SOME 225 MILLION YEARS AGO, YOUR SUN WAS LOCATED IN THE SAME PLACE in the Milky Way Galaxy as it is now, and this was a time when great repti­les of awesome size had just begun to establish their dominion on Earth.1 Now, as you return to the same point in your Galaxy, you have become sell reflective, and you are wondering whether life has also evolved in other star systems. Therefore, this is the time to delve deeply into your  reptilian heritage, for it is the biological basis of this just-completed Galactic cycle. As I, Satya, have told you, a new intention is created at the beginning of each approximately 26,000-year cycle, and four of these cycles—approximately 104,000 years—always entails a major evolutionary leap. There are 2160 of these 104,000-year cycles, within the 225-million Galactic Return, and 2160 is the number of years in the precession of one zodiac sign on Earth. Twelve zodiac signs precess in one exact 25,920-year precession.

I bring these vast numbers up because everything is synchronized. The more you comprehend the synchronization of Earth's precession Cycle with the Alcyone spiral, and with the orbit of the whole Pleiadian system around the Galactic Center, the more you will be amazed. Now is the time to delve into the real truth about your reptilian heritage, the whole last 225 million years of Earth's biological evolution. The reptiles are the carriers of potent biological codes since they have been living on Earth all the way through the whole cycle. You are fascinated with their supposed extinction in the past because you are actually contemplating the possibility of your own. This apotheosis of the galactic cycle is deeply attuned with reptilian cellular intelligence. I was most intrigued when in  19 89 my vehicle was taken by Hunbatz Men deep within the limestone caves of Yucatan to see cave drawings of the Maya with dinosaurs— and so let's hear from a lizard!


King Lizard Speaks about Kundalini

"I am King Lizard, and we lizards love your spines. That is all we are really interested in. We are specialists of the spine, along with our broth­ers—the blessed snakes. The energy in your spines attracts us, and we are here now because this is a time of energy acceleration in your spines. Our spines are very long, and their feeling potential is exquisite, such as with the dinosaur. These days, we have to struggle to stay in incarnational form, much more than you realize. For some strange reason, you think we are invincible because we are so good at eating you up whenever we get the opportunity. I am here now because possibly you might become less afraid of me.


"We are the most advanced masters, ministers, regulators, and res­onators of the spinal influence on your planet. Just look at all of us with our exquisitely long spines. Are you not impressed by Tyrannosaurus Rex? Is it not wonderful that such a huge creature with such great, powerful legs and hipbones has such an incredibly long, powerful spine throughout its back and tail? Like you humans, we too had high times in our civilization, and we like the way you've put our Tyrannosaurus Rex in museums! The longer the spine, the more you have kundalini energy. This is because the more vertebrae you have, the more kundalini energy. If you still had your tails, you would have more. Our friends, the Pleiadians, love kundalini energy. Because they are the etheric level of kundalini and we are the phys­ical level, we are both deeply involved in the reptilian biological con­sciousness of Earth.

"You might wonder if the length of the spine is related to the length of the penis? What about the human penis and kundalini activation? This male member is simply a blood-engorged organ attached to men's bodies, close to their root chakra. Activation and stimulation of the male member are ruled by blood flow in the physical body, not by kundalini energy in the spine. Now, it is true that kundalini energy in the spine activates blood flow in all of the chakras, but the principle that rules the activation of the penis is actually the blood system.


"We lizards along with birds are original biological species of Earth, and we have one similar characteristic: we have an extremely strong bio­logical force. However, our ability to survive on the planet can be a deli­cate matter. Due to this precarious balance, we are always excellent barometers of the  ecological balance of your planet Along with the birds, we reptiles are very involved with the Nibiruan species, because we have always been here when they've visited during the last 500,000 years. We've taught the Nibiruans our life sciences, and the records of these teachings are recorded on the "Stones of Ica" of Peru. Our vibration is much in tune with the Nibiruans; we are simpatico with them. They admire us when they come to Earth. They think of us as gods. Did you know that?


"Nibiruans differ from us in that they are metallic biology. From your perspective, metallic lifeforms are nonbiological. To comprehend the Nibiruan lifeform, you need to be able to stretch your imaginations to encompass a metallic force as being biological. You'll figure this out when realize your computers are becoming lifeforms. The Nibiruans are metallic entities who admire us lizards as gods of Earth. They love the kundalini energy surging in our spines, because the metallic electromagnetic force in their bodies resonates with our Sacred fire. Also we are cold-blooded, and cold-blooded creatures are closer in vibration to metallic lifeforms and the 2D telluric realm. When the Anunnaki visit Earth, they wear various costumes over their bodies, since otherwise they would look like reptilian metal robots to you. They often wear bird masks, great wings, ever bird claws. Sometimes they wear the faces of crocodiles, frogs, or dogs. The Anunnaki resonate with our vital force. If you want to figure them out, listen to me. Around us they are like radios that enjoy being plugged in and turned on. Has it ever occurred to you that your receptor appliances like it when you turn them on?


"These metallic essences, the Anunnaki, receive electromagnetic kundalini energy from us reptiles, and they can monitor all devices that are based on electromagnetism. This is difficult for you to conceive. But if it makes you feel any better, they can't monitor silica-based technologies; however, extraterrestrials from stars can. Everything is linked, and now that you have invented tools that work with vibrational waves, you are joining grid. You all totally underestimate how much each one of you can actually read energies. The third dimension is flowing with energies— radio, television, kundalini, microwave, and extraterrestrial signals and waves. The human brain is capable of reading any of them. So, too, are your electronic devices when you nun them on. If you really want to, you can hear what the CIA is doing, what the FBI is doing, what the local police are doing, just by listening to the sound codes in phones, televisions, radios, the wind in electrical wires, and vibrations in machines. Anytime you want to, you can tune into metallic forms of communication by trans­lating energies through the metals in your own bodies. This might not be such a bad idea, since the Anunnaki head the World Management Team, which runs the covert spy apparatuses, secret police, governments, and multinational corporations of the world. As King Lizard, let me tell you, your airwaves are loaded with their output these days!


"Here's how you can tune into metallic forms of communication . . . A hologram is produced when a laser beam is split into two beams. Beam A is bounced off an image to be photographed, Beam B is mirrored back so it will collide with the reflected light of the image. This creates an inter­ference pattern, like waves from opposite directions intermeshing on the surface of a pond. The interference pattern is encoded on film, and if you shine another light into it, the image that was photographed can be pro­jected into any space. Once it is projected, you can see this image in space—you can pass your hand through it suspended in air. Your space is filled with waves from many sources, these waves form interference pat­terns, and images can be created out of them. Your media has specific, sur­face 3D sounds or images that you all can hear or see, but it is also loaded with masked sounds and images. These subliminal communications are used to encode you with thoughtforms while you laugh innocently, naively at "I Love Lucy." The World Management Team uses your electronic forms of entertainment to get into your head. You can ascertain these subliminal implants by observing odd thoughts, emotional patterns, or physical reac­tions such as stomachaches or headaches when you are tuned into the media; notice when and where they come from.


"Any one of you is capable of hearing the metallic vibrational com­munications system of the World Management Team, since your own life force generates electromagnetic fields. Naturally, unless you have raised your own vibration beyond their access, your electromagnetic fields can be penetrated and/or monitored. Since they access you and read you, why not reverse your energy through their waves and read them? Your esoteric and magical faculties have been consistently suppressed and ridiculed so you won't figure out how to reverse the process. However, most major male power brokers are members of secret societies, they practice magical rites covertly, so they can become masters of energy by reading vibrations. You can do any of this yourselves if you trust your subtle senses; and once you regain that skill, nobody can pull anything on you. Let's be honest, you sense what the big boys are doing, so start doing it back!


"I am King Lizard. I've come to meet with you to discuss the ecolog­ical condition of Earth. We live most happily in tropical environments that are not threatened. Our environment is very endangered, as are the envi­ronments of many of the original species of Earth. Loss of habitat and species limits the access of star intelligence on Earth, but each one of the original biological species of Earth has a star home. Star consciousness is a large part of the dimensional spectrum—more than half of it—and ani­mals are the source of star wisdom for humans. Cats live the star con­sciousness of Sirius, the birds of the Pleiades, and the bears of the Andromeda Galaxy. We lizards have the star consciousness of Draco. We are very attuned to Nibiru's long journey outside your solar system; and we also resonate with Draco, the source of dragon legends on Earth. Sirius is, of course, known as the dog star, and Anubis is a jackal, a dog with a very catlike body. This is because dogs are guardians of humans; frequently a dog will give its life so a human can live. Anubis is the orbital guardian of the whole solar system. He is one of the solar system's guides in the Galactic Night. Snakes are very close to our vibration. Their habitat and behavior are different, but when we are in the water and a snake is on the land, we both vibrate with Earth in a similar way.


"I have a family, a very close family with many generations below myself in time. I have sex with many females, and with males sometimes. We are, as you would call it, androgynous. But we do have biological reproduction, and so when we think of our family, we think of all the lizards that we have produced from our own bodies for eons. Do you think of your species as your relations for eons? We are fascinated with our off­spring, and we love them all very intensely. We are mainly interested in the environment that is very close to ourselves. The saddest experience that we have on your planet occurs when the water goes away. Our habitat is being drained away. Have you noticed?


"A long time ago, we decided to fly while seeking safety during a time of great heat from volcanoes. We were taught to fly by our brothers and sisters, the Pleiadian bird teachers. This attempt to fly off the land was not in successful over time because it was so foreign to our natural biology. As soon as we were able to find water sources and wet habitats again, we let this experiment with our species atrophy. We feel great affinity with our Pleiadian bird teachers who attempted to help us with our dilemma when Earth became hot and dry. Once, some of us became ostriches with very long legs, and this was in the time when we had moved into other forms of elemental evolution.


"The reason that we are so attuned to electromagnetic energy is because of the length of our spines and the number of vertebrae, and because we lie and crawl on the surface of Earth like snakes. As soon as you become a species that stands erect, kundalini energy diminishes in your body. Kundalini energy access is stronger for reptiles slithering on the ground. It is an entirely different organization of consciousness that is more attuned to the telluric realm, the source of electromagnetic energy that activates kundalini in bodies. Listen carefully, kundalini waves are from 2D. Electromagnetism works differently in the air above Earth's sur­face, where it can be as toxic as 4D manipulation of your emotions is in 3D. Kundalini energy is rejuvenating, but electromagnetic fields in the air can weaken you.


"Kundalini energy is electromagnetic energy that reorganizes biologi­cal species back into their perfect 12-strand DNA form. Perfect genetic form is the key to functional cellular biology. The kundalini access powers of the reptiles are very important on Earth. There is so much negativity about us, and yet do you realize how magnificent we are? You criticize us for wanting to eat you, but you go out and eat meat all the time. We are exquisite. We are irridescent, green, strong, scaly, and we have activated spines as we lie close to Earth. We lie close to the heart of Earth. You are the ones who do not love Earth enough to see how magnificent we are.


"We are, to the best of our ability, holding the force of pure kundalini energy in relationship to the intelligence of Gaia. We are temple keepers of Gaia, of the biological systems of Earth. Your planet has a certain cli­matic cycle, and a certain solar/lunar/planetary/electromagnetic cycle. The basic environment of your planet is ruled by the 24-hour solar day. Who is it, or what is it, that is holding the basic biological intelligence of the planet in relationship to the intelligence of Earth? Reptiles are the grounders and keepers of that force! As the energy intensifies on the planet, Gaia begins to emit more consciousness. Because you have now entered into an astro­nomical point where Gaian intelligence is being activated, we reptiles who remain in Earth are the ones who hold this incredible intelligence. We hold this knowledge right within our physical bodies. How humans can regenerate limbs the way we can?


"We prefer the Galactic Night because it is a time when there is more water, more flooding, and more greening power. When you enter the Photon Band, as is happening now, unless you have the intelligence to protect the biology of your planet, we reptiles will be destroyed. Now, when I say destroyed, it's the same thing as saying that you are a resident of a city plat turns into a desert. This doesn't necessarily mean all of our biological species will be destroyed, but the fabric of our culture will be decimated. We may need to retreat to the watery caves under the mountains and back into other ancient caves on your planet, but we would rather stay out in the Sun. You can understand that we don't really like crawling down a hole for 2000 years.


"If you humans could begin to figure more things out, we think that we could have a green, swampy paradise that we all could play in. We would like that. We want that because enlightened humans in the past, when Earth was in the Photon Band, made homes in temples for us. The ancient temple Khem in Egypt was a home for us, as well as Kom Ombo. Of course, the Egyptians, being Sirians, were smart enough to realize that they would need us for the regeneration codes—the keys of human survival during the time in the Photon Band. Also, there was enough of our habitat left on the planet for us when the solar system went into the Band. Nice you realize how rapaciously destructive you all are? Nice job you did Florida!


"If a species is decimated, it does go into another dimension. The Imprint of that species is still in Earth's 1D hologram in the 1D central-core crystal, and sometimes it can come back in form in 3D. For the most part, however, if intelligence is not stored someplace in living species— who are the biological records in 3D—it may terminate. How can you take such chances? We fear that if a species is completely decimated, that could be the end of that species, as well as ourselves, and you guys, too. These are very complex questions because the morphogenetic fields of species are held in other dimensions. Certainly, anything can be created again, but we personally feel that it would be possible for a species to become com­pletely extinct.

“For example, why would a species return to a place where it was deliberately destroyed? Do you think any self- respecting crocodile would go to Florida these days? If people understand us as species but do not value our genius, what does that say? We truly love deeply; we are the keepers of Gaia because we're close to Earth, and if you loved Earth as much as we do, you would appreciate who we are. We need to be appre­ciated at the highest levels of intelligence, like a brilliant thoughtform. We would come back if honored, but we see no reason to trust you.


"If you are able to destroy us while knowing what we are, then you show you are capable of destroying life itself! Who says you can create life again? Maybe you can in a laboratory. But what kind of habitat is that? We already know the answer: an Anunnaki habitat. There are those on your planet right now who understand this crisis. They see that saving remnants of a species is very important until the World Management Team realizes they are even endangering themselves. Ecologists are retaining species in captivity for regeneration. These ancient knowledge codes are deep, and ecologists are simply doing again what they' did thousands of years ago. Often these ecologists were keepers of species in Egypt, whose ideal was to have the 3D surface of Earth—Garden of Eden—be symbiotic with the central core crystal. During those times, we lizards were very happy.


"Unfortunately, as I see it, because we are more intelligent than humans, humans would destroy lizards, even if they knew how irreplace­able they are. Humans tend to destroy anything more intelligent than them­selves. We can see this jealous, competitive energy in your bodies when we read the Nibiruan miasms in your emotional bodies. When we see these miasms we do eat you up if possible, especially if you are in our habitat wearing safari clothes. One of our finest achievements in the twentieth century was when our Komodo dragon ate up a Rockefeller! The Anunnaki value the mind over all else, and we've had our difficulties with them. They have used us and abused us. We are not evil beings, for noth­ing that is primary biological species of Earth is evil. Evil is the reverse of live. Evil is anything that comes into a realm and manipulates inhabitants or interferes with their reality, and it is deathly.


"When we die, we have an ecstatic experience similar to what you experience as orgasm. We don't mind dying; neither do you; you just don't know it. By the way, normally we don't speak to you, because you do not respect us. We loved the Nile delta region with its wonderful muddy allu­vial soil. We came all the way down the Nile from the Sudan just to be in the Delta. You cannot imagine how you have broken our hearts by build­ing the Aswan Dam.


"I wonder if you've noticed how backward, how stupid you are? You think you are descended from apes because an uneducated country parson, Charles Darwin, said so. The ape family is not an original biologi­cal species of Earth. They were seeded on Earth from Orion, and they pos­sess extraordinary galactic knowledge, as is evidenced by their leader, Thoth, the baboon god of Egypt. Meanwhile, you humans are descended from us lizards!


"My ancestors, the Red Glint Slit Eyes, are in the British Museum! We have been mummified, and we are on display! Those mummies are from our temple at Kom Ombo. Our vehicle loves to teach there because she loves us. She makes offerings to us there every year. It's a great place, and there's lots of mud. We notice how our vehicle comes alive in wet envi­ronments. She can't stand dry places anymore. And by the way, a lot of people are not going to be liking dry places much longer. Why don't you quit cutting all the trees and drying out the surface of your planet?


"We have very complex social structures based on our desires to have comfort, sunlight, and pleasure in the water. You would be surprised at the things we've built on occasion. We've built caves, tunnels, and all kinds of wonderful systems. We've built temples under surface buildings. There have been civilizations that appreciated us, and then we have been willing to activate their temples with our kundalini power. The Egyptians were the Ultimate masters of occult technology on your planet, and so, on occasion, key created houses and labyrinths for us beneath their temples. The Egyptians discovered that when you create labyrinths for us, we swim around in them, reproduce ourselves, and create powerful consciousness kundalini energy. The Israelites admired our technology, and they created caves for us under the Dome of the Rock in order to activate power.


"We did not like it there, however, because they did not appreciate us. They were trying to use us like scaly batteries producing talismanic power. They were trying to use us and our energy to create power. They were not honoring us, just trying to use our power in order to take control of others. The Egyptians were working with our intelligence in order to understand the powers of Gaia. They shared their discoveries with us; they educated us even mummified us to honor our ancestor cult. One of our most esteemed graduates was Dr. Lizard, and now it is time to consult with this led colleague."


Doctor Lizard and God

"We are a grouping known as Dr. Lizard. We are extremely well-educated. We are scholars, and we are wondering why you spend so much time wor­shiping God while your planet's going to hell? As for us, we are extremely upset whenever we hear the word 'God.' Use of this word always stops us in our tracks for a great deal of time. The way we figure out what is going on with you is to read your feeling bodies, since we cannot read your mental bodies. Your mental bodies are like scrambled-up computer holo­grams, and the only way that we can detect anything about you is via your feelings.


"You express constant anguish about the God dilemma and about the destruction of your planet. However, the amount of attention you pay to God is keeping you from focusing on your environment, thus destroying your environment. As we read you, you do feel true anguish about your envi­ronment, but you have no real feelings about God. You are over- programmed and over-stimulated constantly about this abstract idea that does not interest you at all. This is actually a program designed to keep you from sensitivity about yourselves and your planet. This is the main source of a great deal of the difficulty that our race is experiencing. To put it bluntly, God is a program put upon the Saurians.


"We've noticed that you think God is superior to yourselves. But, that is impossible, because nothing is superior to you! This thoughtform is idi­otic, and nobody actually believes it, but you give your power away by acting like it is true. Haven't you noticed that we do not have this psycho­logical problem? You have a big problem, and you've come to the right place to find out how to bust this belief system. We know that no one is superior to us. The thought never entered our long spines!


"Since you think you are exploring multidimensionality in this book, if you'd adjust your thoughtform away from looking at God as something separate and think of this energy as a generator of dimensions, worshiping would cease with the snap of a finger! When you view anything as separate from yourself, at a higher level than yourself, then you lose perspective on yourself. Watching you, we have noticed that the more you worship this deity, the more you lose your sense of self. Normally we see you as energetic bodies, but when you let go of your identity through worship of a higher form or separate form, your energy body literally disappears! We have to ask, are you alive? Since it's hard to be sure about that, we interact more so with those of you who have very active energetic bodies.


"We are not quite sure of the future. From our point of view, all bio­logical forms will be vibrating at an extremely intense level of frequency while traveling in the Photon Band, and that is only possible within a com­plex and diverse habitat. Since we vibrate at an extremely intense level of frequency, it is likely that one way or another our biological essence will be greatly, ready invigorated and strengthened. King Lizard already commented that we prefer the journey in the Galactic Night when the planet is wet and green, but like yourselves, we do have to journey through the Band.

"We also exist under the surface on the planet Venus, but we prefer to be on Earth's surface. We prefer sunlight, water, and greenery. On Venus, we radiate mineral light from our blood, glow like we are phos­phorescent, and speak telepathically. We are not in corporeal form as lizards on Earth. We are an oozing biological form that looks like frog eggs. If you saw us etherically, we would be a vibrating essence deep within eggs forms in oozing green slime, like protoplasm. We are attuned to our forms on Earth, and this relationship is similar to the relationship of Thoth to baboons and apes. Thoth lives on Mercury. We have noticed that our lizard forms on Earth enjoy slime because it reminds them of home.


"Here on Venus, there is a direct genetic link between ourselves and the formerly dominant Saurian culture. We exist in 4D, and we are the Genetic bank of Earth Saurians. We are nonphysical morphogenetic fields—idea forms of reptiles and yourselves. The idea form of humans and reptiles came from Venus! In the formation of the human, the mineral mind with the Venusian membrane was indeed clay, as the Bible says. The history of the Anunnaki creation is in Genesis, and the clay utilized was silica-based, but the story of the reptiles was left out. Reptilian genes were mixed with carbon-based organic mud. That is why lizards love mud composed of rotting plants in swamps. The genetic intelligence of humans is silica-base based, and that is why the interface between humans and quartz crystals is so powerful.


"This Venusian genetic mixture goes four to seven billion years back in time. We have records of the gradual manifestation of creatures out of this matrix, according to the cosmological cycles influencing the surface of your planet. As we scan this, we see eons of time going by when these mixtures of membrane and quartz crystal went through processes of reaction both to the solar light and to photon light. This is a very long story.


"The original evolution of the genetic matrix of humans and Saurians on your planet occurred under very natural circumstances. All the Anunnaki did was make the mixture out of primordial Earth elements using silica-based clay for humans so they could read and program your minds. Remember, the Anunnaki cannot utilize silica-based technologies to manipulate you, but they can impulse you in your silica-based cells. How­ever, this crystalline matrix also offers you the potential to become fully multidimensional, and silica-based technologies will assist you with this. Once you become multidimensional, the Anunnaki will not be able to impulse your silica-based cells and jerk you around. We'd like to see you figure this out, because the Nibiruan programming in your heads is what is driving you to commit ecocide. If you doubt what we say, consider Mars. We reptiles once swam the canals of Mars. The Anunnaki can't mess with our heads because we're carbon-based, but we also have not been able to evolve our brains as you have. Your greatest asset is also your worst poten­tial liability. We reptiles are here to help you figure out how they mind-control you, causing you to become murderers for their agendas—which are belief systems that have nothing to do with Earth!


"This history—we prefer 'herstory'—of genetic development and genetic evolution is thousands times longer and greater than the influ­ence and interference that did occur. This original matrix is much more potent than anyone actually realizes, especially scientists. You actually have less to worry about than you think, because of the original strength of this mixture. However, if you were totally mind-controlled, would you want to survive?


"Remember, we have told you the Anunnaki don various costumes when they visit, and you might just become one of their masks. We are not fooling. When the Bible says you were made in god's image, it actually refers to reptiles!2 They were the Anunnaki's first experiment, and our species failed them from their point of view. Because we are carbon-based, we feel Earth too much, and they can't take us over. Next, they made you of silica-based clay, and they've been preparing you for their takeover. The cosmological cycle predominates, however, and you will go into the Photon Band to rebalance and reinvigorate.


"I, Dr. Lizard, dream all the time. I dream the memories of your race, your planet, and your desires. With your desires, I create morphogenetic fields in primordial slime that can create life on Earth. These days, I hope that you will remember what it is like to feel pure and strong and vibra­tory. I have not forgotten for the Anunnaki did not distract me from my attunement with Earth. I wish that you, too, would return to this feeling of the original primeval ooze. Then we could heal you more, and you could heal us more. You might even return to being like wild animals. If that is the resonation the cosmos called for, I can assure you that is exactly what you would choose.


"We do not have bodies on Venus. We are vibrational and fourth dimensional. From the perspective of Earth, 4D represents planetary qualities that express the desires of the Sun in the dimensions of time and space on Earth. You do not realize that planets are 4D intelligences that create realities on Earth because a deep prejudice against astrology has been implanted in your brains. The Anunnaki do not want you to realize that their ability to create on Earth is only the skill of one planet among many.


"We are vibrational entities on Venus that replicate in order to res­olute more with our environment. We do this by pure feeling. Astrologically, Venus is pure receptivity. We draw desire to us and then express it. I, Dr. Lizard, am the director of the genetic record bank. This is very secret stuff, and you just walked in the back door. Those who have the clear intention to feel more in their bodies these days can get right into the source of their creation—the 4D genetic laboratory of Venus—by totally protect­ing and honoring species in 3D on Earth. As we move inside the planet Venus, we find the reptilian library—modules and modems of Saurian energy—as morphogenetic fields held in form through feelings on Earth.


"To comprehend this concept, you need to have a very highly developed sense of what it feels like to create something in the physical. The ability for humans to sense differentials in life force is something that is developing very rapidly, and is similar to noticing feelings with extreme racy. Feeling the true vibration of the life force itself—the actual vibration of a species—will be a source of mind-boggling evolution on your planet. Many Earth mothers know about this and this is why more women than men are humble. Anyone else who is able to be present for the birth of a child has the chance to observe the moment when the feeling body comes in to interface with the new physical form. This is a very powerful vibration as it comes in. It is ecstasy. In your realm, the most important evolutionary trigger of the last 100 years is the participation by fathers in the births of their children.


"You are coming to a biological crisis, and the physical integrity of your species is threatened. Species are held in form by your ability to feel them, and this is why Native Americans work with totem animals as allies. As the ecological crisis deepens, this knowledge is going to become increasingly more important on your planet. Meanwhile, the World Management Team has diverted Indians into running gambling casinos in their native lands. The true mission of humans on this planet is to com­mune with all the other animals, as well as themselves, since the animals express the brilliance of star intelligence. Yet you are trying to kill all the other animals because you've been brainwashed into thinking that human consciousness is godlike. As I see it, the most potent killers of all time are the Christians, because Christianity assumes humans are superior to ani­mals. Other religions value mysticism, a feeling-based approach, but Christianity has become so mental that it is lethal to all life.


"Fear is lethal. When it comes up, you must move right through it. Many of you are feeling a constant level of fear all the time. Whenever you feel a particular fear, stay with this fear. Don't rationalize it; go into it, flow with it. It is actually impulsing you to feel more! Locate where the fear is sourced: Is it in your body or in a certain location, like the woods? This is a powerful healing. Move right into the source of your fear. If you keep going with this process, you will move all the way through your fear right to its true source. If your fear is sourced in something that could threaten your survival, getting to it could save you. Otherwise, you will meet your end.


"Let me tell you more Earth information from our records. There was a time when life from Venus was transferred to Earth in pale purple eggs guarded by long-legged spider grandmothers. (New life was in the eggs and these became colored from turquoise to lapis to purple.) These eggs were Venusian and were birthed on Venus by means of feeling thought-forms. No life can exist on Earth for biological species without these feel­ing lightbodies. We lizards can still feel our Spider Grandmother gripping our shoulders. Our memories are long, and we are grateful to them for delivering our thoughtform into 3D. These times were traumatic, however, as birth is traumatic. All Earth species carry some emotional negativity about this moment, and we have avoided revealing this information. Now is the time for you to realize the fragility of life.


"We lizards do not feel negatively about spiders or any insects. There was a wrenching moment when Spider Grandmother decided that it was time to bring her dream from Venus into the matrix of Earth. This is the first memory of life on Earth—a cavernous place where the spider grand­mothers guarded amethyst eggs. From our point of view as scholar lizards, we were the dominant biological species on Earth when these events occurred. We felt the time in this solar system when your feeling bodies were moved into the biological consciousness of Earth by the manipula­tions of Spider Grandmother.


"There was revenge on those spiders as they coveted and collected the eggs, and the revenge came from the serpents, who carried the highest vibration of the reptiles. This information is available today from the serpent people, and that's why the Bible encourages you to murder the serpent. We reptiles know what it is like to be abandoned. We saw defenseless species, including humans, introduced by Spider Grandmother, but being killed while adjusting to new habitats. We absorbed this victim pain. You felt you were victims when you were learning how to live in a new way, and so today you destroy habitats! You must learn to be vulnerable again, which means being open and flexible. Otherwise you will let yourself be mid-controlled into destroying everything. We reptiles are guardians of Vulnerability for all beings.


" My crystalline white-light energy is all focused on my spine. Yet, I am also focused in my underbelly, which can be accessed only by feeling, not by raising energy through breath work and radiance. Fear is felt in the bellv, which contains the codes for getting through fear. By being focused just in the spine, you will only care about the goal. That's why you were conditioned, and your conditioning is finally being broken down, since it is in a appropriate anymore. As you move deeper into the Photon Band, you will be able to armor your backsides if you open up your bellies enough.


“The way to view the fourth dimension is from 5D and above. If you at everything as linear space and time, you feel like rats in a maze. You Would be literally amazed that whenever you find yourself feeling stuck— in a knowing where to move, feeling like you're in a dilemma—you will shift by moving your consciousness to a higher-dimensional perspective. How do you do that?


"With 5D eyes, you can become a seer in 3D. When you are in 3D, you are on a checkerboard, caught in space and time. Your only contact available from 5D occurs when you ask for something in a very feeling-­based way, from your heart. Get into it, what do you really want? Instantly, right out of thin air from the synchronicity plane, you simply know, feel what you want. When you come from intense feelings, the morphogenetic field that rules that potential manifestation responds to your request. After all, 4D's only agenda is to manifest in 3D. This is how reality works for me in my cellular matrix on Venus. For now, I am leaving, and I turn it over to Satya and her Pleiadians for more information about your biology and how you are caught in the Net in 3D."



Satya and the Cosmic Restart Button

I, Satya, am here again in your world, and I am very pleased at how you have mined the biological matrix with King Lizard and Doctor Lizard. Are not most of you becoming more and more alarmed as you contemplate your probable futures? The cry of the reptiles is being heard throughout the whole Galaxy. We noticed in these transmissions that the Hebrews were getting quite a slapping around by the reptiles. From my 5D point of view, I do not see that any group has an existential belief system that is worse than any other. So, let's have a close look at Christianity, the religion that claims it recognized the Messiah while the Jews missed the long-awaited one.


Do you know why your calendar goes up to a certain point in time, then back to zero, and then starts again? Have you ever thought about how peculiar it is that linear time ended almost two thousand years ago, and started up again? The Andromedans who watch over the Milky Way Galaxy from an idealized perspective as a twin Galaxy call this moment in time the Cosmic Restart Button, and it is the key to understanding all the powerful agencies of the Holy Roman Empire. The Caesars, for example, believed they were creating temples for the new Nibiruan cycle that began during their reign. There were many signs of Nibiru as Julius Caesar was rising to power. He claimed lineage from the gods as a priest of Jupiter, and he declared that the Hebrew Calendar—which began in 3760 b.c., when Nibiru was entering the solar system—had come to an end and a new one was beginning.


Once Julius Caesar attained control of Rome, he abolished the lunar-based Etruscan calendar, and he set up the solar-based Julian Calendar. Since he was high priest of the Temple of Jupiter, he named the new solar calendar after himself and announced that the new chosen people were the Romans. There have been various calendar manipulations, such as the Ecclesiastical Calendar set up at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. and the Gregorian Calendar established by Gregory XIII in 1582. These modifications have drawn our attention away from the remarkable fact that the Romans controlled reality enough to put in place a calendar in which time descends to Zero Point and then goes forward forever.3


For those of you who follow the Hebrew Calendar, I am here to help you understand what it means. You have claimed to be the Chosen People of Nibiru by establishing your calendar in 3760 b.c. We Pleiadians respect courageous choice to be carriers of such a big concept. However, unless you are willing to get your ox gored—a favorite Pleiadian expres­sion —you will miss the point, and your gods or the Caesars of Earth will jerk you around more than any other race on Earth. Aren't you tired of hearing that you missed the point 2000 years ago? What if you missed the point then so that you would have a chance to recognize a 9D Messiah now!  If you are willing to get your ox gored along with everybody else, then you will stop waiting for the Messiah outside yourselves and remember that this potential is located right on your planet right now. You, too, have been diverted. Everyone has been diverted, and you are marking time our calendar for another planet, not for your own.


The Romans decided to take charge of the calendrical rules, which are access codes to astronomical alignments in relationship to time. The Romans set up Zero Point as a control dynamic, once they realized what a serious threat the birth of Christ was. The Romans took over the calendar when they chose to play "Us against Them." The Us-against-Them dynamic is triggered by the perihelion or aphelion of Nibiru every 1800 years. This has become a general pattern. Nibiru was closest to the Sun— perihelion — in 7200 b.c., 3600 b.c., and at Zero Point; and it was farthest Sun and out by Sirius at aphelion—in 5400 b.c., 1800 b.c., and 1800 A.D. (approximately). Great changes occur in the 4D control patterns in 3D reality at these points. The archetypes of history shift. For example, it was the Egyptians against the Sumerians in 3500 b.c., the Israelites against the Egyptians in 1600 b.c., the Christians against the Romans in 100 A.D. And now, at the end of the Mayan Calendar, it's the New Agers and Christians selling up to play "Us against Them."

The Caesars, by superseding the Hebrew calendar and starting time all over at Zero Point, were all set to take Nibiruan dominion over Earth.


But something else happened while Nibiru visited your solar system—the birth and death of Christ—and Romans and Jews were taken by surprise. Zero Point was also the Andromedan Cosmic Restart Button that set in a new potential with Christ, even though both parties were waiting for the Nibiruans to physically land on Earth; both groups were preparing soci­eties, land, and temples to be the site for the arrival. The Romans rebuilt the Temple of Zeus at Baalbek as a landing port and called it the Temple of Jupiter. They removed obelisks from Egypt and set them up all over Rome,4 and they destroyed the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and built a temple to Caesar on the site. They moved their power points from Egypt to Rome, and they dominated all of the Levant by conquering the whole system that Alexander the Great had once set up. They even had various priestesses prepared to receive the gods as lovers, such as Salome, Cleopatra, and Aurelia, the mother of Julius Caesar.


All of these things were set up for the arrival of the great planet of the gods in the solar system. Nibiru was visible in your skies shortly after Julius Caesar's assassination in 44 B.C., and then it was said to be Caesar's soul ascending to Nibiru. In 17 B.C., Nibiru had orbited to another point visi­ble from Earth—Augustus was on the throne, and the people were told that Caesar's soul had returned to herald the "New Age." Coins were minted by the Romans with the symbol of Nibiru—eight-pointed star— that said "DIVVS IVLIVS", Divine Julius, to honor the return of Nibiru.5 (See Fig. 11.) As did the Sumerians 3600 years before, the Romans claimed this sovereignty, and this truth has been carefully hidden from you by the Roman Catholic Church.




What did happen at Zero Point? Well, it is very funny. The Romans got hoodwinked because they had their eyes fixated on the skies, as you can see by their commemorative coins. Remarkable multidimensional beings incarnate on Earth during the key cyclical change points and there were many around Zero Point, such as Christ, the Buddha, and Alexander the Great a few hundred years before Zero Point. The Romans were standing the parapets of their great temples waiting for the ships to land, while Christ was born under their noses in the Levant. At Zero Point, the Law was the Mosaic code—a legacy of codes from the Sumerians, then the Babylonians, then the Israelites. These codes were all vestiges of Anunnaki systems, and the Caesars planned to use them to take over the Earth at Zero Point. The Anunnaki had set up the temple/city system based on laws of the Sumerian cities in 3600 B.C.; these codes spread through many cultures who would await their return at Zero Point.


The Caesars, through the Temple of Jupiter, were in control when it was time for the planetary return. The Anunnaki were able to utilize the in Empire by impulsing them into becoming Nibiruan legions. This was easy since they'd already succeeded getting several other cultures, such as the Jews, to go for being "Chosen." Time would actually cease, and the Sumerian Shar system would begin at Zero Point, and this would establish dominion in time—the New World Order.6


But, another agenda was thrown into the middle of the pot: A Jewish rabbi married to the priestess of Isis in Jerusalem was triggering multidimensional consciousness in the Levant. When Nibiru was closest to the Sun after Zero Point, Christ cleared the moneychangers out of the temple at the Dome of the Rock, and he sent out a signal that has never been forgotten. Just as the ultimate power grab was being set up, he changed the dynamic purging the leeches from the power vortex, and deep inside, you all believe von will throw off the bloodsuckers eventually. Christ radiate exquisite heart energy all over the world. This was more potent than all the energy that could be activated in Rome with at least 13 Egyptian obelisks pointed to the sky in Rome!17 The Christians even claimed that the star of Bethlehem--Nibiru as an eight pointed star—appeared to the herald the divine child. This was a powerful theft of the star symbol of Nibiru. The eight pointed star is often in your Christians cards showing the Nativity.


Christ set up a ceremony called the Eucharist with 72 disciples as a symbol for taking total control of a double Shar—twice the 3600-year orbit of Nibiru. By using Anunnaki symbols, everything he established was absorbed right into the Roman Empire, like cosmic keys into locks. Next, Anu selected the Holy Roman Catholic Church as his personal device for ruling the planet. Rome would fall eventually, but an official Church orga­nized around Christ would prevail, since humans are most easily manipu­lated by means of religion. Anu never had had such a big project. The Roman Catholic Church would be the next official Anunnaki establish­ment. To accomplish this, all its priests would have to be celibate, based on the premise that Christ was celibate. Women would have to be disempowered, and the Eucharist would be celebrated by male priests who had never entered a woman. All knowledge of multi-lifetimes would have to be erased so that people would learn to be terrified of death, and fear of death would limit multidimensional contact. This would offer the Anunnaki total dominion of Earth and prevent multidimensional access to humans. All humans would be locked in 3D so that the Anunnaki would not get foiled the next time they orbited back into the solar system in 3600 A.D. This was a dark hour on Earth—the imposition of the Net—and its energy first came over the planet when a terrible thunderstorm wreaked havoc in Jerusalem when Christ died on the cross.


All you need to do is master a simple paradigm. You do have free will on your planet because certain teachings and events occur no matter what, and then intelligences who do not want you to be free can only overlay these big events. You must learn to feel how and when you are overlayed so you do not respond to lies when you're getting impulsed. You can feel truth in your hearts, and your hearts are freed when your mind is clear and you can observe the manipulations that are occurring. Nothing is random or accidental, nothing. Look at it this way: A really big event, such as Christ's birth, occurs and people feel its real meaning. The event is then severely distorted and made into a cultural obsession. The control forces constantly repeat part of the story to satisfy the longing of people for freedom from evil. Lies are incessantly repeated about Christ, but people are so hungry for the real story, they swallow the lies like hungry parrots. The false story is repeated ad nauseum until even the liars can’t remember the truth. The obsession for truth is constantly placated, and you run around in circles like mindless rats seeking something.


This is your liability from the Anunnaki—your "ability to lie"—and this is why I can tell you that the only way out of the Net is to dig deeply for your real stories. You will move right into your own integrity once you have the truth. That is why, I, Satya, am so seditious, heretical, and insult­ing. Why do I pick Christ? you might ask. Remember, I am reading your energy fields from Alcyone. I simply pick the stories that you obsess on the most. Why? Because what you obsess on is exactly what blocks you. I know in the deepest level of your consciousness that you all want to have your truth, no matter how many sacred cows have to go. I want you to exercise your intelligence—"tell-it-in-your-genes"—to get out of the Net.


I, Satya, can feel great energy around the word "Eucharist." This Word was ringing in my vehicle's ears as she said to me one morning, What is this Eucharist?" and then she got it, "You Christ." This fasci­nated me because I know you all are to become highly individualized during the Age of Aquarius. So, when my vehicle caught that sound code, I shivered. It is obvious: You are each to become Christ! Of course! It's the end of the Age of Pisces. I do feel how much pain some of you hold around the theft of this sacrament by the Roman Catholic Church because you intuit that the Eucharist is a powerful healing tool. Well, this sacrament might have been lost if there had not been continuity. The power of the Eucharist waned rapidly in the 1960s. Its power was ultimately lost when the Catholic Church terminated the sound codes by translating the most important section of the Mass out of Latin, and when they turned the officiating priest to face the congregation. Many Catholic Churches were built on ancient power points with their altars facing West, and the priest faced East when he raised the Host to consecrate it. Once the priest was turned around, he faced West and got no energy. This change was impulsed by the Sirians, who began directly influencing Earth in 1972;  because the Church Net was too impenetrable, the Sirians switched the priest. The priest by facing West not only lost the subtle energy of the East; he also sucked in the chaotic powers of the West during the Mass, and the Roman Catholic Church began disintegrating. Through history, watch for esoteric games by the Sirians, who are masters of alchemy.


Back to Zero Point: As a result of the 9D activation by Christ, the Annunaki knew by monitoring your feelings that a power was present on the planet that was greater than their power; therefore they had to cover it up. They simply stole all the powers of Christ and encapsulated the arche­type in the Holy Roman Empire and all the energy flowed into the Holy Roman Catholic Church, once Rome fell to the barbarians. The Anunnaki knew that the Magi were Sirian astrologers, and they were furious when the Magi announced the birth of Christ to the indigenous people. Watch the way the Sirians work on the planet. The Magi go back to the ancient days on Earth, and they can be traced all the way through Christianity since Zero Point. Our vehicle followed their trail through the Gnostics, medieval mystics, Reformation Protestants, Quakers, and various spiritu­alist groups in early New England, and through the early years of the Mormons. She was amazed to see how the lineage is never dropped. For example, in New England, when the colonists first arrived, they were amazed to discover megalithic stone circles, dolmens, incised rocks, and astronomical temples all over the land, just as in the British Isles.8 Often they built their churches on these sites, or tore out these pagan power markers. The Masons and Mormons excavated these ancient sites and uti­lized some of the Moundbuilder and ancient American power objects in their temple installations.9


The Magi brought gifts for the Christ. Frankincense is the essence that offers the true powers of male creativity, and the myrrh is the essence of the Goddess. These elements were brought because this type of entity had never before incarnated on Earth. His arrival was engineered by the Sirians, and he was not yet encoded with the vibration of Earth. These ele­ments would enable him to survive in your realm. It is difficult to keep such vibration in physical form. I, Satya, watched the frankincense and myrrh being brought to Christ. I saw a beautiful, golden, glowing essence—alchemical gold—being brought to the child as he was anointed by the Magi. When they brought the gold, it was gold fresh from earth that had never been worked. The Magi brought the gold, and they moved it all around and through the aura of the Christ child because his aura was so bright and reached out so far that he could not stay in body. The Christ child had a bright-white, diamondlike light. It extended out so far from the body of the child that the Magi and shepherds shielded their eyes from it. The gold was used to make a boundary on his aura, his halo, which is a very beautiful symbol of exquisite light contained by gold. All human must have auric boundaries to stay in physical form. If the white light going from the body goes out too far into other realms of consciousness, humans go out of body.


The Sirians charged right in via the Magi to help Christ adjust to the field of Earth. Now that the Pleiadian/Sirian alliance is in place, I am getting data about the 6D realm, and a whole new order is occurring that will supercede the New World Order of the Anunnaki. The Sirians actually hold the spherical systems that support orbits in the solar system, and now that this alliance has occurred, the Pleiadians can expand the vortexes and gridlines of Earth beyond the Net and into a more complex spherical geometrical field. This is why I can reach my vehicle more easily now, and other Pleiadians are reaching many of you. I am here to encourage you to develop your sense of how the Pleiadians mine you and interact in your realm, because they can impulse you into passionate investigations that free your minds. This is the only way out of your dilemmas because no one is going to rescue you from the Net. You must disentangle yourselves from it and expand yourself out beyond it just by means of your passion and curiosity.


The Sirians encode Nibiru with consciousness to be brought to Earth every 3600 years—the "maildrop."10 Why would the Anunnaki bother to be encoded with these Sirian agendas? I, Satya, do know of one tool sacred to your  indigenous people that is a model of Nibiru's orbit out near Sirius: the boomerang, which is sacred to the Dogon people and the Aborigines of Australia. The Sirians are holding Nibiru's orbit in form so it will swing out to their star system like a boomerang, and the mail drop is the paid exchange. If they don't deliver, the Anunnaki will fly out into space like a rock, instead of swinging back. The boomerang is a wonderful metaphor for potentiality in your relationships—you can throw yourselves way out, and you will always swing back if you will stop holding on so tightly.


If you do not come into alignment with Sirius at this point, you could be thrown out of your orbit during the planetary acceleration! The Sun has great respect for Sirius holding these orbits. The Sirians certainly had a great interest in making sure the consciousness of Christ was encoded in Earth at Zero Point. The Anunnaki must have known what the Sirians were up to, since they carried the drop. However, their temple guardians on Earth, such as the Mithraic priests of the Roman Empire, did not know about the maildrop, since it occurred in space.


Notice how the Sumerians proudly described themselves as Anunnaki royalty in the Sumerian tablets. Yet by the time of the Patriarchs, as described in Hebrew texts, the story of the Anunnaki is deeply cloaked. Next comes early Christianity, and information about Nibiru has been stripped out of the Bible. The Vatican Library was established as a secure repository for the real story. Traces of this outer planet are available in recently discovered Essene and Gnostic texts, but another whole book would be required just to analyze these sources at Zero Point in a schol­arly manner.11 It is more valuable to seek out vestiges of the Anunnaki in the New World Order, which is going out of its way now to hide its links with Nibiru, as the Christians and Jews always have before. The straightest path to the truth is to expose all the information that is officially for­bidden. That is why I have come now, and that is why you are hearing so much about the Maya. We both plan to give you the secrets.


The Roman Catholic Church has overlayed and controlled Christ con­sciousness by using Christ as fuel, like the fuel rods in a nuclear reactor, to create its own realities over the last 2000 years.12 Now, due to the collapse of the Church, the fuel is escaping the tank because you've learned how to pump the gas yourselves. Messiah means Message, but to be effective, it has to be received. The Roman Catholic Church set up a time-coded release of Christ to 2000 A.D.—he came, his mission was aborted, and he would come again in the fulfillment of the Church. This way, everybody would be waiting for him, paying Church tithes, and always waiting for him instead of awakening themselves.


Meanwhile as I read you, often you have felt something else, and these more numinous and mysterious knowings that many of you feel are due to the Cosmic Restart Button. A new energy is coming to Earth from the Andromeda Galaxy, and this energy is shifting the Milky Way Galaxy. According to astronomy, the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy are merging.13 At times you've escaped the Net and experienced exquisite light, love, and compassion from Christ, and that is because the Andromedan archetype is intensifying.. Meanwhile, the male/celibate/god archetype is threatening to become a sexual meltdown through the priests of the Church as the Sirians expand the kundalini charge on Earth. Christ was sourced from very high dimensions. He incarnated and set up new processes so that higher-dimensional beings could begin to incarnate more frequently on your planet, and these priests have been set up to carry this force. Now you have come into the latter days of this cycle, and Christ consciousness has multiplied. More entities I mm other dimensions are coming to Earth, and that is exactly what the Anunnaki wanted to avoid. They are afraid that the higher-dimensional beings will take away their territory, Earth. The Nibiruans want to own Earth because, after orbiting in your Solar system for approximately 125 years, they go out into deep space for about 3450 years. When they're out there, they're very lonely, and they are obsessed with Earth. I am here to figure out just exactly what they do want, since anything can be sated on Earth if any desire is honored.


Christ took our ancient Pleiadian practices and worked with wine and plants, beginning a new alchemy of the planet. By that activation of the basis biological codes of the planet, the opportunity was created for Earth to hold multidimensional beings. These codes needed to evolve within the living codes of Earth. At the 1D level, the Sirian crystal carried by Nibiru resonated at the same vibration as the core crystal in the center of Earth. The Anunnaki thought it would just smash right into Earth like a meteor and shatter. Well, that's not what happened:


The crystal was nine dimensional, and it went right through the body of the planet and became part of the iron core. There was no resistance to it. It went right to the central core of the planet, and it changed the codes. The core will be shifting a few times in the next few years, signaling the most intense activation of this crystal. The central core is like a ball inside a ball inside a ball, and the Earth changes will result from geomantic stress in the telluric realm when the core of Earth moves.14


The crystal totally activated the metallic-telluric realm of Earth, and  Christ implanted the new potential on the surface by doing miracles while he worked with the elementals by means of the Mass. In that sense, he was just an excellent magician.15 He set in a new psychological code—grace— that would eventually remove all complexes implanted into humanity by the Nibiruans. Grace posits that the individual is unlimited if he or she comes from the heart. Utilizing grace as a practice will move you into your heart and teach you to operate from there faster than any other idea. Christ was a healer; he worked with the emotional body, and he resurrected from death. He removed the various "I can'ts" the Anunnaki had implanted into the field, and he did these things as a full 3D human, a virile male. Then the Church stripped away his virility by hiding his true relationship with Mary Magdalene, and the male was emasculated and the female denied.16 Eventually the Roman Catholic Church became the only organization where a penis is required for the job, but once you get the job, you can't use it!


Mosaic Law will be completely transmuted by humans who realize the Christic feeling is simply natural human potential. Once Christ incarnated as a 9D human, all the Anunnaki could do was destroy him, to utilize him as limp anesthesia to keep you in victimhood, but they failed. The Pope calls for your indulgences and sends them directly to Anu. The structure— Peter's Church—is the Net that came down at Zero Point. In spite of it, Christ left an indelible imprint of light beyond the Net.


I, Satya, can feel that each one of you reading this book is poisoned by some of the lies that have overlayed the great powers of Christ. The very essence of the Pleiadian awakening is the reawakening of the erotic Christ, the cosmic progenitor of humankind. The phallus is meant to be used; the emasculation of Christ is the greatest lie in history. Literally, the whole structure of the Roman Catholic Church is built upon the dismemberment of Osiris, whose story is the ultimate loss of human multidimensional con­tact. Once you remember your multidimensionality, Christ will awaken in you, because it is time. Once this happens, all organized religions will be pulverized. Who among you could have imagined that the membership of the Roman Catholic Church would be cut in half since 1972? The Church has been pushed into bankruptcy because the only sexual outlet left for its emasculated priests is altar boys! The time for the erotic and alchemical Christ has come, and desire is the key to this awakening.


Meditations from Satya for Opening Dimensional Portals

 The desire of the first dimension is to draw you to itself. The more you resist this desire, the less you will know what you want. So give in. Create an altar to the four directions and sit in the center and send your conscious­ness down into the earth beneath your body. Have a good time traveling below your altar, below your house, down through the layers of rock and the caves of the inner Earth, and down into the mantle, and finally into the iron crystal in the center of Earth. Travel in it, bask in it, feel the heat and liquid rocks, listen to the storytellers of Gaia, and remember what they say. Then move right up into the second dimension.


The desire of the second dimension is to engage you with density through its chemical, radioactive, mineral, and crystalline essences. We want you to come down with us in our realm where we can lead you through caves with walls of crystals, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds so you can begin to use gems as lenses to see right into your own bodies. Notice that the geometry of the gems and crystals is the structural basis of 6D light geometry. We want you to come down into the inner Earth and meet with us—chemical and radioactive beings—so you will see who we are. Once you see us in our full and glorious power, you will stop invading our world and taking us out of our deep world. You will stop manipulates by splitting and transmuting us, except when you are in our resonance and we agree with your intentions. Come down and see us so you recognize all of us. For when Gaia goes through her changes, often we are thrown out of our world and end up being lost on the surface. Once we no longer contained inside Earth, then we move into your bodies, and into the rivers, lakes, oceans, soil, and the air. Come down and see us so you will recognize us in your bodies and environment. Then you will dedicate yourselves to sending us back into our own world. We do not want disturb you or cause diseases in you. We just want you to get to know us since we both share Gaia.


The desire of the third dimension is to be within physical bodies—animals, insects, plants, and humans—and to be free. Once you are free, you in create anything you want in any reality you want. To accomplish this, you must honor the powers of the first two dimensions and consciously work with them. You must learn to be totally in the present moment in your lives. Once you have learned to be right there in the moment, you will “feel” the future by attuning with the 4D archetypal forces all around you. You need to communicate with these forces because they are your access to your future. To exist in the present time, you must always carry a sense of you want to create—your personal future. By being in communicating with the intense influences of 4D archetypal intelligences, you can feel the desires of the future from all nine dimensions. Then you will be inspired to create realities that serve all beings who share your home with you. If you live in that state of mind, a canopy of 4D energy that accesses all of the higher dimensions will vibrate in your mind.


The desire of the fourth dimension is to get deeply involved in the actions of your bodies and to deliver to you all the communications it receives from 5D through 9D. These juicy impulses are very distracting to you. You try everything to ignore their pleas, yet this consciousness is what fuel your creativity. All great artists are adepts at allowing these intelligence into their minds and hearts. In a given day or night, this material might be a grandiose epic playing out, a visit with great evil or pious beings, or the appearance of marvelous composite monsters and weird shapes. All this is attended by overpowering emotions that can seem to exhaust your body. Ultimately it is easier to just open yourself to all this energy and consciously orchestrate your reception of it. How? Follow your fascinations and stop judging anything that presents itself to you. How do you know whether these impulses are good or bad for you before you com­prehend their messages? Try working with one of these creative impulses for awhile, and if it's not for you, that is fine. Just let it go, realizing that you have encouraged its formation for a while by means of your curiosity. Then it will pass to someone else who is more ready for it.


Why does the fourth dimension ask this of you? Look at it from my point of view. I am a huge canopy of holographic film over each one of you, and five dimensions of consciousness beyond me are bombarding me with waves of energy and beams of light. These beams split into two pos­sibilities. Each one is something you can create and play with. But I cannot, for I do not exist in linear space and time. If you do not explore and play with all these beams of light, then I am torn to shreds by the manifold dualities that will finally collapse my own sense of self into meaning­less chaos.


The desire of the fifth dimension is to get deeply involved in your feelings and to serve as your center and radiate love to you and all other things, I am the dimension of your heart, and if you remain intensely centered in your bodies responding to all things that are drawn to you, I funnel waves of love through you, so that you have endless energy to offer kindness to all the beings in your world. If you stay completely grounded in the sacred space you occupy with your heart open as a conduit into the center of Earth, you will be in samadhi with me. I am the center of all nine dimensions that you access. When you are centered in your body and connected to the center of Earth, my energy funnels through the fourth dimension and flows directly into your heart. When this river of love flows into you the four dimensions above myself begin to flood your awareness. The more you hold your heart open while you are grounded, the more you fed the subtle vibrations of the higher dimensions.


The desire of the sixth dimension is to get deeply involved in your minds and expand your field of potentiality. We are the location of morphogenetic fields—record bank of all your ideas in 3D and when you create something or want something in 3D, we hold the geometrical matrix of that thing in existence as long as the idea of it exists in your minds. When you desire a thing, when you truly honor its potential and beauty, it begins to vibrate more. Anything from our realm can come into your world if you desire it enough, and so I am the source of mysterious synchronicities in 3D. If a young woman who misses her deceased mother stands by a window longing for a feeling from her, I will send an exquisite white dove of that window. When a shaman calls for the power of eagle, eagle will appear. Once a thing holds this radiant energy coming from desire, 5D heart energy fills it more, and I am attracted. This consciousness existing in a 3D object can generate waves out on the galactic information highways. Then the dimensions above 6D discover what we have been creating together in our realms out of the divine ideas sent to us. For example, a shaman may hold an ancient object that is imprinted with energy waves from many ceremonies which star beings visited. The shaman can contact these star beings with this totemic object because when I imprint a form in a thing, there is no block to accessing it from any realm.


The desire of the seventh dimension is to get deeply involved in your spiritual lives and to hold the orbits of stars and planets in place in the Galaxy by means of 7D photon bands or galactic information highways of Light. I am a web of life and light, not a Net that traps you, limiting your freedom. I hold these highways of light in place throughout the whole Galaxy, and I pulse consciousness through them into the stars they flow through because I want to communicate the Galactic Mind to my photon stars, such as Alcyone. Once my communication links are powerful  enough, my photon stars send out great spirals that link nearby stars. These stars in these spirals are able to orbit into my bands of light, and then they orbit out into the Galactic Night, the great field of darkness that is the ground being for the Galaxy. Because of these photonic spirals, I am in communication with many more stars in the Galaxy, and these stars give me new information about the Galactic Night, where new thought is born.


The desire of the eighth dimension is to guide the quality of existence of all beings in the dimensions below ourselves. We have many conferences and meetings, and anyone who truly cherishes life can be a part of this dimension. The ability to cherish life--never interfering with any other consciousness in the Galaxy—comes out of many lifetimes in many different dimensions. It is a quality that is often borne out of being in sit­uations where life is not cherished and evil is created. Earth is very crowded because souls are being sent there from all over the Galaxy since Earth is a training zone about evil right now. Evil is live reversed. Earth ceases being a training center at the end of 1999, when all participants will get the opportunity to see the direct consequences of not cherishing the Earth. If you cherish life, you will see the ascension of Earth beyond evil. If you do not cherish life, you will experience the Apocalypse according to St. John the Divine just before 2000 A.D.


The desire of the ninth dimension is to exist in eternal samadhi and be available to share this feeling with all other beings who have attained it. I exist in my center of light bathed in darkness and I pulse out waves of en­ergy that would cause a nuclear explosion except for the information high­ways of light that receive my pulsations. I am like a great jellyfish of light having orgasms that makes eternal waves and pulsations in the Milky Way.