What do I, Satya, mean when I say that thought creates reality? Many of you are getting glimpses that literally everything that happens to you is a function of your own thought. Some of you have been playing around with this notion enough to have actually tested it. And some of you are waking up and realizing that you are continually creating a whole gigan­tic world around yourself—a world created by your mind. Then you respond to this world by means of feelings—your personal feedback on what you created. From a physical point of view, it is logical that the realities you live out every day would contradict or cancel out all the other realities inter­secting yours. Yet, if you are lucky enough to live in a small community where most people know each other, you become aware that each person is living out a complex scenario every day; complex schemes are interweaving, yet people just pass by each other with a quick hello. If you could watch them all energetically, you would be astonished to see how the reality of each one interweaves and the community looks like a huge geometrical complex. Your only access to any reality is absolutely perceptual. Realities are not solid, and the space between things is incomprehensible. You have I clear choice about every thought and feeling that you allow to imprint your consciousness, and those choices make up your world.


All that really matters is whether you perceive what is going on in relation to your inner world. Once you see how outer events are generated by inner energy, then what's the point of all these worlds created by your mind, these movies? Did you learn something? Did you process all the rich feelings emerging out of it? What would be the point of anything out there reflecting your inner world unless it changes you? As I get into how 3D works, please remember that your great mother, Earth, holds the space for all these movies.


I have arrived at a greater understanding of how this works due to a remarkable event in my vehicle's life that was occurring while she was writ­ing this book. I will take time to tell you about it because this story is an excellent example of how the Pleiadians learn about your reality through your experiences. My vehicle's closest healing colleague, Diane, suffered a brain aneurysm, and during brain surgery, the aneurysm burst. My vehicle repeatedly visited Diane in the neurocritical care section of a city hospital, the central organ of allopathic medicine. While coming and going, she found out how you can use your own special "secret" in order to really penetrate density. I will tell you this story because it will ground you and offer survival tools as your planet reorganizes.


The critical condition of your planet is self-evident: Your planet re­quires a complete makeover of all its systems because you have arrived at the endpoint of materialization. Allopathic medicine is an ideal zone for observing the status of materialization, since true health is actually a non-physical state. Health is being in resonance with the core of your planet; it is maintained by means of stealth, and it is your personal wealth. These three words are sound-coded. Materialization of medicine has built a wall between your bodies and the natural processes of your planet. You've offered up your bodies, and you are Humpty Dumpty, and now your organs are being marketed. How will you ever put yourselves back together again?


The experience with the aneurysm taught me new methods for restructuring 3D with thought. For those of you who decide to work with this concept, you must create from the highest level of intention; non-physical forms of creation are based on strong desire, which is based on love. Many of you are discovering these new methods, and I am very excited to be learning about them with you.


Diane became nauseous and dizzy and seemed to have a bad flu. Since she'd always chosen only natural healing methods, my vehicle asked her what she could do. Diane requested body work. My vehicle was sure that something very grave was going on, but she respected Diane's choice to not seek medical advice. It is not possible to heal in any form unless the person who is ill chooses a specific treatment. My vehicle decided to con­duct a full Awakening, a healing session that calls in all the nonphysical beings who are working with a person. With her friend on the massage table, she used sage, an eagle feather, crystals, and an otter skin, which is used only for severe ease's. Around Diane's activated body, within the wide circle of sage, there appeared the most extraordinary gathering of chemi­cal elementals my vehicle had ever seen. Clearly this woman was capable of working with amazing powers! Nevertheless, she had complained for years about some force that seemed to be limiting her. This group was obviously the source of the limitations. Like any healer dealing with great trauma, our vehicle did her best to understand exactly what was going on. Diane had been a hairdresser for years, and our vehicle suspected that chemical elementals from the salon had gotten sucked into her body. The vehicle could feel that they were ready to go back home into the ground.


By sweeping the air around Diane's body with an eagle feather, she pulled out the elementals, then blessed, honored, and sent them back into the 2D realms. They massed into a magnificent swirl of energetic forces returning to their own domain. Once her body was restructured and rebal­anced, Diane fell into a deep sleep. All night, the elementals were flying through the trees, and my vehicle asked them to go home. In the morning, the elementals were at peace, but Diane was not. What could this be? Diane was writhing and thrashing inside her own body. What could this be? She complained of a violent headache and was nauseated, and finally she asked to be taken to the emergency room.


A brain aneurysm was detected that had been there for many years, and our vehicle sensed that this must be the control center for Diane's ele­mental teachers. A few weeks later, the doctors also found Diane had cancer, so the beings seen by my vehicle were probably chemical elementals that trigger cancer. From a Pleiadian perspective, such control centers are time-coded implants that keep humans from waking up too fast. You would explode if you released your miasms back to their own domains too quickly. From my point of view, Diane's case is a marvelous example of the awakening that all of you are being blessed with now. You will all experi­ence your own awakenings by 1998. The most difficult phase of your ascension—full return to resonance with Earth—will be the release of these miasms hiding in your bodies. The aneurysm was a big wakeup call for me as a Pleiadian, because I did not fully understand your inner pain as embodied humans. My vehicle had been resisting the urge to tell you about what is coming because she loves you so much. However, it is time now, you must have this news. Just trust. You will find ways to accomplish these healings that will amaze you. Healing yourselves has moved into the physical realm, and you all must get very smart, very fast. On a positive note, physical healings are the most profound ones, but only if you restructure your emotional world based on what you learn during the physical trauma.


Have you ever been showered with amazing insights about how to restructure all realities around yourself while you were in the midst of a huge trauma? For example, your father dies, and your mother is ripped open by this crisis. Her true heart is exposed, and you see her whole per­ceptual world with X-ray vision. All the family dysfunctions are totally apparent, the real truths about your own family are exposed, and it is apparent what it would take for everyone involved to move right into integrity. Then I have watched you over and over again as you forgot about such a revelation within three months'. Yet, right in those times is where the knowledge about restructuring your whole planet exists! All your traumas and pain happen only to get you to see the worlds of others! The reason you are in so much trouble now is that you've not utilized these times for insight, so the 3D events get bigger and bigger. You are like broken records.


From my vehicle's point of view, her friend was an enlightened being who was in the midst of a titanic struggle with limitation. The vehicle had always known that Diane's inner knowledge was far beyond the field of her times. As always when someone evidences any limitations, it was only because this person's extraordinary awareness was not developed when he or she was young. Diane was gifted with a fully enlightened mother who had always encouraged her to keep her heart open so she'd be able to deliver her gift when the times were ready. But Diane's moment had not arrived yet, and her gift was contained in a time-coded control center deep in her brain. Unexpressed creative expression will always attack your bodies, and the inner anger from this frustration is what makes you sick!


I am using Diane as an example because she survived a brain aneurysm and cancer, and this was a miracle, that amazed my vehicle. This experience deepened her trust in the timing and unfoldment, and my vehi­cle always assumes that whatever comes into her life is a teaching that must be shared. Otherwise pain and trauma is not sufficiently valued. I will tell you more about this event, since healing is the quintessence of your per­sonal Pleiadian self. I am here to help you remember your own creative powers because you are Pleiadians too. You have just forgotten your stel­lar link, but now your bodies are opening to the stars. Stars are nuclear, and that is why this opening has now moved into your bodies, for they are the vehicles of your creative potential.


Finding Your Monad

Deep within each one of you is a "secret," a gift that you brought from the stars to Earth when you agreed to incarnate. This secret is a monad of knowledge that is multidimensional, lying deep within your awareness. Diane's gift is brilliance about elemental functioning. How do I know this? It is simple: Whatever trauma you take on is your training for figuring out how to deliver your gift. I see every trauma my vehicle experienced as the major parts of her training. But you deny your traumas, and then you repeat them endlessly instead of learning from them, and you just create more events and things. Surely you've noticed by now that you're creating the wrong things—garbage, gambling parlors, murders, Twinkies, cars, and bombs? Now that you've created so much useless stuff, you feel guilty. Wallowing in guilt, you forget how to create the right stuff, and then you conclude that you are limited. But, have you ever noticed, in spite of what your culture tells you, that you don't feel limited? Right within that inner lee ling of limitlessness is the avenue to your own creativity.


If you would follow that avenue, you would cease wandering around not doing what your inner secret has always told you to do. Your "inner secret" gets so frustrated that it draws great elemental forces into your body, and they make you sick trying to get you to listen. That is their job—to get you to resonate with the 7.5 Hertz frequency of Earth, and to stop being so busy. They love you, and they will hang out with you and take you down under the sod lifetime after lifetime if you will not listen. Like radioactivity, they vibrate, causing you to become inert/dead or too active/creative. When creativity is not exercised and directed into manifestation, it turns in on itself and becomes destructive. As I've said, the emotional spewing is complete and the physical work is beginning. Every disease you bravely manifest and heal from 1994 to 1998 is a disease that in in Id kill you instantly once the Sun is in the Photon Band.

How can you see these elemental forces? First of all, move deeply inward and feel that place in your heart that knows you can create anything. Notice that this space within is beyond the physical and emotional, notice how it is actually pure thought right in your heart! This is pure unbounded knowingness. Move your consciousness into that place. From that place, you know exactly how to respond in any situation. Feel the desires of the elementals existing inside who are waiting to help you release your miasms. If you will operate from this point until you have released their desires, everything will reorganize around you, and you will see all the pathways you can travel down to deliver your gifts. As you deliver your gifts, the anger around your frustrated creativity releases, and you feel great! In this, I have taught my vehicle well, and you too can learn how to feel these energies in your bodies. Just notice how you feel inside when you are all excited and then follow your fascination.


Your inner secret or personal monad has nothing to do with jobs or relationships. However, activating your monad will quickly straighten out your issues about work, relationships, and health, since these physical and emotional realities are simply your tools for expressing your creativity. How to simply create on your planet has gotten completely confused because you mix creation up with basic materialism and immediately your monad can't operate, since it is nonphysical. What does the monad have to do with your secret? Your monad is the form that holds your higher-self knowledge that totally comprehends 3D reality. If you will start to work from it, it is so phenomenally brilliant that any limitation in your reality dissipates. For example, any physical damage such as an aneurysm, can be healed if you change the behavior that holds it in form. (There is much sci­entific evidence that the human brain is holographic. Neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and physicist David Böhm came to this conclusion inde­pendently in the 1970s.)1 Therefore, an injury in part of the brain can be healed, and a change in thought can change the overall pattern. Another part of the brain can even take over the function of damaged sections in some cases because the brain is holographic—each part reflects the whole pattern.


Because the brain is holographic, your higher self knows how to help you change behaviors that limit your body. However, you need informa­tion from 3D, and your higher self will subtly guide you to find it, but you must listen to inner guidance. For example, Diane did have symptoms indicating cancer, and it would have been wise of her to seek a diagnosis, but she did not because of her lack of respect for allopathic medicine. I mention this because allopathic medicine has much to offer, and you must find appropriate ways to use it, and you must utilize natural medicine when dial is appropriate. The intelligent of your higher self is amazing, and all you have to do is take responsibility for knowing as much as possi­ble about the various tools at your disposal, so your higher self can impulse you to go to the doctor or the acupuncturist.


Diane, for example, showed my vehicle how elemental energies need­ing expression move into places in bodies, and how they can eventually create disease. I, Satya, have been teaching my vehicle about this for years; she'd seen it in many cases, and she has been able to diagnose just by look­ing at the 2D teachers in bodies. Soon, all of you will be doing this. In Diane's case, being able to see how this process works in the brain was very instructive. Since the aneurysm was created first by thought, then pure thought is exactly what could remove it! Of course, once the physical body has been sufficiently damaged, then surgery can be a blessing, for saving a life continues the possibility of figuring out how to create with pure thought.


In the neurological critical care unit, my vehicle could see that a whole factory or city might be getting wired into people's heads eventually. It is time for scientists to stop creating things that do more and more of the physical body processes. Many scientists already know that thought creates reality, and that thought can cure. However, everybody is making big money on machines and drugs and nobody has yet figured out how to charge money for thought. Where you are the most out of integrity is with your money. Notice that the word "expensive" implies that you are divorced from your pensiveness, your thought, like an ex-wife. The expensive equipment is a massive control dynamic that enables you to avoid thought, and it will just get bigger and more complex as long as you buy into the idea that anybody or anything is limited.


These limiting belief systems are deeply ingrained, so it is time for me to take you on a blasphemous roller coaster ride that could potentially get oil your obsession with God, the Great White Father. I warn you, you Blight not like the information that comes next. But, the choice is between swimming in the light bodies of your own cellular memory or being wired into a mechanical matrix of absolute limitation.


Since this information is going to be hard to swallow, center yourself in your heart, now! And as you get into this, whenever you find yourself breathing hard, with throbbing in the head, or feeling constriction in your In nil, please return your awareness to your heart. Then breathe precious in deeply into your lungs, and proceed Peoples, you have not loved your own fathers because God the Father stole your affections from your real fathers. Your frustrated fathers have limited your creativity because they are in so much pain. The Pleiadians are 5D, dead center of your 9D Gaian structure, and it is always the center, the heart, that brings forth the key question. As your hearts activate your bodies, remember the Pleiadians are the rulers of the divine heart. If I say something that is blasphemous, breathe and laugh with me!


Abraham and Uranium

It is time for you to remember that a nuclear war has already occurred on Earth.2 Since this fact is hidden, and even though you've split the atom, you can't see the precariousness of your situation because you think nuclear war is a probable future. Facts are, nuclear war is a past event that you have not processed, and it is about to overwhelm you unless you process its meaning. I know that now is the time to deal with all the coded and crippling guilt because I feel how desperate you are. This gigantic guilt created an all-perfect, all-responsible Father, who blocks you from being responsible—"able to respond." This has made you into sheep. The nuclear war in 2024 b.C. made the Dead Sea into a lifeless body of water, and this was triggered by Abraham. Before you attack us and say, "Oh, Satya, how can you utter such disrespectful thoughts about our great Father? " please tell me why you admire Edward Teller—" Tell Her"—and the Los Alamos S.W.A.T. Team?


The reason you have not been able to see the truth about this part of your past is because nuclear events thousands of years ago exploded 2D elemental forms out of their own realm. This caused you to feel elemental pain so intensely that the Hebrew Bible was constructed to distract you with every story except the most important one. Yahweh is portrayed as an avenging fire god, and then you built temples and religions to contain this great denial. Yes, your temples and churches are structures and systems for holding this denial. The denial has piled up; implants in your bodies exist that hold it, and just like a nuclear reactor, your bodies are spewing emo­tional waste. Next, you exposed the denial by splitting the atom. Einstein awakened dim memories of the awful truth, you were terrified, and so you made it all into a probable future. Many of you have very nervous feelings about Yahweh, and some of you intuit that "he" did it. This juicy and cloaked thoughtform manifests in your now as seriously ingrained apocalyptic thought processes, the most dangerous trend in your reality. Since letting go of your obsession with father god will enable you to eliminate apocalyptic thought poison, allow me to tell you all about Abraham.


At the end of the third millennium b.C., Nibiru controlled Ur, an ancient city of Sumer located on the Euphrates River, and the Nibiruans were then called the Sumerians. Like the Vatican, the Sumerian control was theocratic. As I scan your past, I see Abraham sent from Ur carrying a small box with a glowing element inside it. He guards it carefully, for he knows this element is very dangerous and creates great fear. This element came out of earth from deep, deep below Ur, where it had been deposited by the Nibiruans. That is the source of the word, "ur-anium;" it is time for you to notice how deeply coded these words are—the place where the cen­tral control center of your creativity resides is in your "ur-anium." All the limitations and potential creativity in your world exist right in your lan­guages. From my 5D perspective, your blindness is laughable, except that it may kill you. The facts are, Ur was the Nibiruan capital selected by Anu for deposit of radiation. If you want more information about this, just follow the path of the Ark of the Covenant, built to contain the radiation in those days.3

Abraham's mission was to deposit the power of Anu into Anunnaki temples, so as to control the emotional bodies of your ancestors. It was a plug into culture that has gotten more and more complex, and it will be helpful now to realize that this problem didn't start in the twentieth cen­tury. Uranium undergoes a half-life process that causes it to gradually transmute into inert elements. I will call this deposit of the power of Anu "the Anu Bomb," and as I read you, this explains why you felt like your modern atomic physicists were godlike. As I see it, there is a symbiotic  relationship between the breakdown of the emotional body through karma and the breakdown of radioactive elements via transmutation. Remember, I do not always understand how things work in your reality, and when I say I read or scan you, I am trying to see what is going on in your bodies. I am struggling to understand this symbiosis, for I know it will be the avenue to ability to become conscious about the transmutative process. I can see that transmuting radioactive materials is deeply tied up with the work you are doing, on your emotional bodies. In that sense, radiation is an Anunnaki or Nibiruan gift.

Then are many, many ways to look at this. Back to the Ann bomb: as I see Abraham carrying his radioactive box, it looks like the uranium was going to be used for the deposition of the consciousness of Anu in the temple in order to begin a new level of Nibiruan control of Earth. Thus, at the opening of the Age of Aries began the stream of patriarchal con­sciousness that enslaves you now, unless you pay attention to what it really offers you. During the Age of Aries, war and control were appropriate. They are not appropriate now.

The uranium needed to be deposited in the Middle East, the Levant, because that part of the planet was once deep in the ocean where the sur­face was close to the hot interior mantle. By means of Continental Drift and crustal shifting, this section of the planet had moved to the surface during the 10,800 b.c. Pole Shift. There Anu could cause this potent energy to be deposited in a very profound and lethal way. That all depends upon your point of view. After all, what has happened as a result of this emotional-body consciousness that Anu and Abraham deposited is that you have gone through much karma and much experience. Remember that your Sun and all stars are nuclear. Still, don't fail to notice how the Middle East has been enslaving people for a long time.

Anu simply wanted to control the world. He is the great father god of Nibiru, and Earth was his chosen 3D territory. Naturally, he thinks he knows what is best for you. Therefore, whenever he has contact with Earth—when Nibiru orbits into the solar system and Nibiruan ships land on Earth, or when he monitors you by means of temple technology—he simply uses you. Once you became sufficiently self-reflective around 2000 b.c., your feelings began to awaken. Anu did not possess feelings then. He saw that you were slipping out of his total control, and he knew uranium would enable him to monitor you even when you came to the end of the Mayan Great Calendar when Anu would be far away from your solar system.

When Anu is monitoring you, 4D archetypal forces can impulse you into playing out their dramas in 3D. Remember, 4D is the most polarized dimension, while 3D is a four-directional dimension that makes things happen. After 5000 years, uranium is thoroughly polluted with emotional-body detritus—human karma. The Pleiadians joke and call it your "Anu-karma." As a result of being jerked around by 4D and going from one pole to another, human feelings are very accelerated. You are being globally linked, and the active radiation of the Ann Bomb cannot contain all this nondirected creativity. Emotions are spewing into inappropriate realms as you run back and forth like rats in a psychology lab. Uranium holds the vibration in your physical bodies that resonates with the agendas of Anu. However, because of the half-life principle, I can see that the primordial Anu Bomb is fizzling. I can decode part of this with you, since plutonium is the unstable element that resonates the most closely with our 26,000-year Pleiadian cycle. Plutonium in your environment is lethal to all Pleiadians. Remember, I can see into your bodies, like a visual Geiger counter, and I can see the Anunnaki control plugs in your bodies starting to loosen. As you transmute emotions, you are transmuting the plutonium, and the Pleiadians are more free to bring more love into Earth.

Meanwhile, more radiation is being released, in to the environment by the military-industrial complex. Everybody seems to be powerless to stop this because it feels like God to them because it is attached to the ancient Anunnaki power play. The Anunnaki are triggering you into manufactur­ing radioactive materials, you act like zombies, and Einstein is a god to you. Get smart, people! The degree to which you are paying for being poisoned is outrageous! Meanwhile, the increased level of radiation is beneficial to Nibiruan lifeforms. They plan to make a radioactive planet on which to live, ii you are dumb enough to destroy the third dimension of Earth.

It is time to remind you that I am only discussing the 3D and 4D aspects of radiation. Radiation is a great example of how a situation can seem to be very negative in linear space and time, and yet the meaning of it changes completely by moving to a more subtle dimension from which to view it. Chris Griscom told my vehicle in 1986 that the emotional body has been vibrating at a lower frequency than the physical body. When she heard that from Chris, we Pleiadians got excited because this explained something I couldn't figure out. We've had a difficult time understanding why you don't clear yourselves faster. From our perspective, this emotional-frequency retardant was what was set in motion by the first Anu Bomb, and we could see that the block is in your emotional bodies. Now that the atom has been split again—dualized, so it can seek fusion in your reality you must quicken your emotional bodies back to their normally higher frequency.

fig_10.gifListen, peoples, your integrity is to be found in your bodies! Extraterrestrials can only invade your emotions, which are higher dimensional. Look at at the 4D canopy in figure 10.



















Of course, once invaded emotionally, your bodies can become diseased, and then you can be invaded in those places where frequencies have set in that are not in tune with your body. You are not in your integrity when your emotions are denser than your bodies, and this has opened you for invasion. From my 5D perspective, during the energy acceleration, the natural symbiosis of feeling with ura­nium will quicken your emotional bodies, so that your Pleiadian higher self will become your true center while you inhabit Earth. With a quickened emotional body, your heart is quickened by us Pleiadians. The resonation of uranium with the galactic cycle shows that humans must raise their vibrational frequencies to match uranium. Then you will naturally "radi­ate" unconditional love, which centers you in your heart, and all dimen­sions open simultaneously.


The next question has to be to ask whether Anu laid his Bomb to do just that—raise the vibration of humanity. From my perspective as a Pleiadian, it is difficult to credit Anu with the possibility of a loving deci­sion due to his seeming lack of kindness or compassion for humanity. This is a fascinating razor's edge because while influencing your planet, the Anunnaki have been playing a very parental role with you, and all aspects of your parents are valuable to you.


Like all parents, many facets of their activities have to do with en­couraging you to slowly but surely develop and grow, and that is what is confusing. On Earth, many parents, especially those from undisturbed indigenous peoples, are loving in a 5D Pleiadian way. This creates bound­less trust in the child. The parental tendency of Anu is not a loving, com­passionate kind of parenting. It is more like most parenting in the Western world. If you were to go back into your own experiences with your parents and separate out every place where they felt true love and concern for you, and if you stripped out that loving part of their relationship with you, you'd be left only with the part of them that was intending to grow you, like a plant. They gave birth to you, then they had to feed you, clothe you, and then they had to be concerned about your development. But, imagine if they did not activate the heart-centered loving part of you because it was not in their nature. Have you not known parents who are nurturing their child, yet seem to feel no true or blissful love for that child?


Around 3600 b.c. Anu felt the next level of growth for the human would be city cultures, because that form leads to planetary consciousness. For city culture development, Anu's progeny would need to develop socialization, a way of relating to the other humans that was different from ways of relating that existed before. He believed he would need to moni­tor you during this phase, and so he utilized radiation. This part of Anu is the part of you that enables you to live in cities and set up territories, take money from others, control other people, and use other people. This is not a loving sense of community and giving. It is a new level of complexity in living, which offers great experience but is not necessarily loving.


Anu deposited the uranium into a very deep place in the planet as a device for monitoring and influencing your maturity and development while Nibiru orbited out of the solar system; and then Abraham delivered it into the temple 1600 years later. This next stage of growth had never before been developed in the indigenous people of Gaia. Anu directed the indigenous people of Earth in building temple/city culture, but once Nibiru left the solar system, he believed he had to have a way to monitor development until you matured in time. Otherwise, setting up these com­plex structures and leaving them to the inhabitants would be like putting a two-year-old in the pilot's seat of a Boeing 747. I, Satya, can see that whatever goes on with uranium on your planet makes you totally accessi­ble to Anu. I can feel this monitoring device in Anu's brain, which I can easily access because I am higher dimensional. It's like an implant in his brain so he can tune into what you're doing. I can see him scanning you. Just like you can see things in X-rays and CAT scans.

Now Anu is on the verge of an aneurysm caused by the degree of materialization on Earth. These archaic implants are becoming lethal, like old batteries spewing PCBs. Remember, I've told you that Anu once tricked you into self-reflective awareness by encouraging you to emulate him-- worshiping him as an idol made you idle. That worked during one phase of your growth, but then you got bored. You began to want to be God also, and so you split the atom. Just as Anu was beginning to let go of control, once enough of the Anu Bomb was being transmuted by means of the half life principle, you began pulling uranium out of Earth. What has this removal of 2D elemental power from Earth caused? Have you not noticed that emotional-body conflicts are intensifying? And have you noticed that the release of uranium on your planet is directly related to the explosion of emotional karma and emotional activity? Notice that. It is true and it is a huge speeding up of your evolution.


Back in 3600 B. C , when temple/city cultures formed, people who had been in a pastoral mode suddenly went into cities. Their feelings were aroused in a new way, and the same cities became armed camps by 2000 b.c. Uranium triggered defensiveness and the armed camp. You had to go through this stage to come to a higher vibration because the ego or iden­tity of the Anunnaki is deeply involved with growth and development on your planet. Much of this experience has been negative, and I will be going into the most negative elements of this in order to assist the Anunnaki in letting it go.


Just like the 2D elementals want to return to their realm, so do the 4D archetypal lords want to return to theirs. Dimensional pollution has outlived its usefulness. You could say from one point of view that Anu was impulsing you into exploring radiation because he was lonesome. So, recognize that lonely god within yourself and agree to gift the planet with your own genius. Now the time has come to relate to him and everybody else at the next level of frequency. Anu had complete control over the known world in one time frame. The next question is: What is Anu's rel­ative state of control at the present time?


From our perspective, Anu decided in 3600 b.c. to impose a creation on Earth, which was a form of opening up his underwear drawer. Anu exposed himself—Anuflashing—by offering the complete temple/city cul­tural form, but why would he do that? Well, now I will tell you a secret: Anu was competing with the Sirians, who had deposited their temple/city culture in Egypt, and Anu got jealous! After Nibiru's return in 7200 b.c., the Sirians built magnificent temple/city complexes around 6000 b.c. that activated all the power vortexes on the Nile, and they even built activation structures all over the Aegean. The Sirian work with humans was for higher brain activation, but the Anunnaki thought of the human brain as just a robotic structure to be used by them to control humans as workers.


Relations Between the Anunnaki and Sirians

Anu set up the full-blown Anunnaki temple/city complex on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers as a beautiful gift to humans. However, he did it out of competition and jealousy instead of as a giveaway. This instantly set in a dynamic of creating and building in order to be a mogul. Creating and building is meant to be an activity that frees humanity and offers the opportunity for communication and socialization; it is not meant to be a power play. Humans have always been smarter than the Anunnaki have realized, while the Sirians always had a deep understanding of human potential. Since the Sirians are star people, and the Anunnaki are inhabi­tants of a planet that is part of Earth's solar system, the Sirians always hope that the Anunnaki will learn a few things from Sirian creations on Earth. Alas, jealousy has reduced this potential for earthlings, since the con­sciousness of star intelligences is more multidimensional in all cases than the consciousness of planetary inhabitants.


There are many connections between Sirius and Nibiru. When Nibiru leaves the solar system, it orbits far out in space and gets close to the exquisite Sirius star system. From Nibiru's point of view, Sirius and the Sun are twin stars. Nibiru is more concerned with the consciousness of the Sun and solar system and with the consciousness of the Sirius system, as well as the planets of Sirius. The Sirius system is a trinary system, it is very advanced, and it has had great impact on earthlings by means of various initiatic African cultures, such as the Egyptians and the Dogon.


Nibiru used to orbit around Sirius B; however, due to various celestial dynamics, the Anunnaki of Nibiru began to visit Earth 450,000 years B.C., as was perfectly described by Zecharia Sitchin.4 I don't want to give too much away too soon, but I will say that the Sirians know a lot more about the Nibiruans than you do, and I'd suggest you take Sirius seriously. The way to do that is by means of Egyptian records, and the opening of these records is why my vehicle helped create the Sirian/Pleiadian alliance. This alliance actually began August 7, 1972 when the Sirians intervened to keep the polar axis of Earth from flipping due to a great explosion in the Sun5. My vehicle's personality changed completely on that day, when she and many people on Earth became hybrid Pleiadian/earthlings. She began preparing that summer for the coming Sirian/Pleiadian alliance that she helped implant in Egypt at the end of 1992 in the Great Pyramid and at Saquara. This alliance will assist the Anunnaki and the Sirians to a healing in their relationship. So let us examine the relationship between Sirius and Nibiru.


The great Sirian/Egyptian god Anubis is the guide who holds Nibiru's orbit in form. He is the guide who travels with your solar system all the way through the Galactic Night. The Pleiadians hold the orbit of your solar system while you journey through the Photon Band. They are your mother cow and Anubis is your jackal guide. Anubis is a being who trav­els the universe with the consciousness of Sirius, and he is a very, very superior being. Think of Anubis as holding the orbital patterns of the solar system as a whole unit traveling its 26,000-year cycle in Alcyone's spiral. As I observe Abraham journeying away from Ur around 2000 b.C., I see that Abraham is a Sirian! This surprises me, for I assumed he was a Nibiruan.


















This is a great example of how we Pleiadians are mining you. I may seem tedious, but I want you to understand how we Pleiadians are work­ing with you by showing you how it works with my vehicle. This merging is happening with many of you, and you will be able to use this impulsing to rekindle your curiosity and passion. That is what will free you of the guilt from your father god. My vehicle, Barbara Hand Clow, figures things out in 3D by exploring things such as Egypt and the Sumerians, and then I find out where the players who've entered 3D have come from. Once I identify them, then I can trick them into telling their own stories, and it's fun. At this point, now I see why Abraham is such a big deal! Now I see that his story in the Bible is a cover-up, and I see why the Egyptians have been so unfairly maligned. These are all typical examples of Anunnaki bad press on the Sirians. And figuring out these lies will disempower the World Management Team.6 Why? All you need for taking back your power is to recover your stories.


Remember, you are first invaded emotionally, and then your response sets up patterns in your body that will eventually result in disease. Since Nibiru orbits out around Sirius B, it has been functioning as a Sirian postal service into your solar system, once Nibiru got caught in your solar system. The Sirians want certain kinds of information deposited on Earth, but Earth is a tricky place. When information is deposited into the 3D Earth field, its multidimensional qualities must be transduced. That is, the power of Sirius must be activated on Earth, just like electricity becoming audible in a phone. Beings from other dimensions and systems are constantly depositing information on Earth, such as crop circles or hieroglyphics. Often this information is destroyed because it contradicts the official story of your past that has been invented and monitored by Anu.


Anu is especially incensed about Sirian information. This is why the indigenous Egyptians, who are still keeping the ancient Sirian knowledge, will not allow excavation of certain sites, especially the tunnels under Giza plateau. Beings from other systems are constantly depositing things there because the main transducer of your planet is located under the Sphinx, and the indigenous Egyptians guard it. Once the system is open again, you will get this information, so remember your heritage, and become multidimensional.


Abraham was a Sirian, and yet he was carrying the Anu Bomb. This would indicate to me that Sirius is also involved in this deposit of radia­tion. As my vehicle understands the model, the Sirian package that was picked up in 5400 b.C. and delivered to Earth in 3600 b.C. was the temple/city culture model. The temple/city cultures flourished on the planet for over a thousand years, but now a Sirian is seen depositing the Uranium? The implications of that are mind-boggling. As I've said, Abra­ham was introducing uranium because the Anunnaki were jealous of the Sirians and of their magnificent city/temple culture in Egypt. However, the Anunnaki temples and cities never attained the exquisite and subtle levels of the Egyptians. Why? Anu's city/state was created out of competition and jealousy, and ultimately it would always evolve into Sodom and Gomorrah, which would destroy Gaia. It was a lethal creation. It could eventually destroy the planet, so it had to have a built-in limitation—radi­ation—which would always activate when a certain level of complexity was attained in any culture based on competition.


As I see it, the Sirians have never hidden their own information. You can see this in the records of ancient Egypt. If you become an initiate, you can read their information. The Sirian frequency is still in form in 3D in Egypt for anybody who can read it. This energy is influencing some, yet it in too subtle to be apprehended by most, especially professional archaeologists. In the temples in Egypt, some of you find you have glandular system that are in resonance with Sirius. Until the last few years, your endocrine systems have only been reading intense and gross feelings; however, some of you have felt your endocrine systems responding to these more subtle Sirian vibrations. Meanwhile, the Pleiadian knowledge has activating your thymus, a higher heart gland. This gland is triggering rapid physical healing in preparation for the Photon Belt, while the Sirians are helping you begin to feel and consciously work with the subtle glandular systems These subtle vibrations are difficult for many of you, but it is relatively easy to feel different vibrations in Egypt, especially the qualities of the Nibiruan vibration. For example, if you want to access the Nibiruans notice when you get a strong hit in your gut that causes your throat to close. The Pleiadians impulse you in your heart, lungs, liver, and skin. It is more subtle to heal in the glands, and glandular healing, techniques will end up being the way to bypass the more gross mechanisms of Anunnaki allopathic medicine.


I've already mentioned that the temple/city states in Sumer tended to quickly become armed camps, which ultimately resulted in the nuking of Sodom and Gomorrah in 2024 b.c.7 It is time for you to realize that the res­olution of human conflict everywhere on the planet is not possible without having an understanding of multidimensional beings who have been on this planet. The World Management Team and other forces that work to limit you are a confluence of all energies on this planet that have been manipulating your behavior. You are fighting the battles of beings who are not from Earth! By being totally trapped in 3D, you are having difficulty knowing what is impulsing you, and yet you could see it all if you'd become multidimensional, as you were before you were born. Remember, I said that Anu first impulsed you into complexity so that you could become global. What is actually going on will be beyond your wildest dreams, and we Pleiadians are here now to help blast open these dimen­sional keys. Things are going to change fast. It is the only way out of another nuclear explosion—this one worldwide instead of just limited to the Sinai.


There are organizational structures in all dimensions, but govern­ments only exist in the third dimension. As you are grasping for multidimensionality, you limit your access by applying 3D structural models to higher or lower dimensions. This is most commonly done by people who are working very hard at raising their consciousness, who get stuck in dimensional, hierarchical fundamentalism. An example of this would be the Ashtar Command, which describes the 8D Galactic Federation like the Pentagon. The eighth dimension works with galactic order, but there are no 3D models that can even begin to describe it. Another example would be the 2D telluric realm when it is mapped out as the "inner Earth." As I decode the structures of Sirius, Nibiru, the Pleiades, or the inner Earth, applying 3D thoughtforms will lead you astray. Metaphor is helpful for modeling higher-dimensional concepts, such as the Photon Band being the metaphor for the Age of Light. It is productive to seek traces of higher dimensions in 3D by noticing when energies are around that are too dense or subtle. For example, snowflakes and crystals are wonderful models of 6D geometry; 5D is often very evident in the subtle higher vibrations in great art; and cats constantly evidence 2D elemental activity. Animals in general are very sensitive to elementals, and that is how animals read humans. Everything is interpenetrating.


I am interested in Abraham only from the following point of view: What's the real story about Abraham from a higher-dimensional perspective? The cover-up of Abraham's real story imprisons the human race because it is a coded vehicle for 4D control of your reality. That is, the Nibiruans are using Abraham as a tool. The 4D archetypal forces are very invested in exactly where you are stuck in your emotional bodies because these hotspots—belief systems—are where they can still can monitor and influence you. As long as you have all kinds of beliefs about your great father god, you won't look at what the story is covering up. From my 5D view, things that are covered up contain great potential for removing blocks that are lethal for your emotional bodies.


I have counseled you for a long time about clearing your emotional bodies before you go totally into the Photon Band. Now is the time for you to be grateful that this dynamic has moved down into the physical, which can be demonstrated from Diane's experience. The 2D elementals who graced her body were there to vibrate her back to her physical integrity; they were not there to control her by jerking her around with a belief system that distracted her. Peoples, listen carefully now. The 4D intelligences have crafted a great big smokescreen titled "Demons/Devils/Monsters/Lucifer/Boogies" just to keep you from seeing the brilliant 2D elementals! You have been tricked into judging negatively and fearing the very teachers who can lead you directly to your own healing!


If you will contemplate how uranium loses its radioactivity by means of  the half-life principle, you will get usable information about how to defuse your own emotional body blocks. In the physical world, it takes

hundreds of thousands of years to detoxify radioactive elements. In any lifetime, you occupy a male or a female body. If you can completely infuse, embody, and merge with your opposite sexual polarity in that lifetime, you can dump out one half-life of emotional-body karmic residue. Sexual love relationship are both emotional and physical. If you can embrace total polarity resolution with your lover, you can detoxify the residues of life-times from the beginning, of nine by half. Imagine that you break down the resistance by half every time von fuse in orgasm! I will just say it: The tinning of the defusing of radiation is in symbiotic relationship with the clearance, of your emotional bodies.  The Nibiruans and the Sirians have used emotional body control techniques on you that have involved uranium. In your now, notice that the bomb blew up exactly when your emotional bodies were the most polluted—World War II. If you follow the reintroduction of radiation into your environment, it is in direct proportion to the pollution of your emotional bodies.

Now, here you are in 3D with a great deal of radiation in your envi­ronment—which enhances your environment for more Nibiruan access— and you are moving into the Photon Band. On some level, like a nuclear explosion, everything in your system will be completely blasted apart. There you are in 3D integrity maintaining your consciousness, your voice, your behavior, your love life, and all of a sudden everything is literally exploded into a million fragments of light. However, from my perspective, I do not see much light in you as I look at you right now. One way or another, you are all extremely worried about this. This makes you feel like you are going to explode, and so we suggest consulting with Anubis of Sirius for some assistance. The Sirians, after all, played a role in radiation being a big factor in this stage of your evolution.


Anubis and Your Bodies

"I am Anubis. From my point of view, which is Sirian, we maintain a per­spective on your dimension similar to a human with an opened third eye who is maintaining a bead on something. We are known as 'the watchers,' but not the Nibiruan watchers referred to in your Bible, who are person­ally involved in the agendas and situations they watch. As a Sirian watcher, I am only involved in holding together the physical integrity of the bodies that support these agendas and situations—the planets in your solar system and the orbit of your solar system around Alcyone. If these orbital patterns were not held in form, certain patterns would not occur in time.


"If you will assume the posture of the Great Pyramid when 3D is shat­tered by multidimensionality, you will stay in form. Sit in lotus position or stand and create energy in your hands, while triangulating the energy by means of a chakra. Use the heart, third eye, or crown to form an apex of the triangle, making a pyramid. The apex can generate healing energy in anything. With this, you can withstand the new field until you adjust. There will be great numbers who need healing, and this technique will maintain your integrity in 3D. Investing your consciousness in physical body postures will maintain your integrity as you enter the Photon Belt. The way to prevent being blasted out is to maintain postures that can handle this energy.8


"Cats are great teachers. You are learning to slow down, you are all learning to stop pushing so hard. You are learning to stop when you bump yourselves and heal that part of your body before you go crashing forward. You are all beginning to really pay attention to the status of your physical bodies because we are sending tremendous geometrical consciousness into your physical bodies to help you start to remember this kind of integrity. A moment will come soon when all of you will stop moving, freeze, and hold a posture to hold the force coming into your planet.


"Regarding the excellent activities of the Pleiadians, they are the master teachers about how to hold energy in your heart, the center dimension of your realm. I will call Pleiadian influence photon focus. From my point of view, I hold a strong third-eye focus on the integrity of your whole body, not just the heart. You see what's going on here? The Pleiadians are holding focus on the human heart, and we Sirians are holding focus on the geometry of the whole physical body. We are bringing techniques into manifestation fast now, and the ancient teachers of shamanic body move­ments are coming into view. There is a whole technology on your planet of yoga, mudras, and physical body postures, because as you move into light, due will be what will keep you in your body.9


"I, Anubis, lie with my back stretched out forming a perfect curve with my back haunches pulling my spine back, which raises serpentine energy in my body. With my paws forward, I stare out through time and hold geometrical forms in space. I maintain a vigil on your physical bodies. These days there is a great deal of chaotic energy impulsing your forms. You will not hold in place unless you align with the processes moving your planet into integrity. It is time to move your bodies into positions that lock you into tetrahedral light geometry, then freeze and relax when you feel selves extending out into space."


Higher-Dimensional View of Radiation

A higher-dimensional perspective is needed to comprehend the radioactive process, and yet it is very difficult to describe the dimensions above the sixth. I will try. I've noticed that birds seem to resonate with 7D sound coding on Earth, As Anubis said, Sirians hold geometric form in space, and then, as 1 see it, 7D lines of light circulate this nonphysical intelligence into sound. The navigation skills of birds and their internal oxygenating, their purpose that is unto themselves, their abundant migratory routes and energy lines, seem to be galactic communication links that you could tune into. That is why they exist in your reality. How many people do you know who meditate on birds?


Yet I intuit that tuning into 7D could be facilitated by studying bird intonations because 7D is the dimension that causes human language to be so sound coded. Birdsong is actually higher dimensional than the sound coding of human language! All the uneven dimensions—1D through 9D—are sound coded. The structure of sound actually holds them in form, and these vibrations generate creativity! For example, the 1D sound of Earth is a low hum that manifests as swamp song and low frequency sound in the ground, and this is what keeps your hearts beating while you are alive. John Michell has demonstrated that the harmony of cultures is maintained or destroyed by chanting.10 Higher dimensions can be directly apprehended in 3D by means of selected music, such as Bach cello sonatas or string quartets by Beethoven. Toning in 3D accesses 5D resonance, and 7D music of the spheres can be heard by lying on the ground and vibrat­ing with Earth bathed in starlight when there is absolute silence. Orbits are audible, and that is how Anubis holds them in form. The sounds in your language express your real story, and so the Anunnaki scramble these sounds to keep you controlled. Seventh-dimensional sound is birdsong, wind, photons moving in great 7D bands, and the solar wind. Ninth dimensional sound emerges out of the absolute silence and darkness of the Galactic Center, which is moving in a slow, circular motion.


Bluebirds bring a sense of clarity. Blue, celestial blue, tunes into the zone where your atmosphere interacts with light. The seventh dimension has something to do with bluebirds and the blue band that surrounds this planet, that invites you to radiate yourselves out in the whole biosphere that you occupy. Imagine no longer living just on terra firma, but seeing Earth as your own space travelers have. You are part of that blue ball, and reflecting from 7D, from the bluebird dimension, there are tones that the birds could give to this that words cannot. Only their song can reflect the glory of 7D. These celestial tones can take all of consciousnesses to the outer edges of gravitational pull that holds matter—oxygen and hydrogen, helium, the elements that are in gaseous state that surround the planet— where the elemental merges with what is beyond. All you have to do is listen to them singing.


As your solar system moves farther into the Photon Band, lifeforms that are sound coded are going to be strengthened and guided by the kinds of cosmic vibrations that will occur. On Earth, listening to the sounds of birds is indeed a very valid pursuit at this time. Notice that birds cannot tolerate radiation at all. As a result of comet Shoemaker-Levy that hit Jupiter in July 1994, you are on the verge of transmuting radiation, and this will strengthen the birds and swamp creatures. This will cause the sounds of Gaia to synchronize Earth with the stars again. These sounds are needed for synchronizing the geometrical light forms of the Galaxy. Such sounds turn photon bands into vibrating highways of light, like tuned violin strings. The blue band around the outer-edges of. Earth will be filled with I new kind of light as you go deeper into the Photon Band. The birds are leaching you about some of these mechanisms with sound, the way cats are leaching you about Sirian geometry with their body movements.


As I scan more subtle levels, I detect a great deal of interest in ura­nium at the 8D level. At this level, I feel the Vegans of the Galactic Fed­eration monitoring uranium. They watch the status of radioactive elements as the Sirians monitor the physical body postures of humans. Vegan consciousness is very hard to detect because it rules motivation—awareness behind all things in your dimension. All the 2D through 8D forces can work with radioactive materials, while uneven dimensions—1D through 9D—seem to have difficulty with radioactivity. The uneven dimensions are zones for expressing creativity and freedom, while the even dimensions generate density and structure. The Nibiruans discovered long ago that uranium can infiltrate human emotional bodies and implant belief sys­tems that are held in miasms. This is not a judgment about how the Nibiruans and Sirians are working with uranium, but I still do not really understand what is going on. Plutonium pollution is more lethal to hybrid Pleiadian/earthlings than it is for humans because of its juicy density.


When something cannot be seen, simply shift to a higher dimension for a new perspective. Let's look at the Vegan motivation with uranium. Oh my! They are holding a bead on all the uranium in the Galaxy! How amazing! They are watching to see what is happening with the half-life decay process to understand how much energy exists in the uranium of Earth. Now I see it: They are using uranium to read density factors in your bodies. Via these densities, solidity is generated in 3D, and then the solid­ity generates timelines—strings that keep 6D geometrical light structures in form. These timelines are past/present/future time, and if they did not exist, there would be no matter, no experience on Earth. These various kinds of density create etheric and physical forms. So the Vegans use ura­nium as a vision tool, like a CAT scan into density status. When a culture has radioactive materials, it means they've reached a certain point of evo­lution—achieving total choice about life or death. Radiation is an insertion of chaotic material into 3D for exploring immortality. And that is exactly what Abraham did.


At the 8D level, for your solar system, the Vegans run the Galactic Federation. This is the political realm of power. With uranium, at the 2D level, there is elemental resonance with Earth; at the 4D level, Anunnaki manipulation of emotions; at the 6D level, structural support by means of Sirian light geometry; and at the 8D level, reading of density for setting up laws for regulating energy acceleration. What is important to see now is that at the 8D level, new laws are being written, and that is why this strug­gle over life and death is so all pervasive in all realms. The transmutation of elemental intelligences needs to be evolved because these magnificent beings have not been respected. A few of you are in pain about the animals in your realm when you should be writhing with the agony of the elements that you arrogantly split for your convenience.


All the radioactive materials in your solar system are being observed. Even the abuse of chemicals is being watched. From my Pleiadian per­spective, I know that the Vegans are aware that, as the solar system moves fully into the Photon Band, radioactivity will be disseminated through the solar system and beyond unless new laws are implemented. From my point of view, the radiation moving out of this particular solar system is very dan­gerous to the Pleiades. We Pleiadians maintain integrity of the heart, which many of you value very highly. I can tell you that remaining physical in the Photon Band is possible only for those with true integrity in their hearts.


As I observe you in 3D, uranium can be balanced in your hearts, and it can teach you a lot. Your heart has the capacity, through compassion and love, to love all energies. This is not really about whether radiation is a dan­gerous or negative energy; it is more an issue of the heart being over­whelmed by density, like the paroxysm in your heart during a heart attack caused by too much density in your arteries. The heart's agenda is to spread its unlimited energy and it quakes in the face of too much density. I, Satya, am acutely sensitive to plutonium because plutonic energies trigger maxi­mum feeling activation, whether a body is ready to handle it or not. You humans reintroduced plutonium just after Pluto was sighted from Earth in 1930. You went deep into the cave before you'd transduced enough of the light in your bodies. I could say that you are breaking our 5D hearts. The expanding energy of your heart could move on 6D gridlines to assist and support this whole photonic increase. The expanding heart has the capac­ity to offer humankind a physical form with which to experience this tran­sition if you will just become compassionate with each other.


As I observe manipulation by radioactivity, I see radiation holding emotions in your bodies instead of letting them simply pass through your heart. Uranium sticks emotions in your bodies, and then they run amok and become cancerous. This terrifies you and forces you to clear tumors from your bodies. But, these tumors transmute radiation, they process it by means of cancer in your bodies, and the frequency of tumors indicates how polluted your environment really is. Then allopathic medicine uses chemotherapy and radiation—2D elemental bullets—in your bodies rather than teaming up with your bodies. These great elementals are in your body to heal you, and you must respect them. Is it respectful to Earth to "nuke" a terminally ill, elderly person, and then bury that radioactive body? As you pass into the Photon Band, each decision about life and death assumes monumental proportions. If you begin with integrity, all be fine.


Let's go back to Vega for a higher-dimensional view. The Vegans have a bead on the radiation in your solar system. The purpose of radiation at the 8D level is to quicken energies and to open up densities. For example, the Vegans are watching the Anunnaki to see just how much emotional manipulation is getting locked into your bodies. They can see this by observing radiation in your bodies by monitoring the half-life decay process. When I say they have a bead on this decay process, I mean that if this process goes too quickly, the Sirian geometric order would be destroyed by a chaotic explosion.


Everything is right on schedule, and this is a beautiful story when viewed multidimensionally. How can you judge radiation negatively when is the central heart of your own Sun? This is a very creative story. And as the different parts of this story are told, energies will be moved and emotions will be cleared like inner lights being lit within the consciousness of all lifeforms. Remember, radiation is being held in your third dimen­sional reality by the pollution of your emotional bodies. Yet, you must understand that there is no real pollution once you honor your own feel­ings. Radiation has increased in direct proportion to emotional pollution.


In the time of Abraham, there were similar levels of emotional pollu­tion that brought these elements into manifestation. In those days, the emotional pollution was triggered by the gods who came down to Earth and used humans for their own devices. In your own times, the polarity struggle of the gods began to overwhelm you during two great wars in this century. Since the dark days of World War II, the human race has been held hostage by fear of nuclear war. In the war between good and bad, light and dark, capitalism and communism, religion and atheism, tremendous amounts of radioactive substances have been raped out of Gaia. This has deenergized the elemental world, polluted the emotional bodies of Earth, stressed the Pleiadian heart, and shut out Sirian geometrical expansion.


Look at the agency sponsoring the nuclear standoff—the World Man­agement Team. The World Management Team utilizes 2D, 4D, 6D, and 8D forms, the dimensions that work with structure and density. Without the balance of the uneven dimensions—1D through 9D—which offer creativ­ity and energy, structure will kill all. The degree to which the World Manage­ment Team gets away with murder on your planet is in direct proportion to the degree to which you do not trust yourselves to be creative. The World Management Team cannot do anything to people on Earth who trust their own powers. You are in a balancing act now, which will empower your cre­ativity. This will break down the control. You are on the verge of a creative renaissance that will be like a supernova. To attempt to see this from even higher dimensions, I welcome Enoch from the ninth dimension!


Enoch and Radiation

"I am Enoch, and my sense of myself is of pure light. The only records of my existence in your reality are stories that have been told about me. The most accurate stories that have been told about me are of people being blinded by light when I appeared. My energy is exactly the same as photon bands. I am a 7D light being when I manifest in 3D, and when I am unmanifested, I exist eternally in the Galactic Center. I came down into your reality once, when you exploded your first atomic device in 2024 B.C., because I felt your agony.


"I came down to encode the materialization of creativity on your planet by means of photons. Without that, you would have been caught in the density. You would have just been a huge iron crystal in space orbiting around the Sun. The iron elementals, who are located in the center of your planet, made the decision that they wanted to experience all elements in the universe. I wonder if they would have made this decision if they knew what it would create. It has created many very painful experiences. All of the radioactive elements are tied up in this. The human body is cellular and filled with water, and radiation is extremely difficult for the body to cope with.


"Radiation was brought into your field because radiation is the central creative life force of stars. Humans decided that they wished to explore their stellar coding, and you cannot know anything without experiencing it in your own realm. So, the opportunity to explore nuclear consciousness was offered. When the nuclear device was detonated after the Ark was installed in the Rephaim temple of Sodom and Gomorrah, many Others, such as Abraham, were called into your realm to play various roles in this introduction of stellar elements. I, Enoch, then selected a human incarnation. We wanted to be on your planet while these elements were being introduced. When I finished my encodement, I simply ascended back into the light. What is most valuable about my teaching are the tech­niques for ascension into the light. That is why the books about me where removed from scripture. Your religious control forces do not want you to be able to ascend directly to the light. They want to entrap you in structures—in temples and arks.


"Meanwhile, just as the forbidden scriptures say, I was taken by angels to meet the Lord. Now, I have appeared to offer more information on this because gives you a sense of the mechanisms of the dimensions. Please notice as you go along that anything that is being taught to you from the uneven dimensions can be attained by you: You can ascend as I did, you can sing like a bluebird and go to the blue light, you can open your Pleiadian heart, you can be in total integrity in 3D, and you can merge with Gain in 1D.


"When you ascend from 3D, von first move into 4D. There the angels join up with you, and they take you on the journey. As you go through the dimensions, the various angelic vehicles of those dimensions are what carry you through these zones. When I came into 3D, I really did take physical form. That is what created all the stories. I created a story, a mys­tery play about myself, just like you do with your life. I did not create a bloodline, nor do the beings of 1D through 9D create bloodlines; however, 3D beings on your planet do procreate, they do reproduce. When I talk about creating bloodlines, I am talking about infusion by 2D through 8D forces into the 3D procreative powers. Infusions into 3D of the 5D, 7D, and 9D levels are kundalini infusions, light infusions, and creative blasts that birth star babies. I have participated in many star-baby creations. This occurs when I impulse a couple having orgasm to agree to create a child on a star somewhere in the Galaxy. This coding hands down the pure light into 3D physical form."


Comet Shoemaker-Levy Hits Jupiter, July 1994

I, Satya, will close this discussion of radiation by telling you a few things about the comet that struck Jupiter in 1994, which created a nuclear explosion in your solar system. The waves from the cometary impacts went out to the Sun, which responded like a great bell ringing waves all through the Galaxy to other stars with planets. These waves informed the whole Galaxy about the condition of things on Earth, and since then many more extraterrestrials are taking an interest in Earth. The satellite Galileo was able to send photographs of the cometary impacts back to Earth because it was on the right side of Jupiter for viewing. Galileo will crash into Jupiter during November 1995, unless scientists can alter its orbit.11 This potential release of plutonium in Jupiter's atmosphere tells me that you will soon be dealing with plutonium very intensely. Never has it been more critical for scientists to discover how to transmute this element.


The cometary impacts triggered Jupiter to a new stage of its evolution. For Earth, Jupiter rules mastery schools and secret societies, and it rules expansion of your consciousness and sense of well-being. This comet blasted open the control codes of the secret societies, and this opened your planet to higher-dimensional structural methods, such as Sirian geometric structures and guidance by the Galactic Federation.12 This book is a direct result of that opening. You now have entered a period where you have great potential to transmute plutonium and move beyond control and secrecy. You will be amazed by what happens as solutions for radioactivity are finally found.