Chapter Four


The Dark Night of the Heart

Last Steps of Initiation for Final Admission to the Fifth Dimension


dialogue between Aurelia, Adama and Ahnahmar

Adama - I greet you with the love of my heart and the wis­dom of my soul. How are you today, my beloved?

Aurelia - I am well enough, but I still always feel fatigued in my physical body, and I know that to some extent I still feel the dark night of the Heart, which I have been going through for quite some time. I still feel much pain in my heart center and within my body in spite of all the work I have done to heal myself in the last several years. This is becoming old and tiring. How much longer will it take to heal and be well again, to rejuvenate and all the rest?

Adama - You are one right now who holds a very big piece on this planet. You hold a great deal of energy for human­ity and for the ascension of Earth. This accounts for some of your pains. You have done this for a very long time, but now is the time when so much is at stake, and you are doing much work on the inner planes at night as well. This is why you wake up so tired in the morning. You need more rest than you are allowing yourself to take.


Aurelia - Yes, but there is so much to do and so much de­mand on my time, the days seem too short. Unless I do what I do, the Lemurian mission would not expand the way it is expanding now. It is exploding, and many are now begin­ning to join in.

Adama - We understand that you are getting exhausted with this long journey, and it is time for you to make the last steps of your final initiation to ascension. You are almost there, but you are holding back. In many ways, you are still hanging on to many third dimensional patterns and vibra­tions, and unless you let go completely of those patterns, you cannot go any further in your ascension process. If you apply yourself to make the final leap in your consciousness that we are now going to discuss with you today, you can be "home" very quickly, and you will never again be tired, and you will step out of limitations.


You are much closer than you think, and always, the last steps are the most difficult ones and often the most painful. Every master that has ever ascended from this plane has had to go through the same initiations you are now going through, and this includes all of us in Telos and in the fifth dimensional Lemuria.


You are being called to world service and to do much travel­ing. As you travel, you will be taking with you and offering to many people the first sight they have of this new energy. You must purify yourself as you travel; you must stay within your highest self and never allow anything to vex you, and especially not allow your ego to have any reaction, no mat­ter what you see and experience and how some people may treat you. Never again allow the temptations to become bit­ter, resentful or in judgment of anything or anyone. These are the attitudes and energies that keep you glued to third dimension experiences.


You have now attained a very high-energy frequency for all those who meet you, and we want you to know this. This is an energy that will work with and for you as well. The more you stay in this energy, the more you will be within in your highest vibration, in the embrace of your divinity, the more it will support you. If you fall into a vibration that does not blend well with this energy, it will tire you to a great extent, like taking a major energetic dive.


So, it is now time for you to make a conscious effort to stay within this daily, hourly and around the clock. Most of what I am saying to you, I am saying also to all those who will he reading this material, as what applies to you, applies to them also. They will eventually have to walk the same path that you are now walking. Though it will unfold differently for each one, it is ultimately the same.


This energy that we speak of for you is very readily the energy that you call Mother Mary. We would ask you each day to call her into your field and to ask her energy to stay with you throughout the day and to hold you in her embrace. Can you do this?

Aurelia - Yes.

Adama - There are times when energies will come up to you that will create within you a need for release. These ener­gies will have a vibration of sadness, or disease or grief with what is happening around you and in the world. But again, each time you feel these energies, turn them over to Mary. She will clear those energies for you. It is her desire to as­sist you. Can you do this?

Aurelia - Yes.


Adama - We ask you to do this because much energy is going to be shared with you on your coming trip and other trips you will be taking in the future. It will be much more than has been shared in the past, but you are capable of this. You are going to be doing it from a higher plane this time than when you traveled before. You are ready to enter this plane now, but to do so, you must stay in balance your­self. It is very important that you recognize your energy in this, and that you recognize how much control you have over your own energies, and what is to take place.


There is a fine balance that takes place between your recogni­tion of what you can do for yourself and what is to be turned over, and it can happen that quickly. In each moment that you feel your energy begin to falter, you will make that decision for yourself, as you will know that you can raise your vibra­tion immediately, or you will know that this is something that you are to turn over. This will be a great new exploration.


The six weeks that you journey will give you much experi­ence in learning to work with your own energies, in learning to work with what is creating the fatigue that is hindering you on your mission. But you must trust this; you must understand that you do have this ability. Learn to manage your own energies and become most discerning as to when you are being put upon by other's energies that deplete you. You are now finally learning to work with your own vibra­tion in a new way, as are many of those whom you will come into contact with. Is this clear?

Aurelia - Yes. I will do my best.

Adama - And recognize also, when you meet a situation that you feel is beyond what you are capable of in that mo­ment, this is something to be turned over to the higher realm. Never try to resolve it by yourself without the assis­tance of your team; they are there to support you. Then use them wisely and without hesitation. When you feel energies coming to support you and you feel your own energies ex­panding, move forward with them. When for some reason you feel energies or situations that are beyond your control that are not supporting you, know that is not within your power to try to resolve it by yourself, and turn it over to us.

Aurelia - I have planned the trip the best I could, with as much detail as I could in this dimension, but I also know that it may not unfold the way I have planned.

Adama - We would say to you that the particulars of the trip will unfold, basically as you have set them up, but in reality, that is not the real trip. The real trip is all that will he presented to you, that you do not yet know. We suggest that you must remain open to this. You must remain open in your energies to those who will contact you as you have in the past. The contacts that you have made without your total awareness have very often been the most important and the most intense for you. And some of them have be­come the most long-lasting. The same will be true on this trip. But recognize also that you are a spokesman for these energies, and the more you embody these energies, the more you will be able to share them with others.

Aurelia - You think I am ready?

Adama - We know you are ready. It is simply for you to know this as well. Trust yourself. We would say that each time you feel that you are not ready, turn that over.


The faith is what holds you into that energy. Each time you come through with an energy that states, "I do not feel ad­equate for this," or something similar, turn that over. It is the time now for you to begin to realize that there is a very great difference between the energies that come from your heart and the vibration that resides there, and the inad­equacies and judgments that are part of your mind, which could trick you. The more you can acknowledge that they are not you, they are something to be given over to God, the more you will stay in the vibration that you seek and support you. You will make a fifth dimensional journey this time, if you choose it. But it is for you to open yourself to that opportunity and to feel your own responsibility in this by staying in balance. This is the time now for everyone to fully understand what it means and what it takes to stay in balance with the new energies flooding the planet.

Aurelia - Should I seek to spend more time alone?


Adama - The time that you spend alone is always valuable. We would hope that on this third trip, you will recognize that you cannot give yourself over completely like you have often done in the past. You do need to take time for yourself and to recharge your inner battery. Find places that you can go on your own, without other people following you. Take time for yourself, to walk the streets by yourself, to be with people and to be out walking in the towns that you are traveling to. Go by yourself whenever it is appropriate. It is very impor­tant because it gives you two opportunities. The first is to understand your own energy, and this is the most important. The second is for you to share this energy with others who would not necessarily come to the gatherings that you are hosting. The time has now come for you to walk in the world.

Aurelia - That's a big thing for me. I have always avoided traveling, particularly in cities and crowded places.

Adama - And it is a wonderful thing. In truth, as you begin to walk it, you will find the energy that you have been lacking. The lack of energy you are experiencing is largely due to the fact that you are no longer in an energy that supports you. It is time to walk and integrate the energies that do. Each situa­tion that comes up that you have question about, that causes you to worry, or that you have pain over, give it to God. As I say these things to Aurelia, I am also saying them to all those reading this material. At this time, she represents all of you. You all have more or less the same problems and issues.

Aurelia - I don't understand one statement you just made: that I am no longer walking in the energy that supports me.


Adama - You are not.

Aurelia I don't understand that.

Adama - You have already moved into higher vibration en­ergy, at least a large part of yourself has, and yet there is a part of you who feels the need to maintain this existence of the old energies. Which is not to say that you are going to be leaving Mount Shasta or that you are going to be leav­ing the work that you are now doing. You can do all of this in the fifth dimensional existence while remaining in the dimension you are presently in. This is how, one person at a time, from heart to heart, you will create together the fifth dimension reality where you are now, and transform the third dimension forever. This is how you will create on the surface the paradise we have created in Telos. The energies of the old paradigm no longer support you or anyone else.

Aurelia - What am I supposed to change ?

Adama - Change the energies of judgment, the energies of expectation, the energies of guilt and shame. All these lower vibrational energies are part of a third dimensional exis­tence, which you no longer desire. Each time you feel these come into you, there is no validation for them, and there is no right judgment versus wrong judgment. There is no sentiment that supports judgment in the fifth dimension. It is now for you to begin to recognize, in your energy field, in your mind, in your thoughts, in your heart, when you are in judgment, and to release it and to turn it over.


It is not to say you are doing something wrong either, for this to would also be a judgment. It is simply to recognize the difference in the vibration. Learn to feel what measures out to be a third dimensional vibration as opposed to a fifth dimensional vibration.

Aurelia - Why am I tired today?


Adama - You are tired because you are in judgment of this dimension. Each time you feel tired, recognize that you are in a place of judgment in the third dimension and you can transmute and transform the energy. This is the homework everyone will have to do to move into a fifth dimensional frequency. Everyone will have to let go of everything they know as third dimensional paradigm, and learn a new way of being. The leap of consciousness between third and fifth dimension is huge for most of you. Start shifting this con­sciousness each day, and eventually, you will reach that level. Literally, you have to be willing to leap your conscious­ness into the unknown.

Aurelia - I've been feeling pretty happy in the last few days, and I have been very careful not to be in judgment about any­thing or anybody. Then I should not be tired.

Adama - We honor your efforts, my dear, but the true shift is subtler than you think. Yes, in a lot of ways happi­ness is also tied to judgments. When certain things come to you that make you happy and give you what you want, you judge it to be a good day. When circumstances come to you that you do not approve of, you judge it not to be such a good day, or a bad day. In truth, your energy could be in a much higher vibration right now, if you so choose it. But to do that and maintain it, you must be willing to give up everything in thoughts, words, deeds, actions and desires that hold you tied to this dimension that you are so eager to move away from. These are not the physical extensions of your experience that we are talking about. We mean the emotions and thoughts that hold you in a lower vibration.

Aurelia - It is not the physical things I am doing that lower my vibration and energy?

Adama - Usually, it is not. It has to do with where you hold your energy. When you hold your energy in judgment of another or yourself, your vibration drops. When you hold your energy in expectation of a particular outcome, your energy drops. When you hold yourself in a space that judges that this is hard work or that this is a struggle, your energy drops. Become aware how you are creating in each moment. With each thought or emotion you are creating either posi­tively or negatively. It builds and affects your outer life in 3D, and prevents you from embracing a 5D frequency.

Aurelia -I am supposed to stop thinking or feeling?

Adama - That would be good. Actually, it would be very good for you. You are spending too much mental energy around what must happen, what you need to do, how you must do what you feel you have to do, etc. Your mind is con­stantly busy in many directions, trying to create your life in a certain way, and we say to you that there is nothing that must happen and there is nothing that you need to do. It is an illusion!

Aurelia - You say that there is nothing that I need to do! Then I hear that I don't have a book to finish, I don't have a trip to go on, I don't have to earn a livelihood, pay bills, or answer mail for my mission, etc.

Adama - These are choices you have made. Start perceiving all your "to do lists"—and you have many of them—rather as things you are choosing to do, versus things you have to do. In fact, in a fifth dimensional vibration, there is really nothing we need or have to do. It is always a choice. Until this distinction becomes apparent to you, you will remain in a third dimensional vibration. This is your journey, Aurelia: to understand the "truth of this" within yourself and to live it fully.

Aurelia - Well, we've never been taught to think that way by anyone since childhood. Not many people think that way.

Adama - We know this. This is why we are giving you a new training now, and in turn, you can share it with others. You are all in the same boat in the third dimension; very little emphasis has been made on what is most important for all of you to shift into a fifth dimensional consciousness. You and everyone else desiring the ascension into the light realm in the next few years have a new life to step into, new shoes to fill and new hats to wear. If you choose this, this new journey will begin to unfold for you in wondrous ways.


Holding on to what has happened before this moment and what will happen next keeps you in the third dimension. It is now time to open yourself to all that is possible as a new way of seeing, perceiving, doing and being. Be ready and willing to live in the now moment, without expectation, and open yourself to all the magic, majesty, ease and beauty that is awaiting all of you who step into the fifth dimensional way of being. Be willing to experience wonders and changes that will manifest beyond your wildest dreams. Get it into your heart and mind that it cannot happen as long as you insist on hanging on to what you have known so far as third dimensional life. It is a vibration, a new way of being, to live in that dimension, as opposed to things you have to do in order to earn your way there.

These are the true protocols for life in the fifth dimension.

Aurelia - All that you are saying to me now, and so much of what has been said before for this book, is so simple. Even Sananda tells me how simple it is. And yet, we cannot grasp it. It is too simple.

Adama - It is so because it is the mind that complicates it all. We have repeatedly taught that true spirituality is so very simple. All the information could be contained in a small booklet. It is so simple that most of you are not willing to look at it. Those who are waking up are always looking for more information, the latest news from the light realms, more channelings, more techniques, more activations, etc. We notice that a great percentage of you take this informa­tion through the mind and you do not integrate much of what you learn.


You read it once, and occasionally twice, and move on to the next book, the next channeling, and forget most of what you have been reading or hearing as fast as you find the next thing to read or next seminar to go to. You really integrate only a portion of all the spiritual teachings you have come in contact with. If you applied yourself to integrate much more and become it, most of you would already be in the as­cended state by now. We say to you that it is your mind and not your heart that wants all these things. Many of you are feeding the mind at the expense of the heart.


Your heart knows it all, and certainly knows the simplest ways to get you there, where you want to go into your spiri­tual freedom through ascension. Your heart knows the easy pathway, while your mind wants to make you believe that it is very difficult and complex. When we give you the simple teachings that will lift you up into a fifth dimensional fre­quency, many of you don't even want to read it; you get bored by it. You say, oh well, Adama, we heard this before. And yes, you have heard it many times and you are not interested in these simple teachings. You are still lingering here in pain and struggle in the dimension that you judge to be no longer your truth.

Aurelia - Then it is the mind that we have to shut down ?

Adama - The mind cannot be shut down. Humanity has a mind and it is there for a purpose. The physical body has also a mind of its own; it is part of your totality. You know that the vibration you seek comes through your heart, but we cannot do this for you. We cannot give you a list of steps to follow to move yourself wholly into this vibration. You must allow it, and allow it again and again, without any restriction, limitation or conclusion that it must pres­ent itself to you in a particular way. You are such a strong creative force, and when you hold the expectation that it must present itself to you in a particular way, then nothing can happen. Get used allowing the God within, your Divine Essence, to direct your journey and guide you all the way home, step by step. You have all become experts at messing up and complicating your lives in painful ways. You hold a structure around yourself of how you feel things must ap­pear, and nothing can penetrate that structure. That is your great strength, but it does not serve you well beyond the third dimensional consciousness.

Aurelia - That is how we have been taught to create what we want, by deciding what we want to create, setting up our in­tentions about how we want it to be, and then focusing on it. That is the alchemy we have been taught.

Adama - But there is a difference between deciding what you want, finding the truth of what you want, and setting up a whole long list of how it must present itself to you. At this stage, nearly all of you don't have the ability to dif­ferentiate between the two. You have been trapped in the paradigm of limitation for so long, you are having a hard time, shall we say, ripping yourself off from it. What we are asking you to do for right now is to take one simple exercise and to begin playing with it. That exercise consists of throw­ing away all expectation you have about how things should be, what you should have; to simply throw it away, and with joy and gratitude, start creating and living your life in the now moment! Open yourself wide to receive the desires of your heart, but have no expectations how it will come. Just allow, allow and be open to the surprise.

Aurelia - Throw away all expectation! We've been told to have expectation. Expect miracles and expect this or that, etc.

Adama - We are saying to you in this moment, throw away all expectation. The second step is to throw away all judg­ment. These are very big steps for you and for everyone else. Your mind has been focused on these two things much too long. They have been your saving grace, shall we say, in this incarnation. You have made deals upon deals upon deals. I will do this, if this happens. I will do that, if that happens. And again, it is not about this or that; it is all about choices you make freely and willingly from your heart center. It is about being joyous in service and in your daily life, not be­cause it is what you are told you need to do, but because it is what you want to do. It is not about wanting to move into a fifth dimensional vibration because you have an expectation that it will take away the suffering and pains you have had. It is about moving into a fifth dimensional vibration because it is who you are, it is your truth and your next step now.


Be aware that you will also face new challenges in the fifth dimensional vibration. As your body and your vibration purifies, there is always an ongoing evolution to meet and a new level to move into. Many of you do not yet realize that ascension does not end in the fifth dimension. This is only the beginning of a wondrous and eternal journey. Know that from then on, you will continue to ascend from one level to another, from one glory to a greater glory forever and for eternity. The ascending journey never ends. This is your nature and your birthright.


You must be willing to step out of the struggle you are in now, without expecting anything from it. Simply be willing to step out of it, and let everything else unfold for you, with­out expectation of what will happen and how it will happen. You are adequate to the task; you are more than adequate. You are so much more adequate than you are giving yourself credit for. There is nothing we can do to make you shift un­til you start to shift yourself.

Aurelia - You are blowing all my stacks. What I am writing now is certainly not what I had originally planned for my third book. When I set out to write a book on protocols for the fifth dimension, I had accumulated quite a bit of knowledge that had been revealed by ascended masters in the last 40 years. Some of this information is rare to find, and not many people know about it. I set up an interesting structure to write this great book, and not much of anything happened until now. I did not feel your energies to start channeling the rest of that information and add your energies and wisdom to it.

Adama - Are you surprised?


Aurelia -I did not understand why it was not happening.


Adama - Know that when the energies are not in the right vibration, we are usually not there to lend our support. I am glad that you noticed and that you did not proceed with writing the book anyway, because it would have been writ­ten in the wrong vibration. The information that you in­tended to write is accurate and was disclosed by many of the ascended masters in the past. And although those teachings still hold the truth of the fifth dimension today, it is not the complete picture. The information you hold was given from a perspective of the third dimension to assist the Lightworkers then to start opening to the understandings of higher consciousness.


There are pieces missing, and the next step is now being released. The simple truths we are now explaining in this book represent the frequency of the fifth dimension. It could not be released before in this simple manner because humanity was not ready to hear them. The minds of people were then, and still are now, seeking to create very complex spiritual pathways, or it does not have value to them if it is so simple. In order for you to be able to write about the fifth dimension in the new energy, you had to grow into the vibration yourself, or at least, close enough. This is why the energies were not present before. It is certainly a process that cannot be skipped.

Seekers first had to be informed at the mental level, so that many of you could integrate a portion of it in the heart. It was released in the old vibration and it served the purpose extremely well. It assisted humanity to evolve their con­sciousness to where it is today. But now, you are in a new vibration, and it is no longer sufficient to take you and all the others all the way to a physical ascension in the ener­gies of the former dispensations. Now it is all about the heart, because we said it before, it is the heart that ascends first, and then the rest follows.


This former information that you so much cherish, my be­loved, has served you very well to get you where you are to­day. Without it, you would not be standing where you are at the present. But now you feel stuck to make it the rest of the way and you are asking for guidance. You are telling us that you don't know how to do it the rest of the way, aren't you?


Know that in order for you to write the protocols of the fifth dimension, you had to grow into the vibration yourself, or it would have little value for you to write about some­thing that you have not yet attained or understood. We congratulate you for the forward steps you have taken. We know that it has not been easy. Now that you have acquired this understanding, you can release yourself from this dark night of the heart. You are almost ready to fly.


Adama - Ahnahmar wants to speak to you now.


Ahnahmar - Greetings, my beloved, this is Ahnahmar, the love of your heart, speaking to you now. Because I know your energy so well, I understand your frustration and im­patience. What has been happening so far has not worked for you, has it? You have not yet quite achieved the results that you think you have set out to achieve, that you have been hoping for. You have stated to us so many times that your goal has been your ascension; your goal has been to move beyond this third dimension into another dimensional reality. Have you done it yet?

Aurelia - Not yet.


Ahnahmar - Over the last 40 years that you have studied about higher consciousness, all the mental baggage you have accumulated and all the exercises you have practiced have served to bring you slowly to where you are now, in the courtyard of the fifth dimension, so to speak. And now you feel you are stuck and you do not know how to make it all the way to the final step. It is so simple that you simply have not yet succeed to just "Become it." Notice that we do not say, "Do it," because it is a state of Being. I say to you "Become it" all the way, become the Love that you are, and embrace the new vibration all the way, and let go of the old. So many teachings you have studied over the years, so many books you have read to find the magic key, so many classes and seminars you have attended, so many disciplines, medi­tations and activations you have submitted yourself to in the last many years, and yet, you have not quite achieved this goal, have you?

Aurelia - No.


Ahnahmar - I say to you now, come home, my beloved. There is so much waiting for you here, including my eternal love for you. Be very willing and very desiring to simply say, "My ascension goals have not yet been met with all the ef­forts I have put in for nearly all my life; so I don't want to use these methods any more. I will open myself to any new methods that you present to me." What you have learned in the past was useful to assist the evolution of your conscious­ness to the level you have now reached, but it was yet in the third dimensional vibration. All your former knowledge will not serve you much in the new vibration and frequency of the fifth dimension. Why would you want to keep holding on to methods that did not work for you?


Aurelia - Because, I did not know the other methods that you say are more effective. No one ever talked much about the simple ways you are now teaching. I focused on what I was taught.

Ahnahmar - Now we are presenting to you other methods. You are almost there. With a little shift in consciousness and attitude, you can make it all the way in a relatively short time. I ask you to love yourself enough to come all the way home now. It is your time, it is our time to be together again in a more conscious way. It is our time to be again in divine union with each other in a sacred marriage of the soul, as two bodies, but one heart.

Aurelia - O.K., I am listening.

Ahnahmar - We have suggested to you that you turn over everything that is not helping you to purify and sustain yourself in a fifth dimensional vibration frequency. And you recognize the difference, whether you think you do or not. In your heart, you know the difference, but it is for you to make this discernment within yourself; we cannot do this for you.

Aurelia - You mean to turn it over to God, or to turn it over to Mary? Now you see, part of me wouldn't turn it over to God because I see this as my trash that I have accumulated over eons of time. I don't want to give God my trash.

Ahnahmar - God knows the truth of what you call "your trash" and also knows that your heart is trying to free itself from the bondage of the third dimension. God willingly takes that energy and says, "All this energy that you are holding within you so tightly around yourself, if you would release that energy to Us, we can transmute it and send it out to bless others with it. Not only does it lift from you the limita­tions it holds, but also all that energy you are holding can be transmuted and released where it is most needed." Each time you give anything over, you are doing a great service to yourself and all of us as well. As you free the energy, ask for the wisdom to be learned from it, and you can be free.

Aurelia - That seems to be easy enough. I thought I only wanted to give God the good things.

Ahnahmar - No, and that is not for you to decide right now, because the issues you are dealing with are your expecta­tions and your judgments. In this moment you are not the best arbitrator for what is good for you and what is not. We are asking you to simply start working on the level of vibration. We want you to begin recognizing and discerning within yourself when you are in balance and your energy is in a dimension that is not limiting you; and turn over anything else. It is now time for you to make the differentiation between your true identity and the illusion. It must come through your own heart recognition, not from us saying to your mind, "When you do this, you are in your truth and when you do that, you are not in your truth. Or if you do this, you are in a third dimensional vibration, and if you do that you are in a fifth dimensional vibration." This is your course in mastery, my beloved, your course in discernment and self re-discovery. Until you can do this for yourself, you will not be able to stay in the vibration that will sustain you in a fifth dimensional frequency.


Perhaps you need to take out your pendulum and test things once in a while when in doubt or perhaps at first you need to come up with a specific method for yourself that al­lows you to have a clear validation. This is for you to devise. With each issue, you will be looking and saying, "Is this now in the third dimensional vibration or is it in the fifth dimen­sional vibration? If it is in the third dimensional vibration, I will turn it over to God and ask to be revealed the wisdom I need to learn from it." And let your God energy purify this vibration from you. Your job is to simply do this with trust and love for your healing, and to see what the results may be, without expectation and without looking forward to the unknown of it. If nothing else, it is something new that will put an end to you beating your head against the same wall over and over again. Will you try this?

Aurelia - I will most certainly try. I am longing to be with you in divine union for eternity, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to bridge the gap that is keeping us apart in consciousness and in physicality.

Ahnahmar - To do this simply because you want to be with me again is a good motive, but it should not be the only one. Now is your time to learn that you can easily and quickly embody your divinity and experience divine union, first with Self, and then with me.


As you travel and leave Mount Shasta to go out into the world, each person that you meet will carry a different vibration. It will be for you to begin recognizing the vibra­tion, not in judgment but in discernment, the truth of each person's vibration. Begin to perceive the beauty, not only of their individual vibrations, but the common thread that will run through them. You must begin to make this a journey, not just for what you are doing in service, but also for what you are doing in service to yourself, for your own evolution. This trip will create a high-level course for you, my beloved, and know that I will be with you at every step, loving you and encouraging you to move forward unto your final vic­tory of ascension. Know that I am always with you. There is never a moment that we are apart.

Aurelia - Why do I still have a fear about traveling and leav­ing the comfort of my home?

Ahnahmar - The fear is not about the travel. The fear in you is about letting go of where you have been, and this is sim­ply the ego mind, which does not want to release the territo­ry it has protected for so long. Each time you take a journey, there is much to be discovered. So far, in spite of the initial fears, you have enjoyed all your journeys, haven't you? And you have met numerous people with whom you have devel­oped very significant heart connections. That would have never happened if you had stayed home, would it?

Aurelia - Yes, I have. They have been all wonderful, and I am most grateful for the experiences, but I still feel always quite nervous before I leave. I dread the plane rides. I think I should have at my disposal my own space ship to take me wherever I need to go. You have a lot of spaceships in Telos; perhaps I could borrow one, and also borrow a ship captain for the long travels. (Laugh)

Ahnahmar - With each trip, there has been so much unknown you have had to face. Your ego mind tells you that the un­known is not very safe, the unknown is a scary thing that can hurt you. But if you listen to your heart, it tells you that the unknown is a wondrous thing; it holds limitless possibilities of so many things you have desired. It is for you to make a conscious choice that you wish to follow your heart into the unknown, and into all the magic that these travels can enrich your life with. Thank the ego mind for its concern, but simply tell it to step aside, or else turn the ego mind, in that moment, over to God. Do not debate with it because that is its territory. Simply turn it over and move back into the heart vibration that supports you on your journey. You have chosen to make the journey, why would you not sup­port yourself in a way that is comforting, strengthening and enlivening? Why would you continue to support yourself in a way that tires you or causes havoc with your system?

Aurelia. - I suppose I don't understand how that works.

Ahnahmar - But we are explaining that to you.

Aurelia - This is why I am listening.

Ahnahmar - Begin to practice it. You cannot sit down at the piano and play the sonata without prior practice. You must learn it, key by key, as from that learning come your power and the return of all the gifts of the goddess that you are. Each key is a new tone for you to learn on this journey, and then, the whole set of tones comes together to present the Hong to you. You are playing, now, tones from every life­time you have ever lived in incarnation on this planet. And each of these tones, when it comes back through clear and strong, will present to you another piece of your divinity. At the end of this, you will own yourself again. It cannot be done for you, because you would not own it otherwise. You must want this with every fiber of your being, so much, that you are willing to release everything you know and that you have learned so far that no longer serves you. Be willing to step now into the unknown, where all you ever wanted awaits you.


Aurelia - What about things like my home, my cat and my business ? Do I release them too ?

Ahnahmar - No, you can live your life. What you are releasing is the energy that you insist on holding that keeps you in limitation. You want to release the energy that keeps you glued to third dimensional vibration.

Aurelia - I am not totally aware of how it works.


Ahnahmar  - But you are. You spend a great deal of time planning and saying: "Well, I can do this when I can move here. I can do this when this happens." Surrender that; it is not you. In the moment, all you need to know is who you are in those energies. You need to be able to discern the differ­ence between your vibration and the vibration around you.

Aurelia - No more planning?


Ahnahmar  - You can certainly make plans, but don't hold any attachments to them. If it feels in the moment that this is your choice, then go with your choice, but recognize also that in the next moment you may make a different choice. It is for you to begin to play with creative energies and to rec­ognize that when you truly ask for something from the uni­verse, step out of your own way, and simply allow! Stepping out of your own way means letting go of the expectation of what is to come in and how it should come. Wait in joy and gratitude for the surprises. You know, in our realm, we love surprises. It is a great lifting of burden because it makes what you want that much clearer by offering you fewer choices to have to make.

Aurelia - I did not realize I had so much expectation.


Ahnahmar  - Is this really the truth that you are feeling? Your expectations are so numerous, my dear, they have been listed in the light realm on reams and reams of paper.

Aurelia - (Giggle) Come exaggerate!


Ahnahmar  - Oh yes, we hear you say, "The fifth dimension will look like this, in the fifth dimension this will happen, I will be able to know and have access to all knowledge, and I will be able to teleport and to fly, I am planning a very long vacation, I will be able to ..." Endless list of expectations! Know that the way you say or do things is quite often very amusing to us.

Aurelia - I know these statements to be true but I don't see anything wrong with having these kinds of expectations. Besides, I am trying to understand it. It doesn't mean it is expectation.

Ahnahmar  - What you have perceived as trying to under­stand has been your mind trying to create a set of expecta­tions. "If I can understand what this is supposed to be, then I can hold the image of it, and I can move myself towards it." But this is not what you are doing. What you need to do is to move yourself into a vibration that is already here and within that vibration, merge with it and then allow. When you fully own it, you may have a desire to make a much different choice.


When your full consciousness will be restored, you will have a much different recognition of what you want for yourself and for this planet than you have now. You are now mov­ing deeper and deeper into your own Divine Essence. What is not real are the things that are external to you. So why hold an expectation for the home you want to live in, or the people you wish to be around you, or the way you wish the world to look? It has nothing to do with you. The vibration that you seek and wish for is within you and nowhere else. You know that.


Until you can release all that is external to you, all that is not within the Self and the truth of your divinity, you will not live in the vibration you wish to move into. It does not matter what takes place from this moment forward in your external world; it simply does not matter anymore. Release all attachment to what should or can be. Can you accept this?

Aurelia - I will try.


Ahnahmar  - This is not to say that you do not need to be involved in it. You will want to be even more involved in it than before, because when you realize that it does not mat­ter and you are not holding any expectation or judgment, you are finally fully alive in it. Your own energies are finally available to you, the energies which hold the vibration you are seeking everywhere but within yourself. Within self is the only place you can seek the true union with all that ex­ists, and once you have attained that union, everything will he added unto you. There will never again be a need to look elsewhere. I love you more than you can possibly conceive at this time.


Aurelia, talking to Ahnahmar  - Before we stop this sharing, there is one more thing I want to discuss with you regarding my travels. It always concerns me because it affects me great­ly in my energy fields. French people all over the world, and I am told all people of Latin origins have similar cultures and traditions as well, automatically hug and kiss people they meet, even when they meet them for the first time. They do this naturally and lovingly, but without asking if this is comfortable for the other. I am now going to Spain for sev­eral weeks, and I am not sure what to expect. Many people do not feel that they should ask permission to grab you in their arms and have a close contact with you and to want to exchange kisses and heart chakra energies with them. They feel it is a gesture of love and acceptance, but for me it often feels like an invasion and imposition on my energy fields.


In France, in some areas, it is now the tradition to kiss every­one they meet four times, two times on each cheek, and they insist on doing it whether you appreciate this kind of greet­ing or not. This has nothing to do with love, and it feels to me like bird pecking, an acquired human habit that is very strange to me. I don't relate to it. In the USA, it is not so much common practice. We usually shake hands. It is also expected by them that others will respond positively to this pecking, and if they don't, they get offended or feel rejected. They are not aware how this exchange of energies can affect others, if they are not yet energetically sensitive to this kind of exchange.


When meeting a couple persons at a time, this is not a prob­lem. But for me when meeting sometimes dozens or hundreds of people all at once when I do conferences and workshops, it really affects my level of well being, especially when those who still smoke nicotine come close to me. I feel the nicotine entity pulling the energy right out of my lungs and my lungs start hurting. My lungs are not so strong because I come from a family that has a history of tuberculosis, and I have had pneumonia myself several times. I don't want to offend anyone, but I cannot allow myself to become weakened with these practices to the extent of being sick from them. That is what happens when I travel outside the USA.


If I withdraw or let them know that this is not acceptable to me, they get offended or reactive. I am going for several weeks, and I will be meeting thousands of people. Each time there are those who try to hug me and kiss me, because they have an appreciation for what I do, and it is in their culture to do that. Each time, I feel my energy sucked right out of me, and when meeting so many people in succession, it sucks me dry, and I do not have time to recharge. Then when I re­turn home, I am sick and it takes me weeks to recover my life force. How should I handle this without offending anyone? I feel we can love each other deeply without always siphoning each other's energies.

Ahnahmar  - I will turn this question over to Adama.

Adama - I am grateful that you are now asking that question so directly, because people need to know and understand this protocol. It all has to do with the honoring of your own ener­gies and the energies of others. We have noticed how much distress this cultural habit from many of the people you meet has caused to your physical body when you travel, and we support you fully in this. This is also a fifth dimensional pro­tocol, of a different nature, but also an important one.


People need to comprehend that it is not often appropriate to touch someone they do not have an established heart con­nection with, or do not know well, without their permission, no matter how well the intention may be, except in cases of emergency or similar circumstances. Ultimately, no matter how pure the intentions are, people will always take more than they give; it is the nature of this exchange, and there is nothing you can do, except avoid it. It is rarely done on a conscious level. We are not talking about relationships with partners and children or close family members.


For everyone desiring to move into a fifth dimensional vi­bration, you need to be willing to let go of all your third dimensional cultural traditions and habits that will not sup­port you in the dimension you are seeking. In our culture, we greet each other with a gesture of friendship by bringing the palms of our hands together and touching the area of our heart chakra, and through the eyes, connecting with that person heart to heart by a very gentle bowing of the head and a smile. We do not always need to say anything aloud; the words can be as simple as a telepathic message such as, "May peace be with you," or something similar. The love and acceptance are transmitted to each other and re­ceived through the heart.


This is all that is needed to demonstrate our love and honoring of the other person(s) we meet. We consider it a great honor to be allowed to touch someone in our dimen­sion other than family members, and we do not do this very often. It is done only when there is a special reason to do so, and "always" with permission. This is the way it is done in our dimension and in most galactic civilizations as well. We have no need to touch each other like you do in your dimension.


This is also what you need to embrace as you wish to move into higher vibration. We are not trying to change your cul­tures or traditions. We are only trying to make you aware that there is a higher way, and you are free to embrace it or not. What we are asking all of you to do from now on is to consider honoring those who no longer want to engage in those practices in order to maintain their spiritual vibration and energy at a level that is comfortable for them.


It is your neediness and your lack of self-love that drive you to always want to make this exchange of each other's energies. It has nothing to do with love; it has simply become a cultural habit. There are those who, consciously or unconsciously, go from one person to another for hugs and kisses. In fact, they often have a serious need for others' energy, as they are not generating it from within the Self. To compensate for their own lack, they are sucking energies from all those they touch. They do this in the name of love, and we say to you it has nothing to do with love. It is the ego that is needy for some affection because very often, it has very little self-love.


When you hug someone, there is a mixing of energies from the heart chakra of both parties. It is not always wise to al­low these energies to exchange, especially with people you do not know very well. Very often this is how "entities" that you call "hitchhikers" from lower realms can be transmit­ted. This is very frequent, my friends, and we constantly see people in great distress after a gathering, when they have allowed many people to get close to their heart chakra, and energies that are not desirable to them have jumped over into their auric field. Quite often, it has been the initial cause of a sudden mental illness in some people who were totally normal before.




Learn to guard and protect the integrity of your own energy. This is vital to build your immor­tality. You are all responsible for managing your energy field in a mature way.


These people usually do not know what happened to them, and very often, they go on living for years with the distress and discomfort of the hitchhikers they have picked up a long time ago. I say to you that all of you who want to move into a fifth dimensional frequency can no longer afford to engage in those kinds of exchanges "lightly." We really do not like to talk about this subject in this book, but we feel that it is necessary now for you in your dimension to become fully aware of how your energies can be lost or misused. In our dimension, there is no risk for this situation to manifest, and even then, we remain in full honoring of our energies and the energies of others. This is one factor that keeps our immortality intact.


Once you learn to give to yourself all the love that is inside of you from the God Essence of your being, loving yourself until that love is so overflowing in your heart, you will no longer have the need to maintain these cultural traditions. They have been born out of a need, and we feel that you no longer need to express them constantly in this manner. It is your choice.

This is not to say that there is something very wrong with this, but we say to you that this tradition is purely a third dimensional behavior that has served you well, but in the new energy, it will not. If you want to move into a higher vibration, you need to start implementing the behaviors that are acceptable in the dimension you seek to go to. For those wishing to stay in 3D vibration, it is advisable that you continue to do the things that have kept you glued here.

No matter how loving and well-meaning those exchanges can be, there is always one that gains in energy and one whose energy is sucked out. You cannot avoid this, unless you both have the same exact level of spiritual energy. And you don't know this when you meet someone new or of most people you meet, do you?

It is now time for you, Aurelia, to stand up for yourself and start giving this important teaching to the people you meet when you perceive they need to integrate this wisdom as part of their mastery. You are all masters in training at vari­ous levels, and if you wish to come into your full mastery, it is imperative that you start now acting like a master if you want to graduate someday.


For channels:

I also want to make another point to our readers. When someone channels beings from the higher realms, there is quite a multidimensional activity going on in the chakra of the channel before and after the channeling. Holding the energies of an ascended being can be challenging for a person, especially if the vibration is kept for a long time. Consider that one hour of channeling may represent the equivalent on the physical plane of a moderately strenuous ten hours of physical work.


The multidimensional activity that is created is also a gift to self for the one doing the channeling, but most of the time this energy is dissipated by the channel before it can be integrated. Once it is gone, it cannot be retrieved back. Most channels do not know this, and very rarely do they al­low themselves after a channeling session to take quiet time for themselves to integrate those energies. They usually mix with the people they have channeled for, and the wondrous energies that could be available to them are lost.


It is also NOT appropriate for the audience, no matter how small or large the group is, to go and touch or try to hug the channel right before or after a channeling. We would like to suggest that the channel should not be touched at least for two hours minimum before and after a channeling session. The ideal would be longer, and much quiet time immediately after. We realize that it is not always easy for a channel to withdraw completely from the crowd after an event, but we give you the protocol that is energetically the most beneficial.


For those receiving the channeling, the more quiet time you spend after a transmission to integrate the energies you have just received, the more benefit and transformation you re­ceive from the channeling. The more you externalize yourself in mundane activities immediately after, and interact with others and forget the experience you have just received, the less impact the channeling will have on you. We, the masters of the fight realm, do not bring you our messages simply to entertain you momentarily. We are not interested in that. The purpose of our transmissions is to assist you to move forward in your evolution and meet your spiritual goals.


There are those who for years have been going from chan­neling to channeling, to constantly hear something new, while they have integrated nothing of the wisdom they have already received from previous channelings. Very often, they are those who complain that the channel did not say anything they did not already know or hear before. And to those we say, "It is literally impossible to always tell you something you do not already know with your mind, be­cause everything that is to be known is already recorded inside of you. But the heart can always receive it at higher levels of understanding. Any transmission of light from any ascended being is meant to be integrated through the heart, otherwise it will be of no benefit to you. The mind can only hear it, but simply cannot integrate it."


The question we would like to ask is this: What have you done with all the information you have already received? How come you have not made much progress on your pathway, or you are not ascended yet? Do you know not that the words that are spoken are not so important to us as the energy and codes of light that are transferred to you with each transmission via channeling? Do you not realize that when you choose to place yourself in the energy of a channeled transmission, you become spiritually respon­sible for what you have received, and what you are doing or not doing with it?


In your dimension there is a saying that "Ignorance is bliss." Though this saying is erroneous in itself, and has no validity within the soul, we would like to add to this that re­ceiving the light codes and ignoring them is a greater failure on your part than not receiving them at all. When you posi­tion yourself to receive these energies, you are also receiving the karmic responsibility that goes with it.

It is with great love and honoring that we share this wisdom and truth with you today. We long for your return with us in full consciousness. I, Adama, am ready to share with you all the keys of wisdom that you need to know and understand in the great adventure of personal and planetary ascension. In Telos, we all send you our love and support on your jour­ney "home." And so be it.