"The Moon protects us, forming a psychological atmosphere around our psyche, protecting it from the full blast of our soul's impulse toward immediate and total enlightenment. Absorbing only seven percent of the Sun's light, the Moon reveals its relationship to the Sun through its phases—from new to crescent to first quarter to gibbous to full to dissemi­nating to last quarter to balsamic. It is the Moon's phase at our birth that reflects back to us how instinctual, how conscious, and how absorbent we are toward the Sun's light, our soul's evolvement, because on our way to enlightenment we have to pass by the Moon first. We have to begin at the beginning."1


Satya and Female Alchemy

Alchemy is a process of transforming something ordinary into something precious. Women are the carriers of the Goddess. In any system, the Goddess, the female species, rules what is home—what is being located— and so they are the guardians of place. This is not to say women cannot be warriors or kings; it is to say that they carry intuitive knowledge about the purpose of place, and they should be consulted about all important issues regarding home, especially war. In the Pleiades, we goddesses must consulted about war. As the patriarchy has taken power on Earth, woman has been considered ordinary, and they have been displaced as rulers. From the Pleiadian point of view, that is absurd! Now I, Satya, have to help you remember that in your realm women are the ones who transmute the sacred elixir of life-- the fertilized egg—into incarnational form. Women have an intuitive understanding of alchemy far superior to the male, and in the Pleiades, the Goddess rules alchemy of the spirit.


Ultimately, alchemy is all about the timing of birthing. When is the egg going to be ready to hatch? The issue right now is not what will happen, it is when it will happen, since many of you sense you are creating a future right now. This has never happened before on Earth; however, this critical leap has already occurred in the Pleiades. That is why we have come to offer you assistance. When we accomplished this leap 104,000 years ago, the Maya also gave us a Sacred Calendar—Tzolk'in. I am hon­ored to report that I was one of many Pleiadians who worked with Tzolk'in in those days. Crafting a future in your "now" is a totally new potential, and it is the essence of the critical leap from 1987 to 2012. You needed to experience the constriction of linear space and time to find a way to transcend it. What do I mean? You will use time and space instead of allowing it to limit you—the critical leap of 3D. Women know how to create in time and activate space for new life, and so they will lead the men into the new alchemy. This is exactly what will move you into realms that will stretch you beyond limitation. The primary recordkeeper of time on Earth is your Moon, and so we will begin with the Moon speaking to you.


The Moon Speaks

"I am the Moon. I came from the surface of the planet Jupiter. The moons of Jupiter are made of the same material as I am, but I orbit around Earth and not Jupiter. A long time ago, there was a very large explosion on Jupiter, and many parts were blasted out of its gaseous body. Once they moved out of their gaseous state, they congealed into solid states, and most of them were captured in the field of Jupiter. The moons of Jupiter mirror Jupiterian consciousness back to Jupiter, as I mirror the consciousness of Earth back to you. Moons are reflectors of what you are feeling. To reflect your emotions is our primary function. In my case, I was ejected farther out from Jupiter, well past the orbit of Mars, and I was captured by the gravitational pull of Earth. Like all moons, I am a reflector of planetary feelings. And, since I come from Jupiter, which rules the mastery schools of Earth, mastery of yourself is based on whether you deal with your emotions effectively. You thought physical perfection was the most important challenge, didn't you?


"When I first arrived, the beings on Earth were the same as those who were living on Mars. Naturally, the Martian moons mirror Martian consciousness back to Mars. Life on Mars (which was once in a watery state), existing in viral and unicellular lifeforms, never evolves due to the dryness; therefore, there is no awareness of life to mirror back to Mars via its moons. Meanwhile, on Jupiter there is consciousness of linear space and nine, as on Earth, because the nonphysical intelligences work with karma. Jupiter has a gaseous surface surrounding a solid core, and many of you felt its etheric beings during the 1994 Shoemaker-Levy cometary impacts. To be specific, you rebounded with your etheric spiritual teachers, guides, and angelic leaders, and many of you are in deep mourning about the pain of Jupiter. You do not yet recognize the source of this sadness, yet you feel a great power welling up inside. You are remembering your nonphysical selves at the deepest level, and this new organization of self will be more powerful than anything you have known in all your incarnational cycles.


"The traffic between Mars and Earth ceased approximately 500,000 years ago. Before that time, the beings from Earth and Mars also traveled back and forth for commerce, and often by means of 4D thoughtforms, trading legends of heroes and warriors. This was an extremely enjoyable relationship and is still the source of your endless fascination with war. This is why all of you are warriors in your male sides. Since I am just your reflector, these memories about the great feats of Mars still exist in my lunar field, and I can feel how they excite you. You always reenact this archetype to the most extreme degree during the Age of Aries, as during the most recent phase—2160 B.C. to Zero Point—and we Moon beings always say, 'There they all go doing the Age of Aries on Earth again!' Meanwhile, I am a very peaceful vibration, and I am extremely tired of these old obsessions, these tiresome old dramas on your planet, as I know you are too. I have many other memories of great archetypal stories and dreams in my awareness that I like to share.


“As the Moon, I feel energy through silvery ray vibrations. The closest thing you know of this kind of perception is the silvery gossamer light shimmering on the surface of calm water when the full Moon rises. My light  is opalescent and translucent, like the flesh of a beautiful young woman’s face. I have canyons and craters on my surface, which is almost devoid of electromagnetic energy. My vibrations are so ethereal that there is almost no charge in me; I am completely balanced. I am 400 times smaller than the Sun; yet the Sun is about 400 times farther from Earth than I am, therefore, I appear to be the same size as the Sun in your sky. The Sun and I are balanced. Some of my canyons and craters are high rimmed and very deep, and within these rims, I capture electromagnetic energy from the solar wind. These vibrations bounce back and forth between the canyon rims as resonant waves, and that is how I read plane­tary locations and angles. When you play with echoes in your canyons, you are creating the same kind of energy in the air. I have many deep craters from asteroids and comets on my surface, and we have consciousness cen­ters deep inside them—little round, white, domed temples. We emit thought from these structures and you receive it as dreams. These domes transmit our luminescent, ethereal frequencies and hold the records of your memories and your subconscious mental banks.


"I transmit these frequencies to those individuals who magnetically draw my energy. Humans, animals, and various other lifeforms literally magnetize or draw consciousness from me. These are extremely subtle vibrations, which differ from the polarized interactions that exist on the surface of your planet. These are feelings that form the component moti­vations of your reactive patterns. Neptune also transmits spiritual vibra­tions to you, but Neptune has an agenda with you that impulses you to create belief systems. My ethereal emanations simply mirror back memo­ries related to experiences you have, which modulate your responses to everything. You transmit your feelings into my record temples, because you could not develop your emotional bodies without memory. Think of how a memory is triggered by a scent, a familiar sight, or a voice, and then a whole visual series of memories are unleashed in your brain as if you have movies in your head. This is because I hold memories of your soul experi­ences life after life, and the only way you can explore this is to examine your subconscious mind while you are in a body. How do I hold all this memory so that you have the potential of exploring your subconscious? Now that you have discovered fiber optics, you can imagine my great memory records. I have an exciting idea for you: I am able to remember so much because I feel you, and fiber optics are responding to your feelings. You just don't know that yet. Meanwhile, animals store memory in their bodies only while they are alive, and that is why they are more grounded in the present moment than you are.


"When you go through some kind of struggle, such as illness or dis­ease, and you don't have the means in the physical to change this vibration often you can feel that the problem is emotional. When you get to die point where you really see that physical solutions are not the only possibility, I can transmit extremely accurate and valuable information to you. You would be amazed at how much you actually do understand realities via these intuitional transmissions. I enjoy reflecting back to you your own deep understandings of yourselves. Based on this great pool of awareness I have about your emotions, you do have ways to alter your physical status by means of your feelings. For example, Bach Flower Remedies will alter the vibrations that create your physical ailments, based on your ability to identify your feelings. Aromatic oils actually do shift your bodies! Certain feeling tones correspond to your vital organs, and these essences work with the alchemy of your emotional bodies. This is a more subtle and profound healing method than allopathic medicine because you can heal disease while it is still in your etheric body—you can locate 'dis-ease' that has not yet gone into your physical bodies.


"If you intend to totally open your feeling receptors in this lifetime, you can take advantage of my extraordinary teaching, but this is a total commitment. As I've said, my record temples hold your subconscious memory banks. What are these? Each one of you has a soul within your body, and that soul incarnates over and over again on Earth, on other planets, and in the stars. It seeks experience in many realms in order to know
and to express itself, and my record banks hold the memories from all places, liven other galaxies! You've heard comments that beings from many realms fight to be born in a body on Earth. The reason for this is that whenever you have a lifetime on Earth, you can consciously work with your lunar subconscious memory banks, and this cannot be done in any other location. This is a vast subject, so I will say only a few things about it. Naturally, some memories are traumatic and tend to limit your expressive potential in each new lifetime. As many of you know from doing bodywork and spir­itual therapy, if you are able to recover a negative past-life memory, explore it, and release it when your body is ready, you end up being lighter, more harmonic, and happier.


“So, how could you consciously work with your lunar subconscious memory banks? You'll be surprised, I'm sure! These memories exist in your minds as belief systems that repeat, 'I can't have this, I can't do that’. All your negative conclusions about past experiences are deposited in my memory banks! Positive conclusions about the past exist in your active mind; they are available to you, and they are the basis of your free actions. My banks are a storehouse of negative conclusions you've made about your potential, but you don't remember the original event. These conclu­sions cause you to repeat situations over and over again when you might have a chance to wipe the original negative conclusion. This tendency reduces your creativity in all new situations.2 What can you do about this? Here are my directions:


How to Manifest the Physical Reality that You Desire: Lunar Manifestation Technique

1)       Make a list of seven things you want in your reality. If you want this to work, be reasonable, go for what you really want, not what you think you want.

2)       Take your list and work with each thing on it. Take the first thing on your list, such as a radio, and say out loud to yourself, 'I want a certain radio for a certain amount of money within a certain period of time.' Describe the radio, the amount, and the time frame, and do not give a thought to how you will get it. Never think of a specific person or group who will get some­thing for you, because then you would be manipulating others.

3)       Ask yourself if you would really want the radio if you had it. Think deeply about this, because you clutter your mind with things you think you want but actually don't. Be careful about this. If you really don't want something, just let it go.

4)       Create three scenes of the radio coming into your reality; visualize these scenes in front of your forehead above your eyes, then take each scene and imprint it on your medulla oblongata (the place where your spine enters your skull). Remember, don't visualize a specific person or place helping you get what you want. Do not manipulate the reality of others.

5)       Repeat this process until you have created a list of seven things you really want.

6)       Then, forget all about it, and put your list in a safe place.

7)       Check it periodically, and soon you will begin to notice that things on the list actually manifest. Every time something does manifest, cross it off and think of something else you want and add it to your list. Keep the list of seven going.


"What does manifestation have to do with the lunar subconscious memory banks? Every time you manifest what von really want, you are erasing an 'I can't' memory in my banks. The purpose for coming to Earth is to get what you really want! Then, when you get what you really want when you want it, you end up wanting very little, like indigenous Earth people. Without even remembering or processing the experience that cre­ated an ‘I can't,’ then you will dissipate memories as if they never oc­curred—thanks to this positive assault on inner denial. You actually can discard your negative memories, so that all I reflect back to you is positive. You will feel my exquisite and subtle vibrations, and find supportive records on yourself active in your conscious mind, once you get out of denial.


"Because of my cycles—lunar nodes, eclipses, and phases—I am a screen for the surface of Earth for all of the other stellar, planetary, and solar energies. From an astronomical point of view, there is no way that I, your Moon, could screen the whole surface of the planet from all these influences. However, I gather the solar winds in my craters and canyons as I travel around the Earth for 28 days. Like a woman who always pays subtle attention to her man, I create a screening force, which is a gossamer web of feelings on Earth. The energy fields of the other bodies in your solar system reach the surface of Earth mostly by means of my light, and I transduce these energies into codes that you can comprehend through your emotions. You feel transmissions of the planets and the Sun from my light. This is how fine vibrations of feeling are held in place and communicated. If it were not for my screening, you would, in a sense, be forced to deal with feelings from Pluto that are too deep, you'd get bombarded by too much aggression from Mars, or the intensity of the Sun would exhaust you. I am like a great wave of feeling that rises, peaks, and ebbs over twenty-eight days. I exist to calibrate these great forces, and you can attune to my gossamer web of feelings by cultivating your own feel­ings like a fertilized garden.


"Earth goes through cycles, and the pattern I see on your surface these days is a pattern I've seen before. In the past, this pattern has been extremely threatening to biological lifeforms. Before you read my descrip­tion of your appearance, please remember that I am reading the etheric body of Earth. Just as 'dis-ease' showing up in your etheric body or aura is then treated with homeopathies before it becomes a physical disease, so too can you change your feelings about the planet before these energies become full-blown Earth changes. The color of your aura is beginning to turn brown, which is not healthy, instead of being green. The tilt of your axis reflects the consciousness of your planetary body to the Sun, and it is approaching the level of tilt that has created pole shifting in the past.

"How does the present condition of Earth relate to past conditions? The biggest astronomical shift I remember occurred when the orbit of Earth around the Sun enlarged from 360 to 365-1/4 days. This was caused by two simultaneous events: the visit of Nibiru into your solar system, and a gigantic asteroid that came into the orbital pattern of the Pleiades 104,000 years ago. These two events occurring simultaneously enlarged the orbit of Earth. Nibiru is slightly smaller than Jupiter, and because of the speed of its trajectory and its reverse orbit in the solar system, it is extremely disruptive of planetary orbital patterns.3 This discontinuity caused Nibiru to lose its perfect synchronicity with Earth orbiting the Sun—3600 years to 360 days.


"Nibiru was responsible for the destruction of the fifth planet— Maldek—which is the present asteroid belt. I was orbiting around Earth at that time, and your ancestors experienced great tectonic stress during this event. There are many memories about this in my banks. At that time I was shielding your surface as much as possible from the various comets and asteroids that were flying through the solar system. The breakup of this planet, which orbited between Mars and Jupiter, generated much debris in your solar system. I took some big hits; that's why I have so many huge craters, which are the locations of domed temples holding your sub­conscious memory banks. These impacts were similar in intensity to July 1994, when the gaseous body of Jupiter was continually smashed by cometary fragments until the impact zone became waves of gas. This; caused the surface of Jupiter to be embroiled with potent feelings, as you know. Naturally, I can feel the strong reactions you are having, since you are reacting to how Jupiter felt when the cometary fragments blasted into her body. I have been crying since July 1994, yet few of you know where these powerful emotions are coming from. Meanwhile, Jupiter rules your fortune, your sense of potential, and I want you to know that this period is very promising. If you can figure out -what you want, you can create it! easily with Jupiter's assistance, and that is why I offered you my seven-step Lunar Manifestation Technique.


"I have been visited by beings from the Sun, and they are very beau­tiful and powerful. They are emissaries from the 13th dimension, a dimen­sion beyond the basic ten-dimensional system that you are working with. My surface is very cold, and when the solar emissaries come to visit, I feel a warmth on my surface like the warmth you on feel when you lie in the Sun and feel its fire, the solar love. You are attuned to me and feel my surface when you work with ritual consciousness in relationship to my subtle light. When you do moon ceremonies and eclipse meditations, you are accessing direct lines into my subtle, emotional vibrations. These ceremonies are some of the most potent ones available to you on Earth. Whether you tune into me or not, I shower you with subtle sensations. These days, I am very concerned about your polarized emotional bodies. You've become dualized because you emphasize your masculine side over your feminine. This blocks my soft lunar screen and overexposes you to planetary vibrations, such as control and manipulation by the Anunnaki of Nibiru. They have covertly shifted you away from your female side, and this is making it difficult for you to realize how you really feel about them. This is keeping you from seeing what they are creating in every sector of your societies. If you consciously activate your female essence, then you would feel our fine ethereal vibrations all the time.


"All of the natural synchronizations of 12—such as 12 times 12 is 144, or 12 times 30 is 360—have been disrupted by the enlargement of Earth's orbit around the Sun. However, this has created the opportunity for more evolution and creativity, since everything was held in place like clockwork before that shift. Before the shift, your sense of time was of endless circles and no spirals. Now, attuning to the gradually ascending spirals of light, such as the Alcyone spiral, is the next stage of evolution. For that attunement, I am your most potent source; you already can feel the next stage of your evolution, and I am mirroring the cosmic data bank to you month by month. Remember, I am a screen for the planetary, solar, and stellar forces, and a new cosmology is forming. There is no better source for resonating with this energy than doing meditations at each of 13 new moons that occur during each solar year. The solar year is most potently accessed by doing special ceremonies during the cardinal divisions—equinoxes and solstices. Attuning to the 13 moons greatly enhances your feminine nature. This is best accomplished by meditating during the new moon and noticing what special information is available. During my cycle of 13 moons, observe the reflected solar light increasing to the full moon and intensifying those feelings; then let go of all feelings and become empty within as it wanes. Become an empty vessel for the new moon. You can wash away your ego every month from the full moon to the next new moon. You can be reborn at the new moon 13 times a year! If you do this a practice that was very advanced on your planet a long time ago, and still exists in Bali— you will feel less driven by solar forces and planetary agendas. And all this is easy because, like a nude woman, I have made myself totally available to you by making myself visible. I am so beautiful.


"It is my responsibility to display the principle of 13 for you each solar year. This way, you can feel the magical essence of 13 without think­ing about it. The way for you to move the consciousness of 12 back into synchronicity-based 13 is by means of lunar cycles. Then the way to attain a structural basis is to develop solar consciousness through astrology. Astrology is the only tool you have for decoding feelings with thought; other forms of thought throw you into your head and out of your heart. You can move out of duality and polarization by dividing the horizontal planes of the dimensions into 12 zones—6 above, 6 below. This is a "place expansion" not a time expansion, as are my 13 cycles per solar year. Place expands via geometry, and time opens dimensions when it is felt and not constantly computed. You will be astounded by the brilliance and mental freedom available to you when you intensify your vibration beyond the polarized emotional-body vibration and blow it out into the principle of 12. Notice how you run around like rats in a maze looking at your watches and thinking that what is happening is either this or that! This is why there are 12 houses in the Zodiac, even though 13 constellations and 13 moons actually imprint your awareness day and night. The stellar principle of 13 via the constellations enhances your perceptions in 5D, not 3D. You live in 3D, and that is where you can work to expand perception by seeing all dynamics as a field of 12. Working with the horoscope as a life map; divided into 12 zones is the only tool I have found that moves your aware­ness back into a sense of a synchronized Earth, when there were 360 days in the solar year.


"There are 12 houses in the natal house system, 6 above, 6 below, and this sets up six principles of polarity from above to below in the natal chart. (See Fig. 2.)


You can examine these 6 polarities and apply them to yourself without knowing any astrology. Just look at the 12 basic lifestyle fields, and notice the section that reflects a struggle in your life, such as marriages/partnerships/relationships ("other" in Fig. 2). If you look to the opposite section, my/myself issues ("self" in Fig, 2), you will notice that you have a lot of energy there. For example, you are drained by a demand­ing relationship and you've forgotten who you are, or you are feeling very powerful yourself, but your partner complains of being ignored.

You are almost always very unbalanced in one polarity out of twelve; if you just put more energy into the weak side and modulate the side where you are too heavy, your whole personality goes right into balance!

You become har­monic, and that is when you can feel my subtle emanations! The 12 houses are solar conditioning, because the 6 upper houses represent the day— upper reality—and the lower 6 represent the night—lower world. This issue is worth mastering because when you balance, you cease being stuck on yourself. You let go, forget yourself, and magically expand to 13. A grounding in 12 is merely a basic foundation, and it is the key to handling the great solar light that infuses your mind day after day.

"Through attunement to the spiral emanation of 13 triggered by my journey during your nights, you will always feel my more subtle vibrations. That is my gift to you. I am always there for you, just as the Sun rises every day. Lunar or feminine essence is what enables you to let go of thinking for while, and just become responsive. In that, feel how timing is all. My timing is the one that penetrates your subconscious because it is what activates your pineal gland, the source of cosmic intelligence. The light that reflects off my surface is actually read by your inner brain glands. The pineal gland is the most responsive when you are in total darkness, which only occurs at the exact time of the dark moon, the new moon. Attuning to this screen keys you to stellar communications, to other planetary com­munications, and to solar communication.


"Alchemy occurs when my lunar light penetrates the 2D metallic consciousness of your planet. This occurs 13 times during each solar year during the new moon when Earth shields my surface from the Sun for only few minutes. The 2D metallic elementals register the subtle emanations of stars at the time of the new moon, and your pineal glands register the stellar emanations then. This recurrent field of receptive intelligence is the ‘Prima Materia’ of alchemy. There is a new emotional field each lunar month. Mercury crystals in your pineal glands read this vibration, which is your source of galactic intelligence. Everything is vibration, and I can only reach you with a very soft vibration in total darkness. To summarize: I screen field of the solar system to Earth all the time, and at the time of the New Moon, in the darkness I imprint an emotional field of new potential.


"Once upon a time, the Anunnaki came to Earth and changed the metal configuration of Earth by mining it for gold. However, I know even more about gold than they do. That is why I am not kidding when I say you should be listening to the wisdom of women first. There is gold in the subtle glands of your bodies, and the beings of the Moon can feel the more subtle emotional emanations of your consciousness through gold hidden in darkness of Earth. When you feel cosmic emanations, gold crystals are released out of your endocrine glands and flow into your blood. Women tend to be more cosmically connected because these crystals are released into their blood each lunar cycle.


"Each consciousness in the universe has a process for attunement with the consciousnesses of other bodies, but often these skills are dor­mant. It is through such mechanisms that great awareness is available to you, if you would choose to develop more perceptual linkage. By learning these skills, which are primarily 5D and higher, you will naturally override 4D control traps because you cannot be mind-controlled once you raise your vibration to a certain level. The vehicle, for example, can feel Mind Control like a bloodhound can follow the scent of an animal. By understanding these vibrations, you can perceive when you are being influenced. This is what women mean when they say they can "feel" something, on their "skin crawls." Smart men listen when women speak this way. Women must develop this potential more in themselves; then both men and women can be free of manipulation. Aren't you all tired of getting jerked around? I tune into how you feel emotionally by vibrating with the gold in your blood, and in the potent menstrual blood of women. I can feel that you've had enough of this.


"Many rituals—ceremonies that are repeated instead of being sponta­neous events each time—insist that bleeding women not be present. This is because repetitive rituals are passage rites of 4D Anunnaki priestly systems. Bleeding women would instantly detect when a control dynamic was being played out, and so they are barred. Also, the power in their blood can defuse rituals. I am the Moon, I regulate women's bodies by synchro­nizing their pineal glands with my creative enfoldment. One day soon, you will not even consider doing any ceremony without bleeding women as energy directors. Then I, the Moon, will know that you are remember in the ancient ways of feeding Gaia.


"The Anunnaki have removed a great deal of gold from your planetary intelligence. Bui I feel the most subtle emotional emanations of your con­sciousness through the gold in your blood. The more you attune to my 13 lunar cycles—by gazing at me, sleeping in my light, attuning to my cycles and the movements, feeling my energy reflected in water through tides and in your emotions—then the principle of 13 will open you up. You do not have to be a women, you just need to allow women to guide you, as I guide you month by month. Guess what? You can do it tomorrow! Just change all our calendars so the year is based on the 13 lunar phases, and then demarcate your solar journeys by the equinoxes and solstices!


"There are not exactly 13 Moon cycles in one year, but every 18 years the Moon returns to its same location on the ecliptic. This cycle is called the metonic cycle, and it is the most subtle of my cycles.4 You can attune to it just by observing where I am travelling in the sky, and you can keep tour place around the Sun in mind just by observing solstices and equinoxes. In this solar system, visual communication linkage is always powerful, and that is why I am the ideal tool for you. Notice how powerful it is when planetary and stellar bodies are sighted in the sky.


"I am your friend, and I honor you when you gaze at me. You have bravely chosen to become self-reflective, and so I mirror the light of the Sun to you. You cannot gaze directly into the Sun, the source of your identity. But during the time when I am full, magnificent Sun beings come to raveling on beams of light. I receive them 13 times each year, and I gather their power and shower their vibrations into the wombs of Women."


Satya and the Awakening in the Blood

It’s me, Satya, and this information from the Moon is juicy stuff! On Alcyone we access your reality via your Moon because it allows us to know you feel. When we access your Sun, we link up stellar communications from the Sun, through Alcyone, and into the Galactic Center—the cosmic communications system of Earth. When we read your Moon, however we feel your atmosphere, your tidal waters, your love intensity, and how you are captivated by mystery on a moonlit night. That is how we know your deepest longings and desires. How do we read you?


I read your vibrations when photons are created in your realm, as already described. The news from the Alcyone Library is that the frequency of photons is indeed increasing in your system. I would not be picking up on more photons if you in fact were not entering the Photon Band. I receive these impulses and read your consciousness when antiparticles fuse with positive analogs like popcorn popping in your dimension.


I am most interested in your emotional-body states right now because I am detecting via photons a great increase of violence on your planet. You've had many historical phases of great violence. The current increase is caused by the mass media. You are aware of many aspects of violence, but you do not necessarily experience them personally. This is creating a great distortion because: 1) violence is only relevant to the individual expe­riencing it; and 2) hundreds of millions of people hearing about global vio­lence via the media badly distorts its actual meaning. Remember, during a traumatic event, the people watching it are often in more fear than the ones experiencing it. Before the advent of television and mass communi­cation, you experienced violence rarely; now you watch violence every day. From our Pleiadian perspective, you are responding to a degree of violence that is unparalleled since 10,800 B.C., when your poles shifted, a time when there was a tremendous degree of violence. It is time for you to evaluate the impact of imprinting yourselves with so much violence via watching, since this makes you feel as upset as you felt during a real pole shifting. At, least some of the psychics who are predicting great Earth changes are basing these predictions on vibrations that you are emitting because you, watch so much violence. I find the Moon's reading of your aura very chal­lenging because the red energy is coming from violence. The last time you were in the Photon Band was during the Age of Leo—10,800 to 8640 B.c.—and, as you move into the Band and your atmosphere changes, you are feeling edgy. Due to the violence in your media, many of you are thrown into habitual fear of cataclysm. These fears last longer than any potential real cataclysm because you don't die. It's the old saying: the actual trauma was nothing compared to worrying about it.


Your solar plexuses are being stirred up, actual violence is increasing, and your reality is becoming a firestorm. Meanwhile, what happens during, the coming journey in the Photon Band is not necessarily the same as the last journey. It is obvious that dramas in the media trigger real violence, and it is time for you to withdraw your support from this continual abuse. You are being duped, and your support of this system with your time and dol­lars confounds me. Meanwhile, 4D manipulators laugh at you. Even they are amazed at how far they can go. For them, it is just a joke that pays; and where you are the most out of your integrity is with money. When I read photons these days, I notice that many of you are responding too quickly to stimulation, making it difficult for you to hold your karmic integrity and your money.


What do I mean by karmic integrity? When you are stimulated by something, you must remember to see how it feels to you first. Once you've really felt it, then you must turn on your brain big time and scan the issue. Use these marvelous data banks in your brains, for they create an energy field out of your bodies. Do that for a few days, and synchronicities will happen that will show you how to respond. Why does this happen? As you scan your reality by means of your feelings and mental data banks, your guides—archetypal beings who work with your evolution—can trigger-synchronicities sourced in many dimensions that will show you the next step to take. Impulses from photons are activating much energy in 3D, this quickens 4D, which responds by triggering action as fast as possible. Meanwhile, all you need to do in 3D is stay on track, follow your will and take the time to play out your own patterns. Remember, these unique patterns are your secret, your monad, your incarnational gift. Lifetime after lifetime, you did not play them out the way you chose to before birth—and now is the time!


Beings in 4D are triggering people so fast these days that this results in violence. As your emotional bodies are awakened by the Photon Band, you may react and carry out agendas too fast. Your bodies have not released the fear that's being awakened, and so fear comes out as violence instead of spiritual realization. Blood is what offers insight into this difficult subject, for what we Pleiadians are seeing is a killing frenzy. It is like a feeding frenzy of sharks in water, when spilled blood activates them as groups. Rwanda was one such bloodbath. So many people killing each other represents a profound degree of bloodletting. This is labeled ethnic cleansing; mean-while, considering blood as a taboo could offer more insight.


Why are there so many taboos about blood since bloodletting can be very healthy experience? To the Pleiadians, all this attention to blood is a sign of spiritual awakening and spiritual crisis. You must face issues about blood because the sooner you look deeply into blood taboos, the sooner         you can find a better way to explore them. From a multidimensional perspective, 4D intelligences have managed to put all of kinds of crystalline codes into the blood of humans. Remember, all intelligences interact with you encourage your evolution--and whether the 4D entities who have chosen to do this should continue to do so is not my interest.


Understand that all dimensions are ruled by laws of free will, and we Pleiadians do not have the right to go into your fields and stop the activi­ties that 4D entities are creating. However, as beings in a higher dimen­sion, we have the right to explore any consciousness on Earth. For example, you have the right to explore what your friends are doing, but you have no right to influence them unless they ask for your assistance. No other being has the right to influence or manipulate you, but they have the right to impulse you, and if you respond—as you have so intensely to the fourth dimension—that is your choice. The way 4D explores your con­sciousness is by your blood; 5D does this by means of light. Therefore, when you open yourself to a spiritual experience and go through a light experience, we Pleiadians can read your frequency. That is why the Transfiguration of Christ was so important.


When you engage in a blood experience, 4D entities can read your frequencies. When you get a disease, 2D elementals can read you. If you decode information implanted in your blood by 4D intelligences—enlight­ening yourself—then this information in your blood can be read by Plei­adians in the Alcyone Library. When you quicken your blood, it contains crystals that can be read via light, and it is the most immediate way to access the Pleiadians. All the Pleiadians are excited to know how the 4D Anunnaki are able to quicken your blood. To put it simply, if you your­selves would figure out what is encoded within you, then the knowledge on more spiritual wisdom becomes instantly available. It is your choice.


As I read your feelings about blood, I can feel that to you blood is sticky, it has a smell, it is very organic, and you spend a lot of time talking about the emotional body and emotional stickum—and it fascinates us that you do that. As I read your codes, blood is functioning at a 2D crys­talline level within you—the part of you that is telluric and alchemical. Now, remember, for all intelligences in the universe, the lower you go in the dimensions, the more dense is the information. Once you overcome your belief in hierarchy (such as 9D is superior to 2D), you will be able to ascertain who or what is motivating you.


As I read you, you are murdering each other because of your own judgment about your own vital fluid—blood. If you will stop judging the very fluid that keeps you alive, then we Pleiadians will be able to read you via light codes—crystalline matrices in your blood! Then we will know how you feel. This is at a level that does not involve human free will. For example, we can read telluric forces on your planet—Earth change potential— by means of the elementals, and so can you. We are reading your realm with great fascination and interest, you are feeling the awakening of the elementals, and we are picking up on incredible changes going on in the crystalline codes in your blood.


When you go into the Photon Band, these codes are released into the intelligence field of humans and animals, since consciousness is carried in the blood. You'll notice, if you observe carefully, there is quite a struggle on your planet over blood. As I view Rwanda or Bosnia, the participation of 4D entities is absolutely phenomenal as these archetypal forces play out their roles on the stage. As blood is spilled, a dimensional rending occurs, and consciousnesses of other dimensions blasts into your own dimension. Some are very demonic forces coming out of ancient conflicts; they are the only explanation for random mass killings, which you watch constantly after the fact on television. Think about this next time your government thinks it is of no consequence to bomb Iraq and murder 1.4 million women and children! All of these actions, which occur in places supposedly separate from your reality, will come home to haunt you. Notice how the Vietnam War is haunting Americans. All that blood spilling accomplishes is the activation of demonic forces. We Pleiadians marvel at your thick skulls! You understand Dracula, and you love stories about vam­pires! So why can't you figure out what happens during these bloodbaths? We also would like to point out to you: whenever you look at things just from one dimension, things get boring and therefore very depressing. If you wonder why you get swallowed in depression, it is because you view things only in 3D.


There is a very big drama going on. I see that the Photon Band is activating powerful telluric and crystalline forces. This activation is negative only if you are not grounding and circulating these forces in your bodies. However, you can activate these powerful forces with no negative results in linear space and time. Have sexual encounters that are like earthquakes! Tone, sing, vibrate, and breathe deeply. Feel Earth responding to your gifting! Dance and make clay pots that feel like the planet, and paint as if light beams were coursing through the brushes!


The crystalline matrices of the telluric realm are the waves of Gaia in lye lines and vortexes. When blood is spilled, it all soaks back into your planet, back into the consciousness of Gaia. Blood is where your records are stored; it contains an ever-yearning desire for perfection, for beauty and freedom. Gaia is warm and welcoming when she receives your blood. She cries with your pain, and she also feels like a mother when her child gets yet another scrape or bump. As the central core consciousness of Earth, she does not feel pain, you do. Do you think a volcano is in pain when it explodes? Gaia simply is energy that holds frequencies. How could she reject the essence that is part of herself? Only you can stop the blood flowing.


How blood plays out in 3D is your choice, and the outcomes you feel are negative will continue until you—the carriers of this exquisite, alchem­ical fluid—become conscious of your responsibilities, your abilities to respond. I have been clear about this from the outset. Your movement through time, your activation will not go away. And if it did go away, you would have stasis and no movement. You are not acting as if you choose that. In fact, you are acting like you are in the middle of a frenzy of acti­vation that can propel you beyond the dilemma. It's just that you've not passed through this portal before. This is all new, and I caution you again that your wild fears of the Photon Band are unfounded since what hap­pened before does not create what happens now. What creates what hap­pens now is the intention set for the future you sense you are converging into. That is the power of a spiral of time.


Sirians of the Sirius star system as well as those experiencing hybrid Sirian/Earth lifetimes are also activated as photons increase in your realm. As this occurs, they do not know what behavior you will choose for acti­vating yourselves. If they were to influence you, they'd be interfering with your choices about expressing yourselves. We Pleiadians are responsible for our own behavior, and I could tell you many things about us that are good, and things about us that are bad. But we cannot be responsible for your behavior, nor can we be responsible for the behavior of the 4D Anunnaki. Meanwhile, the crystal codes in your blood contain deep memories of all experiences you've had with these intelligences from many dimensions, including us. This all began when the consciousness of Gaia, organized four billion years ago. After a few billion years of Gaian consciousness, humans evolved out of the crystalline memory matrix, and you carry this mixture in your blood. We Pleiadians do not have blood, our memory matrix is in light. Our resonance with you it via the crystals in your blood, and you feel us as light beings in those  crystals. For example, our vehicle has had some experience with Guatemalan healers who can feel ill­ness by quickening their blood. They can feel 2D elemental powers in the minerals in blood, and we can feel this quickening in your blood crystals when a shaman heals you. Some of them say they "make lightning" in their blood by loving the sick person. Since they activate this force by means of love, we Pleiadians are brought in to assist. I like the way these shamans invite us.


Our vehicle has seen a group of Pleiadians twice, which she has described in her earlier books. In both cases, she felt a bliss from our blue light that is like the bliss we feel in the shaman's blood, or when we travel in your spines. We Pleiadians discover the most about ourselves in light, and you humans can discover the most about yourselves in blood. We do not die, for example, but I would cease to exist in 3D if my vehicle died, because I am alive in the crystals in her blood, her source of life. Of course, I could find another channel. About such things I have no sense of linear time, but suddenly I will feel a shaman ferreting out our Pleiadian love for you right in your blood! Our arrival is ecstatic light fusion.


Creating Realities from the Future

We Pleiadians do not think of what you call "past actions" as the past. If you watch me closely, most of what I'm focusing on is actually the future. Listen carefully: The future is any past memory that is still potent enough to impulse your behavior now. You think of yourself as being at a certain point. Once you're at that point, then there's something that you can call before" and something that you can call "after." You think of yourselves on a corner between the past and future, and that corner is the present. Meanwhile, unless you noticed that you got to the corner and felt like you came from somewhere and were going somewhere, we wouldn't notice only notice you. We only notice you when you are aware of yourselves in your now.


When my vehicle tunes into my frequency as Satya, she goes into something akin to timelessness. When she comes back into her frequency —3D—there is a "before" and an "after" for her. Do not miss this one! Once she is in our frequency, she can see future potential, and she chooses what she wants out of it. Then she moves back into the present moment, where she digs up any relevant past knowledge about what she has chosen, and she uses that. Then she forgets all about the choice, and poof! the new creation appears magically in her reality with a full background resume! I am not kidding . . . The more you understand that the future is simply any idea or thing you might like to create, the sooner you can craft a future of your own choosing. That is why small children love to make sand castles so much. Our vehicle consciously creates most of her reality from the future by observing what is boring now and deciding not to repeat it. We love this particular discovery on her part; and I'd suggest you could erase Washington, D.C., in an hour with that one! TV would last about 10 sec­onds, and spectator sports about 5 seconds. She simply looks ahead to a particular point in time, makes a plan, and has fun watching it unfolding, since the one thing she doesn't know is how the future will happen.


A Deeper Exploration of Blood Codes

Let's go back into the blood and decode it. It was decided by the Sirians in conference with the Galactic Federation to have the vital essence of 2D, 4D, 6D, and 8D be blood. Blood is fluid that is alive, and it can be energetically alive as well as physically alive. The Sirians are the keepers of the blood because they are the keepers of darkness in the Galactic Night. When you are actually in the Photon Band, for example, your blood is no longer dark, it is crystalline blue, and it is more air than liquid. Since you are moving into the Photon Band, your blood vibration is shift­ing out of the Sirian realm into the Pleiadian realm, and this can be seen as the color changes. Blood is the most potent multidimensional connec­tor in your bodies, and it is being rather vigorously fought over. One of the sources on what is at stake in this battle is Holy Blood/Holy Grail, which catalogues how 4D forces utilize the 2D elemental realm to set up political realities in 3D.5


The principal 4D intelligence involved in blood biology is reptilian, Reptiles are the originators of complex blood circulation in bodies, but they are so ancient that their blood is still cold. Our friends the lizards are simply reflectors in 3D of the 4D reptilian vibration, just as cats reflect the Sirian mode. I would advise you that the more you explore the stellar codes of animals without prejudgment, the more you will be able to see what is really going on in 3D. Such keen sight is what offers you free will, your most potent faculty, your pathway out of linear space and time. So, let's go for it.


Reptiles are cold blooded, and the issue that we are speaking of regarding your blood is about warm blood. The more that warm blooded creatures tune into warm-blooded essence, the more understanding is attained about feelings. Being members of a warm-blooded species, you will see that some impulses are cold-blooded and it is best to avoid them. The same advice would follow for the cold-blooded entities of your planet. The more the reptiles tune into their own cold-blooded vibration, the more they will understand themselves. The cold-blooded codes are the source of the even-numbered, 2D through 8D, intelligences; and the warm-blooded codes are the source of the odd-numbered, 1D through 9D realities. As we get into this, one is not superior to the other; they simply function differently.


As I scan Bosnia, for example, there is a race of people there who actually think their blood is cold, not warm. This thoughtform sucks in amazing elemental forces that trigger atrocities. Why? Individuals who think they are cold-blooded fear snake medicine so intensely that they are becoming what they deny! Whenever humans think of themselves as cold-blooded, elementals are sucked in and become whirlwinds that draw such vibrations back deep into Earth. As I feel the cold-blooded nature of rep­tiles, when I tune into them, I can feel these reptiles responding strongly to metals in Earth, a very 2D vibration. When I tune into warm-blooded entities of your planet, I feel them tuning into the 5D Pleiadian vibration. We Pleiadians will know you have changed when you stop killing yourselves. This will come when you totally access your warm-blooded nature—by processing all your feelings.


One of the ways you contact different dimensions is through the food you eat. I have noticed that you humans have a higher sex drive when you  eat red meat, and I've noticed that fructarians lose their sex drive. This is more important than you think, because the Pleiadians have noticed that you tend to follow gurus and lose your freedom when you are sexually dormant. I've noticed you want little sex when you eat fruit, you want a little bit of sex when you eat vegetables, more when you eat rice and chicken, and you really go for it when you eat beef. Meanwhile, look how proud King Lizard is of his long spine and magnificent kundalini energy. The reptiles have carried you through a long process of activation of your kundalini powers for the last 225 million years, and much of this activation was eating meat and blood.


You are evolving to a less sexual level, you are becoming more androgynous, and you are experimenting. This is why you must not judge any of your processes. Your charge now is to understand your behavior before you rush to change it. Of course, some of you become vegetarians or fructarians simply because you feel like it. Gaia has agreed to allow you to create on her surface, and she is the most allowing and loving presence that you can comprehend.


Today you have constant movies about vampires, you obsess about blood in murder trials, and your biggest disease is blood borne! Yet, you have choices about working with this energy. You could call in a reptile and say, "Here, lizard. Would you like a drink of this blood?" Or you have the choice of pouring it on the ground to Gaia, and saying, "Here, Mother Gaia, enjoy our blood which is you." Can you imagine drinking blood? Smearing it on your bodies? How about praising it? Should you allow yourselves to annoint your faces and your bodies with blood? Many women are doing that at this time. This may shock you; however, smearing blood all over your bodies is better than spilling it on the battlefield. Why not seek a more creative and attractive solution that will make you hap­pier? There are some kinds of blood flowing from your bodies that are an act of creation, such as menstrual blood and birthing blood.


When you bleed or receive a wound, there is great teaching for you in that experience. The surface of your body is a barrier between the outer and inner worlds. When your inner world is pierced, the outside reality can be known from this most hidden part of yourself. There is potential great consciousness available here, and this is why some indige­nous traditions work with body piercing. Then there is blood letting. The famed healer and artist, Hildegard von Bingen, advised bloodletting as an annual or biannual event to release negative forces and ill humors front the body.6 It is a cleansing. For example, the Pleiadians have indicated that it is very dangerous for you to have the blood of others injected into your bodies. If you could see the 2D elemental forces in blood, few of you would ever agree to blood transfusions unless it was absolutely necessary! For the most part, if you want blood for medical emergencies, why not draw it for people who need it, and otherwise have your own blood drawn prior to surgery? Such actions would help you overcome your fear of being penetrated, prior to opening your inner world to the outside reality by surgery. Doctors exercise phenomenal control over you, and many of them know that bloodletting tremendously enhances your vitality. But instead of enhancing your vitality, they draw blood in ways that deplete you, and they charge money for this.


They block you from dealing with your own blood. I have been very clear about how the doctors are most influenced by the Nibiruans, and the main way they control you through the doctors is by blood control. Medical school is a process set up to desensitize them. They are taught that people cannot handle seeing blood, seeing the processing of blood or the spilling of blood. Yet, it is easy to see how a higher-dimensional perspec­tive could create an incredible shift. How would you like an alliance with 4D the same way the Pleiadians have made one with the Sirians? Imagine how different your reality could be if this issue was raised just one notch higher. There are many individuals who are working to create a higher-vibrational point of view about blood. So let's shift to the Eucharist, where higher vibrational codes about blood have already been implanted in the planetary field.


Christ and the Activation of the Plant Realm

Christ transubstantiated your plant realm into blood, and then he set up a sacrament operating through time for increasing the resonance of Gaia in the plant realm. The plant realm is the green expression of the 2D elementals, as you humans are the red expression of the 2D elementals. Humans transduce elementals into electromagnetic communication systems—kundalini energy—and plants transduce the elementals into a breathing system—oxygen and carbon dioxide. When you allow yourselves to take the time to feel the power of a great tree, you feel the planet breath and you can communicate with the tree. Trees are very lonely for you, and you are losing your own ability to breathe by cutting the forests. The forests are slowly losing the memory of the Garden—the mind of Gaia. Meanwhile, people, you are the keepers of the Mind of Gaia, and once you remember this and feel this force, you will stop destroying your biological libraries—the forests of Gaia. Why do you think Christians were intent on cutting the sacred oak groves of the Druids? Wake up, wake up, tell your brothers and sisters that they are keepers of the mind of Gaia.


As we've said above, the Anunnaki planned to take over your planet at Zero Point. But when Christ elevated the green plant realm into blood, they knew that this would evolve you right out of their control range, as you would begin to feel Gaia in your blood. So they devised a big program from Zero Point to 325 A.D. and they gradually manipulated you by setting up the Christian Church to dominate the diverse religious movements of Rome, Greece, the Levant, and Egypt. In 325 A.D., the Roman Catholic Church was set up as the official dispenser of the Eucharist. The Anunnaki Caesars realized what Christ was doing by transmuting wine into blood, and they immediately tried to shut this power down by taking total control of it. Many of you still have emotional bodies that are controlled by religious belief systems and physical bodies that are controlled by the medical establishment. There will be a great fight as you move into the Photon Band. This battle will occur within each one of you as each of you takes back your integrity.


I know these ideas are difficult for you to contemplate, yet the level of violence is forcing you to dig deeper. You all know something is terribly wrong. Your prejudices and belief systems are inherently irrational and contradictory, and many religious systems are self-destructing these days, and this shocks you. In the 1950s, who would have thought many altar boys would have to fear sexual abuse from their priests? I prod you and tease you about religion to wake you up, but I know how painful this loss of belief is for you.


Let's pick an especially cloaked idea and go for it as a group! We Pleiadians want to know if you have any idea how you could fall for the Immaculate Conception, since any immaculate conception in a female could not produce a male child? Why do you study genetics and then draw no conclusions from what you study? Where would the female get a male chromosome? From a star being? From a God or an angel? People, the birth of Christ was a 3D event! Who came up with the idea of no sex in this creation? Well, this ridiculous diversion was created by the Anunnaki to keep you from seeing that Mary Magdalene and Christ birthed a child. From that birthing, the Christie codes were implanted into the blood of the planet. Codes don't get implanted in 3D by celibate males!


Speaking of our alliance with the Sirians, now that the Age of Pisces closing out, the Christ consciousness is flooding into your planet from Sirius, and this reinvigorates the ancient Egyptian field codes. These were implanted when Osiris came to Earth at the beginning of the Age Taurus in 4320 B.C. Later, a blow was delivered to the Sirian codes win Osiris's phallus was taken off by Set. This is very secret stuff. Osiris is "green god" like Dionysus, the god of wine. Osiris lost his phallus because Egypt was the zone for the codes called "blue Nile;" he had to be dismembered to trigger the next stage of evolution of humans into the " Blue race" expression of the 2D elemental realm. Humans needed to lose their role as the green expression of the elemental realm so the trees and plants could be honored with this green expression. The shift for humans into the Blue Nile consciousness was how humans began to access their stellar codes. In the ancient days, the stellar codes were reserved for the pharaoh. He carried them to hold the field of the Blue Nile for the people. Now, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, every human can attain stellar access.


Subconsciously, you cut trees attempting to regain your green power. Deep inside you fear the moment when Osiris lost his phallus, so you cut trees to prove to yourselves that you are more powerful than they are. Having this power somehow makes you feel like you will not get castrated. However, this is an act of defiance against your male vulnerability. Remember, the emasculation of the male is what is killing your planet. Once the great blow happened to Osiris, Sirian codes were removed from 3D. Once you had the opportunity to discover them yourselves, and since 1994 that faculty is available again. The real point of Osiris is that you must remember your vulnerability. Most of you remember the days of the Blue Nile when you were like plants. You lived in exquisite synchronicity and breathed with the planet then, but you also felt like a plant—rooted to one place. You wanted free will and this rooting grated on your minds and hearts. Imagine a great tree having as much sensitivity and awareness as you have. Then see that tree in a great forest next to a churning river. One day you come before that tree, and it has never seen a human before. From the tree's point of view, it created you. And you cut it down! Like Osiris, this tree is severed and begins an eternal search for its lost self—you. We Pleiadians can see that you are ready to reintegrate these vibrations. Remember, we can see the future: A very great number of you will choose to become magnificent trees in the new forests. There you will be for 500 to 10,000 years, silently observing Gaia's creativity. Maybe a human will walk by someday, maybe not, but in the next age the forests will prevail and not you humans.


In accordance with cosmic law, the Anunnaki must evolve too, and they are being activated by the Photon band because the Sun is responding to it. The Photon Band does not destroy them. They have been in it many times, yet they are still around. The Nibiruans will be orbiting into your solar system around 3600 A.D., just when your solar system is still moving in the Band through the latter days of Aquarius. Their abilities to control and manipulate you are already lessening, but many of you don't know this yet. During the Age of Aquarius, their control will dissipate. The Net already peaked back in 1989, and the next Anunnaki takeover attempt will be directed out of Washington, D.C. Well, people, if you thought the fall of the Berlin Wall or the disintegration of the U.S.S.R. was something, wait until you see the walls protecting your own government fall.


The Sirian influence will also lessen as you move deeper into the Photon Band. Sirius is the twin to your Sun, and it exists in the Galactic Night. Now is the time to learn as much as you can about the Sirian and Nibiruan teachings. The Sirians are the keepers of orbits in the Galactic Night, and the Anunnaki are messengers of the Sirians, and as you move out of the Galactic Night, suddenly they work together to create realities on Earth. A great reversal occurs during the shift out of the Galactic Night, the part of your journey when various 2D through 8D intelligences greatly influence Earth. We've said little about the 8D intelligences—the Galactic Federation—but when your Sun passes into the Photon Band in 1998-2001, that is a time when your solar system has direct communica­tion with the Galactic Federation.


The Pleiadians began to mine your information as soon as your out­ermost planet moved into the Photon Band, which was 1972 when Pluto entered the Photon Band and the Sirians began constructing geometrical light structures and forms. A great pulse from the Sun in 1972 opened Earth, and this impulsed the Sirians to construct a geometrical light system that could access and read the high-energy frequency of the Galactic Federation.7 The Sirians are transducers for the Galactic Federation when the solar system moves into the Photon Band. The only records you have on this process are from the reign of Akhenaton of Egypt. Akhenaton's teaching about the Aton is actually secret knowledge about the qualities of your Sun when your solar system is in the Photon Band; that is, you are enhanced by the Aton, by the Photon Band, which will turn your blood crystalline blue.


As you move deeper into the Photon Band, you have nothing to fear from the Sun. Like the Aton, you will be able to gaze into it! Imagine that! Your blood will become blue, your plants will reinvigorate, you will be able to handle great light with your eyes, and you will become gentle am loving again. The Blue Nile will be the field of your planet, and the green ones will breathe the 2D elemental powers through crystals in the soil, which will birth great forests again. Imagine it! There will be absolutely no control on your planet for 2000 years as energies and forms reorganize. Many agencies and teachers on your planet are attempting to convince you that you must fear what is coming; yet all that is coming is the removal of control so that all lifeforms can vibrate back into integrity. Yes, if you are killer, you will die; if you do not love your body, you will leave it; if you fear the forest, you will not be welcome there; if you do not love the children, you will not parent them; if you do not hold your animals, they will leave you; and if you are not interested in cosmic communication with the Sun, you will go into darkness. But then you will come back in a body as a tree, a child, an animal, or a Sun being. All the control you created to convince yourself that you have to stay in your body will be gone. You will only stay because you want to.


Furthermore, ninth-dimensional intelligences actually know how much you love freedom from all control. We Pleiadians have noticed that you are enjoying watching Washington, D.C, turn into a cartoon strip. Many of you intuit that Clinton is about to grow his nose and Newt Ginko is about to grow his tail, and both of them will be laughing with rosy checks, like Pleiadians telling jokes. Many of you are feeling like we're going into a summer off after being in a very hard school. And what were you so worried about while you were in school?


The Multidimensional Explosion

Finally, you wonder, why does Gaia tolerate all this? Think of Gaia as just a point—the 1D central-core iron crystal—and what if that was all she ever was? She chose to generate the nine-dimensional line of creation that is you. You could just as easily ask yourself why you chose to exist? What are you doing here? Surely you do not think it is an accident? We Pleiadians choose to be the center for your nine dimensions of existence, and we know we are involved with you as long as we are in form on Alcyone. I, Satya, do have to admit that I go into eternal contemplation and forget all about you. Then I wake up and remember you as if you are my dream in the dark night. You humans are the dream of the Pleiadians in the Galactic Night. Now as all dreams are becoming reality, we Pleiadians are bringing you into the light. Gaia is the creative expression of biology, and to conceive of this as your central organizing force is what is most powerful for you now. She is the central beginning point of your awareness, she is gravity. Then all the other levels of her evolution in other dimensions develop her.

You have a central organizing force that is your identity, and yet you are not solid. You're in form in 3D; Gaia is in form in 1D, and the first dimension is solid. You think you are solid because gravity—the central iron crystal—is solid. The 2D elementals think they are more solid than you are, and so they tend to come into your bodies to fill up the empty spaces in your bodies. In 3D, you manipulate elemental intelligences to try to con­vince yourselves that you are solid. Then you can split matter. The 4D beings feel like they are not solid, and so they keep on trying to invade your realm to get a body. We Pleiadians in the fifth dimension are right in the middle of the whole alignment, and we feel more solid as we move down the dimensional ladder, and we feel less solid as we move up the ladder. We are your teachers about the values and status of each realm. While you were in the Galactic Night, we encouraged you to love the elementals, to tune into the core crystal, to love your 3D bodies, to have a blast playing with the 4D archetypal teachers, and to have lots of sex to generate 5D kundalini waves. Now, as you go into the Photon Band, we are here in 3D to tell you more and more about how 6D loves to expand you with light, how 7D loves to generate information highways of photonic light, how 8D loves to create new organizational structures, and how the 9D Galactic Center has cosmic orgasms when you follow your bliss. (See Fig. 12.)


The more you hold a sense of these forms in your awareness, the more you will be surprised at what it does to your consciousness. As I've said, my vehicle has learned how to create on Gaia's surface. She has discovered that Gaia is unlimited if you are working within her laws. Deep in the indigenous knowledge of your planet, it is known that there is no hunger, no limitation, and no disease in Gaia. The 4D archetypal forces have tricked you into belief systems of limitation. You think limitation exists, limiting belief systems are born out of this, and you feel you must suffer because of the limitations. You do not act to change this because you believe it's real. The only thing that is true in all of this is, if you keep going, if you do not change it when you see it, then in your end times you will be hungry, limited, and diseased.


The Anunnaki have set the thoughtform of limitation in place because they hate to leave Gaia and travel out into deep space. You felt their loneliness when you first went off planet and viewed Gaia from space. You also saw your planet's blue/green hues. This view is awakening you more deeply than you realize. The Anunnaki are like greedy Mongols sacking a castle; like a lover who wants to spend one more night with you; like a starving person who is served a great dinner; like a person whose country has been taken and who grabs someone else's land. Now comes the time when the Mongol gets sacked and the land raider gets driven out. I, Satya, have come into your realm to suggest some terms for an alliance with them that only you can negotiate.


The Anunnaki do not have much time left for controlling you because you are moving into Aquarius and the Photon Band. Lately you've been walking around realizing that you are on Earth and in other dimensions simultaneously: you find yourselves suddenly in Andromeda; you are inhabiting an especially exquisite place on Earth, which feels like the Garden of Eden; you trip out to the Pleiades when you end up in bed with a goddess. Here is a suggestion: I have advised you to set up a four-directional altar in your home. How about selecting an object that could hold the awareness of Niburu and putting it in the West? Then as you meditate and travel to Andromeda, welcome Nibiru into your space and take them with you. Listen, people, you can travel anywhere when you are in the Gaia mind, and other consciousnesses want to share those jour­neys with you. It is time to remember the ancient Hopi way of always including the guest who appears. Feed your visitors, bring them into your home, and take them with you when you travel. Teach them all how Gaia is unlimited so they will stop robbing her. Teach them that Gaia cannot be owned, and then they will stop fighting for land. Each one of your homes is to become a temple with great trees, a sacred altar, and a kitchen for feeding your visitors.


As you move into the Photon Band, there will be a moment when the surface of Gaia will shift as the telluric forces shift her relationship to her iron crystal and multidimensional intelligences are able to access her libraries. Those in communion with the iron crystal of Gaia will welcome all the other intelligences who also share her space. You are only a keeper of Gaia if you are one who Makes Home for all beings who desire her. Do not worry. There is an infinity of time because time is already expanding, Have you noticed? You are losing interest in 4D dramas, 6D Structure and 8D organization, and you are dematerializing back into beings who simply want to flow with Gaia. You are immortal when you are in touch with the nonphysical elements of yourselves—your identity that is held in Gaia and extends through Alcyone to the Galactic Center. After you have fed and sheltered those who are called to you, the only way to help people is by getting them in touch with the nonphysical attributes of themselves. Humans in touch with these attributes have little difficulty with Gaia's movements and expressions.


How will you handle Gaia's transition? You will do this by working with her Goddess alchemy, so let us go back into the blood now that you in are truly expanded. Doesn't that feel great? Why not just be like that all the time? Notice that your resistance to this topic is less now that you have let go. Notice this because the Anunnaki are quickened by the energy in your blood. If you can remember the deep harmony and balance of the iron in your own blood resonating with the center of Gaia, you will not trigger archetypal forces that seem to be outside yourselves. In case you think we Pleiadians are unsophisticated about such things, do not be foolish enough to underestimate us. We know all about your tendencies to become destructive when you are gripped by apocalyptic belief systems. This tendency is modified when you move into the Age of Aquarius because of the deep Aquarian tendency toward individualism. Belief systems are a result of groups, and Aquarians dislike group belief systems such as Nazism, Communism, and Christianity. Now is the time, therefore, to go deeply into blood, which is the very source of your individuality.


Our vehicle has learned how to read the crystalline matrix of blood, and we've been mining her for this information. As you move deeper into the Photon Band, your blood gets extremely activated. This is happening now and is creating scenarios that are very difficult for you until you figure them out. You are in the midst of a planetwide clearance of all the karma and pain involved in the process of the blood. You will be amazed by this as it intensifies. We have noticed that these experiences are very valuable to the individuals involved, but you may not need to go through such things. Have compassion for those who do, and honor their own choices, even though these things are very hard to understand. Situations that would be very difficult for you may not be that way for others. Have you noticed that people are not as sensitive to pain as they were ten or fifteen years ago? For example, people are not as stirred up when they watch a movie and see someone’s head chopped off. Have you noticed this? Assuming that all of you react with total attention and compassion when someone has actually been injured in your presence, you can then look at this desensitization in the media from an entirely different point of view. Much of what occurs in the media is not negative, it simply carries a very dark vibration.


How can you know when you are being manipulated by these forces? It is easy. Whenever you get a really bad feeling from anything in the media, turn it off or walk out of the theater. As long as you are willing to pay for being manipulated, there will be plenty of so-called artists who will happily serve you. We warn you, people, remove your bodies and your con­sciousness from all situations that are violent, except situations where you can act to calm the violence. Do not watch accidents, shootings, or lines of starving people unless you can provide first aid or bring food. Your attention is being drawn away, and you won't be there in a situation when you could do something.


You are in the middle of a great process of letting go an involvement in the blood field as it transmutes. What happens next is the intelligence—mental body of the blood—will become available to you, as it is to our vehicle. Shamans have the ability to tune into this intelligence and utilize it for healing and joy. As I've said, you are becoming "Warriors of the Heart." You will literally read the codes in your blood and figure out what's going on in your body. Then you will tell the doctors what they can do to assist you, and doctors will become healers again. Healers work with Gaia to enhance all realities. Indigenous healers can walk through the forest, and their blood informs them of which plant or herb to use for which ailment. They can attune to the health of the planet by reading the tree sap like blood. The Lacandon shamans of Chiapas are dying in their own forests, where they've been protecting the trees and plants for all individuals who have chosen to live with Gaia.


You will see this kind of knowledge literally exploding on your planet. You must protect indigenous people who still remember the Gaian codes. This particular kind of shamanic knowledge is exceedingly pragmatic; works the most accurately when individuals read their own blood, not when they have it read for them. This is a skill that each one of you can activate. Hildegard von Bingen mastered it and wrote about it. As you go further dealing with immune deficiency difficulties as AIDS, you will begin to get extremely interested in mastering this process.


Regarding Rwanda and Bosnia and all the other places where your fellow humans are killing each other: I read your vibrations very thor­oughly while these events were occurring, since a lot of them were hap­pening when the comet impacted Jupiter. These were big events, from our point of view. During these times, you got a big realization deep in your bodies: You could feel that what occurred in these places could occur any­where—it could happen even to you. As a result, a whole new commit­ment about how to avoid these situations is being very quickly activated. We know that there are many dark forces and manipulations going on in your so-called New World Order. We know that evil is real in your realm even though we do not have such a force in our 5D realm. However, one of the things that is occurring due to the mass media is that many individ­uals who see what is happening in places like Rwanda are deeply motivated to shift these situations. Think about it.


Listen carefully to me, people. Your desire not to have this going on actually changes the people who really could alter your reality! What do I mean? In case you didn't know it, generals and bureaucrats think of themselves as being agents of your desires. If you don't care, they don't care. So what if a few more million die in agonizing starvation? But what if you care and you will not tolerate their evil insensitivity? New imprints are occurring on your planet. Many men are seeing what could happen to them if they continue to be angry at their wives as O.J. Simpson was. As we Pleiadians read you, these things are being more deeply thought out than you may be aware of at this time. Those of you who Make Home now will end up moving into the economy, schools, and communities, and you will be the builders of new realities for the Age of Aquarius.