Channeling People around the World.

What for me was a nice surprise at the age of sixteen (see a channeling in front of my eyes, see the incorporation of a cosmic soul within the body of a person, a "medium") today is normal.

Today, after 30 years, I had not a strange experience. Today, is normal to see or heard or watch on the Web people that channel Masters ... everywhere!

May be I am healed, because I can speak in a more confortable mode about this. Today, is normal speak about that.

Today, I am the norm.

Blessing from my Heart,
Giovanni A. Orlando.
  1. Peggy Phoenix Dubro channels angels that teach she the: EMF Balancing Technique.
  2. Barbara Hand Clow channels several entities from the Pleiades -
  3. Barbara Marciniak channels several entities from the Pleiades -
  4. Barbara Ann Brennan offers a view to clean your  -
  5. Amorah Quan Yin channels several entities from the Pleiades -
  6. Elizabeth Clare Prophet channels Saint Germain, El Morya, and the Ascended Host -
  7. Patricia Cori channels the High Council of Sirius -
  8. Patricia Pereira channels the Arcturians -
  9. Kishori Aird offers a method to re-program your DNA -
  10. Maria Eugenia Carbone, was my teacher offering me an EMF Balancing Course. She channel Jesus, and the Mother -
  1. Lee Carroll channles Kryon
  2. Mario Liani channels Kryon
  3. Kahu Fred Sterling channels Master Kirael
  4. A list of people channeling Kryon -
  5. Kim Michaels channels Jesus - Visit AskRealJesus
  6. Raul Yepez channels Lord Meru (Mer), as well Jesus, Saint Germain and El Morya - La Casa de Sirio
  7. Ton Kenyon - the Hathors - Visit:
There are thousands of people channeling hundred of Masters as well Quan Yin and the Mother Mary.