Alcyone library and tzolk'in-keeper of Time

You've become violent because
you do not channel your creativity.
-- Satya.

I, Satya: have now moved into realms beyond my own fifth-dimensional world. I know you are all ready for nine-dimensional perceptual freedom as Earth precesses into the Age of Aquarius, because I am vibrating with your passion and curiosity. Your openings are all timed by the Mayan Calendar; the program is right on schedule, yet even I want to know how you will do this in less than twenty years. As I have lived with you, often I have thought you have so much creative energy that you cannot possibly ever utilize it all. You've become violent because you do not channel your creativity. That is really what we Pleiadians think about you after being with you for 26,000 years. As we have often said, we have come from your future to help you move beyond the present impasse, and the Maya created the Great Calendar as the perfect device for learning to create the present moment from the future. Now as an Alcyone astrologer, I say that it is time for the Mayan Calendar to come forth to impulse mass consciousness. Learning how to create from the future is the way to make the critical leap, learning how to become intentional humans. That is how you can consciously channel your storehouse of creativity and stop the violence.

The Maya created the Mayan Great Calendar—called the Tzolk'in—to show you how to create a future intention, so you could decide what you want and work for these desires in the present time. People, let me tell you how sacred this gift is: The Maya gave this Calendar to our star system, the Pleiades, 104,000 years ago, and our ancient journey with the Calendar made us who we are today. Therefore, I have come from your future to help you comprehend what you have been offered.

Many very respectable intellectuals are fascinated by the implications of the Mayan Calendar. It is a brilliant device that describes a process of time that approaches a completion point: the end of time. But this has nothing to do with the end of the world. Now that you have a sense of six dimensions, think of the exquisite geometry of the sixth dimension; then think of the Mayan Calendar as a 6D morphic time field that is precipitating in its basic elements according to a known time unfoldment, just like a pregnancy. During a pregnancy, a fetus of unknown characteristics is being carried, which could abort. In most cases, the original form created by the sperm quickening the ovum becomes a human being. The Mayan Calendar is a conception that is modeling history, and the growing group of people who see that it describes the future is causing its field to influence the whole planet. What is supposed to occur at its ending is something about which we can only speculate. We Pleiadians are here now asking you: Are you ready to imagine your future? If you are, we are here with the Maya and Sirians to play with you and prepare you for the Cosmic Party.

Certain physicists and mathematicians are considering the possibility that emerging dynamics operating on the planet are being triggered by the end of time. The Mayan Calendar is discussed by ethno-pharmacologist Terence McKenna, biochemist Rupert Sheldrake, and chaos mathematician Ralph Abraham in Trialogues at the Edge of the West. In it, Abraham describes "chaotic attractors" as advanced forms of order that influence less organized states, and that pull these states to an end point. McKenna notes that reality is becoming increasingly complex, and speculates that a singularity or culmination exists at the end of this process. Sheldrake, who first popularized the idea of morphogenetic fields, outlines the echoes of light in the fields of all things as signs of a common attractor for the entire cosmic evolutionary process.

McKenna works with a fractal wave rooted in the I Ching, and the wave's terminus is December 22, 2012, one day after the end of the Mayan Calendar. All three scientists have devised some potential models for how an end of time could be pulling realities toward itself; and many very intelligent people in different fields are considering the possibility that the Maya actually were able thousands of years ago to delineate a point in the future. August 16 to 17, 1987, a key shift point in the Calendar, was featured by Tony Shearer in 1971 and by José Arguelles in 1987. This key point triggered massive planetary celebrations, which José Arguelles named Harmonic Convergence; we Pleiadians prefer "Harmonic Emergence," but we also like the idea of a convergence of nine dimensions. As we've discussed at length, something actually shifted then, and the awareness of that shift is what matters. Arguelles said that Armageddon—the final apocalypse awaited by fundamentalists—would be short-circuited by the Convergence, and its script would unravel from August 1987 through July 1992. To honor that brilliant insight, our vehicle wrote Signet of Atlantis: War in Heaven Bypass in 1990, because a "War in Heaven" is simply a religious idea that could set off a war on Earth.

Remember back to Harmonic Convergence. During the event, very few people understood what it was. Our vehicle perceived that a shift in the field of Earth actually was predicted in the Mayan and Aztec calendars. She became certain that it was possible to identify key turning points, describe their basic qualities in advance, and create events around these times to shape the potential creative forms of the participants. This would appear to be merely "Shamanism 101" but Harmonic Convergence had exactly the right planetary and astral configurations for a global consciousness acceleration. How could the Mayas know that thousands of years ago? Please refer to Appendix A for the planetary configurations 1987 to 2012 and Appendix C for the timing of astral precipitation of this new field from 1994 to 2012. The Convergence event triggered gatherings of hundreds and thousands at major sacred sites all over the planet.

Our vehicle was at Teotihuacan, north of Mexico City, where more than 100,000 people on the Pyramid of the Sun watched the Sun rise on August 17, 1987. Later, whenever she was teaching, she began to watch people to see if they actually were shifting. By 1988, she could see that more people were realizing something had changed; and from 1989 through 1992 she saw that a shift had occurred. It was as if people had walked into another world and were looking around with new eyes. As a result of experiences with Harmonic Convergence, many people are realizing that the Mayan Calendar actually does predict consciousness acceleration. This is the "news" that's not on the networks ("working the Net").

You are moving toward a described point in the future, which many of you are beginning to consciously craft now, and the Calendar is like an etheric aerobics class that gets you to focus on the quality of your ideal body and work toward this ideal day-by-day. We Pleiadians are getting increasingly excited as we watch you unfold according to the Maya timing cycle, since we have already experienced this exquisite apotheosis of love. We look through your eyes into your new world as if through a periscope, and your movie is getting rave reviews. These days, if you ever doubt that a great activation is going on, go to Teotihuacan at spring equinox. In 1995, more than one million people were there praying for the coming Age of Light!

For 26,000 years, you have been evolving into self-reflective humanity, and now you are in the early stages of crafting an intentional human based on future ideals. When you state an intention, there is a tendency for you to want it to occur sooner rather than later. As you will see when Tzolk'in comes forth, the genius of the Mayan Great Calendar is its length—26,000 years— because that is the length of time it takes for a critical leap in human evolution. The precession through twelve astrological ages is required for full expression of all facets of Gaian potential within the galactic evolutionary plan.

But in 3D, when you are aware that an orderly process is occurring, you have a tendency to want to hurry to manifest the result. Others, who want to be involved in what is being created, get drawn in. Excitement about its potentiality builds, many more want to get involved, and we Pleiadians can see that a Maya wave is building. For example, the Mayan Calendar is the ideal device to get men to become intuitive. Women all know that a pregnancy takes ten moons and they do not try to change its unfoldment in time, but men try to manipulate time—and pregnancy! In order for time to finally end, you must maximize its inherent potential before you let it go—that is, you must just flow with time and then it will become a wave, as pregnancy and birthing is for women.

I, Satya, would like to consult with some very advanced beings before we consult with Tzolk'in, the Calendar itself. The mind of Tzolk'in is so sacred that it is only accessed by the Maya Galactic Meditation. Our vehicle discovered this technique links your perceptual faculties through the seventh through ninth dimensions. As with any great shamanic journey I must clear records out of you. Your bodies must be very clear and vibrating at a high frequency to access new tools for accessing new states of consciousness. Occasionally you will find me sweeping cobwebs from the Age of Pisces out of your brains.

First we will tune into the mind of your Sun. Then we will move from the center of your Sun into Alcyone, our central Sun. Via the 7D Photon Bands, we can meet with intelligences of the 8D Galactic Federation. Then finally via our own Photon Band, we can access the 9D Galactic Center where we will meet with Tzolk'in, the Keeper of Time of the Milky Way Galaxy. You can meditate this way simply by going into the Sun, then into Alcyone, and then into the Galactic Center, the home of many ninth-dimensional intelligences.

Reading the Mind of the Sun

"I am the mind of the Sun, and we are a centralized consciousness.

Our libraries are open to you if you project the feeling of where you are by coming from your heart. Think of your awareness as an intelligence coming to us; then identify your own unique source, and you may read my records. Do this by going into a meditative state with a strong sense of your own location and all its codes whenever you contact the central records of the Sun. For example, if you are sitting next to an exquisite forest stream watching my light filtering through the canopies of ancient cedars, send me your awareness with all the beauty of this forest in your heart. Can you imagine what it takes for me to send my light into your old-growth forests? As you do this, be intensely aware of what you truly want. The greater your sense of true self when you contact me, the greater your access to my records. If you approach me from your heart, I can answer anything about your own stellar source, and you will never be lonely again. If you are lonely it is because you've forgotten your stellar home. I am your star, your first bridge to other stars, and I am the way for the vehicle to read the records of Alcyone.

"Species exist only if you humans love them, and the Sirians hold bioregional fields of Earth so that these species can Make Home. As you know, something is amiss in this linkage, and so I will tell you what is wrong. For a long time, Nibiru has distorted the flow of consciousness between Sirius and myself. Remember, I am your Sun, source of all your life. Normally I can easily resonate with my twin star, Sirius, at 13 levels of consciousness, but Nibiru has been disturbing my ability to resonate with Sirius on all levels. You are the consciousness that links my solar mind with Sirius in your habitat, and your extreme fear of Nibiruan interference disturbs these communications. You've been imprinted with Nibiruan obsession with scarcity, and you believe that all species will be eliminated. This is a foregone conclusion in your minds, and so you don't act to save them. Yet all of this is just thought! You've stopped allowing yourselves strong feelings about animals because their extinction hurts too much. Your hopelessness about saving your species reduces your ability to participate in the great web of life that puts you in resonance with Sirius and your Sun! I need you to link me with my twin in your mind. For example, the Dogon and their ancestors were so in tune with my solar mind linked with Sirian genius that they filled the plain of Africa with a panoply of outrageous animals. Just where did you really think they all came from with all their spots, manes, horns, and tusks?

" I am emanating great consciousness and energy at this time directly into your hearts in order to help you overcome your confusion. The time has come for you to activate Gaia according to the Mayan Calendar. This is why the World Management Team is trying to trick you into fearing me, the Sun. You are supposed to fear my rays on your skin, and you are supposed to shun my guidance. It is a fact that astrologers are in tune with my intelligence and my expression through the planets. Let me show you how this functions. I will use Mercury as an example—a planet that most of you understand easily because it rules your minds, while Earth rules your bodies.

"Like Earth, Mercury has a 3D awareness, and you actually experience it all the time. Mercury is the regulator of ideas—a computer bank of potentiality. It is pure intelligence—thought itself—the essential mechanism for figuring out how thought creates reality. The 3D awareness of Mercury is as material as your bodies are, and now that you have computers, you already know this. You now face the danger of throwing out animals for computers without remembering that both are needed. How will Mercury hold in its hard drive the idea of an animal if that animal no longer exists on Earth? If you love an animal enough to protect its habitat on Earth, it can be replicated out of this hard drive. Ideas are eternal in Mercury if their form exists on Earth. Shamans occasionally manifest owls, eagles, or white buffalo calves to help you see this. If you protect habitat, they all will come back—if they are not forgotten. This is why I want you to come into my mind through your heart as you sit in primordial, old-growth forests, which are solar libraries.

"The intelligence of each planetary body is affected by the status of all others. On Earth, your understanding of mentality is extremely deficient and incorrect at this time, and so you limit my solar creativity. The limited usage of Mercurial intelligence on Earth short-circuits me. I am very fond of Mercury; for me, I like Mercury the same way you like your car. Imagine life without your car! Furthermore, if you leave your car in the garage all winter, it won't start. If you did not have this mental vehicle expressing my light, all of your ideas would get stuck in me. I am a body of consciousness held together by my sense of self. My solar sense of self emanates to the planets, and they take my light and express my qualities in time.

"Mercury expresses mentality while Earth evolves life. What you value most is mind and body so you'd better listen when I say how limited your minds are. Biological forms require an integral sense of self—idea of form—to possess intelligence and will to survive. As has already been noted, the morphogenetic fields of species exist on Venus and awareness of their status is in Mercury.

If Earth's biological lifeforms do not have sufficient mercurial powers, then they will not survive. For example, I shine every day and the strength of my heat is relative to the seasons; then Mercury cues animal behavior based on my light. That is how a bird knows where to nest, or the apple tree when to blossom. If you pollute the air and change my light, the bird forgets to nest, and there will be no apples. You use only 10 to 15 percent of your brains, driven by my Mercury power, because you are mind-controlled. Then you stupidly destroy animal and plant habitat, the animals have the use of less of their brains, and instinct is wiped out. Imagine if you only had 10 to 15 percent of my solar light!

Gaia is biological, and she expresses herself through many species. You need my energy for this; all planets draw my light to themselves by sound harmonics, and Mercury calibrates the sound codes of all the planets. Sound is the communication tool of planetary intelligence.

"You have dared to cast your mind into the solar system as a result of your daring quest for Tzolk'in and now you are edging into the Galactic Night. Insects sound the Galactic Night where my light ends, and they are your teachers about traveling in darkness, the portal beyond the sixth dimension. Insects open the Galactic Night for you. Their sound is diminished by light, and they are silent during the day. As darkness comes to assist you in achieving your most subtle perceptual states, their sound intensifies. They are lovers of the stars who cry out in the darkness, and they hold the keys to your most advanced metamorphic processes.

"I, Sun, am not happy about these attitudes and behaviors. After all, I shine for all creation. I do not understand the destruction of fields that resonate with me. You even destroy your human habitat! You build highways and cities, and then you destroy them, just as you once destroyed empires such as Rome. Many of you glorify the destruction of Rome or of Sodom and Gomorrah, yet my solar powers gave the Romans and Babylonians strength to cut all those stones, raise them, and dress all the buildings and temples with them. How dare you applaud the physical destruction of anything created from my energy!

Earth's indigenous keepers have always had a profound degree of communication with me, and they do not build things they do not use. If they don't want something anymore, they give it away rather than throw it out. They greet me when I rise and observe me when I set because when I am just above the horizon, it is safe to stare into my fire and read my mind.

"I shine on the surfaces of the planets and get information from them, which you can access. Lately, my communication link with Jupiter has been greatly distorted due to the impacts of fragments from comet Shoemaker-Levy. When something like a comet hits one of my planets, I feel like it hits me, just as a whole family becomes disturbed when one of the children has a problem. I'd like to read this event for you, since Jupiter rules your spiritual expansion.

"The fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy created a huge opening in the emotional bodies of all of you. The impacts are ripping open Gaia's emotional body. Earth is solid and human awareness is very dense. The gaseous nature of Jupiter opens your emotions, and the great spiritual waves in my solar system are tearing you open. The catastrophe triggered deep, emotional memories of previous disasters, and this is forcing you to remember how you felt when many of your biological species were destroyed in an afternoon. By remembering that horror, you will be able to intervene in the slower extinction that is now occurring. Even though these cometary impacts were operating at a great distance, this was an emotional event of very high vibration for humans, teaching you how much each planet affects your minds. I know this because I can feel you responding to the waves from Jupiter that are ringing me like a great resonant bell.

"Nibiru's agenda is to access more feelings, and it is being drawn back into the solar system faster than usual, attracted by the great waves of emotions in my body. My whole system has the reddish glow of passion; look at Io as it brightens like a diamond waiting for 2010. Boundaries have been ripped open by the comet, and these waves are reverberating throughout the Galaxy. Even the sacred twins—Andromeda and the Milky Way—are pulling together faster. My solar system is going through a consciousness acceleration called for by my own guide, Tzolk'in.

Once this acceleration is complete, there will be a free flow of communication from my realm to other realms. I will be honest. I know I am moving into the Photon Band soon, and this experience is even more intense for a star than it is for a planet. As for you, you have been locked off and isolated from all the other dimensions, and now all the doors are opening. If I can handle the Photon Band, you can!

Why would you want to explore your stellar nature by tuning into me? Besides ending your loneliness, stellar identity allows you to transcend the narrow perspective of linear space and time. If you tune into my intelligence, I have the ability to resonate with you simultaneously in thirteen dimensions. As you may know, you can access nine dimensions at this time. These are all available to you in my mind, which enables you to be free in your world. Your star teachers went through a great deal to get you into this realm at this time so you could begin to fathom solar consciousness. They have great agendas for you during the Cosmic Party."

Satya Takes You into the Alcyone Library

It's me, Satya again, and I'd like to introduce you to the round Temple of Gaia in the center of our Alcyone Library where we study Earth. (See Fig. 14.) Gaia's temple has a large, white, marble dome that contains a huge, circular, golden-alabaster platform circled by a channel of water. The alabaster platform is 100 feet in diameter and has a carved quartz-crystal model of Earth, called "Ge," resting on a fluted pedestal in the center. Earth is encircled by ten beautifully proportioned Ionic columns; the inner diameter of the circle of columns is 50 feet. These columns are topped off and connected together by a circular marble lintel. A person can walk freely on the soft alabaster surface between the circle of columns and the circle of water. Pleiadians who work with Ge walk this outer circle and contemplate her through the columns. A marble bridge spans the water channel, which is edged by the inner walls of the dome and the outside of the platform. Dolphins swim in the channel while goddesses and their consorts walk the outside circle. The entrance from the outside of the dome leads right to the bridge over the channel, and two large statues of Anubis rest on portals beside the front entrance. No one is allowed in the center where Earth is located; a multidimensional vortex records photons on Earth paired with photons in Alcyone —resonant twinning energy in action.

This the etheric temple of life, which exists eternally in the central core of Alcyone, very similar to the central core of your Sun. Central cores of stars contain ideas of many worlds. The iron-crystal core of Earth came out of Digitaria of Sirius, and Alcyone's core is this model of Earth, because the only place where biological lifeforms are created in the Milky Way Galaxy is Earth. (See Appendix D for the story of Digitaria and Earth.) To eliminate the last vestige of hierarchical thoughtforms, imagine this: Central cores of planets and stars are the densest intelligences in the universe, and they contain all record libraries.

We do not have polarization on Alcyone; our essence is light, and your relationship with us is the result of the identical wave resonations of photon pairs in the temple of Gaia and in Earth, no matter how far apart they are in time or space. How could this be? Photons are pure thought, pure idea, and they reveal their existence in a realm where thought travels faster than light. If you could see all the lines of light between all the stars, you would see my form. When I come into your realm, I create beauty by my simplest vibrations. The temple of Gaia in the Alcyone Library is like an exquisite ancient Greek temple. We Pleiadians are drawn into Earth to manifest beauty and sex. We can move into dimensions that you cannot because your realm is still polarized. You are still going back and forth, this way and that way, and this is caused by consciousnesses that had overpowered you in your own world. You need to understand more about power.

I, Satya, want you to cease being mind-controlled so you can simply Make Home. Power is only a tool that offers the potential for unlimited freedom by means of actions that are congruent with personal integrity. Sometimes what is in integrity is hard to see when perceptual limitation blocks individuals from multidimensional laws—laws at the eighth-dimensional level. I want to know the dimensional laws for activating power so that any human person can choose to live in an illuminated world. For this teaching, I bring forth Barbara Hand Clow because she learned these laws through her actions on Earth.

The Nine-Dimensional Lenses of the Illuminated World

The power lens of the first dimension is accessing the vibration of the iron crystal in the center of Earth—Ge. Any dimensional being who resides in any one of the zones of the nine-dimensional vertical axis coming from Gaia's iron core is attuned to Ge. To stay in form, all that is required for this is attunement to the iron crystal—the Sirian star heart of Earth. You must create a four-directional altar in your home, and you must center yourself in it frequently enough to learn to feel Ge. She sends ideas to you via her vibrations, which include her whole gravitational field. When you access her, you align into her mind, because your field is Ge. You just forget about that. Her field extends all the way out to nine dimensions and into the Galactic Center. Anyone who is born on Earth can access all nine dimensions just by sitting in the center of a four-directional altar. You must return to this center long enough and often enough until you find yourself feeling Ge's power. When she first comes, she will feel like an earthquake, and you will know you are no longer a galactic virgin when this happens. Once you have attained this, she will be able to draw you into her mind whenever she wants to. You will know when to seek your altar.

The power lens of the second dimension is conscious linkage and total openness to the elemental realm. Many of you have been taught to fear this realm. It is true the elemental realm can get riled up if you pay it no heed, but working with it is the way to regain the knowledge of the indigenous people, the keepers of Earth habitat. The elementals need you to talk with them, pray with them, sing with them, and to bless and feed them, and I have come to Earth to teach you how to remember this sacred knowledge. After all they have chosen to commune with Ge and find ways to express her passion by means of wind, rain, fire, and earthquake. Each creation by the elemental realm is a ceremony for Ge. The elementals are the poets of Earth, and they love dances, songs, and art for these ceremonies. Listen to the elementals as they teach you that Gaia's most sacred times are equinoxes and solstices; these are the times when her powerful magnetic field is most maximized and the elementals have more powers of expression.

The nature of the surface world depends on the elementals, and they take their job very seriously as guardians of your habitat. They are more aware of the intelligence of Ge than you are, so they impulse you to create rituals to teach you what you need to know. They are more subtle, brilliant, balanced, powerful, and conscious than any beings on Earth's surface. Animals are much more intelligent than you because they take the time to truly feel the desires of the elementals. Animals can teach you about these desires, and it is wise to pray with animals to understand the wishes of Ge. They love ceremony, and they will always come into your circle if you call them. When you are praying, know the animal guides of that place. Altars to the sacred directions are devices that can access the guides and codes of a particular place; they will assist you if you can link with their energy. This is done via directionality. To link, the elementals love to be fed, and you must keep corn, cedar, tobacco, water, sage, mushrooms, nutmeg, salt, ant crystals, and many other gifts for them. When you first go in and talk with Ge, face each one of the directions and ask them what gift they want. They will tell you.

When you need to heal yourself or someone else, sit in your altar and have a talk with the elementals. They are the ones who can tell you how to heal anything. Their ancient DNA, which has never been tampered with, lives in the deep ocean ridges boiling at very high temperatures. Meditate on this ancient DNA, and it will restructure the DNA of the person who needs help. Ask them for messages, listen to them, follow their advice, and you will be amazed at how accurate they are. Once you have made them your allies, listen to them wherever you go. Once you befriend them, they will follow you anywhere—the way a loving and loyal dog follows you—and they will tell you what to do. They are beneath your surface, so they can reach you wherever you are on the curvature of the planet. If a terrible storm is coming, they will impulse you to go to shelter. If an animal or human threatens you and it is not your time, they will strike that threat with lightning or wind. And remember, return to your altar and feed them often, and when you are out in the world, thank them and gift them whenever you can. Never go so fast that you don't have time to respond to a rock or tree that calls you. Stop a moment and bless them.

The power lens of the third dimension is you. Once you have mastered your altar—linked with Ge and befriended the elementals—then it is time to understand who you are. No indigenous person was taught anything about the surface world until they had mastered the first two dimensions. For example, the elementals express themselves by means of wind, rain, fire, and earthquake, and you express yourself sexually; they are the poets of Earth and you are the powers. If you exist in 3D without linking with 1D and 2D, you abuse power and sexuality. Therefore, meet and communicate with all energies so they do not get frustrated if they want to talk with you.

You may feel like requesting that only positive spirits come into your circle for as long as your altar exists. In my own experience, as long as you always eliminate things that you do not have strong feelings about or you move things to a new direction when it feels right, no negative beings will come into your space. Of course, I will teach from my own tradition because that is all I know. If you have some objects that hold very complex emotions, such as a gift from a person who is making battle with you, keep those things in a covered basket, jar, medicine pouch, or box. Only bring them out to work with them when you want to work with that person. When you are having a power struggle with someone, use something from them that you love to assist you in moving the karma to the next stage; therefore, do not throw away gifts from a person who has chosen to become your enemy. If you ever have a karmic relationship with someone who is trying to influence you without your agreement, set up a mirror somewhere in your altar room that will mirror this energy back to the person. You might place it in a window facing out to a direction, or you might set it up to mirror the box or basket that contains something from this person. No person has the right to invade your space, ever, unless you agree.

Sit in the center of your altar and study all the animal keepers, power objects, photos, bones, and crystals, and place the various feeding elements you use, plus any smudging materials, in your center space. If anything feels like it is in the wrong place or needs to be put away for awhile, take care of it. Do you remember the story of each thing in there? Can you remember its hologram and how it feels? If not, remove it and give it away. Why would you have an object on your altar that embodies a great being you don't know? If something means a lot to you but feels like it's in the wrong place, rearrange things until you feel a warm and fuzzy feeling in your space. Breathe in; enjoy the pleasure of communing with all the parts of your own story. You will feel the air thicken slightly, almost as if a fog is moving in, which means the guardians are coming into your sacred space. Cast your eyes around once more and feel what each direction wants to be blessed with. You will feel it very strongly; you may have known what it was before you started, so hold that essence in your left hand.

Hold the essence, close your eyes, and feel the boundaries of the space around yourself. You will feel a bubble or egg around you that defines the zone of your body which may extend out miles. Just make sure you can feel its edges. If this egg seems to have any holes in it, push energy from inside your heart and thymus into the inside of it and close in the holes. When your etheric egg feels whole, you will feel a sweet peaceful feeling in your body. Never go out into the world with your bubble much more than a few feet out from your body and always visualize amethyst light in its outer surface. Your altar is the only place where you can allow your bubble to go out as far as it wants. Then, take pinches or parts of your blessing substance and feed the four directions and pray to them. Call in the animals to be with you, because soon you are going to experience the gift of the third dimension: freedom. In this altar you are free, and in a little while, you will fly.

Once you've worked with the first three dimensions and set up your own world, then have a conference with the 2D elementals and 4D archetypal beings who've come to share with you. Maybe they will want to talk with you, channel through you, have you sing or drum with them, or smoke your pipe with them (if you are a pipe carrier). Once you feel them and sense linkage, light some sage, smudge, or incense—depending upon what you feel they want—and move deep inside yourself as the smoke fills the air. The smoke makes them solid. They are in your dimension now. . . If you have some very strong feelings when they come, take plenty of time to breathe, to process, or to cry. If you feel nervous or afraid, breathe and hold your hands raised at chest level in front of your body and imagine holding these beings as if they are part of you. Run all these feelings through your body.

Pray with the teachers who have come; thank them for coming. Smoke your pipe with them; use hand movements to feel them in the air; make music with them. Work with them until you can feel them in your body. Remember, you have great boundaries, and I am not suggesting they will invade you, because you are sovereign in this circle. When you link with them, you will be able to actually feel them. This is their gift to you for welcoming them: you get to find out what is really going on in your body and there may be something you really need to know. As you get used to them, remember that they are nonphysical at all times, and they are actually the inner story of yourself . Tune into your body and feel the places where they are located by noticing a twinge, a cramp, a heaviness, a tingling. When you feel them, close your eyes and journey into those places, and be with that energy and receive its teaching. Be sure to have a journal in your altar room because you may want to write things down. Listen to them. If they want to hear Tibetan bells or bowls or a drum, play these sacred teachers. The archetypal world is greatly activated by sound, and they especially love rattles, clicking shells, and rasping sounds. Let them tell their story have a good time.

The power lens of the fourth dimension is your feelings. After you've worked with the archetypal teachers you have welcomed into your space, you will find yourself feeling some very deep emotions. These responses are coming from guides that can take you to upper dimensional levels. Their appearance is very subtle, and they will not come until you've worked with the archetypal beings who first came into your space. The archetypal beings who come first are parts of yourself you need to clear, and once you've done this, new creativity can manifest. As these "soft" spirits arrive, you need to have a sense of them, what their story is, maybe the sounds they like, or which object on your altar called them in. If you just go with them for awhile by doing things in your circle, a real feeling for them will come in. The most important trick is to follow your impulses—maybe by lighting a candle, touching your third eye with water, stroking a totemic object, or chanting.

The more you do this kind of ceremony the more you will encounter the same ones, and you will get to know them, such as I have gotten to know the Pleiadians. You won't want to miss meditating very often! You will become fascinated with them as they begin to show you the world through their eyes. You will feel a subtle approach, almost as if there really is someone with you. You may or may not see anything; it doesn't matter—in some way you will know. You might feel a shiver in your back or neck. Close your eyes, visualize Ge, feel the elementals below you, feel your own body in the center, feel the energy above you like a canopy, then straighten your spine, hold up your head, take a deep breath, and visualize all the light coming to the canopy above you in millions of waves.

The power lens of the fifth dimension is love. Make yourself very relaxed and comfortable, quiet down, close your eyes, and take three breaths, holding on the inhale and exhale to the count of five with your fingers. When you breathe in, while holding the breath, expand your lungs in the lower and upper part of your body; when you breathe out, collapse your lungs as much as possible and hold the position. Sit and feel the love from the Pleiades expanding your body and enveloping the room. Now, begin your blessings; think of all the people who've been wonderful with you that day, of your children, your mate, your friends, your parents. Think of a great gift somebody just gave you, or the good food you've recently eaten. Realize how blessed you are, and keep on expanding. Then think of people you want to assist or heal.

The Pleiadians really want to assist you with healings because this is their expertise. Great crises are coming in 3D, yet you will have no difficulty if you learn to heal. Here's how you can heal working with the Pleiadians, if you want to. First, describe very clearly and completely the issue that needs healing so you know exactly what you think about it. Then once you've stated your case, ask the Pleiadians whether you are supposed to assist this person or not. If they say no, don't do it. I'm not kidding! Agree that you will not worry about that person, except to offer basic kindness and politeness. If the Pleiadians say you can assist, that means they know a healing is within cosmic law. If you just use your will to help people without praying, such as consulting with the Pleiadians, you might manipulate the reality of someone who has already finished his or her own work, and you could force this person to keep on repeating. Or, by acting when you aren't called to, you may shut out another person who is really the one to heal. Do not clutch and hold people to yourself, as if you know who should live or die. Work with yourself every day so your attitude about your life or anybody's life is like weighing it against a feather. Living or dying is not the point; healing, love, and happiness are.

If the Pleiadians agree to work with you, work out a deal with them about what you can and can't do, then give yourself unabashedly to that work until it is complete. I warn you, you might have to give much more of yourself than you can even imagine, but the experience will always be ecstatic. Some of you just need to get exhausted before you feel ecstasy! Learn everything you can about each healing while you do it, then dedicate yourself to sharing that valuable information with anyone you can. Feel the love of the Pleiadians, offer them a gift—such as a moment of love in your heart for the children of the world—or open yourself to hearing if the Pleiadians actually want you to do something. Then let them rest. Think of all the love in your world, and remember the Pleiadians can't amplify any feelings unless they come through your body.

The power lens of the sixth dimension is sacred geometry. Sit quietly in your space and reflect quietly on what has been going on. Your altar is a sixth-dimensional construct because you placed everything with deep feelings according to the four directions. All you have to do is just activate it! An element, a thought, a vision will suddenly occur; just notice it and sit quietly. Feast your eyes on the objects around yourself and notice if anything draws you. Often a cat will come in, even your own real cat. Once something draws you, pick it up and begin to study it. Hold and turn it in the light in different ways; feel the field around it, which you may begin to see. As you sense these subtle fields, just gaze at it to visualize the light lines moving off the surfaces and angles of the object. Hold it in your palm, look at it, and feel the lines coming into it. Travel out on a line to the mind of the being that conceived it. Remember, you know the story of everything that is in this room. You may travel out to its original maker, to the tribe that first told its story, to the person who gave it to you, or to the place underground where the stone came from. Everything that ever touched this thing or knew it is still connected to it. Soon you will know why you were drawn to that particular thing. As this forms in your mind, put it gently in front of your body and close your eyes.

The power lens of the seventh dimension is light. Take your hands and place them on your eyes with your palms on your cheeks and your arms resting comfortably down. Press your fingers into your eye sockets until your fingers shut out all the light coming in, keeping fingers together. Do not press into your eyes. All you are doing is shutting out the light, not attempting to put pressure on your eyeballs. Be comfortable; sit like that until a blue-black space begins to envelope you that seems to be the dark space in your own body. Move above your body; above Earth; outside Earth's atmosphere; out away from the Sun toward the edge of the solar system.

When you are outside Pluto and Neptune, see your solar system as a ball with the Sun in the center. Imagine a line from the center of the Sun all the way out to Alcyone, and travel to Alcyone in deep space. It is incredibly dark, and then you become aware of a huge light ahead, as if it is a nuclear ("nu-clear"), pulsating, living light. Move right into it.

Once you've moved into Alcyone, you become aware of a tremendous highway of light that goes into the Galactic Center and out beyond Alcyone in the opposite direction to Orion, where the meeting of the Galactic Federation is occurring. You can also go to Orion when you want to work on power issues. Or, if you have no power issues during a meditation time, and you feel balanced and content, thank yourself for being comfortable with your power, take a few breaths, reflect a moment longer, and begin to commune with the ninth dimension. Move into the center of the Galaxy via the Photon Band, bypassing the next power lens.

The power lens of the eighth dimension is power. Every time you are in a conflict you can't resolve—any kind of squabble, tension, relationship hassle that is draining you—come to your circle and meet with us. Sit in your center with a sense of yourself, and call that person or issue into the circle, and have a conference. Ask them to tell you how they feel first. Once you get that person's side, look at it from their point of view as much as possible. Get to know as much about them as possible. Talk to them about how you both might improve things. Tell the person that if they will work with you, you will keep working with them. Never, never use any energy to influence what someone else is thinking or doing. The only right you have is for a conference to discuss mutual issues with them.

Go back into your life and take some actions with that person, based on your conference. If the energy will not shift in 3D and the person is stealing your peace because he or she will not work with you, then go forward and live your life as if the person does not exist. Feel free to admit to yourself in private that you would still love to have their friendship, but you accept that is not to be. Put any objects from them into darkness and forget them. Do not think of them again in this space. If you want to, however, an object can always be brought out to seek more understanding. Once someone has given you a gift, they have given you a part of themselves, and unless they ask for it back, you can always commune with them if you want to. If someone asks for an object back, always give it back to them, because no one can invade you if you are not holding anything of theirs that they request. If you feel somebody has something of yours and they are trying to control you, ask for it back. Even if they do not give your gift back to you, they cannot reach you anymore. The Native American tendency to be very careful about gifts is where the phrase "Indian Giver" comes from.

There is no reason for any person to influence you in any unchosen way if you follow the 8D gifting laws. Be meticulous about these boundaries. Even if your enemy is your boss, you can be invisible and create no energy with that person; if you can't do that, leave the job. The same goes for marriage. There is absolutely no reason in the world to have a power struggle with anyone in your reality for any great length of time. Whenever you feel tension or energy being taken from you, don't allow that suck. Enemies appear for you so you can finally decide to take your own power. If you do take your own power, your enemy will be freed to fly to the eighth dimension, where they can sit in counsel all day ruling the world. Their reality will get bigger and bigger, and you will be flying around free.

Once you remember what it's like to be in 3D with intact boundaries, you can do this meditation in a cot crammed into a prison cell with four other inmates. You can do this meditation on your job sitting at your desk. You can do it when your small children are running around. How is that possible? Because this meditation requires only your body, your body's boundaries, and knowing where North, South, East, and West are located. All of you should learn this level of concentration by creating something special with your favorite objects and learning these techniques first in comfort and silence. All children should have an inviolate private space somewhere in their own house so they can learn how to create boundaries.

The power lens of the ninth dimension is the return to stellar self. The Maya will take charge next, and they will show how the end of the Mayan Calendar is the return to the Age of Light. At the end of the Mayan Calendar all other dimensional intelligences who have ever interacted with you in any space in the universe are getting sucked back into Earth to unify their consciousness with yours. This is a real vortex of a time that contains all things. The 2D elementals and the energies at the 4D level do not have bodies, so they use yours. the Pleiadians do not have your polarized feelings, so they send you love to transmute hate; the Sirians do not have your minds, so they are blasting you with light geometry to get you to become a Seer. Meanwhile, the 7D galactic information highways are transmuting Earth's identity; 8D conferences are being held to create a new order in your solar system; and 9D spiritual teachers are impulsing you into ecstasy when they can link with you.

Photons as Popcorn Popping in the Pleiades and Gaia

I, Satya, know it is time to comprehend Tzolk'in, which will be like looking through your own visual cortex with a mirror. This is how it looks from the 5D level, in case another perspective will shed some light: I see photons forming in your realm, and that is how I read you. As photon pairs form, the antiparticle is absorbed by a particle, and they become light. But what happens to the light? The light becomes 5D information, and the information coming out of your realm is astonishing! We Pleiadians are finding out about all the other cosmic intelligences through you! You are the theater!

If you could see your own dimension as I do, you'd be amazed by how it is becoming thick with photons that look like popcorn popping in 3D, and the popped corns are human lives that we are reading. Your karmic purification is speeding up as the positrons that you hold in your bodies release and collide with their corresponding electron twins. These twins are being attracted to you from all over the Galaxy—the multidimensional purge and merge. Now the process is considerably developed, and we can see these electrons digging into your physical body miasms, your biological record banks of primal pain. Never has it been more important for you to realize that thought regulates the condition of your bodies. As I look down into the dimensions below us, it is like looking through the eye of a dragonfly or the eye of a bee. I see vibrating holograms from a million refracted lenses, and in the Temple of Gaia we are feeling the extreme energy of your holographic fields—fields of information that are split into infinitesimal lenses or myriad duplicate forms repeating themselves throughout the cosmos.

As I see a pair of photons form, they then begin moving apart in resonant waves, and I contain each of the pair in my mind. Eventually the consciousness resonates into its star twin; I can recognize its galactic codes, and then I know what consciousness actually exists in Gaia. That is how I can "read" you. Our Pleiadian mentality can handle all this information because our neural connections are comprised of nonmaterial fiber optics—ectoplasmic resonances with some neuroelectric charge. Fiber optics makes it possible for you to comprehend unlimited thought, such as ours.

I would like you to remember what makes your biology so adaptively infinite—LOVE. We will not lose one of your thoughts, and you will not lose one of your species, if you just see that there is no limitation. Stop misusing the material world! As you are first moving into the Photon Band, data can overwhelm you when the godzillions of lost pairs of yourselves are reaccessed. The arrival of the Photon Band feels like a family reunion with too many relatives.

As you wake up and remember these dormant parts of yourself, we of Alcyone simultaneously access your records and this will continue throughout the activation to 2013. The purpose of the data is unitization of your planetary and stellar selves. Already, we have triggered within you the impulse to master the nine-dimensional form, and this new galactic structure can help you hold data. We are grateful to the Sirians for holding the structure of this form in place in the solar system through the story of the Sacred Twin. (13) The degree to which you ignite your passion and curiosity is in direct proportion to how much we can reach you. We are having a love affair with your minds, and when you are fascinated you vibrate much faster We've caught your attention, and it is only by means of this passionate search that you will remain centered in tune with nine dimensions. For example, millions of you search for secret rooms to be found under the Great Pyramid. You sense that these secrets will be discovered during your own lives, yet many of you have studied esoteric literature enough to know that millions have gone down this path before and not found them. Well, now is the time, and some of you already have gotten the answer. These rooms in the Pyramid are empty because they exist to unite the lost photonic twins from all over the universe, and the Sphinx will just sit there and smile in the Sun. Everything is perceptual.

The Sirians are the guides for the consciousness of the Sun in the Galactic Night. If we dare ask to consult Tzolk'in, we need to determine the field of darkness that defines the light of the Sun and time, just like you need to know the boundaries of your auric bubble before you travel on the vertical axis. Anubis is the only guide available right now to lead you through the darkness of deep space as dog/guardian of the Galactic Night. I have said little about Tezcatzlipoca, even though he is the guardian of the Galactic Night in the Aztec/Maya system. Tezcatzlipoca protects the indigenous Maya in the caves of Tonina, and when the guardians of Tonina and Palenque are ready even Tezcatzlipoca will release his grip on the Maya people of Mexico. You cannot imagine what grand beings Anubis and Tezcatzlipoca are ... They hold light in form.

We Pleiadians of Alcyone are partners with the Sirians. We hold your solar system in form while you are in the Photon Band, and the Sirians hold it in form while you are in the Galactic Night. They take you on the long journey and when you come back into our range, they let you go willingly. They are great librarians, and they also work with the Temple of Gaia in our core. Their dolphins swim in our channels as our goddesses, and their consorts meditate as they walk around Ge. Pleiadians and Sirians both work with the temples in Egypt. The Sirians hold all the records and secret knowledge of everything that has occurred since 8800 b.c, and as the Sirians release this knowledge, the Pleiadians work with you to open your hearts and learn to heal in the expanded field. As a result of the Alliance in 1994, more of the data bank is being opened, and we must examine issues that need healing coming out of these openings. Thus, Tzolk'in shouts, "Conquistadores!" Release these records! Grasp this knowledge now! We Pleiadians ask Anubis only one more time: Why is it that the followers of Christ came into Mayaland and killed us in his name?

Anubis Tells the Real Story of Christ

The first voice that comes through is Dr. José Arguelles, who cries, "To speak of the end of the cycle in the morphogenetic field whose calendar is dominated consciously or unconsciously by the presence and vision of the historical figure called Christ is to raise the specter of Armageddon—a Second Coming preceded by an awesome final conflagration that bodes extinction."^ This voice is followed by that of Anubis.,

"I, Anubis, am here to tell you exactly what is going on. Christ manifested at Zero Point in history to evolve humanity into empathy—the highest vibration of the Age of Pisces. Empathy opens humans to spiritual access, and Christ came as a model of the nine-dimensional human, which is what you will all become during the Age of Aquarius.

He came out of a deep planetary lineage and brought the instrument of ultimate creativity that can transmute human violence—the Eucharist. He delivered his bloodline through the Goddess—Magdalene. He married the priestess of Isis of the central Goddess temple of Jerusalem, and through Isis, he reattached the phallus of Osiris and remembered the male. He planted his star codes in Mary Magdalene's physical body, and unlike Horus, a spirit child, the daughter of Christ and Mary, Sa Ra, was born and has now spawned one hundred

Christ lives in the DNA of all your bodies, making you sovereign in your world now. There will be no Second Coming and the extinction of all but the select 144,000, because the Maya absorbed your genocidal wave 500 years ago. As if you were bacteria, they processed you through their bodies, and now the Maya will not allow this emasculation. You will see who the Christ is and not ask for another.

"I, Anubis, want you to have the real Gospel—the Good News: Christ activated the Gaian mind in the plants, and soon the Sun will awaken Christ in your blood during this next and last phase of time. It is time for you to have the truth: The Church not only emasculated Christ, they even buried the alchemical teaching that he brought to Earth. Christ brought Gaian alchemy to you by transmuting plants into blood; his blood maws in your veins and this is your antidote to Mind Control.

This elixir contains the Dionysian/pagan memory codes that will quicken Gaia during the Age of Aquarius. The World Management Team diverted you from this knowledge by getting you to obsess on addictions, so you've forgotten the plant power—the Sun in the grapes. Once you bought into the idea that anything is negative on your planet, you lost your ability to focus on how you are using things in your reality. Then you lost access to the "chirotic plants" the most potent activators of the etheric, such as fermented plants, mushrooms, spices, and tobacco. Sacred smoke makes spirit visible in the air! Think about transubstantiation—making a substance into another substance. Christ demonstrated alchemy with his own body taking the fermented grape and changing it into his blood. As you enter the Photon Band, the real truth of Christ must be yours. These great gift must be acknowledged or your reality will be torn apart. What Christ did is your key to avoiding Armageddon and choosing the Age of Aquarius.

"At Zero Point, the Anunnaki, who had incarnated in human form on Earth for 3760 years, planned to take over Earth. Time would stop and begin anew with their calendar. This was the greatest takeover attempt that Earth ever experienced. Meanwhile, according to the Galactic Federation, Earth was to be free; therefore, Christ came and instituted the Eucharist to activate the plant realm. Gaia's habitat.

This stirred up the 2D telluric realm, which in turn stirred up the blood of humans. Christ did this he inseminated Mary, and the Eucharist in combination with his actual entry into a bloodline quickened the elementals totally. This activated and the Earth, and now symbiosis is occurring.

Seventy-two disciples watched Christ transmute the wine into his blood, and they instant became seventy-two individuals contemplating a nine-dimensional human.
Stunned as they stood before Christ—just from the vibration of the of Christ—each awakened within all nine dimensions simultaneously. They staggered and shook from kundalini rising in their bodies, and this was the Pentecost.

Only a few of them had seen the light body—ka—of Christ when he transfigured, and when they looked at their arms, legs, and each other, they saw the nuclear blue-white light of
their kas.16 This burst of power connected out to all ancient power points, where churches would later be constructed. The transfiguration of human blood began, and 2000 years of quickening, the collective human heart is opening.

In 1972, I Anubis, brought in Sirian light expansion and connected it into these exquisitely gardened power vortexes, and now Pleiadian vibrations quickening your hearts.

"Well, this was not what the Romans expected as they awaited Nibiru, so their time to become the Chosen People would arrive! The only thing to do with this rebel was steal the tools![l] The Eucharist was swallowed hook, line, and sinker, and it became the main ritual of the Roman Catholic Church for the Age of Pisces. The Romans decided to use it as fuel for converting the world. To take control, they first wiped Mary Magdalene out the records.

Later, once they murdered the Cathars, all priest were to be celibate to make people eventually believe that Christ was celibate. This would eliminate the potential discovery of the bloodline because, even if the DNA survived, nobody would believe it was real. Wake up! Christ is stirring in your blood!

The Romans thought they'd disempowered the Eucharist, but they didn't understand what Christ was actually doing. They thought they had totally stolen it by making it their central sacrament and then using it to manipulate and control Catholics. However, that just gave me. Anubis, and the Pleiadians the chance to use it for 5D and 6D activation all over Earth whenever a Mass occurred. What a blast!

"As a Sirian, I, Anubis, used the Mass to broadcast sacred geometry from the planetary sacred sites out to the stars; this constantly fed the telluric realm and defused the Net. The Pleiadians used it with me to heal people and open their hearts. This got so passionate and juicy by 1100 A.D. that a totally multidimensional woman named Hildegard von Bingen released alchemy to the whole medieval world.

In response to all this Piscean passion, a shutdown was arranged by the Vatican, and the real serious constriction of the Net began. If you are worried about whether you are going to make it, just notice that Hildegard is now on the bestseller CD list! For those of you who have deep Catholic codes, go for it! Listen I Hildegard's "Vision" music and read her words! You do
not have to let a of anything you love.

"The transubstantiation of wine into blood over and over again created a powerful holomorphic canopy over the Chalice—the Grail—and this sucked in the crystalline codes of the higher dimensions. With this particular ceremony, which was first invented by a Sirian/pagan rabble-rouser, Dionysus, it was possible to keep all nine dimensions open for 2000 years. The early medieval works of Hildegard, Thomas Aquinas, Albertus Magnus, and Meister Eckhart reflect the power of this vibration before the Roman Catholic Church chose the Net instead of the Web of Light.

Eventually, the Vatican realized the people were getting activated by this, so they decided to eliminate the problem. They massacred the Cathars at Montsegur in 1208, then the Dominicans began the Holy Inquisition in 1233. They spilled your Christ blood over one of the
most powerful telluric zones on Earth.

(Note by Giovanni A. Orlando. Montsegur is in France, closet to the Mary Magdalene
Cathedral at Rennes-le-Chateau)

In this hopeless battle against paganism. Montseaur was purifying itself by burning up in its own fire. By stealing the alchemical transubstantiation of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church created a Meltdown.

Tzolk'in Weaves the Story of Time

You decided 25,607 years ago to become an individuated human being with conscious memories of your past, incisive awareness of your present, and a happy future created just by your intentions. You intended to become a person with an open heart, a healthy body, a wise mind, and an activated spirit. In those days, you lived a simple life merged in your world. The tree and lion were yourself. You lived in a simple bliss because you could feel the whole world and all the beings participating in it, and you had no sense of separation. One day, you looked at the sky and decided you wanted to know who you were. To accomplish this, you needed to be able to see yourself in your world. To do that, you needed to see yourself objectively. Thus began your long journey into knowing yourself in your world. You brought this desire to me, Tzolk'in, the Milky Way Galactic Keeper of Time.

"I, Tzolk'in, was fascinated with your idea, so I accepted your request. I crafted a game called history—sometimes "herstory"—for you to play within, just so you could reach your stated goal. As with any game, I analyzed the codes that you carried deep within yourselve, so I could understood the roles for each of you, and then I planned the moves that you would need to master in order to attain your goal. This is a long story, which fills many libraries. Like those of a chess match, the moves you made in the beginning were predictable, and I will not spend much time going back over them. I will give you an overall sense of your moves and strategy from 23,614 to 3114 B.C.—the first four Great Cycles of the Mayan Great Calendar—then I will explore the Fifth Great Cycle—3114 B.C. to 2012 A.D.

During the First Great Cycle—23,614 to 18,489 B.C—you began to observe yourself in your environment. You painted great beasts on cave walls as background for stone altars of the Bear Clan. Even in those days you honored the sacredness of blood, the elixir of life, and your altars were soaked in red ochre to honor animals. In those days, you discovered the joys of contemplation in darkness. In the beginning of this cycle during the last Age of Aquarius—23,760 to 21,600 B.C—you often retreated to deep caves because you were in the Photon Band. In those days, the sides crackled with blinding lightning, sheets of ice were creeping down from the poles, and you moved closer to the Equator. Some of the caves where you prayed have been found and humans are stunned today by their contemplative beauty and artistic numinosity.

"During the Second Great Cycle—18,489 to 13,364 B.C.—you went through a great and difficult leap in your evolution, and this phase deposited many deep memories in your thalamus, the repository of images in your brain. Your solar system was far out in the Galactic Night during the Age of Scorpio—17,280 to 15,120 B.C—when the great sky gods came to Earth. In those days, you were living in clans that journeyed great distances by means of a worldwide tracking system of standing stones. You followed great herds of animals for your livelihood, and you spent the warm seasons by the sea or by rivers and lakes enjoying plants, berries, and fish. The world was warming up and everything was beautiful and luminescent. When the great gods came to Earth, you had no idea who they were, but you could feel that they knew who you were. These sky gods (Anunnaki) of great power who used Earth became an image for your nascent feelings of how you differed from animals. The gods began to tell you stories about where they came from; you did not understand them, but you sensed they journeyed to some faraway place. You concluded they went north above the ice to the source of your legends. Then one day they went away, and every spring when the Sun brightened you searched the skies in the north waiting for them to return, and you carved effigies of them in stone. Just before they left, they taught you how to make great stone complexes and markers so you could see the end of the Sun's journey and the balancing of the Sun in the sky. After seven generations, the children thought the sky gods had made these temples.

"Before the gods left, they wanted you to understand the cycles of the Moon, because they could see that the Moon changed the way you acted from day to day. They consulted with your shamans—clan members who were hybrid human/Pleiadians—and they were happy to teach the gods about feelings. The gods were amazed by the richness of your emotions, and the shamans were shocked that the gods didn't already know this. In this moment, you realized that someone else does not necessarily feel the way you do in a given moment, and the idea of individuality began. From this, you began to watch your children, amazed to realize that each one was unique; you wondered where they came from. Meanwhile, the gods began to learn about feelings.

"The gods taught you how to follow the phases of the Moon with stone circles that indicated the time of eclipses and located where the Moon would rise and set. Once you began to attune to the Moon, your shamans used the circles to travel into the Dreamtime, gathering knowledge about correspondences between plants, insects, animals, and rocks, and they showed you how these vibrations resonated with the Moon's journey in the sky. In those days, the shamans and the gods worked together, but the gods came and went, while the clan lineages were protected by Pleiadian shamans —indigenous humans who got a Pleiadian lightbody—ka— at birth. The shamans brought mushrooms into the stone circles and taught journeying with the spirits of the sacred plants. The spirits of these plants became your teachers about the special places on the planet; every valley, mountain, and stream was sacred, and you were so amazed by all this shimmering energy that you had difficulty remembering who you were.

"You learned much about Earth energy from the shamans before the ice came again. They taught you how to learn from each animal, how to broaden and master your skills and instincts. Each animal is an aspect of yourself: your eyes are eagle, your house is turtle, your heart is bear, and your ears are fox. By the end of this phase, you developed an objective sense of yourself with a keen eye for the subtleties of place, the unique qualities of plant and animal species, and a reverence for your shamans.

Then I, Tzolk'in, revealed the codes of time in 13,200 B.C. to your shamans, and they became storytellers. They were chosen to record the great story of human evolution on Earth by memorizing the great story of time, and they deposited these codes in quartz crystals and round granite stones. I told them that when the Age of Leo began in 10,800 B.C, Earth would move into the Photon Band. They placed these round stones all over the planet's surface and the quartz crystals deep in medicine caves in clear pools; these stones still exist holding the memory of the original stories of the clans. I taught them to study each child to identify the carriers of star codes. Not a single thread of this knowledge was ever to be lost; shamans would be born in each generation with this knowledge in their inner brains, and the stones still hold that memory. Meanwhile, the sky gods, who identified themselves as the Anunnaki of the planet Nibiru, kept the records of Earth in their computers on Nibiru. These records are fourth dimensional. The shamanic Earth codes are fifth dimensional because they were instilled in you through your Pleiadian lightbodies.

"Before the gods left in 14,200 B.C, they showed you how to listen to the sounds of the Galaxy by drumming and rattling in bogs and swamps with amphibians, insects, reptiles, and birds. The Pleiadian shamans were very challenged by this new teaching because it got them in touch with other stars, and all of you realized that there were other stars influencing Earth besides the Pleiades! When the Anunnaki gods went away to some place very far away in the sky, you watched the flaming body leave, and then you all studied the sky obsessively seeking their return. You mapped the sky into a river of animals to locate their world, and whenever a comet or asteroid was in the sky, you thought it must be the gods. You began moving out of being in the now.

"During the Third Great Cycle—13,364 to 8239 B.C—you really began to change, as you always do when your solar system is in the Photon Band. The sky gods and shamans had taught you about the special nature of place, and how to make stone temples to enhance this energy so you could work with guardian spirits. Large groups of affiliated clans began to identify with one place or another; these special qualities began to imprint you, and this caused you to differentiate according to bioregional zones. You became the people of the canyon, lake, high plateau, or great mountain. Certain places were aligned with animals of the sky, the zodiac. One place was special to wolf, another to bear, another to lion. More and more of you prayed in these special places during equinoxes and solstices as the light shifted. You discovered your own inner world in the animal/star teachers. These animal guides could feel whirlwinds spinning out of telluric zones, and they could see these spirals travelling out in the night sky to the stars. In 11,000 B.C. an alliance was made between the Pleiadians, Sirians, and Nibiruans, because all three groups knew that the solar system was approaching the Photon Band. The Sirians are able to incarnate into clan lineages only when Earth vortexes are activated by the guardians of sacred places, and the animals begin to resonate with the stars. A great awakening of Gaian evolution was accomplished during the Age of Virgo—12,960 to 10,800 B.C.; that is similar to the awakening you are feeling at the end of the Age of Pisces.

"This alliance occurred during a meeting of the Galactic Federation on Orion. Each culture was given a territory. You are only now attaining the level you reached in 11,000 B.C. just before the Fall of Atlantis, when you were given sovereignty over your own DNA and many beings began to influence you. The Gaian codes were imprinted in your DNA, and intelligences from many realms wanted to access these codes. The Pleiadians were given the right to continue teaching you through your chosen lineages, but they could not incarnate as hybrids and inhabit your bodies with their kas any more until Zero Point. Humans needed to discover how to attain Pleiadian bliss and creativity by meditating with your Sun as the eighth star in the Alcyone Spiral and activating kas. The Pleiadians were very sad about this because they loved being with you. The Galactic Federation, therefore, agreed to allow Pleiadians to fuse with your incarnations in the Ring of Fire, such as in Bali or Tana Toraja, to teach you to be master teachers about mastering fear. All the other clan lineages, meanwhile, would be open to different star teachers until Zero Point. The Nibiruans were given the right to choose a culture they could enter by incarnation. They chose the Fertile Crescent because they knew it would become the Garden of Eden after the ice receded in 7200 B.C.

"The Nibiruans really wanted Africa, because it was already developed by advanced Sirian geomancy, but the Galactic Federation allowed the Sirians to continue developing Africa since great knowledge for the Age of Aquarius could be stored in this zone during the Age of Leo. The Sirians had built the Sphinx in 17,800 B.C, and it grounded the solar orbit through the Photon Band during the Age of Leo—10,800 to 8640 B.C—and this protected Earth records. They deposited the codes of the human thalamus under the Sphinx and Great Pyramid to protect them for the duration of the journey through the Photon Band. Various rivalries developed between the Sirians, Nibiruans, and Pleiadians after the Age of Leo, but the original deals recorded in the Galactic Federation records are crystal clear.

"Just before 10,800 B.C, there were meetings between humans, spirits of place, animals, and plants. You humans were powerful and integrated, almost as if you were gods yourselves, and then the strange times began. The Earth began to shake, the weather began to change, and you began to feel very afraid. The wind coming from the wrong direction was too strong and fitful, and the lightning was so intense that sparks flew off your feet as you walked. You saw portents in the sky, and you thought the gods must be coming back. You did see Nibiru in the sky as it came into the solar system, but you'd forgotten it was where the gods came from. Your world was collapsing as you moved into the Photon Band, and you have almost no memory of their landing during the Age of Leo. The Earth shook and writhed, the weather became unpredictable, and then one day the poles shifted! It was the strangest day.

Great winds swept the land, the light changed, and the shadows in the great stone temples moved. There was tremendous pressure in your heads and bodies, and many of you died when your inner organs just gave out and filled with blood. A new electromagnetic field settled on the surface of the planet and the energy from the Sun seemed to be lost.

Only remnants of species survived this great shifting, and Earth experienced many years of dim light because volcanic dust particles blocked the rays of the Sun. The new poles began to collect ice during months of continual rain, and water levels rose all over the planet. Nibiru came blasting around the other side of the Sun, and the gods landed in Sirian territory because it was the only stabilized zone on Earth.20

Northern Egypt was a great electromagnetic vortex that aligned Earth to the Sun in relationship to the Sun's position in between the Galactic Center and Orion.

The Nibiruans, Pleiadians, and Sirians together constructed the Great Pyramid over an ancient Sirian sacred temple, built in 16,000 B.C, to reset the balance between the Sun and Sirius. In the body of the Pyramid, the key passage from the ancient temple under the Pyramid was aligned to Alcyone in order to stabilize the 26,000-year Pleiadian cycle, and then the Sun entered the Photon Band as Nibiru orbited out of the solar system. A special empty chamber for all the Gaian records of Sirians was built into the body of the Pyramid.

"The solar system came out of the Photon Band at the end of the Age of Leo in 8640 B.C, and the high waters began to recede. The world was a different place as you began the Fourth Great Cycle—8239 to 3114 B.C—just after the Age of Cancer began in 8640 B.C. Many large animals had become extinct in the polar shifting. Before the polar shift, semitropical animals lived far up north; they either died or journeyed south. There was great pain and travail on the planet for humans and all species, and when you emerged out of the Photon Band, you came out with a deeply encoded subconscious mind. Now your hypothalamus—the subtle organ within the thalamus—was encoded with intense emotions; when you have memories of the ancient days, they become visual in your thalamus. You are walking around with heads that contain a library of movies about ancient catastrophes.

These inner brain imprints are encapsulated in the time when the waters receded and the sky cleared after Earth's last journey through the Photon Band. This was a time of new emergence when everything was numinous and magical, and this was the Garden of Eden.

You looked about yourselves with a sense of self and you were amazed by the beauty of the world. Everything was pregnant and all boundaries were like the features of a woman's body. The mountains were like her breasts, the canyons were like her vulva, the clams and mushrooms were like her lips, and everything was birthing new forms like her body.

"The Nibiruan gods came again in 7200 B.C, and they were amazed because you had begun to worship the Goddess! Everything was the Goddess, and then the Nibiruans remembered that the Galactic Federation had given them the right to incarnate. So, together, you built temples that were shaped like the Goddess body and constructed circles of phallic stones.

You ceased looking at the Anunnaki gods in as simple a way as in the olden times. The Pleiadians were impulsing you in those days, and you began to love children, feminine arts, and beauty. The Anunnaki taught you how to build great canal systems and dikes to drain off the water in the Fertile Crescent as the glaciers receded north; but you did not like changing the configurations of the canyons and valleys, for each reminded you of the Goddess' body. You felt overpowered by these gods. Next, they selected some of your most beautiful women to become goddesses. The Anunnaki selected women to have sex with them so they could actually birth themselves into the incarnational cycles of Earth, and this was something that had never occurred before. When a star being incarnates, it fuses with the spiritual body—ka— of a human, and the child is born as a hybrid Sirian or Pleiadian. Because Nibiru is a planet, the Anunnaki gods needed to experience physical fusion with humans in order to enter the incarnational cycles by creating children. They succeeded in this—even your Bible tells this story—and as a result, their blood is forever part of human blood.

In exchange, goddesses such as Ninhursag and Inanna taught you about genetics, plant and seed improvement, and animal domestication. Earth women appreciated the Anunnaki gods and goddesses for improving their minds, and they were fascinated by the unusual qualities of their children. Also, it was time to crossbreed the Nibiruans and humans to improve the genetic potential of earthlings. Before 7200 B.C, crossbreeding was carried out for the survival of the Nibiruans, and the Nibiruans treated you like laboratory animals. In honor of your new status, the Anunnaki built great ziggurats that reached to the skies, the sexual encounters took place in these temples, and this caused pain during sex in the women of Earth. These women also experienced difficult labors and birthings because of incompatible mixings.

"Women and men of Earth, until this time in your matings with each other, all sex was very natural. You easily merged electromagnetic fields and your physical bodies, and the vibrations of the Moon, Sun, and planets flowed through your kundalini channels. You were drawn to each other by planetary affinities in your birth charts, and merging was always easy and pleasurable. Sex with the Anunnaki was forced and unnatural in so many ways because there were few energy affinities. You became confused, while the gods felt kundalini energy for the first time. They loved it; male gods even had a lot of sex with each other and with the few female goddesses, once they found out what sex felt like on Earth. The vast majority of gods were male, since Nibiru is so patriarchal, and that is why the Nibiruans have never overpopulated themselves. There are a few ancient legends of Anunnaki goddesses mating with human males, such as Inanna mating with Dumuzi.

They felt electrical energy in their own bodies even though they are metallic, like being a wire with electricity flowing through. All imbalances between men and women today come from energetic imprints of incompatible energy fusion from these ancient times. Your loathing for reptiles also comes from this phase of your evolution because the most embodied Anunnaki are very reptilian, and those Anunnaki were the ones who could mate with human females. These energy imbalances were so difficult that brothers and sisters born from these matings were often mated to each other to enhance the Anunnaki genetic purity while cutting down on the pain and stress.

"The way back to energy balance today is for you to only have sex when energy is balanced and there is great kundalini force. You must choose your partners very carefully so that you can recover sexual ecstasy, your primordial legacy as a human. Any act of forced sex instantly causes you to remember when the gods had sex with you, whether homo- or heterosexual. In the days before the Anunnaki came down and mated with the Goddess, women had bodies that radiated light out to the stars. A man who entered those bodies became a star during orgasm. These sexual encounters with gods threw the women's spirits slam dunk into their 3D bodies, and this was the loss of innocence in the Garden. They lost their multidimensional contact point— ka— and they got stuck in bodies that were being used for sex or birthing. All it takes to correct this is reinfusion of your ka while you are having orgasm. Due to this loss of primordial innocence, the women learned how to move their ka out of their bodies, except in a few cultures that were not influenced by the Anunnaki at all, such as Minoan and Celtic cultures.

"The Anunnaki came back for a major visit during the Age of Taurus in 3600 B.C, when they instituted the patriarchy—making a world based on themselves as male gods. They built great temples all over the Tigris and Euphrates valleys of Sumer, and they brought Nibiruan cultural ideals to Earth—their language, writing, and temple city culture. Meanwhile, Sirian culture was thriving in Egypt because the Sirians had actualized a culture on the Nile that expressed 6D sacred geometry.

From 3600 to 1600 B.C., the Sirians and Nibiruans brought in technology—working with humans to manifest ideas—and they were both amazed by human creativity. Warfare began with the Age of Aries in 2160 B.C., and up to Zero Point you were all working with power. You learned to feel your bodies as great and powerful, your minds as brilliant and unlimited, and you began to fight with one another over what you really valued. Until this point, you had just been expanding and fulfilling your desires, and the time was coming closer when you would be ready to decide what you really wanted on Earth for yourselves. All energy was beginning to lead up to Zero Point, the time when you would begin to devote all your time to who you really were and how you wanted to treat each other. We must go back in time before we can understand Zero Point.

In 1600 B.C., the pain of the women on the planet finally built to such an intensity that a great volcano—Santorini/Thera in the middle of the Aegean —erupted from all the anger and pain of women being used and not honored. I, Tzolk'in, felt this explosion all the way out on Maya, my star home in the Pleiades. As thousands of years went by I wasn't paying attention to the Calendar going through evolutionary phases on Earth, except for checking in on you during major turning points, such as the end of Great Cycle or a Baktun. But I noticed your world again when the Goddess blew up through the telluric realm. This got my full attention, just as the comet hitting Jupiter in 1994 got my attention. I, Tzolk'in, felt the cry of the Goddess, and I knew it was time for us Maya to come to Earth to ensure the availability of snake medicine. The Goddess called us Maya into linear space and time.

"We first established the Olmeca, Mexcala, and Chontal cultures in Mexico and Central America for implanting and guarding the Mayan Calendar —knowledge of the Keepers of Time until 2012 A.D. Now we Mayas were on Earth, and the last moves in the chess game would be reserved for humans. Just like chess, one by one, the lesser pieces went off the board leaving royalty —you—in the game. The women knew there was only one way—impulse all people into feeling what they were experiencing! Thus began pain, frustration, longing, and the pursuit of the original ideal: remembering that Earth is a planet orbiting around a Pleiadian star.

Once the Goddess blew up in 1650 B.C., even her guardian Minoan culture was decimated by men who became warriers of destruction instead of warriors of the hearth.22 The whole planet was enveloped by male energy even though the sacred sites were guarded by women. All the Goddess could do was erupt, and then she became greatly feared.

The men abused her more and more, as a great desire arose on Earth to know what the right answer was. You wanted to find the best system for having everybody honor the right answer to everything. Monotheism was born out of the battle to control the minds of all in honor of the right answer, and then Mind Control began. This new challenge would push you farther in your quest to become an intentional human: you had to learn that nothing can even control your thought.

"You've had to try everything so that you could see what evil is. I, Tzolk'in, can tell you that even this was necessary before you could learn how to intend —create your own reality—as powerfully as we Maya can. You began creating a world of intensifying Mind Control and evil experimentation to have a look at every single thing you could create.

"I, Tzolk'in, brought my fellow Maya, a people who already knew everything about evil, to Earth in 1600 B.C. The Maya created ceremonies to hold the heart of Gaia on the planet. They understood evil so well that they recognized the Spaniard when he came. They knew who Cortez was, and they absorbed him into their zone. The Maya continued doing the ceremonies, and finally the Spanish apocalypse was defused in 1987 A.D. This idea may be confusing for you because your historians and archaeologists have imprinted you with the idea that the Aztec/Maya were brutal sacrificers.

Please notice that all interpretations of Aztec/Maya culture come from reports provided by the conquerers and from archaeologist's personal interpretations of Aztec/Maya reliefs and records. I, Tzolk'in, would like you to know that the ancient Maya created many mystery plays about evil actions which they recorded in stone and codices to teach their people what to never do on Earth. The conquerers arrived to find a culture that was play-acting their own behavior, so they just slandered the people and self-righteously destroyed their culture. Look at it this way: What would the future think of your culture if you were accused of being exactly as the world portrays you in the media?

'This Maya culture I brought to Earth is centered in the woman and home; it activates by following the Sun; and it has protected the secret knowledge of the Keepers of Time. The Mayan Calendar has the potential of attracting you into creating an illuminated world. The Maya so understood the Galactic Mind that, to them, the suffering in the world was like a 4D bad dream as they lived out the cycle. The Olmec culture thrived in the ceremonies and many other new branches of Maya were born and thrived. Meanwhile, the Maya were so multidimensional that they never forgot how to leave the planet when 3D became too much to handle. Poof! Off they went, and you still haven't figured that out. Ask them; they will smile and tell you where they went. Next, I impulsed my people to build the great temple complex of Teotihuacan in 200 B.C. over the top of an ancient temple site.

This would be the temple that would be physically visited by the Nibiruans at Zero Point. I was the one who knew that the Nibiruans would land at Teotihuacan at Zero Point, into a world emerging out of the Age of Aries.

'Time was winding down to Zero Point, and everybody was waiting for the gods. The world was outrageously pagan and polytheistic, and there was a temple for every god everywhere on the planet. I, Tzolk'in, knew that the Age of Pisces was about to begin, an age when humans would process their deepest feelings for 2000 years after 24,000 years of evolution. These feelings had to be purified so their bodies would be able to handle the intense kundalini energy in the Age of Aquarius to follow. Then a nine-dimensional human in incarnational form—a fully human Maya—would have to be calibrated into Earth to hold the field in his body during Zero Point.

This had never happened before in the third dimension, and even I, Tzolk'in, was amazed by such an idea. Yet for you to become intentional humans, you had to first experience this kind of human. Therefore Christ was brought into the planet at Teotihuacan as he was born in physical body in Palestine. His light body—ka—was implanted at Teotihuacan where many stellar representatives could work with him as he wove all nine dimensions into the planetary field. Christ actually came into each of the nine dimensions of Earth; his implantation in Mexico was his eighth-dimensional form—his form that works with galactic structures. Teotihuacan has many different kinds of temples—Pyramid of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, Temple of the Quetzal Butterfly, Temple of the Plumed Shell—that hold all nine dimensions in form.

'The 2D telluric realm connects 3D to the iron crystal in the five-chambered temple below the Pyramid of the Sun—originally constructed in 23,614 B.C. This cave chamber is called 'Ge,' and it corresponds to the subterranean chamber under the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Both are Pleiadian goddess temples. For the whole Western Hemisphere, the nine-dimensional vertical axis starts in Ge in the caves under Teotihuacan; it moves into linear space and time within these chambers, the 4D archetypal guardians meet in the center of these caves, and the five higher dimensions are focused into the center of the Pyramid of the Sun by angles of solar light bringing in 5D through 9D energies. The Citadel is an Anunnaki power complex; the Temple of the Quetzal Butterfly is Pleiadian; Sirians teach with the Pyramid of the Sun itself; Andromedans teach from the Temple of the Plumed Shells; the Galactic Federation of Orion teaches from the Temple of the Moon; and 9D Keepers of Time teach with the Great Avenue. The entire temple complex is activated and alive through 2012 A.D.

"I, Tzolk'in, will tell you where Christ came from. He came from the Galactic Center, and that is why we built his temple at Teotihuacan. He appeared all over the planet at Zero Point, the same way our Calendar is appearing all over the planet now. My people, the Maya and the Aztec, allowed the Spaniard to create every imaginable horror and abuse. The Maya knew you humans by your Inquisition, which made it obvious you did not understand Christ. You've been allowed to develop any idea, so that finally you would choose the Garden instead of a room full of computers and cellular phones when your time came.

Until you remember the Garden, you will sit in world of plastic and chrome that is created out of blood. Now many of you are wondering what happened and are beginning to see that there is a very big plan. Do not despair, for I, Tzolk'in, opened the multidimensional corridor. The form I built to hold the vertical axis at Teotihuacan can handle the powers coming; it has been transmuting the planet for 2000 years, and the Aztec/Maya people return to Teotihuacan every spring to receive this energy. Teotihuacan was calibrated at Zero Point to accelerate the planetary field until 2012 A.D. It was chosen to be the zone for processing three critical dates after Zero Point—999, 1987, and 1999.

'The first major event that caught my attention after Zero Point occurred in the Vatican in 999 A.D. Millennial fever had begun building in 980 A.D., when early medieval Europe was just emerging from the Dark Age that had set in after the fall of Rome, and people were fanning themselves into a wave of religious fanaticism. They were neglecting their fields, families, animals, and villages. They were whipped into a frenzy by a series of prophets talking about the coming Revelation, and people began to believe the world was going to end at midnight on December 31, 999 A.D.

The Roman Catholic Church encouraged this apocalyptical fever because people gave more money when they thought there was little time left. All over emerging Europe, the streets were filled with flagellants and fanatics screaming about the end of the world. Children were ignored, women were free with their bodies, wars and plagues spread, and from every point of view, reality became the world described in Revelation. In 999 A.D. everyone waited for the end.

"I, Tzolk'in, was amazed by this frenzy! I realized right away that many chess pieces were by the side of the board and a few major players were ready for their final moves. I knew my own Calendar was accurate because it reflected life on Earth since 23,614 B.C. I observed this destructive wave based solely on belief, and I learned a lot about you. Pope Sylvester and all his Cardinals gathered in the Vatican on December 31, 999, waiting for midnight, and all the people gathered in their villages with the priests and bishops. Nothing happened, not even a big storm or comet! Of course, I was watching this and laughing. I wondered if this was what it would take to get Europeans to realize their calendar was faulty. Then I forgot about the whole thing until about 1972, when I felt a great solar activation in your world, and storytellers called out my name.

"In 1972, I remembered everything that happened in 999, as I watched fundamentalist fanaticism grip the world. This vile trigger indeed lay deep in the bottom of Christian souls. They were sexually excited about the end of the world in 999! They lusted over this because they wouldn't have to solve any of their problems! Lurking deep in the Christian soul was the desire to die rather than take responsibility for Earth. They were choking in the garbage of their own uncleared feelings, and they used other people like fodder. We Maya kept absorbing them, but still their garbage and baggage got bigger and bigger. Eventually they built bigger weapons and bigger cities, and covered themselves with layers of things. They consumed anything to avoid realizing their own inner emptiness.

"From 1521 A.D. forward, the Christians voraciously ate more land and people in the name of God, and they destroyed anything that reminded them of suppressed inner power, until they themselves became a firestorm. They even had to have atomic powers. My people, the Maya, watched and the daykeepers faithfully kept the days of the Calendar and the women wove the patterns that preserve the 13 numbers and 20 days of the Mayan Calendar, because they knew the world would change on August 17th, 1987. The Calendar gave them infinite patience, because more than 25,000 years had gone by and the time of the light was soon coming.

Then I, Tzolk'in, put out the signal through my shamans and teachers beginning in 1972 that the predator would lose his power and the people would remember the light in 1987. The time came near, and the people began preparing the ceremonies. As the people gathered, I worked with the teachers all over the planet because this activation had to be powerful enough to penetrate the Net—apocalyptical fundamentalism.

The sacred stones began emitting vibrations of the story of time, and everywhere people remembered the time was coming. The teachers were told to give the people the secrets of the stone people. I had observed you very carefully in 999, and I knew how to prepare for the next wave of millennial madness in 1999. The ancient power sites that had guarded the vortexes and whirlwinds for 25,000 years had to be awakened by all the people. The activation had to be large enough to hold enough energy from 1987 to 1992 to force all apocalyptical belief structures out into the open.

"All the people living according to belief systems, instead of their feelings about Earth, had to expose themselves by August 17, 1992. They had to be identified by all hybrid star people of Earth, so the star people could offer them guidance, if they wanted it.

The world—the habitat of your mind—will build up to another apocalyptical frenzy, again based on Revelation, in 1999, and this time it will be global. Every country in the world will raise up its fundamentalist fanatics, so that all teachers on the planet will see exactly what must never be intended on Earth after 2013. As of 1992, fundamentalists will have infiltrated political systems and schools; screamed, howled, and sniveled on the media; taken more land from the people; created more violence, plagues, and mayhem all over the world; and the eyes of the people who now think of themselves as Maya have been watching all this. In Mayaland itself, everything will be different. After 1992, the indigenous Maya have again taken over their own country because they hold the hearts of the people, and Keepers of the Traditions are running political aspects of the country, whether there is a surface government or not.24

All over the rest of the world, the drama is building for the Apocalypse, and even fundamentalist new agers say spaceships will be landing to rescue the Chosen People.

"All this will build up through 1999, when the Pope and Cardinals will wait in the Vatican to be simulcast all over the world on gigantic TV screens, and new agers will be watching the 'LightNet' for news about extraterrestrial rescue missions: all true believers will be waiting. As in 999, the world economy will have crashed, disease and chaos will be rampant, but nobody will be noticing because they will be waiting for the end of the world. Midnight will come, nothing will happen except some softly falling snow, and people will awake the next morning to a planet that needs to be taken care of. This clearing of apocalyptical belief systems will be exceedingly painful because caring more about beliefs than about the planet must cease.

'The next morning, humanity will be swept by a deep wave of shame and sadness over what they have done. The voices of the people who did not get involved in millennial madness will be listened to again, because all the people who created the Apocalypse will be exhausted. Quickly, because there will only be 13 years left, people will draw together and remember how to work again. Communities will be formed to work with the planet again. For those who have survived, the energy on the planet will be very harmonic and pure by 2001, once the Sun is totally in the Photon Band. You will have amazing resources and records to work with, because ancient wisdom will be totally available, and all individuals on the planet will be masters at creating realities with thought. From 2001 to 2010, you will rebuild your world, and you will put nothing in it that is evil. You will know beyond a shadow of doubt exactly what evil is. From 2010 to the end of 2012, you will prepare yourselves for the Cosmic Party by undergoing purification ceremonies. The ceremonies for the equinoxes and solstices will be global, and you will work in groups to decide together every single thing that is to never be created on the surface of your planet. And then at winter solstice, 2012 A.D., you will be ready to work with Gaia to set the intentions for your world for the next 26,000 years while you are attending the Cosmic Party for the Age of Light."