Giovanni A. Orlando
Future Technologies Founder & Administrator.

Welcome to the Future Technologies Donation page.


   My name is Giovanni A. Orlando and I AM the founder and Administrator of Future Technologies. I am who publish the news and are now designing, FTHumanEvolutionCourse.

    I am doing my best, and will continue to do that, forever.

    Basically, most messages here comes from the Family, the Family of Light, our Fathers. For me is a real honor and a great happiness to be a messenger of the Family. I AM an Indigo looking and working for a better place to live. The final goal of my efforts is "Peace on Earth", and so bring down Heaven here ... in our local town ... everywhere.

    I am preparing the Arena for a better world, and the New Age, that is a return to Lemuria, a return to the Garden of Eden, a return to "El Dorado" ... and this depends most of you, than me.

    The Highest wish I expect from you, is that you delay ... nothing for tomorrow. Live now! And my best wish is that you all are healed, rich and living in harmony for thousands and thousands of years ...

    I am working on several important and cool projects for that purpose. FTHumanEvolutionCourse is just one. If you want to help me now with a modest donation, while I complete the design of my  products, or purchasing great products designed by others, I will be very glad.

Thanks for now,
I AM Light, like you. I honor you ... in full faith ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.