calling the Violet Flame you will heal you and the planet.

There are no other door to open to quickly save all.

The Tenth DNA Layer is: Vayikra

Vayikra in Hebrew is: וייקרא

Vajikra means "Change", "Thunde", "Move", "Call" as well Call to Divinity, and is also a name for God!

Vayikra is: 1+200+100+10+10+6=327=3+2+7=3 ... And "3" means "Catalyst" ... "Acceleration" ... "Move!" ...

2010 is a year of Catalysis and acceleration.

The Eleventh DNA Layer is: Chochmah Micha Halelu

Chochman Micha Halelu in Hebrew is:חוכמה מיכה הללו

Halelu הללו 6+30+30+5=71=8
מיכה 8+500+10+600=115=11
Chochman חוכמה

The numbers represent, 8+11+3=22=>4 (Earth, Feminine).

Micha was an old prophet in the Old Testament that predict the fall of Jerusalem. Halelu is the old root for modern Hallelujah, and means Glory.
Chochman is the name for a Sefirot.

In other words is Glory to the Divine Feminine.

Chochman Micha Halelu means

The Twelfth DNA Layer is: El Shaddai


Shaddai שרי 10+200+1=211=4
אל  30+1=31=4

4+4=8, and 8 means Master!

El Shaddai is the name (the only one) used in the book of Job.

Table of the first Twelve DNA Layers

Keter Etz Chaym
Torah E'ser Sphirot
Netzach Merkava Eliyahu
Unim Ve Tumin
5 Aleph Etz Adonai
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
Kadumah Elohim
Rochev Baaravot
Chochmah Micha Halelu
El Shadai

Resume of the Name of God in Hebrew.

Here is a resume listing the DNA Layers name in Hebrew where each one represents the name of God.


Keter Etz Chayim
כתר עץ חיים The Tree of Life star in the Crown


Torah E'ser Sphirot
תורה עשר םפירות
The Torah has ten Sephirot.
Netzach Merkava Eliyahu נצח מרככה אליהו Yhwh is God and he travels for victory
Urim Ve Tumim אורים ותומים Lights and Perfection of the High Divination Priest
Aleph Etz Adonai אלף צץ ארוני "Adonai is the One"


Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
אהיה אשר אהיה
I AM that I AM
Kadumah Elohim קרוםה  אלוהים Primordial Elohim
Rochev Baaravot רובב בערבוח Fast Riders of the Light.
Shechinah-Esh שבינה ש "The Dwelling Flame that Complete the Earth"
Va-yik-ra וייקרא "Move On!"
Chochmah Micha Halelu חוכמה מיכה הללו Glory to the Divine Feminine.


El Shadai
אל שרי
God the Master ... God the One!

Conclusions: My very gift for you.

I will be short. If all these DNA Layers belong to our DNA in the Third Dimension ... biologically and the rest Multidimensionally What we have in our DNA?

In our DNA we have the DNA of the Lords, the DNA of the God.

Keter Etz Chaym We have the DNA of the Trees ... Layer DNA #1 ... The trees are our fathers too, and in a mixed fashion also the Laggards. Also they are our fathers.

It conects us with the First Dimension or the Core of Earth, our Mother.
Torah E'ser Sphirot This connect us with the Second Dimension where our Beloved Elementals ... dwells. Inside us, Inside the animals, Inside the plants ... Inside the planet.

It enable us to the Dimensional Caduceus
Netzach Merkava Eliyahu This is the DNA necesary to activate to travel and get a Merkaba.

John the Revelator activate this DNA to be in the middle of the High Council of four and Twelve. (Rev 4:4)
Unim Ve Tumin This DNA is the DNA inserted by the Elohim ... (Layer DNA #4) who were the Cyclops ... We have the DNA of Adonai (or YHWH, bad translated in Jehovah) who is an Annunaki.

This is the DNA we got when Humans were modified by the Annunaki ... who

breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;
(Gen 2:7)

This happens after Atlantis fall and before Noah Flood.
Aleph Etz Adonai
This DNA is Pleiadian and mofied by the Pleiadians ... multidimensionally.

Our Higher Self is Pleiadian ... and is connected with our Heart ... from where we got Life ... Multidimensionally from the Prime Creator ... who is everywhere ... in the Dimensio 12, if you prefer.

Please remember that our Higher-Self ... is Pleiadian !
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh This is the Second Annanuki Layer.


who is the name of God, and was given to Moseh on Month Sinai when we (I say we because we are all Humans, all Brothers ... from the same Father-Mother God).

See Exodus, 3:14,And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

Please note that 4 and 6 are even numbers ... The even dimensions has another meaning different from odd dimensions.
Kadumah Elohim All the rest of DNA Layers are basically Pleiadian ...

This DNA offer a direct transmission with the 7D where the High Council dwells ...

Rochev Baaravot This is Layer connecting us with the 8D ... The Corridors of Light ...
Shechinah-Esh The Saint Germain Layer ... that enable the anthenna to heal ourselves ... alone ...

Saint Germain is really an incredible beign: Him support to Earth was incredible ... along millenia ...

He was present in Arabia like a ruler 70,000 years ago when Sahara was Tropical like Amazon. He lives with us at Atlantis with the Queen of Hators; that Queen live with us 14,000 years. He was Thoth after Atlantis establishing the Egyptian religion.

He was Joseph, Jesus's Father. Merlin, Columbus, Hermes, King Solomon who built the temple, Francis Bacon the author of Shakespearian plays, Roger Bacon ... and many others.

He gift us the Amathist Flame, the Violet Flame.This flame is of course Multi-Dimensional but interact with 7D and 9D ...The Enochians dwells in the 9D.
Va-yik-ra Most Archangels dwell here.

Angels and Archangels travel all the time ... and they take seconds to be here in 3D.

Vayra, Vayra, Vayra ... is a common expression for Archangel Zadkiel ...
Chochmah Micha Halelu This is the Layer that enable compassion to be Mother of Others ...
Mother Mary in 11D is our Mother ...

Kryon also dwells in 11D.
El Shadai We have still "El Shaddai" or the Prime Creator ...

... And so because we have the DNA of the Gods ... we are Gods. We are God. They are our Family and we belong to this Family in an unbreakable mode ... Our lessons on Earth are to become Gods ... Once we become Gods ... we ascend to a place we deserve ... may be in 5D or in 7D ... or in 4D ... etc.

Now, listen very carefull. Say to God, "Thanks father to bring me life and be part of me. Now, I want to walk on my own. I want now to be individual". The Fathers will approve. Beleive me. They are waiting that we become Masters.

And now, still a more beauty frame. "Their love, their essence ... never leave us. Never had leaved us and never will leave us".

In our long path, to back to the Mind of God. In our long journey to back to God and unite with the houses of the Lords ... they love and assistance never leave us. We don't walk alone. We are not alone.

And there no judgment. At any moment we have exactly what we deserve and we choose at any "constant" return the new future we want to embrace.

Let me gift you the DNA Layers according to the their evolution ... We are a Children of God ... and this is very scientific argumented, here!

In this very day, the Lords had spoken.
Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Can you feel the Love of God?