Chapter 3. DailyPrayers for the Seven Flames

Invocations to the

Seven Sacred Flames

for Personal and Planetary Healing and Transformation


Formulate these prayers once, three times, six times or nine times for each one, according to your inner guidance. Each time you repeat a prayer, you build a momentum of Light encoded in the prayer.



Prayer Section




Prayers and Invocations to the First Ray

Royal Blue Flame of God's Will


The Prayer of Surrender


By Master El Morya


Beloved Father/Mother God, into Thy hands I commend my being. Use my Love, my thoughts and my life in selfless service to Thee. Release from me all that hinders the fulfillment of my holy purposes and Ascension. Teach me to be kind in the ways of the Brotherhood of Light. Direct and establish my lifestream in ways that, daily and hourly, my true identity in God manifests.


Beloved God-Presence I AM, Eternal Father/Mother God, May the covenant I made with Thee be totally fulfilled! May I live my life to feel Your Love and see Your Light! May your Will manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven! Into thy hands I surrender my being, that through me, God be glorified in all things! And so be it! Beloved I AM.





For a Forcefield of Protection

Light is the most powerful emanation of all Creation. It is important to invoke the full Power of God's First Ray for Protection and Divine Will.


In the name of my beloved I AM Presence, from the very Heart of God, I invoke an invincible shaft of God's First Ray of Protection to be placed over me. Let it surround every cell, atom and electron of my Being, encapsulating me in an invincible forcefield of God's Holy Will. Let this shaft of Sapphire Blue Light expand into my various bodies and all my chakras.


Cut me FREE from anything that is less than the highest Light within me. Let the Blue Flame of Divine Love guard my forcefield of Protection, daily and hourly. I know that "I AM" absolutely protected at all time and in all places. I express my deep gratitude for all assistance given unto me always. Amen




Prayers and Invocations to the Second Ray

Golden Yellow Flame of Illumination


Call to the Illumination Flame


Illumination Flame from the Heart of God Expand thy Light through me always 

Golden Flame from the Heart of God Fill my heart with thy Wisdom Ray 

Illumination Flame from the Heart of God Expand God's Mind through all my thoughts 

Golden Flame from the Heart of God Illumine the Earth with thy Golden Light Golden Flame from the Heart of God To thy Love and Light I bow! (3X)


Invocation to the Sun


Father/Mother Light of our Solar System


Helios and Vesta! Helios and Vesta! Helios and Vesta! 

Let your Golden Light flow within every part of my being! 

Let your Golden Light expand within my Sacred Heart! 

Let your Golden Light spread throughout the Earth! 

Let the Earth ascend into Her glorious Destiny! 

And let me ascend into my glorious Ascension. (3X)



Prayers and Invocations to the Third Ray 

Rose-Pink Flame of Cosmic Love


Adoration to Your God Presence


Beloved Great Presence, I AM, Thou Life that beats my heart, Blaze now thy radiant Love Rays. Let me be an anchor of Love for all. Flood me with Thy Glory and Let my heart be always with You.


My beloved God Presence, I AM I invoke thy great Radiance Infuse my mind and heart with Thy Love Expand and raise my consciousness To Ascended Masters' octave of Light With all Your Love, with all Your Love Merge with me more and more each day, Until I become Thyself in manifestation.


I AM, I AM adoring Thee, (3X)

In deep gratitude, I offer my love to Thee (2X)

Love me, Love me, Love me. (2X)

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM!



Prayer for Divine Love


In the Name of my Beloved I AM Presence

I call the Power of Divine Love to be magnified within my heart and world daily.

I AM Love, Joyous Love

Radiating Love, Unconditional Love!

God consumes my shadows

Transmuting them into Love!


This day, I AM a focus of Divine Love Flowing through every cell of my being! 

I AM a living stream of pure Divine Love That can never be re-qualified by fear, Anger, hatred, dislikes and greed! All negative thoughts and feelings Are NOW dissolved and consumed By the power of Divine Love which I AM!


I AM, I AM, I AM Love,

I live in the consciousness of Love!

I AM Love in its fullest expression,

Blessing all mankind with Divine Love!

I radiate love! I AM Love in action

Blessing, Uplifting and Healing all on Earth!





Prayers and Invocations to the Fourth Ray

Dazzling White Ascension Flame


Prayer for Self-Love and for Ascension


From the Lord God of my Being, I AM That I AM, I decree: I have Love for my journey into my Ascension. I have Compassion for all physical and emotional pain I still need to heal.

I give thanks that I am now healing the past and resurrecting the new.

As a Master of Divine expression, walking the Earth,

I now turn on the Light on my Divinity.

I now activate and transform my DNA

to its fifth dimensional potential.

I now choose to completely heal and rejuvenate

my physical body.

I choose to remain happy, harmonious and grateful.

I claim the mastery that is mine to manifest my freedom. 

I allow my Divinity to manifest in a most wondrous way. 

I give thanks that it is done according to God's Holy Will! 

I call for shafts of Ascension Light to Maze through me daily and hourly. And so be it, beloved I AM!

(Repeat 3 times)





Ascension Affirmations

by Archangel Gabriel


I AM a fountain of Youth and Eternal Purity

I AM the fullness of my Christ Victory 

I AM one with the Heart of God 

I AM the Purity of Love 

I AM the Purity of the Resurrection Flame 

I AM the Purity of the Healing Flame

I AM the Purity of the Ascension Flame 

I AM the Purity of all my desires 

I AM the Purity of all my thoughts and feelings 

I AM the Purity of my intentions 

I AM the Purity of all my chakras 

I AM the Purity of Love in physical form 

I AM God in action in all do 

I AM the fulfillment of my Ascension in the Light 

I claim my Freedom and Victory in the Light NOW! 


(Repeat each affirmation 3 times)





Prayers and Invocations to the Fifth Ray

Emerald Green Flame of Healing


Healing Through 'Releasing Negative Energies


I am a Master of Divine Expression. I now release all separation and limitations that no longer serve my path of Light. I release all vows of poverty and limitations that I ever made in this and past incarnations. I release all imprints, implants, negative thought forms, black magic spells and curses, negative patterns of the human ego, illness and disease patterns and all energies that no longer serve my path of Light.


By the intervention of Divine Grace, with my full intent, I choose to release all energies of separation, limitations and all blockages back to the Universe. I ask for these energies be purified and transformed into the highest form of Light."


I invoke the assistance of the Angelic Realms, Master Hilarion, Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, my Monad and all Ascended Masters to release from my being and world, all levels of energies that are less than my Divine Blueprint of Perfection and my Eternal Victory in the Light through my Ascension. And so be it, beloved I AM!




Prayer to Request Miracles


Claim a healing miracle in your Life!


In the name of the Light of God that never fails I accept a healing miracle in my life this day. I claim a miracle in every level of my being. I claim a miracle of Love for my full Resurrection. Beloved Father/Mother God Blaze forth your miracle of Light now. Infuse your miracle of Light on Earth now. I call for an Ascended Master healing miracle In my heart, in my chakras and in my DNA. Blaze forth the miracle Light of the Seven Rays Blaze forth the miracle Light of the Holy Spirit Everywhere in my being where healing is needed. I declare that I AM a miracle of God this day. I AM a miracle in action made manifest. I AM a blazing miracle Light from the Great Central Sun Resurrecting me back to my true identity in God. Blaze the miracles of Light through. Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM! 


(Repeat three times)




I Now Accept My Abundance


In the name of my beloved I AM Presence and my beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to the Lords of Manifestation, Angels of Prosperity, Fortuna, Goddess of Supply and Lord of Gold to assist me now in mastering all outer conditions of my life in God's perfect way, including my true abundance.


Charge! Charge! Charge into my life and use today all the blessings that are mine to receive. Infuse me with Ascended Master Wisdom and Purity that I may never again experience lack or Limitation. Blaze your Heart Flame through my four body systems and expand without limit a great flow of divine abundance. Saturate me with enough Violet Flame and Emerald Healing Light to keep my life in perfect balance and harmony.


I demand God's invincible Protection and Wisdom in all my financial endeavors. I demand to become a magnet of attraction, drawing to me all the wealth that I require to fulfill my divine plan on Earth, to make my Ascension and to assist my fellowmen to do likewise. I give thanks that it is done according to God's Holy Will. I accept my abundance now with Love and Gratitude. Amen! Amen! Amen!


Gratitude is the key to attract greater abundance. Always show gratitude for everything you receive. Appreciate the wondrous assistance that we are now receiving from the Realms of Light. May you be God Victorious in all you do!





Prayers and Invocations to the Sixth Ray

Golden Orange Flame of Resurrection


Resurrection Affirmation



Say: "I AM the Resurrection and the Life" three times, adding to this affirmation whatever sentence you wish to specify what you want to resurrect, such as:


I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my perfect health.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my finances.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the gifts of my divinity.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my eternal youth & beauty.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my perfect work.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my heart flame.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my perfect vision.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of my perfect relationship.


The sky is the limit,

add some of your own and be creative





Prayer of Saint Francis



LORD, make me an instrument of Your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.

Where there is injury, pardon,

Where there is doubt, faith,

Where there is despair, hope,

Where there is darkness, light,

And where there is sadness, joy.


DIVINE MASTER, grant that I may not seek

So much to be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to Love.

For it is in giving that we receive,

In pardoning that we are pardoned,

And in dying that we are born to eternal Life.



Say it each day three times and expect

a miracle of transformation!








Prayers and Invocations to the Seventh Ray 

Royal Violet Flame of Transmutation


Invocation to the Violet Flame


In the name of I AM That I AM, I now call for the action of the Violet Transmuting Flame to be activated within my entire consciousness, being and world.


Violet Fire from the Heart of God (3x) 

Expand thy Light through me each day. (3x) Transmute and heal my human imperfections into the shining Diamond of God's heart and Christ Perfection.


As I surrender to Thy Radiant Light, take dominion over my life. Blaze into action the Mercy's Flame of the compassionate heart. Expand and saturate within me the wonders of the Violet Light until I AM totally transformed. Beloved I AM Presence send the Violet Flame to purify every cell, atom and electron of my being until I AM raised into my Eternal Victory by the action of the Violet Fire and the Ascension Flame. And so it is, beloved I AM!




Flood the Earth with Violet Flame


 In the name of the Great I AM, I call for the Light of a thousand suns from the Great Central Sun, Angels of Violet Fire, Beloved Saint Germain, Beloved Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, Omri Tas, ruler of the Violet planet.


In the name of God, I AM That I AM! Saturate the Earth and all of Her evolution with limitless waves of Violet Fire. I call for the action of the Violet Transmuting Flame and the action of the Will of God to manifest on Earth, now and forever, an ever increasing spiral of Divine Perfection. I call for all discord and activities on Earth that are not reflecting the highest Light and God's Holy Purposes to be miraculously swept and transformed, by the power of the Violet Flame, into Divine Love and Harmony for the restoration of Earth and Her people into their original blueprint of perfection that was originally intended.


Violet Flame! Violet Flame! 0 Violet Flame! In the name of God, flood the Earth, Her people and all Her kingdoms with oceans and oceans of Violet Fire until every particle of Life is restored to Divine Perfection. May Peace and Love be spread throughout the Earth! May the Earth abide in the aura of Perfect Love!


May the Earth abide in an aura of Peace, Love and Freedom! I give thanks that it is done now according to God's Holy Will! And so be it, Beloved I AM