The Judge—

The One Who Embodies Universal LAW!



It is my great honor and privilege to present "The Judge" to the people of Earth through my writings. Let me explain in a few words my understanding of who he is. In the last few weeks, with the assistance of Catherine Gardner, who is fully clairvoyant and clairaudient, I had the opportunity and the benefit of receiving the visit and personal instructions from the being who, in all universes, is known as "The Judge."


He explained that He is the Embodiment of the LAW. He is the Law-maker and sees to it that Universal Laws are explicitly honored and obeyed, through Love and surrender to God's Will, for the sake of maintaining Oneness, Peace and Harmony throughout all universes. He also embodies Knowledge and Wisdom. He travels from universe to universe, from galaxy to galaxy and from planet to planet, particularly visiting places where there is a certain amount of discord from rebellious souls who, through disobedience, have separated themselves from the universal and planetary hierarchies and cause dissonance on their planet. His role is to investigate what is going on and make the necessary decisions to re-establish Divine Order.


Though on Earth "free will" has been an experiment, he visits our planet from time to time to evaluate the situation and progress of mankind; he often removes from the planet those souls who refuse, lifetime after lifetime, to live the way of harmlessness and love. Up to now, his identity has never been revealed to those in incarnation in the third dimension, but he is well known by the those of the spiritual hierarchy who govern the workings of our planet. At this time of Earth Ascension, he is here again to evaluate humanity's progress, to give direction to the planetary hierarchy for the administration of justice, to authorize the discipline of certain souls to assist them in aligning with the Light, or to remove souls from this platform of evolution.


While I was working diligently to meet the deadline for the completion of this book for publication, I felt his presence with me almost constantly, like a loving father, directly sustaining my efforts and my energy level. In one of our conversations, he offered to give a message to humanity through this writing, which I am privileged to present with much gratitude for this blessing.


The Judge Speaks


Greetings, children of Earth! It is the first time that I make myself consciously known to the surface dwellers of Earth. I am indeed grateful for this opportunity to share with the readers of this material, not only my Love and Wisdom, but most of all, my energy which fortifies those who, through their obedience to Universal Laws, will connect with my heart.


Understand that these laws do not exist simply to annoy you; they have an important purpose. Without them, the universes would be places of great chaos. These laws, which you need to make yourself familiar with, are what keep the whole cosmos running smoothly, planets harmonious and abundant and humanities experiencing limitlessness, peace, love and true brotherhood. The obedience to these laws keeps you "karma free," and FREE to enjoy your incarnations as divine beings, without the trauma, pain, abuse and chaos that you experience on the surface of the Earth.


When the people of Earth, long ago, decided to put aside the love and wisdom of a benevolent and wise spiritual hierarchy to experience life without any restriction, a distorted concept of "free will," the request was granted by the Godhead as an experiment. The misuse of "free will" quickly became the law of the land, and those who had self-serving agendas took over and enslaved you in more ways than you care to know. This gave birth, as you know, to a world of pain, violence, wars, ignorance, karmic indebtedness and all the misery humanity has suffered ever since.


You all long to live in a world of Love and Light; but it is important for you to be aware that in the realms of Love and Light there are structures and strict rules that everyone must follow explicitly in order to maintain harmony, beauty and perfection. This is the only way that the "paradise-like" state you call heaven can exist. Heaven is not a place to go to, dear ones, it is a state of consciousness that you can embrace and create for yourself at any time, even in your dimension. When you develop it, you can easily create for yourself, no matter what is taking place around you, a true state of heaven on earth in which you can experience life as gracious, loving, abundant, and without limitation. This is LAW! This is TRUE LOVE! In fact, they are the same.


If you wish to ascend and live in a dimension of love and light, you must know and fully understand the LAWS that govern that dimension and keep it in such a state of great beauty and perfection. You must become these laws incarnate! I suggest that you start practicing now explicit obedience to your spiritual planetary hierarchy and their representatives, to your "I AM Presence" and to the laws of harmlessness and love. When you attain that consciousness, I will meet you on the other side and you will know that the LAW has worked in your favor and not against you. It is my deep desire to champion your victory and your transformation. I offer you my love and assistance. Call on me whenever you need help.


Lord Maitreya, The Planetary Christ


My dearly beloved children, I LOVE YOU! Feel the sincerity and the depth of my love. I have followed the course of your evolution from the moment you landed in this solar system and later, on this planet, when you were still in that state of wholeness, functioning fully in the majesty and radiance of your I AM Presence. I have enfolded you in my love through the long dark night when you chose to create shadows and karma in which you now find yourselves. I shall follow you back into the realization of your own Christhood until you stand again triumphant, magnificent, FREE and Master over your human creation.


I admonish you to live for love through faith, using that love to expand the borders of God's kingdom, fulfilling the individual destiny of your own life, and making the universe to which you belong a sweeter, more magnificent and glorious place.


Dearest children of my heart, "blessed be" those of you whose heart has chosen an interest in becoming way-showers to the children of Earth. Blessed is the Light that glimmers through the folds of your individual soul, the motivating power which impels you forward, and which keeps your feet upon the pathway of Light.


In the Spiritual Hierarchy, I presently hold the office of the Planetary Christ. This office is held, beloved ones, for approximately 14,000 years by one Being; then another one who has qualified himself accepts the office. The preceding Planetary Christ moves on to greater service to promote God's will throughout the universe. During a 14,000-year cycle, the Planetary Christ has seven major opportunities to develop a spiritual education and religion within seven 2,000-year cycles, which will bless those evolving upon the planet.


The Planetary Christ works directly with the Maha Chohan of each cycle to develop a dual release of blessings, which stimulates the particular spiritual centers successively nourished by each one of the seven rays. Through these, the conscious mind of the people may be raised to cooperate with the spiritual movement of the current cosmic cycle.


You, who are to be the teachers of this age to represent Master Saint Germain as Shepherds of the race, must develop dexterity of thought, control of feeling, and an eloquent presentation of spiritual Law with their application. You must be able to stir the hearts and spiritual centers of the souls entrusted to you, for your teaching to have the transforming effect it is meant to produce.


I brought with me today the Elohim Cassiopeia, whose concentrated power of Illumination has the capacity to hold within the mind the divine design and pattern of Illumination. I also brought the mighty Archangel Jophiel, whose radiation of the feeling of Illumination stirs spiritual aspiration and encourages the up-liftment of the emotional body toward the Godhead. Through the dual activity of nourishing both the mental and feeling consciousness, you will understand more fully the particular qualities you need to develop in order to teach the people of Earth in the days and years to come. Allow yourself to bathe in the radiance of my love and in the peace of my feelings. I am Maitreya, the Christ in you.


The Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy and Beyond


The Order of the Masters of Wisdom, the Brotherhood of Shamballa, The Planetary Christ, the office of the Maha Chohan and the Seven Chohans of the Rays are the main body of Beings from the Realms of Light constituting the Spiritual Hierarchy for planet Earth. Actually, it is more complex than that, but my intention here is to give you a basic idea of who governs the workings of our planet. The different hierarchies for this or any planet could be described as a number of overlapping hierarchies functioning within hierarchies, all working together in love, harmony and oneness for the benefit of the collective.


Those filling these important roles are considered to be among the most highly evolved beings of the Great White Brotherhood Lodge for the Earth. The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth functions as a complex government and comprises many echelons. It is not within my domain to explain this in detail. To thoroughly cover this topic would be the subject of an entire book. Nevertheless, it is my desire to give the reader some idea of our spiritual government, who is in charge of various departments and what roles those beings carry out. These offices in the hierarchy are permanent ones, but those filling them change from time to time, as do the positions of president or prime minister in your human governments.


Helios and Vesta are The God-Parents of this Solar System.


Lord Sanat Kumara, the great Hierarch of Venus, has been the planetary Logo for Earth for around 2½ million years, perhaps longer. Until recently, he was here most of the time, but now has returned to his home on Venus, as he is also in charge of that planet. But he continues his work here for the Ascension of the planet and the completion of the dark cycle. It is my understanding that he will maintain his service to the Ascension of the Earth until 2012. Many beings have held positions in the hierarchy for a long time and will eventually be moving on to their next level. They are at this time actively training those who will replace them.

Since it is not well known who is replacing whom, I will give you the information as I know it. Although many changes are expected to take place after the Ascension of the planet, they will not take place immediately. The various offices in the Cosmic Hierarchy held by great Lords of Light at the present time are described below.


As these beings evolve, they move on to greater levels of service, being replaced by those who have attained the necessary level. Those who take on new offices are usually trained for several centuries to fill their new position. Changes in the hierarchy take place over a long period of time. The one moving on takes as much time as needed to train his replacement.


Lord Gautama Buddha is known to be the planetary Buddha, holding the title of "Lord of the World." In due time, he is the one who will be taking the place of Sanat Kumara as the Planetary Logo.


Lord Maitreya has held the office of the Planetary Christ for several thousand years. He is known for his great love and deep understanding of humanity. In his position in the Office of the Christ, he is greatly assisted by Lord Sananda. When applying for candidature for Ascension, your request is examined by Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya and Lord Sananda. All three must approve the candidate's readiness for the Ascension ceremony to be allowed to take place.


Lord Sananda (also known as Jesus) and Master Kuthumi hold the office of World Teachers of the planet.


The Seven Chohans of the Rays are headed by the Maha Chohan, which is another name for the representative of the Holy Spirit for the planet. It is comforting to know that the Holy Spirit is not just a Dove. He is a Being of great attainment who ensouls enough Light to radiate the comforting Love of the Holy Spirit for an entire planet, filling every man, woman, child and all life forms with his mantle of love on behalf of the Creator.


Maha Chohan: Head of the Seven Chohans of the Rays, representative of the Holy Spirit for Earth. This office is filled by Paul the Venetian who is also Chohan of the Third Ray.




1st Ray - Master El Morya

2nd Ray - Lord Lanto, assisted by Masters Kuthumi and Dwjal Khul

3rd Ray - Master Paul the Venetian, also the Maha Chohan 

4th Ray - Lord Serapis Bey 

5th Ray - Master Hilarion

6th Ray - Lady Nada with Lord Sananda, her twin flame 

7th Ray - Master Saint Germain


All these departments have many sub-divisions. As you notice, some masters hold more than one position at this time. Keep in mind that each one of the rays represents one of the seven flames or seven God attributes of the Holy Spirit. There are also the five secret rays.




The Seven Members of the Karmic Board and the Lords of Karma:



This noble group of beings plays an important part of the spiritual hierarchy. It seems that they have the last word in most major decisions. They are the ones who have the authority to distribute grants for the benefit of mankind or restrictions when civilizations abuse the privileges of their opportunities for evolution. Unless there have been recent changes not yet known to us, they are as follows:


·        Great Divine Director (Sponsor of the Seventh Root Race)

·        Beloved Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy)

·        Lady Nada (Goddess of Love)

·        Pallas Athena (Goddess of Truth, twin flame of the Maha Chohan)

·        Lady Portia (Goddess of Justice, twin flame of Saint Germain)

·        Goddess of Liberty (Sponsor of the Flame of Liberty for America; Her statue stands tall in the New York harbor)

·        Beloved Cyclopea (Elohim of God, serving on the 5th Ray, also known as Vista)


Chohans of the Rays


Channeled by Geraldine Innocenti - Bridge to Freedom Excerpts from the teachings of the Chohans of the Rays


Maha Chohan: Few among mankind know of the great service rendered to humanity by the Lords of Karma. The name "Lords of Karma" generates much fear of punishment among those who do not understand the nature of their significant service to Life. Only lately has the love and gratitude of mankind risen towards this august group of Beings for their service of mercy rather than punishment.


El Morya: Divine justice, absolute exactitude in balancing the personal, planetary and universal use of life, is LAW! The Lords of Karma are instruments of that Law. The members of this Board serve to give to each soul an opportunity to grow spiritually, to develop and externalize the portion of the divine plan which can be expressed only through that particular lifestream.


Kuthumi: The Law of the Circle creating causes and reaping their ultimate effects is inexorable. Energy, magnetized and used, must return to the sender, as happiness, if the energy was used constructively, or unhappiness, if the energy was used in a harmful way. When a soul comes to a point of asking God for help for their actions of the past to set one's soul in divine order with the laws of love again, it is then that the Lords of Karma can give them much greater assistance.

Paul the Venetian: Because the karma created by an individual soul is sometimes very great, the Lords of Karma mercifully withhold the return of all one's karma in one lifetime. Thus the soul is allowed to mitigate as much karma in one incarnation as the Lords of Karma feel it can handle. This is true divine love, wherein much negative karma is consciously withheld from the individual until he has learned how to transmute it in happiness and peace.


Serapis Bey: When an individual desires to become a "candidate for Ascension" and asks for the opportunity to "clean his slate" of all negative karma, the Lords of Karma must be in one accord as to whether the aspirant has the necessary strength, fortitude, faith, illumination and general capacities to undertake to balancing the scales of justice in one lifetime. However, some individuals who have redeemed the negative karma they previously created through a long series of incarnations have only a small debt to the universe to "pay off" in the final incarnation.


Hilarion: It is the responsibility of the Lords of Karma to see that every individual receives as much assistance as possible in transmuting the negative karma created through misuse of free will. At the end of each Earth life, the soul is called before the Karmic Board and its experience is evaluated. Opportunities, potential services, seeming failures and successes are carefully examined. Then the Karmic Board sends the individual to a sphere of rest and learning where it can best prepare for another Earth incarnation, strengthened through purification, instruction and temporary respite from the pressures of its own karmic retribution.


Saint Germain: Ponder well on the power of Mercy and the Violet Flame to dissolve the cause and core of distress and pain generated by the return of past misuse of free will. Then resolve to dissolve the effects before they appear in your life. You can consciously use the Violet Fire in action to do this by invoking it daily and hourly. This will assist you to transmute the negative energy embedded in all your various bodies and heal the emotions connected with those energies, embracing a new level of consciousness. The Ascended Masters' full gathered momentum of the effective use of the Violet Flame is available for any and all of you choosing to ask us to anchor it into your world at this time. As more and more individuals learn the efficacy of the power of transmutation through invoking the action of the Sacred Fire, we shall have on Earth a Brotherhood of Freedom who can, at will, free themselves and others from the shadow side of Life.


There are also the Seven Manus sponsoring each one of the Seven Root Races:

·        The names of the Manus of the first three root races are not known. They completed their service to this planet and ascended millions of years ago.

·        The Manu of the 4th Root Race is Lord Himalaya

·        The Manu of the 5th Root Race is Lord Vaivasvata

·        The Manu of the 6th Root Race is Lord Meru

·        The Manu of the 7th Root Race is The Great Divine Director (Saint Germain's mentor)

All of the above work in cooperation with the Council of Twelve of the Galactic Federation headed by the Ashtar Command and Lord Melchior. The Galactic Federation council represents the spiritual hierarchy for this galaxy which is much larger than our solar system. They, in turn, work in collaboration with and are responsible to the Council of Twelve of the Universal Federation. And it goes on and on, all the way back to the Supreme Creator.


At the Universal Level, Lord Melchizedeck, perceived as a "Father figure," is known as the Great Lord of this Universe. His great Light and Love embodies and radiates through this whole Universe. The Order of Melchizedek expands itself in several branches for each one of its many solar systems. People evolving on Earth can also apply to be admitted into this unique Holy Order; being accepted into this Order is an activity of the "Inner Planes." No one can be admitted into this Holy Order unless he/she is initiated by Melchizedek himself. It is not an activity of the "outer world."


Those who hold ceremonies and charge large fees to enroll their followers into this Order do not have a full understanding of its sacredness. In many cases only a ceremony is experienced and nothing more, not securing admission. Many dear souls may walk the Earth as full members of this Holy Order without any "outer" knowledge of their association. Others, who profess openly to be members, may or may not be. Admission is determined by the level of willingness for service to Life and Love and by the level of initiation of the aspirant.


You see, this Universe, as well as all of Creation, is well maintained by a long and indestructible chain of Love acting as the spiritual hierarchy, forever expanding to greater levels of Love and Light. None of them holds these positions because of a desire for power. In the higher realms, it is the degree of unconditional Love and selfless Service that determines the degree of attainment.


The self-serving systems of governments we currently have on Earth do not benefit the races and totally misrepresent the principles of divine laws and hierarchy. The form of government we have is outmoded and as humanity's consciousness evolves, will gradually be replaced with more enlightened concepts of divine government.


Only those who have attained the highest level of Light and Love will be allowed to govern after the Earth's Ascension in 2012. This will be among the requisites which qualify those who hold such sacred positions. This writing would not be complete without mentioning two more levels of the hierarchy. Their service is not limited to this planet because they are Universal Beings. Nevertheless, because of their great presence here, their service is important to mention.


The Seven Mighty Elohim and their Divine Counterparts:

·        Elohim of the 1st Ray - Hercules and Amazonia

·        Elohim of the 2nd Ray - Apollo and Lumina

·        Elohim of the 3rd Ray - Heros and Amora

·        Elohim of the 4th Ray - Purity and Astrea

·        Elohim of the 5th Ray - Cyclopea (Vista) and Virginia

·        Elohim of the 6th Ray - Peace (Tranquility) and Aloha

·        Elohim of the 7th Ray - Arcturus and Victoria


The Elohim are builders of forms, representing the Father consciousness. They are part of the Godhead and are those who create universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc. They sustain all of Creation with their Light which is of such magnitude that the human mind cannot comprehend it. They have created this planet Earth with their love and devotion to the Light. Their names are more like sounds and frequencies; nevertheless, in their great love for us, and as a courtesy, they have given us names by which we can relate to them on a more personal and individual basis. I am sure they are called by many other names in other places.



The Seven Mighty Archangels and their Divine Complements:


·        1st Ray Archangel Michael and Faith

·        2nd Ray Archangel Jophiel and Christine

·        3rd Ray Archangel Chamuel and Charity

·        4th Ray Archangel Gabriel and Hope

·        5th Ray Archangel Raphael and Mary (Mother of Jesus)

·        6th Ray Archangel Uriel and Aurora

·        7th Ray Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst


These Mighty Archangels are the rulers of the twelve thrones of the Angelic Kingdom, which represent a different aspect of the Holy Spirit in the Cosmos. They are the ministering servants of God's Creation.


Last but not least, I want to mention our Beloved Mother Earth. She truly is our Mother who has supported our evolutionary pathway for millions of years. She is known by many as Mother Gaia, a name used mainly by surface dwellers at this time. This is not inaccurate, but nevertheless, on the Inner Planes, she has been known for millions of years as Beloved Virgo. Her Divine complement is Pelleur. She is a living and conscious being of great attainment and of exceptional Love and Patience. She has received much abuse from mankind and very little gratitude. Let us honor and acknowledge Her today!


She is considered by the spiritual hierarchy of this planet and Universe and beyond as One who is held in the highest respect and admiration for her courage and persistence. She has suffered on Her Body more wars, abuse and trauma than any being ever has. And still, she has chosen to hold back her own ascension in order to take with her as many of her children as possible. She has loved unconditionally all beings of her many kingdoms. She has provided a planet of unlimited beauty and perfection. It is we humans who have trashed her body and created ugliness here. It is our discordant thoughts and actions that are creating the harsh weather patterns we have to endure. When we return to living by the concepts of true Love and Brotherhood, we will have, once again, as in the times of old, perfect moderate weather all year round.


Through this writing, I have tried to answer questions often asked by many seekers. This chain of hierarchy goes all the way to the highest dimensions of the Godhead. It is much more vast than we know, and its gets rather more complicated as one goes along. We have this information only because the ascended masters have chosen to reveal this much to us. This information is a great blessing. We can use these names to call upon the beings of these hierarchies in our prayers and meditations for assistance and guidance, which they are always very willing to offer.



Inner Earth Hierarchies


All the hierarchies mentioned above also work closely and in total collaboration with the Inner Earth hierarchies, which are involved in assisting the Ascension of the planet and humanity. Who is in charge and how they function is not well known to surface dwellers. Let me mention a few.


The Agartha Network hierarchy is responsible for the inner earth governments of the various civilizations and Cities of Light.


The Masters of Wisdom of the Shamballa Brotherhood concern themselves with the evolution of surface dwellers. Beloved Sanat Kumara holds his seat of authority for this planet at his retreat in the city of Shamballa, an inner earth City of Light.


The Lemurian Council of Light of Telos is responsible for the city of Telos. The Telosians are very involved at this time in assisting the Earth and humanity in their Ascension process. They have been commissioned to teach us, when the time comes, to build our own cities of Light on the surface and to form our own God governments, modeled after the concepts of Light and Love which all enlightened civilizations throughout the universe follow. They are our mentors of the present and future who will teach us the principles of Christ consciousness in action and application. I am giving them the new title of "Christ Consciousness Mentors," as they have embodied this fully in their daily lives.


In the past several thousand years, these names were not known, and people of Earth had no access to the tremendous assistance available by calling these wondrous Beings of Love to help and guide us on our journey back to Eternal Freedom through the process of Ascension. May you all be blessed by these names! Use them with a deep respect and gratitude. It will serve you well.