activationenergetic awakening of cellular memory of multidimensional con­sciousness that is triggered by dimensions outside of linear space and time.

alchemy—alteration of matter by means of the will

archetypal—modeling forces in nonphysical dimensions that reside in the subcon­scious mind. When these forces are stimulated, deep memory contents move into consciousness, evoking great emotion, creativity, and awareness of being manipulated.

ascension—the movement upward on the vertical axis of consciousness of any of the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)

cellular memory—knowledge of all time, place, and occurence in the universe that exists in the actual cells of all living things

chakras—energy centers of the physical body

channeling—use of the physical body, usually in the vocal chords, for communi­cations from entities who are not in body in linear space and time

chimera—an entity composed of parts that express its archetypal essence, such as a winged being with wings that connote spiritual flight

codes—knowledge imprints from star intelligence, instinct, memory, genetics, and experiences that exist in crystal templates that can transmit their information if they are activated within certain time frames

collective unconscious—a vast pool of archetypes with similar themes that seem to exist in all individuals. There is a great deal of ancient lore about star systems and individual stars as the source of these themes, and when humans activate these themes in their lives, often they begin to resonate with the corresponding stars.

critical leap—an evolutionary leap that occur when a species evolves to a more complex status

Earth changes—Earth responding to consciousness changing form according to thought as well as to environmental factors

eighth dimension—structural organization of Earth intelligence known as the Galactic Federation, which is guided by the Orion star system.

electromagnetic fields—zones of energy that are created by electromagnetism

electromagnetism—magnetism or attraction that is developed by electrical currents. The magnetic force is directly proportional to the strength of electrical charging.

elementals—metallic, nuclear, chemical, and mineral intelligences of the second dimension

emotional body—the body of consciousness in the human that is emotional and can be felt and influenced even though it is invisible to most people.

End Times—a belief that time will eventually end or that a huge attractor is pulling human awareness to an end resolution or apocalypse.

etheric—a nonphysical realm of subtle vibrancy that can be accessed by transduc­tion out of the etheric into feelings that can be decoded. It is one of the most important sources of intuition, and the etheric is where fourth-dimensional archetypal forces locate, and that is why they can be felt.

feelings.—the nonphysical vibrations of humans that resonates to the fourth through ninth dimensions

fifth dimension—the love vibration of Earth that is guided by the Pleiadians

first dimension—the iron-core crystal in the center of Earth that is gravity

four bodies of consciousness—the physical, emotional, mental, and soul bodies that reside in the self and that focus and delineate the various modes of experience

fourth dimension—the polarized realm of archetypal forces that interact with Earth and are guided by the Anunnaki of Nibiru

force—strength or motion that creates change

future—past memory that is still potent enough to impulse your behavior now

Gaia—all the bodies of Earth consciousness and all the force fields they create in the universe

Galactic Night—location of the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy when it is not traveling in the Photon Band

geomantic activation—deliberate alignment by shamans with the telluric realm of Earth to create energy and feelings that facilitate an enhanced alignment with Gaia

geometric field—spaces, places, and forms that are created in Earth's field by Sirian creative-thought processes. Solidification of this force can be seen in all Earth crystallization processes, and it is also seen via synchronicities.

gravity—the first dimension of any system that generates a vertical axis of manifestation out of itself. Gravity is the densest field of any created form; it draws all parts of its form to itself, and it is conscious.

hologram—a three-dimensional image made on film that is created by the interference pattern resulting from the collisions of a split laser beam. If light is shined on that image, it can be projected into any space. All third-dimension reality is actually holographic; its form is organized out of duality and Light. Holograms are also the method by which fourth-dimensional entities project visions into linear space and time.

impulsed—the projection of ideas or desires into any intelligence

karma—unprocessed actions, feelings, thoughts, and desires that hold energy and impulse repetition continually until they are clarified

kundalini—subtle electromagnetic energy that flows in body channels and coa­lesces in the chakras

laser—light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. We see holograms by means of radiation or energy emitted in waves or particles.

lens—a device for directing or focusing anything; energy for obtaining clarity


light precipitation—higher-dimensional intelligence that drops into linear space and time

Making Home—consciously locating self in linear space and time by being so con­scious of the four directions that all dimensions and realities are totally acces­sible. Also called grounding.

merge—two or more forces becoming unitized

metaphor—a more accessible thought or idea used as an example to convey an idea that is difficult to understand. Through the metaphoric expression of an idea, the multidimensional attributes of this idea can be made available. Metaphors are the essence of Pleiadian communication; they link fifth-dimen­sional intelligence into linear space and time.

miasms—antiparticles that concretize into etheric mass in the physical body that hold memory of disease patterns that can be activated by feelings

monad—the kernal within self that contains cosmic intelligence

morphic—having a form

morphic lightfields—vehicles of all intelligence in the universe

morphogenetic fields—the essential ideas of lifeforms that replicate organic life multidimensional—composed of many dimensions or fields of realities that change according to density; whether they are subtle or solid depends upon their vibratory rates, and whether they can be apprehended depends upon the vibratory sophistication of the perceiver

Net—the structure of apocalyptical fundamentalist belief systems that the World Management Team employs to slow down vibratory rates of thought. This causes consciousness to lose subtlety and become more dense, until all realities solidify and there is no more movement.

ninth dimension—unitized reality that interweaves all of the most subtle frequen­cies. This plane of vibration is a library of all that exists in a realm; and for Earth, the ninth dimension is the Galactic Center that is guided by the Enochians.


photon stars—stars that exist eternally in galactic information highways, which cause them to generate out spirals of light that capture other stars and create systems of stars in galaxies. These are galactic nexus points that keep the galaxy from rotating out of form. They have not yet been discovered by science.

photonic information highways—the communication linkage system of any galaxy that is seventh dimensional with its form arising out of pure thought

portals—locations on the surface of Earth where second dimensional or telluric lines or tubes are sourced. By activating telluric intelligence in these locations, multidimensional forces can be accessed. Also, portals are entry points into the physical body where telluric intelligences guard against invasion into the body; these portals are the source of healing by shamans, such as psychic surgeons. Not yet known to science.

power places—portal zones

reality splitting—dividing worlds by means of intelligences who choose to vibrate according to dense or subtle frequencies

resonance—occurs when essences that vibrate in different dimensions are on the same wave length; this is how different worlds and dimensions are linked

second dimension—telluric realm between the central iron-crystal core of Earth and the surface of Earth where elemental forces exist

seer—person that has the capacity to recognize nonphysical energy in an experi­ential way

seventh dimension—lines of communication for pure thought. For Earth, the sev­enth dimension is the galactic information highways of light, the photon bands, that are guided by the Andromeda Galaxy.

sixth dimension—the lightbody form of the third-dimensional solid world. All physical objects are ideas that reside in the sixth-dimensional library, and through its thinking process, light geometrical forms are generated that create realities. For Earth, this realm is guided by the Sirius star system.

solar initiates—shamans who communicate with the intelligence of the Sun, which is linked to other stars and to the Galactic Center

subtle-energy fields—forcefields that are not physical

superconscious—a capacity of humans to access high degrees of multidimensionality

telluric—natural electromagnetic forces of Earth

Temple of Light—the Sirian light geometrical form of Earth

transduction—reception of a wave in one form that is changed into another form; a phone, for example, receives sound, transduces it to electrical signals, then transduces it back into a person's voice

vortexes—portals in the physical body that access multidimensional fields

wave resonance—the force that holds stars in place in stellar systems or stars exist­ing in spirals out of photon stars

web—interconnecting links of intelligence pathways

whirlwinds—powerful swirling forms of fourth-dimensional archetypal forces that pull a person's third-dimensional sense of self out of place

World Management Team—individuals in the third dimension who are controlled by the Anunnaki, who impulse them to carry out plans that benefit Nibiru and not Earth. All individuals working in Team agencies—such as in the Vatican, secret societies, banks, governments, school systems, the medical system, and many businesses—are agents of the Annunaki, unless they are conscious of Anunnaki vibrations and do not carry out their plans. In recent days, the World Management Team has been calling itself the New World Order.

Zero Point—the reversal of time existing between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D.